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What are you talking about? Of course Georgia controls their own destiny. They play both Florida and Missouri coming up and if they win out they're playing for the SEC title.
I think they can definitely run the table. Sometimes a loss like they had is what's needed to get better focused. Bama can attest to that. While LSU and my Tide are slinging the ball around their defenses are suffering and I still believe defense wins championships. Georgia is built and reminds me a lot of the Bama teams that have won a few championships recently. Theyll be hungry.
Way to early to start taking about Dabo to Bama but if he decides he'd like to coach at Bama and if Bama wants him then that amount of money will not be an issue.
Dang, Quinnen Williams at over 300lbs. almost ran a faster 40 than Holyfield.
Hey a$$hole, Billy's been gone a few years now and the gators suck again. You know, just like gator football.
He is kind of prick isn't he but keep in mind he's hurting because Auburn just put a dagger in his gators chance to be the SEC basketball champion because an SEC football championship isn't going to happen anytime soon.
Typical butI kind of get it. I mean, I understand where Auburn fans are coming from. Think about it for a minute. We win our first natty under Saban and then Auburn matches it in 2010 with their own natty only to watch Bama win it the next 2 years in a row. Then Auburn has the Kick six and they're back in the championship game again only to choke the game away to FSU and then have to sit back and watch Bama win 2 more nattys. And what's even worse regarding Bama's last natty is thet Auburn beats Bama and Georgia and is just one win away from the CFP and they choke it all away only to watch Bama sneak in and win the natty again. Then they embarrass the SEC in their bowl losing to UCF Man, that's got to suck and I can see where that takes a toll on a rival fanbase but Auburns reaction is just typical so no real surprise here.
It's not poor coaching, Kirby is just trying to change the culture from that laid back, non aggressive approach that Mark Richt created and why Georgia underperformed never getting over that hump. I know as an Alabama fan I see more of that physical, hit you in the mouth style of football and I see how Georgia is looking more like Alabama. I dread playing Georgia, Florida not so much!
Jake flipping to Ga had nothing to with whether Tua was coming to Tuscaloosa or not.
So Auburn was motivated and ready to play but UCF just whupped that ass?
As a Bama fan I agree. If were going to give Auburn a pass for being unmotivated against UCF last year after coming so close to the CFP, then I can understand how Georgia must have felt playing in this game. I can remember Bama having to play OK and Utah after being one game away from playing for a National championship. Not to take anything away from these teams but it is what it is!
Then why don't you? It's not like its 4th and ll and you just failed on a fake punt in the SEC Championship game. Go for it!
If you're going to keep the conference championship games then you're basically going to have to expand to a 16 team playoff, otherwise you've got 3 at large teams possibly sitting at home with a bye while the other top teams are laying it all on the line in a conference championship game. So it would seem fair to take the 6 highest ranked teams not playing in a championship game and you'd have your 3 at large games plus the 5 championship games and after that you've got your final 8 teams. But I cannot see the powers that be jumping from a 4 team format to a 16 team format it's just not going to happen. Me and BamaTime where discussing a few weeks back that the perfect scenario would be to have just 4 Super Conferences with 2 divisions and you play everyone in your division and then have your final 4 after the conference championship games but of course that for sure will never happen.
Another problem you run into is that if you play the P5 conference championship then you basically have to go with a 16 team playoff to make it fair, otherwise you've got possibly 3 at large teams sitting at home and and getting a bye while the P5 teams are laying it all on the line playing in their conference championship game. So the 3 at large teams should be playing an equally tough game on the day or weekend the 5 P5 championship games are being played. So if you did that you'd have to have 6 at large teams playing each other plus the 10 P5 teams playing in their championship games. After that weekend you'd be down to 8 teams.
Actually the best format would be to go with 4 Super Conferences with 2 divisions in each conference. Then each conference has a championship game which would be the first round of the playoffs. Then you've got your final 4 but that will never happen.
That's the way it was until the SEC decided to go to the championship game back in 92 but of course most of the conferences had less teams back then. Let every conference go to 9 or even 10 conference games. Like in the SEC this year Alabama would have been the clear champion finishing the regular season undefeated so they would have secured their spot and Georgia would have gotten an at large bid. Clemson would have been a clear champion and wouldn't have had to play a 7-5 Pitt. Each conference would have to have they're own method of determining their champion in the event of a 2 or 3 team tie. It would be a simple system and would not add any extra games to the season and probably the only argument you'd have would be choosing the 3 at large teams.
Do away with the conference championship games. Each conference names their champ like they use to and the playoff would have started this weekend of the conference championship games. So you'd have 5 conference champions and 3 are large teams determined by the next 3 highest ranked teams that were not conference champions. Champs - Alabama - Clemson - Okla - OSU - Wash At large - Notredame - GA - Michgan CFP 1vs8, 2vs7, 3vs6 & 4vs5 with the top 4 seeds getting a home game. After the first weekend in December you've got your final 4 and from there you play it out just like were doing now with the CFP.
I was pulling for Tua and believed he was just as deserving but Kyler won and this does nothing to diminish him winning the Heisman in my eyes. I'm with you UGARMYret, and had this come out a few days ago Kyler probably would not have won and knowing the kind of person Tua is he would not have wanted to win the award this way.
It's pretty simple. I think what he's saying is that like many others he feels that Georgia is one of the best 4 teams but doesn't actually deserve to be in the final 4. I mean, you've got to draw the line some where and if you're really one of the top 4 you can't go into Baton Rouge and lose by 20 points. Not matter how good you think a team is you still have to look at they're body of work. After beating Georgia and Alabama back to back last year many agreed that Auburn was probably one of the top 4 teams even after losing to Georgia in the SEC Championship game. However the body of work and 3 losses was not good enough.
Nah, well called game. You guys might be in it if you hadn't choked that game away in Baton Rogue. Come to think of it you kind of choked the game away today. What's so different now than from previous seasons under Richt? Stop whining!
Yep, that's the Auburn family! They all want to run Gus out of town and then manufacture stories about Stoops interviewing for the job. Then their beloved former coach Tubberville calls them out. They eat their own!
Stop whining and beat Alabama every once in a while. The refs dictate a play here and there, but there’s no excuses when you lose to Bama for over a decade.
Stop whining then and beat Bama. The refs dictate a play here and there, but there's no excuses when you've lost to Bama every year for over a decade.
In games like this I never make emphatic predictions because when you do it always comes back to bite you in the ass. As a Bama fan I can honestly say this game scares me because this Alabama team has not faced any real adversity and I don't won't to see it but if it does happen then it will be interesting to see how this Tide team responds. I heard someone say that Alabama needs a difficult time in Baton Rouge to prepare them for what they might face in the playoff but I don't see any playoff scenario where they'll be tested as much as they'll be tested playing in a hostile Tiger stadium on Saturday night.
Of course it was going to stand. They made the call on the field and decided not to overturn it on the replay. Good lord, did you really think the SEC was going to correct it just because you thought it wrong. What about other players who have been ejected for similar calls and had to sit out the next game. I guess the SEC could just tell them that Devin White had an important game coming up against Alabama and LSU fans are upset so we decided to reverse the suspension.
Bama is 7-3 against Auburn over the last 10 years with 5 National Championships. Hell, I'd take 6-4 and 3 National Championships every 10 years. But hey you enjoy your state championship!