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I think you're still shell shocked from being kept out of the end zone. Gus doesn't know offense.
Why do fools feel the need to challenge the mask request? Just shut up and do it.
So you think Gary loves Bama and Herbie hates Auburn. Hmmm, I'm thinking this is a you problem...
I was a FLA doubter but I gotta admit Trask looked great against Miss. And with UGA looking unstable at QB this could be Florida's year to get the East back.
LSU has been very good for a long time and only needed to get by Bama to reach the peak. It wasn't nearly as improbable as Florida getting there.
Well, yeah of course those are easy bets, I'm trying to take some kind of risk with this bet. Florida is good but they haven't shown they can deal with UGA or Bama and they'd likely have to beat both to get to the playoffs. It's too much to take seriously this year. I mean anything is possible but I would absolutely bet against it.
Well, they just haven't been close for so long, whether it's getting blown out by Bama in the SEC champ games or now struggling with UGA, it would just be one hell of a hill to climb for them to break through this season. They're not bad, but they've really done nothing to show they're going all the way. I feel the same about Texas, by the way.
I'm not a gambler but I'd bet it all on Florida not winning a title this year.
The fact that you can lump all of these cases into one pot shows you're either not very bright or not trying very hard. Also, isn't it nice that she wasn't murdered mistakenly by police?
There have always been and will always be extremists on both sides but you can't constantly project that onto the party leader. They ultimately don't get elected, Biden does. This foolish fear mongering that always goes on about some Democrat coming in and ruining America is just a farce. My whole life I've been told the next Democrat president is going to take away our guns. Never seems to happen...
And why aren't they already on a P5 roster? Because they aren't good enough. It's also irresponsible as an executive to find out that some of your people are upset and dismiss it and replace them. A responsible executive wants to know the problems and address them. If you replace the angry people, you're just bringing in a new crew that will also eventually find the same unaddressed issues and want to change them. Perpetuating a toxic cycle.
I'll take that to mean you were hiding in your house as well, yelling at the TV.
That's just a rigid, non-creative way to look at a problem. They can create any system they want to make this work. All kinds of terms have been invented to get around just these types of issues (stipend, per diem, etc. Or invest in accounts they can access later). I'm sure there are lawyers available to work out the issues. And why do salaries have to be all equal? Why couldn't they scale it with what the program brings in? This doesn't have to be difficult. It just seems like people are working to make it not happen for no good reason.
Because sometimes large organizations don't always get things right, and until the members speak up it doesn't get resolved. Pretty simple.
Welcome to the South: the fatest, poorest and most right wing part of the country.
Another 'brave' Patriot. Funny how I didn't see any of you out there stopping the protests, or preventing those statues from coming down. Where were you? Hiding in your home with your toilet paper stash?
I was a student at UA and worked at the school as well, and they paid me, can you believe it? All things are possible, small thinker.
Another group of kids, yeah, there are just tons of talented football players out there with no scholie right now, right? Bad news Bears is a fun movie.
Next man up? Who's that? A negative one star out of South Dakota High?
How can the side that voted for a reality TV show character be the same side? The side that abandoned the whole family values, Christian morality stuff to elect a crude, crass old man? You think we're better with a phony like that at the helm? And I love how the right is always so scared of a Democrat president. If Joe Biden (a completely moderate old white man) scares you then you need help.
I like how you get to just flatly state that there isn't systemic racism. Based on what? Incarceration rates alone show that blacks are way over policed and picked on. You can blame the laws for that or police but it's pretty clear people of color have a much worse time with criminal justice than whites. Even down to things like sentence lengths, guilty verdict rates, etc. The numbers show clearly that they get unfairly treated. Any population that gets treated poorly enough long enough is going to react. You can hate that all you want but you can't ignore it anymore.
Why can’t adults make demands? We’re talking about college students aged 18-21, they’re adults. And you don’t get to just tell them to sit down and shut up. Anybody that has leverage in any situation has it for a reason and to use it is logical. It shouldn’t just be handed over because the other people in the situation are older. That’s just odd thinking.
When you don’t listen to and respect people (young or not) they will resort to that. You’re welcome to think they’re just dumb fools but it doesn’t help or resolve anything.
Why can't adults make demands? We're talking about college students aged 18-21, they're adults. And you don't get to just tell them to sit down and shut up. Anybody that has leverage in any situation has it for a reason and to use it is logical. It shouldn't just be handed over because the other people in the situation are older. That's just odd thinking.
Ha, if you look at the majority of red states in terms of what they take federally in tax dollars versus what they generate on their own you'd see that they aren't capable remaining solvent on their own. They are takers and lean heaviest on government. The government provides in many ways and our system is a blend of socialism and capitalism. And are you suggesting you wish the south had been allowed to form its own country? That's anti-American and why would you respect the current US flag? You should be viewing America as an occupier of your land. You also think the sovereign south should have been able to continue with slavery? The union military had to go into southern states even after the emancipation and enforce the end of slavery as many were unwilling to obey and give it up. I'm not going to wholesale validate everything everyone does during this period of protest and rioting. Your side cherry picks isolated events in an effort to discredit an entire movement and population. It's pretty simple though, our police are way to extreme in their use of force. You can compare our numbers to any other advanced democracy and it's jaw dropping. You should want better from law enforcement. It's been going on for a long time and nothing has ever been done about it so it's come to this.
I don't care what they call themselves or what scared fox news calls them. People like you don't know anything about Marxism or socialism. Your fear of those things (which you were trained to believe during the cold war) is based in ignorance. The truth is America already has tons of socialism (social security, post office, roads, national military, schools, and many more things all paid by federal government programs). You don't see it as such and that leads to your foolish thinking that we are the opposite of socialism. We're also based upon the idea of revolting when justice isn't being served. Read some Thomas Jefferson. He demanded that the people revolt from time to time to keep the government in check. Your problem is you don't like it unless it's a cause you support. Get in touch with that.
That's a very foolish and simplistic view of reality. History has shown that young people can contribute greatly and the healthiest societies are the ones that accept diversity of input from all regardless of age, gender, race, etc.
When you don't listen to and respect people (young or not) they will resort to that. You're welcome to think they're just dumb fools but it doesn't help or resolve anything.
Why are people so afraid of others having some power? You want players and/or young adults to be powerless always? What kind of mindset is that? You guys need to read some Thomas Jefferson.