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Always a good idea to make rules based upon hatred of a team. Those locked-in rivalry games fluctuate like everything else. Sometimes they're a gift and other times they can be a curse. There have been plenty of seasons where no one cared about the LSU/FL game, but now it's more interesting, just like TN (who appears to be improving) will once again become a major game. The bigger issue is the disparity between the East and the West.
Ha! "There has been articles written about it" Yeah, you can find an article on anything, doesn't mean it's true. Google 'Insert team here' is the worst fan base ever and you'll find it. Dope.
Opinion-based facts...I guess I'm not surprised.
Right, Bama fans are the only ones talking about Gus being on the hot seat... What he wrote is true, Auburn must be feeling left out having seen LSU, UGA and Bama in the playoffs.
Yeah, great move Enos. Stay at Bama and we'll make you look like a star, leave and now you're desperate for work. When he left Bama everyone was laughing at us for losing the best OC out there. Who's laughing now?
Yeah, health will be a big plus, if we have it this year. I think Pete and Tosh were hired because Saban was maybe hoping to groom someone young and inexperienced in the hopes that person would stay for awhile. Trying to slow down that coaching carousel. I like Golding and think it'll be much better this year with a more veteran team. Offense will probably also become more balanced now that Tua is gone which may help the defense.
I don't think that's fair. The game has changed since Pruitt left. Alot more explosive offenses (like LSU, for instance) now running QB-centric schemes, plus we've been experimenting with our own offense and becoming more high-scoring and fast moving, which has taken a toll on our defenses.
If you look at the guys Saban promoted recently to DC, I think it shows that he is trying to install someone that might stay for a little while to slow down the constant staff turnover. Lupoi and now Golding are both young coaches and he probably was hoping to have someone grow into that position and be there more than 1 year. As for the freshmen starters last year, that was a choice Saban made. Many people chalked it up to injury, but in every case where he started a freshman, there was a more veteran option on the bench. I think that again was Saban going with youth early so you grow a veteran team for down the road. Growing pains come with these decisions, but it pays off long term.
Yeah, UGA I agree. It was a mistake with Fields/Fromm and also with Hurts/Tua in the sense that many were saying in Tua's freshman year that he was blowing Jalen off the practice field, but Saban refused to let Tua take over. The result was we lost the Iron Bowl and the division, but were fortunate to make the playoffs anyways. I think Saban learned from that not to ignore the young talent.
Well, it's not like Mac has a ton of playing time. He went 3-1 last season (2 of the teams were really bad) so he's not that far ahead of the others except in time spent developing at Bama.
I agree it will be hard for anyone to unseat Mac, but it's going to be interesting. If you listened to Saban during the coverage of the title game, he really harped on the importance of having an elite passing attack and that there was no way to get to the natty without it anymore. That, coupled with the whole Tua over Jalen ordeal, has potentially shaped Saban's view on what the QB position needs to look like today. And don't forget that Bryce is a Sark guy and Sark could influence Saban on how this selection process goes. Saban also showed last year that he is willing to go with true freshmen early to let them grow into the position and get three to four years out of them. Bryce will have to consistently show out in the camps, but if he does I believe Saban will go with him day 1.
It's not like the position is going to remain vacant. Saban will find another extremely likable, motivational S&C guy and the players will form a bond with that guy. No one even knows who their S&C is at 99% of schools. Cochran became big in 2012 when people were eager to figure out how Bama was doing it and he was the loudest guy in the room so the media became attracted to him, but there's no secret there. He's an energetic gym rat and there are tons of those types of guys out there. Not trying to diminish what he's done, but people trying to suggest that he was some major part of the dynasty are reaching.
Like you said, Bama made SC a star. Anyone who steps into any role at Bama becomes a star so why would you think this one person leaving matters more than any other? It's plug and play with Saban. And if you're wondering why Saban didn't make the effort to retain him, then you're not trying very hard. Scott wanted an on-field coaching position and Saban didn't agree; therefore Scott left. That's an indication that Saban didn't believe Scott was the best option for that type of role. Kirby is taking the risk here because Scott has no experience as such.
Yeah, those seem like the least likely answers, but thanks for playing.
It looks more like a desperate attempt to take what Saban has done (like so many have tried) and hope it somehow makes you a champion. It's getting pretty old. Why can't these coaches build their own program?
You gotta wonder why Saban never elevated him to a coaching position. He knew that was the only way to keep him and yet he passed.
You've got it all figured out. Now see if you can figure out how to make a S&C coach a special teams coach.
Nah, injuries were never an issue at Bama during the Saban era until 2017. All of a sudden guys started dropping like flies and it hasn't stopped.
So would he have preferred Bama show no interest in him at all? Or should Bama have offered him a starting job over Jalen and Tua? I mean, what was the expectation there?
A couple years ago I would have been upset about this, but after a few years of mounting injuries plaguing each season things were getting questionable with him. May not have anything to do with him, but folks were starting to question his methods down in T-town.
Most kids who go to a competitive, big-time program know that they are going to struggle to get on the field early. It's only a handful of delusional kids who think they will or should immediately play, and if they all want to transfer then let them. What's the alternative? Imprison them at a school they don't want to be at? The idea of a transfer portal and leaving a school for another without penalty is a pretty basic free market concept. Why should we teach kids that in this particular arena they must be forced to stay put no matter what? Not to mention that all these coaches who "commit" to a school leave whenever they like.
I agree, no reason to block young men and women from going where they want to go. I know it's a headache for coaches to deal with roster fallout, but so what, shut up and do your job.
All the coaches have to come get their blessing from Pope Saban if they want to be saved. The silly thing is that ADs out there actually buy into that and hire these guys as HCs again once they spend a few months with Saban.
I believed in Mond going into last season, but the combo of Fisher and Mond has proven to be really unimpressive. I'm starting to think Fisher's approach to offense is just not for today's game. He loves that statue in the pocket. They are an interesting team to watch this year though.
I don't know what he will do there but it was a big story a couple of weeks ago when Tua said he was attending, and yet we have people trying to 'correct' the story by claiming he's not going. He will go and at the very least make himself available to team doctors that want to clear him medically.
Might want to Google that again. He will be participating in the combine.
You can disagree with it but not really fair to call it moronic since you're not the expert. Any scouting report you read will mention his arm strength and footwork as cons. Btw, I only quoted the con section of the report since I was responding to someone who claimed burrow had no weakness. There we're obviously positives he highlighted as well.
It's not just about numbers, it's about impact (position and quality of player). Moses and Leatherwood are huge in terms of impact, and 4 of 5 OL are returning (3 of which are seniors). Plus all those true freshmen we had to play last year (a weakness last year) become a strength this year.
If you read Burrow's NFL scouting reports, the one thing they all say as a weakness is arm strength and some lazy footwork in the pocket: "Does not have overwhelming arm talent from a velocity or distance perspective. Has to rainbow most long throws outside the numbers, and fluttering balls invite safeties to drive on the catch point to make plays and deliver hits. Regularly shorts deep passes and demands receivers return to the football. Not a candidate for driving deep outs and comebacks given lack of velocity -- has to put air under most long throws and lacks elite anticipation to hit those flickering windows. Will leave outside balls hanging inside and late, his only jeopardy throws in an otherwise ball-secure profile. Has some fade/bail in him against pressure and is not a smart pocket navigator at this time, which is disappointing given athletic profile -- needs to become smarter at expecting pressure and more willing to make the slight movement to hang tight in the pocket."