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Nope, just grabbing and restraining a player. I know it's shocking, but you just can't do it.
Oh please tell us what you know. I can't wait. I'm sure you have evidence as well, right?
Muschamp rushed to snap the ball instead of calling a timeout. Why aren't you upset with him? Your idea basically boils down to the loser mentality that the officials for some reason want to help Bama. The evidence doesn't support that. It's just a tin foil hat conspiracy theory.
Defense is fine. We're in a new era of football where you're not really going to shut down most offenses anymore. Everyone is running some form of RPO now and it creates easy throws for QBs. You don't see many QBs just drop back and pass and that's eliminated alot of the pass rushing advantage. The mark of a great defense is still winning by a bunch and Bama is still doing that.
Are you suggesting they don't call holding on every play? You can't grab and restrain a defender when he's trying to run to the sideline. I thought this was obvious to football fans. Btw, Bama was called for 11 penalties to SCs 5 in the game. I think we got our fair share. Also, if you watched the game, the rules expert came on during the goaline play to explain that no matter what the call on the field was on that play there was no way to overturn it because the video wasn't clear. This stuff isn't complicated but people love to continue the wacko myth that Bama somehow receives special treatment.
Man, you are ridiculous and bitter. The story of this game can be reduced to one observation: Tua ran the offense up and down the field all day without interruption.
How can you watch that replay and think it's obvious that the officials should have assumed he was up? If his knee didn't hit the ground then it only cleared by a hair. To act like that's a terrible call is just a bad fan reaction.
That's just your biased opinion. You know how often we Bama fans have to hear this? After every game. What's more likely: the refs want to help Bama for some unknown reason or that you are under a misapprehension? Figure it out. Btw, someone ran a story on this a couple years ago to disprove the myth that Bama gets calls and the data actually shows that Bama is more often flagged than the average team. Google it and quit with the wacko conspiracy theories.
You just don't know the rule. Look it up. Holding is the act of grabbing and restraining a a player not in possession of the ball. If you don't see Lee being grabbed and restrained as he tries to run to the kicker then you're just refusing to see reality.
It doesn't matter if you're in front, you can't grab and hold when the defender tries to disengage and get away. That's why holding is often called on the edge because defenders are trying to get to the sideline and blockers don't let go.
They took a TD from Bama as well (tight end called out when he wasn't), but no one cares when it happens to Bama.
Yeah, my crazy take is that holding should be called holding. But I guess the normal take is that the refs just wanted to help Bama, right?
Oh, so now it's back of the jersey? Lol, just change the rules to suit your narrative.
Saban said many of the plays are run options that Tua is pulling due to defenses loading the box. So Tua is really the one deciding if it's gonna be a run play, and the D's we're facing seem to be hell bent on stopping the run.
Yeah, you guys should really look into that whole talent thing. It's pretty important.
I don't understand people claiming that was an iffy call. It was holding. You don't have to take down a player to commit a hold. He grabbed and maintained the hold on the edge on the one player that could have made the tackle. You can't do that, not debatable.
According to all the brilliant fans out there, Bama would never win a game if it weren't for the refs. It's all a conspiracy, I tell ya!
Holding on the fake FG was as obvious a call as you'll ever see. He didn't just grab, he maintained the hold on the edge which is the most obvious place to do it. Muschamp should have called timeout at end of half but rules guy came on and explained there wasn't evidence to overturn.
They just had an embarrassing loss to Coastal Carolina. I don't think anyone is looking for Les.
Think about the jump Hilinksi is about to have to make: first start was facing Charleston Southern defense, second start facing Bama defense.
P.S. For many years, LSU has been a QB away from being a genuine title contender. I think they mirror Bama more closely than any other team in CFB, so I understand the excitement that they may have found a QB, but the hype behind this is a bit crazy, and I think you have to be careful not to assume too much too quickly.
I'm still a skeptic. I've seen improvement from teams and/or QBs before, but the idea that a guy can go from being shut out in his own house to actually beating Bama in theirs is a bit of a stretch for me. Not saying it's impossible, but you'll have to excuse us if we hold out for more evidence.
Whew, we have a bitter loser here. You getting choked up as you say Saban's name. Tell us about your crackpot theories on how Jalen and Tua came off the bench to knock UGA out?
To me, Mond appeared to be making a point of standing tall in the pocket which just got him hammered over and over again. The way he challenged Alabama last year was by moving around and escaping pressure. I don't understand why he was so anchored to the ground in this game. I assume that's something Jimbo and Mond discussed as part of his effort to be a more accurate passer, but it ain't working.
Fulmer was run out of the building in 2008 for losing too much, and now you think he's the answer in 2019? Why does everyone think they know who will be a great coach for UT? There is no good answer at coach right now for them. Everyone thought Lyle was a great hire, then they thought Pruitt was a great hire. No one is a great hire for this job. Let's keep expectations low for whatever poor soul is hired next.
I think everyone came away with the same impression this writer did. Auburn not impressive offensively. QB still has alot of growing to do.
Pruitt is not a good coach. At least not a good HC.