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Yeah, coaches are tired of winning and getting the quickest path possible to a HC job.
There is no coach that said they hate working for Saban, not even Kiffin said that. It's just a narrative that people like to push. People leave because the ones he hires are big names with aspirations of becoming HCs, and Bama affords them that opportunity. You'll see the same happen with Clemson. Not Auburn though.
Saban could hire a 5 year old kid as DC and that kid would instantly be offered every available job in football. Anybody Saban touches is anointed as the greatest thing ever despite the fact that so many have gone on to fail.
Yeah, we've never seen coaches and players leaving Bama, have we?
Well, here's your prize for not even bothering to read Tua's quote. Lazy and dumb.
Sark was fired from the NFL, and had an offer from the Arizona Cardinals to be their OC. Any college team would love to have an NFL OC.
I don't get the infatuation with Enos. It's just another guy that hung out at Bama for a year and now everyone thinks he's the G.O.A.T. He hasn't accomplished much. Was a disaster at CMU, then was decent at Arkansas but HC was fired and new HC didn't want to keep him. He was a QB coach at Bama (where talent always tends to make the coaches look greater than they are) and now he's supposed to be the best OC out there? Come on.
Anytime you get an NFL level OC for your college team, you're doing well. You're holding Bama's OC position to a standard that no other college team is held to. It's like people are disappointed that we didn't get a Chip Kelly as OC. Calm down.
Ah, you mean just like Dan Enos, QB coach? Everyone's in love with Enos right now, but what has he done that Sark hasn't done at a higher level? Enos had a disastrous time at Central Michigan, was decent at Arkansas, although his HC was fired and the new HC didn't want Enos, but he hangs out at Bama for a year and all of a sudden he's the greatest OC in the game. It's laughable. Sark was going to be hired as an OC for the Arizona Cardinals, in contrast.
How is it desperate to land an NFL OC? I don't see anyone else doing that. A lateral move from the NFL to NCAA? Thats awesome.
This idiot kept trotting out that lame line last year after UGA's top-ranked recruiting class as if to say that Kirby had changed the game.
Sure, he clearly likes something about Sark, what's so hard to believe about that? Sark has competed at much higher levels than Enos. Anyone who has a desire to become a HC knows there's no faster way to accomplish that than working as a Saban coordinator, so he either just purposely set himself back or Saban didn't want him as OC. Which is more likely?
Mark is an NFL OC. Most coaches Saban has hired have been fired, that's how they wind up with us. Enos was wanted by many, but clearly not Saban. Maybe it was due to the NC game or maybe he just didn't feel it was a good fit. Kiffin does nothing but praise Saban and Bama if you actually listen to him. There's no coach out there that says they didn't like working for Saban. Wake up.
Did anyone ever consider that maybe Saban didn't want Enos as OC? It makes no sense for him to go to Miami where he will have to put in years of work to get noticed for a HC job when he could have done one year at Bama as OC and immediately been offered HC jobs, like all other Bama OCs. I think Saban just wasn't interested so he didn't match Miami's offer. Simple as that. To suggest that he preferred a lesser job just to get away from Saban is ridiculous. Why would anyone hurt their own career just to get away from Saban? It's not worth it when all you need to put in is one year.
How many teams have kicked your teeth in?
We have a bunch of draft elligible players returning and an NFL OC (turned down OC position with the Cards). Yeah, terrible times. How're things on the plains?
What are you talking about? Just last year we had two teams in the National Championship. The SEC Championship game this year was by far the best of all conference championships, and it wasn't close. Two top 5 teams going at it. No other conference had anything close to that. As a conference, we're also still dominating recruiting, and pouring the most talent into the NFL. SEC!
Bama's was in a desperate attempt to climb back into a game they were down big in. UGA's inexplicably occurred when the game was tied. Very different situations. Way stupider to do it in a tie as opposed to getting blown out.
No, Kirby is the GOAT, right? When did you speak to Saban about not having fun? Did he call you last night or this morning? Or are you just giving your dumb opinions again?
Yeah, and he'll be at Bama after Saban making whoever is coaching Arkansas not smile.
Come on, being the best coach (G.O.A.T.) doesn't mean you have to win every single game. You guys act like because you can find examples of him losing occasionally that means he's not the greatest. No one else is held to this bar. He beat Dabo a year ago and made them look like they had no idea what they were doing.
Clemson is good enough to beat anyone in a one-off, so of course they could win the game. But I think anyone picking them to win this game is reaching. Lawrence is great, but he's a true freshman and when he faces Bama it will be the greatest defense he's ever seen in his life by a mile, and on the biggest stage. As for the Clemson D, they are very good at certain things, but not against the pass (Mond and Bentley lit them up in a big way), and Alabama is the greatest offense their D will have faced all year, by a mile. As for Bama, they've seen defenses on par with Clemson and faced multiple elite offenses so this won't be anything new. Again, Clemson could win because anything could happen, but I can't understand how an analyst could straight up pick Clemson considering all that.
Surtain has been great for us this year. He did get beaten by Lamb alot, but Surtain is a true freshman and it should be a good learning experience for him. I also don't think it's a coincidence that Lamb's receptions came when the game had already been decided.
So tired of everyone complaining about the playoff committee every year. The only thing that is clear is that it's impossible to please every one. The whole Big Ten population feel it's an injustice that they are left out. Half the country thinks UCF should be in every year. UGA thinks they should be in. If you left out ND, half the country would feel that's an injustice. Just shut up and deal with your assigned place. You deserve what you got.
They also lost to Eastern Michigan and a bunch of other teams.
Because multi loss teams would be in the playoffs meaning the regular season losses wouldn't matter as much. Also, multiple conference championship game losers would also potentially get in. CFB regular season is so exciting now because you can barely afford a loss to get in the playoffs. Expanding means you could drop a couple big games and potentially still get in. This is why the NFL regular season is so unexciting. You have a bunch of teams with several losses in the post season.