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I like how you get to just flatly state that there isn't systemic racism. Based on what? Incarceration rates alone show that blacks are way over policed and picked on. You can blame the laws for that or police but it's pretty clear people of color have a much worse time with criminal justice than whites. Even down to things like sentence lengths, guilty verdict rates, etc. The numbers show clearly that they get unfairly treated. Any population that gets treated poorly enough long enough is going to react. You can hate that all you want but you can't ignore it anymore.
Why can’t adults make demands? We’re talking about college students aged 18-21, they’re adults. And you don’t get to just tell them to sit down and shut up. Anybody that has leverage in any situation has it for a reason and to use it is logical. It shouldn’t just be handed over because the other people in the situation are older. That’s just odd thinking.
When you don’t listen to and respect people (young or not) they will resort to that. You’re welcome to think they’re just dumb fools but it doesn’t help or resolve anything.
Why can't adults make demands? We're talking about college students aged 18-21, they're adults. And you don't get to just tell them to sit down and shut up. Anybody that has leverage in any situation has it for a reason and to use it is logical. It shouldn't just be handed over because the other people in the situation are older. That's just odd thinking.
Ha, if you look at the majority of red states in terms of what they take federally in tax dollars versus what they generate on their own you'd see that they aren't capable remaining solvent on their own. They are takers and lean heaviest on government. The government provides in many ways and our system is a blend of socialism and capitalism. And are you suggesting you wish the south had been allowed to form its own country? That's anti-American and why would you respect the current US flag? You should be viewing America as an occupier of your land. You also think the sovereign south should have been able to continue with slavery? The union military had to go into southern states even after the emancipation and enforce the end of slavery as many were unwilling to obey and give it up. I'm not going to wholesale validate everything everyone does during this period of protest and rioting. Your side cherry picks isolated events in an effort to discredit an entire movement and population. It's pretty simple though, our police are way to extreme in their use of force. You can compare our numbers to any other advanced democracy and it's jaw dropping. You should want better from law enforcement. It's been going on for a long time and nothing has ever been done about it so it's come to this.
I don't care what they call themselves or what scared fox news calls them. People like you don't know anything about Marxism or socialism. Your fear of those things (which you were trained to believe during the cold war) is based in ignorance. The truth is America already has tons of socialism (social security, post office, roads, national military, schools, and many more things all paid by federal government programs). You don't see it as such and that leads to your foolish thinking that we are the opposite of socialism. We're also based upon the idea of revolting when justice isn't being served. Read some Thomas Jefferson. He demanded that the people revolt from time to time to keep the government in check. Your problem is you don't like it unless it's a cause you support. Get in touch with that.
That's a very foolish and simplistic view of reality. History has shown that young people can contribute greatly and the healthiest societies are the ones that accept diversity of input from all regardless of age, gender, race, etc.
When you don't listen to and respect people (young or not) they will resort to that. You're welcome to think they're just dumb fools but it doesn't help or resolve anything.
Why are people so afraid of others having some power? You want players and/or young adults to be powerless always? What kind of mindset is that? You guys need to read some Thomas Jefferson.
Wow, did you forget to loosen the tin foil hat? Nothing you wrote is based in reality.
There's a trump rally in OK, why don't you go there and cry with all of them about how the media and liberals and black people are all telling lies about you. I'm sure there's alot of deep thought going on at that rally. Lol!
Yeah, but you think it's civilized to tell an entire group of people eff you? I mean, you're certainly entitled to it, but it's not civil.
This shows the flaws thinking of so many on the right. You suggest that the left is demanding you confirm and submit and then you ask if you can ban cities that have people who think differently than you. See the irony?
Your screen name shows that you don't know anything about civility.
That's why you're not a coach. Notice gundy didn't do that. See if you can figure out why.
See how easy it is to get a right winger to cry? Your comments are just irrational and emotional. When did I make any sort of claim that would indicate I'm demanding others accept my ideology? You're the one that came into the discussion by mocking liberals claiming they don't know how to be American as if you're some sort of authority. Get a grip and take a look in the mirror.
The players started a dialog by calling Gundy out. That's called dissent. You seem to be the one who wants the players and others to just be quiet about how they feel and not express anything.
Yeah, I know you're making that dumb claim but you haven't explained how getting fired leads to kbeing killed. Sounds like a paranoid delusion.
Given your dumb comments, I'm willing to bet you'd cry about someone expressing anti-religious views or anti-military views. Maybe you're crying about the Confederate flag and statues coming down. Everyone has their issues they get offended about. Just because you don't care about this player's feelings on this doesn't mean he's a baby for caring about something and calling out fools when he sees them.
You guys always confuse the issue when you bring up rights. No one said gundy is not allowed to wear the shirt. He can wear a dress if he wants, but it's going to get a reaction and people are entitled to their reaction.
Conservatives cried so much about not hearing news the way they wanted that they got their own network filtered just right for conservatives. They cry about wars on Christmas, they cry when someone kneels during the anthem. Shall I go on?
Nope, he's claiming that when liberals complain it's extortion as if liberals should just be quiet and not express any feelings or opinions.
Wow, you're way off. Of course gundy has feelings and rights. When did I say he didn't? He can feel however he wants and he can express it and wear the shirt. No one is refusing his rights. What I hear on here is alot of people hating on the player for having feelings and rights.
Oh, we're not allowed to be upset about things? Yeah, that sounds American. If Saban wore a t-shirt tomorrow that said "there is no God" you don't think people would be upset? Are they un-American for having feelings about it?
Extortion? We all have the right to express our feelings and take our business elsewhere if we like. That's America. You just don't like the instances where it conflicts with your beliefs. Get over yourself.
It's lazy to find errors and say that makes them all the same. It's false equivocation. If no media can be trusted then where do you get your news?
Thank you for expressing the very sentiment that has led to so much anger in this country. Everyone has things that offend them and the right to get away from it. That's all this player is doing. You belittling his feelings/rights is anti-American.
This is not a rights issue. No one is forcing him to stop wearing the t-shirt.