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At least Georgia is relevant. The Gators haven't been relevant in over 10 years.
That's funny coming from a Tennessee fan, the SEC east bottom feeder.
Man, it's got to suck to be a Dawg fan. Just a couple of weeks ago I even said Georgia would win it all because of that defense, but instead of Alabama spoilling their dreams again it was LSU this time. Just can't win the big game! You need to bring Richt back and give is Kirby!
AU imposed their will? Najee Harris dragged their asses up and down the field for 150 yds and a backup QB threw for over 335 yds on that vaulted defense. You make me laugh!
You guys just better hope thet Burrows doesn't get hurt and you have to face another back up QB! But seriously, I think Georgia can run the ball, play great defense and keep Burrows off the field. Auburn did a pretty good job of that. Good lord, Ole Miss had over 600 yards of offense against LSU. Old smash mouth SEC football is what gets it done for Georgia, and you've got the defense to play that way, LSU doesn't!
I hate to say this, but I've been saying it all along that Georgia is going to win it all. This Georgia team reminds me a lot of the Alabama teams that have won a few championships recently in that they play great defense, and I know Georgia fans don't want to hear this, but they've got a great game manager QB in Fromm who doesn't get you beat, and he usually plays pretty well in big games. It will be a great game with LSU but LSU is not going to get by Georgia and through the playoffs with that defense. With the exception of Auburn, LSU has still not been hit in the mouth yet. Auburn came close and if they'd had any kind of offense at all they would have beat LSU. I'm convinced had they played at Auburn, Auburn would have won. I'm looking at Georgia and Ohio St in the championship game with the dawgs taking the crown.
He slid in the draft because of that garbage offense he played in at Auburn.
Oh Please! Those numbers you spouted mean absolutely nothing when you consider that an incoming 4 or 5 star recruit still has to come in and learn a complex system and buy into what he's being taught. Ben Davis was a 5 star Lb who keeps getting passed up by 4 star younger recruits and then you've got players like Eyobi Anoma and Antonia Alfonso, both 5 stars who transferred out of the program for whatever reason. Dylan Moses and Josh McMillon two starting upper classmen linebackers who were injured and both out for the season. It's not excuse its just a fact. Also, you've got to take in consideration that this Alabama coaching staff is a completely different staff than what Alabama had this time last year on both sides of the ball and unless they've just had a change at head coach there's not another coaching staff in the country that has had that kind of turnover. I think anyone that understands football knows that year in and year out Alabama always has one of the best defenses. So other than the reasons I've already mentioned you tell me why you think Alabama's defense is so bad this year? Even if they work their way into the playoff they're not going to win it this year with that defense. Its just not going to happen but I'd love to see them get in just to see some of the younger players get some CFP experience. I've been saying this since the beginning of the season and I still think Georgia will win it all because they play great defense, run the ball well and I know Georgia fans don't want to hear this, but they've got a great game manager in Fromm running the offense and he's not going to get you beat. That SC game was a wake up call! This Georgia team reminds me a lot of some of the Bama teams that have won a few championships recently. I think they'll beat LSU because other than Auburn LSU has not been hit in the mouth and Georgia will do just that plus LSU doesn't have the defense to win a championship in my opinion. But Georgia's toughest test is coming up this weekend down in Auburn and they've got to take care of business there first. We shall see how it all unfolds.
The only real way for the loser of the Bama LSU game to make the playoff is for the winner of the Bama LSU game to beat GA in the SEC championship game. If GA wins the SEC championship then I believe the loser of that game is in. Of course it's all dependent on Bama & LSU winning out. What if Georgia loses to Auburn at Auburn and has 2 loses but beats Bama or LSU in the SEC championship game, are they in the playoff? I believe the SEC champion is in no matter what.
Hey dumbass, LSU loses to Bama and you're pretty much done. The winner of the SEC is in the playoff and you'd need Bama to win the SEC for you to get in. If Georgia beats Bama in the SEC then both Georgia and Bama are probably in.
Any undefeated conference champ is in the CFP, which more than likely will be Ohio St and Clemson. The 3rd spot goes to the SEC champ so who gets the final spot? Remember, the committee has not put a lot of stock in conference champions so I think Oklahoma is done because of their loss to an unranked K. State and Oregon is done because they lost to Auburn which is probably the 4th or 5th best team in the SEC. So I believe it will come down to a 2nd SEC team for the 4th spot and I believe the 4th spot will go to the loser of the SEC title game. Based on all that I think the loser of the LSU vs Bama game is out.
Ive got no problem with LSU being #1 because at this point it really makes no difference anyway as there is still a lot of football left to play, but were starting to see some cracks in that resume that LSU keeps boasting about. I mean, Texas is no longer even in the top 20 so at this point I'd say Alabama's Texas A&M win is probably a better win with A&M losing to Alabama, Clemson, and Auburn.
Yep slacker typical response from the fan of a gator team that hasn't been relevant since Tebow and is one of the most overrated teams in college football this year. But tell me about that tough schedule with 3-4 Miami, Towson, Tennessee, Kentucky and Tn Martin and you've got the remaining power houses of Vanderbilt, Missouri and FSU coming up. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt so let's just wait till the end of the year and compare our teams full body of work.
I'm OK with LSU being #1 because it really makes no difference at this point so knock yourself out and give them the top spot if it makes you feel better. Lot of football still left to play and it will all sort itself out. And this resume thing is bullsh#$.It doesn't matter what they're ranked when you play them so get back to me when the final poll comes out at the end of the season and let's see how many ranked teams your team played. Auburn was ranked #7 early in the season last year and finished 8-5 and nowhere close to the top 25. Lets see your full body of work!
Jones is not going to bring Riley in. Not going to happen!
What are you talking about? Of course Georgia controls their own destiny. They play both Florida and Missouri coming up and if they win out they're playing for the SEC title.
I think they can definitely run the table. Sometimes a loss like they had is what's needed to get better focused. Bama can attest to that. While LSU and my Tide are slinging the ball around their defenses are suffering and I still believe defense wins championships. Georgia is built and reminds me a lot of the Bama teams that have won a few championships recently. Theyll be hungry.
Way to early to start taking about Dabo to Bama but if he decides he'd like to coach at Bama and if Bama wants him then that amount of money will not be an issue.
Dang, Quinnen Williams at over 300lbs. almost ran a faster 40 than Holyfield.
Hey a$$hole, Billy's been gone a few years now and the gators suck again. You know, just like gator football.
He is kind of prick isn't he but keep in mind he's hurting because Auburn just put a dagger in his gators chance to be the SEC basketball champion because an SEC football championship isn't going to happen anytime soon.
Typical butI kind of get it. I mean, I understand where Auburn fans are coming from. Think about it for a minute. We win our first natty under Saban and then Auburn matches it in 2010 with their own natty only to watch Bama win it the next 2 years in a row. Then Auburn has the Kick six and they're back in the championship game again only to choke the game away to FSU and then have to sit back and watch Bama win 2 more nattys. And what's even worse regarding Bama's last natty is thet Auburn beats Bama and Georgia and is just one win away from the CFP and they choke it all away only to watch Bama sneak in and win the natty again. Then they embarrass the SEC in their bowl losing to UCF Man, that's got to suck and I can see where that takes a toll on a rival fanbase but Auburns reaction is just typical so no real surprise here.
It's not poor coaching, Kirby is just trying to change the culture from that laid back, non aggressive approach that Mark Richt created and why Georgia underperformed never getting over that hump. I know as an Alabama fan I see more of that physical, hit you in the mouth style of football and I see how Georgia is looking more like Alabama. I dread playing Georgia, Florida not so much!
Jake flipping to Ga had nothing to with whether Tua was coming to Tuscaloosa or not.