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Do you not know how lame it sounds to blame refs for your loss? Every team can point to missed calls they should have gotten in every game. The bigger issues are the calls coaches make (like the fake punt that gave up huge field position late), and Fromm not scoring for 95% of the second half.
When it comes to the HC of my team, I'll take coaching over personality every time. You can have the goofballs, and the L.
I always find it funny that people seem to fall in love with LSU's HCs for silly reasons. With Les, it was the goofy crap he would say and eating grass, and with Ed it's his voice/accent. People actually think Ed is a good fit for LSU because of the way he talks. Pretty dumb.
Yeah, everybody focuses on the backup QB angle, but the reality is the two losses to Bama we're about Kirby and Fromm underperforming in the 4th quarters.
Dude, you need an editor. Try to limit your ravings to 5 sentences or less.
Winning the SEC is bigger than winning the Natty? They were both won in a similarly dramatic fashion, but Natty is bigger and Tua was a true freshman getting his first significant playing time.
You guys weren't crying about playing UGA until they improved. And if you look back more than two seasons you'd see that Bama has more often than not played a really difficult opener. To suggest that Auburn has a more difficult path when they play the exact same type of schedule is ludicrous. Quit trying to make excuses and just get better.
LSUSMC, you remember Najee Harris? He was the top RB in his class and is about to make his first start this year. He was third string last year as a sophomore. Any other questions?
You can expect what you want, but you obviously don't know what's going on at Bama. Anyone who has followed this situation for the past few years knows B Rob is going to have a big opportunity this year. Sanders is a complete unknown and hasn't even practiced yet so slow your roll.
No one in Tuscaloosa does. There's as much excitement for Robinson as there is for Najee in Ttown.
How can you have Trey Sanders on the list but not Brian Robinson? I mean, I wouldn't have minded if you left both off the list entirely, but you can't put Sanders ahead of Robinson.
This media day will be an absolute yawner for Auburn, you got that right. For others, like Bama, it's a who's who of next year's NFL 1st round draft.
Another long-winded, bad take from the Corch. It's hilarious that some UGA fans think Chaney was the problem. He kept UGA's offense in the top 15 nationally in most offensive categories, but apparently that means he's terrible? There's not much room for improvement there, so what does the next guy have to do to not be hated by UGA fans? Turn it into Oklahoma?
Don't believe everything you read, should be the conclusion you draw from all of this. You have Hicks saying Mack stopped the deal, then you read another article claiming it was the President and AD. So someone is lying. Also, everything Hicks claims Sexton said about Saban's intentions (to not stay at one school, but to jump around and rebuild) are the exact opposite as he has stayed at Bama and appears to want to retire there. Hicks comes off as a yenta who is throwing Saban and Mack under the bus in an effort to make it look like he did what he was supposed to do in getting Saban, but wasn't allowed to because Mack blocked him.
When you lose a HC who is considered one of the all time greats, then yes, that's volatile. And I called the kid a moron because he said coaching stability was important but then went to a place that lost an all time great coach. Bama has a long history of losing assistant coaches during the Saban era, Google it.
Come on, that recruit is a moron. What he said would make sense if he'd gone to a school that had consistency in coaching staff, but he went to Ohio St! You know, the place that had the most volatile coaching turnover in the country. He's probably just regurgitating what he's heard others say about Alabama. And this coaching turnover is nothing new for Bama, it's always been that way and will probably continue to be. People are just bored and looking for any way to turn the page. Keep guessing.
They dominated the Big 12 last year, but no one plays defense in that league. It shows up in the playoffs though. Unless you think Hurts is somehow better than Kyler, I don't see how they would be improved offensively. Their defense would have to jump 80 spots in the rankings from last year to be playoff worthy, and that is not an exaggeration.
Hey Snapshot, if you don't believe me, take a look at the defensive rankings from last season.
Yeah, it'll be fun to watch. I think it's a big departure for Hurts (conservative offense to wide open offense, and best defense to no defense), and he's replacing a Heisman winner and top NFL draft pick so that's a ton on his plate.
I love Jalen and think he'll do well at Oklahoma, but ultimately it's still an overall downgrade from Kyler Murray so I don't know if they'll have quite the same success they did last year. And if their defense remains in the toilet then it just puts more pressure on Jalen than he's used to feeling (coming from a team that has one of the best defenses). Nonetheless, I'm very excited to see how Oklahoma/Jalen fare.
Yeah, there's no coaching turnover at Ohio St...oh, wait, I forgot Urban just abruptly left causing massive uncertainty.
Easy, it's gonna be ok. I know you wanted to see UGA on the list, but it just didn't happen, ok? We all love Eric Stokes, I know, I know he's the greatest CB in the world.
Logic train derailed. Your first two sentences don't follow at all.
The only difference between this year's schedule for Bama and previous ones is that instead of a great opener (as Bama always has had) we got Duke. But Bama has been cycling through ACC teams for several years now and I guess we're just completing the circuit. Bama has won every opener since Saban started his run and the list includes every 'good' team that the ACC has to offer. Folks are always looking to take shots at Alabama, but our schedule has always been extremely difficult playing in the most difficult division in CFB and always playing in the biggest, most difficult Conference Championship game. No one cares that Clemson gets to play Pitt while UGA and Bama fight to the death, or Ohio St playing Northwestern, or whatever teams show up in the PAC-12. How about these other conferences get their $hit together before griping about our OOC?
Yeah, and even funnier is that Bama is the one they said would be worse...
Yeah, there's been a bit of an uncharacteristic lull at the Bama Mike LB position since Reuben Foster left. Guys like Evans, Hamilton, Wilson were very good but did not command the field the way previous Bama ILBs did. I think Moses is the type of player that will bring it back to what it was at its peak.
How can you compare what Sarkisian did at the NFL level to what he can do in college? It's a completely different situation. Many coaches who are great in college are not that great in the NFL. Why would you assume that whatever problems you thought he had in Atlanta would be relevant to this situation? Just dumb logic.
That's a bad take (no surprise from Rupert). You can't compare Fromm and Fields straight up because Fromm had the advantage of already being the starter with experience that Fields didn't have. It's always going to be much more difficult for the younger guy in that situation to unseat an established starter. Fields may very well be better than Fromm and be a better NFL QB than Fromm, but we won't know until Fields actually gets a chance to play. For coaches, it's difficult to put in an unknown (Fields) over a known (Fromm) when the known is doing well enough, but that doesn't mean the known is better than the unknown, it just means the coach is sticking with the known.