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If UGA wins (and even if Bennett has a great game), it won't be because Bennett is great/elite, it'll be because he was on a great/elite team. It's like the Bama team that won with Jake Coker. Coker was not great, but he has a natty with Bama. Does anyone think Coker was elite or even a reason Bama won? He went toe to toe with Deshaun Watson and won, but no one will remember Coker, and rightfully so. And if you want an objective answer, just look to the NFL draft. Where do you think Bennett will be chosen? Just like Coker, he'll be selling insurance somewhere in the south in a couple years.
The Bearcats have the pressure to represent the non-power 5 by performing well now that they've finally gotten the chance they always wanted. It's a tough spot for them because they have to know there's a good chance they'll be disemboweled.
Various guys (like Holden, Brooks,Leary, Latu, Billingsley) have been worked into the rotation this season, especially down the stretch, and all have caught significant TDs. Bryce is adept at spreading the ball around and not focusing on one guy. I think they'll be ok in this regard, especially with so much prep time. I think the bigger issue is protecting the RB position. With only two guys, Bama will need to manage them wisely to avoid injury. Bama has plenty of ready WRs and you'll see new stars emerge in the playoffs as Bama always produces.
If you look at recruiting rankings over the past few years Cincy has typically finished around number 40 while Bama has been top 5. Cincy's average starter is a 3-star. Of course it appears they are playing above that grade to an extent, but there's no excuse, with Bama's talent they have no business losing to Cincy. The UGA game showed they can hang (just like this year's ND game) but you have to remember that UGA was not playing that game straight up as it was a consolation game for them and they had guys sitting. I agree though, they are good and have shown they can win at this level.
I think the pressure is on Cincy to call a great game. They are the ones who need to find alternative ways to neutralize the tremendous talent gap here. Coaching and gameplan are the only ways they can do that. I think Bama can simplify their gameplan (as they did against Notre Dame last year in round one of the playoffs) and force Cincy to consistently deal with their star players. If Bryce has early success and puts pressure on Ridder to get into a shootout then Cincy is in big trouble.
Yeah, I can't explain how Bama's o-line suddenly played so well against UGA and I don't know that it will be the same against Cincy. I just think Bama will use it's size, talent and depth to lean on Cincy with a balanced attack (as we did against Notre Dame last year in the playoffs). A simple game plan for a team that has a tremendous talent gap. Bama has joined the many teams that now like getting tricky with movement pre-snap. It's just part of the game now, and players like Will Anderson are great at neutralizing that. Ultimately though this year's Bama team is all about Bryce Young so we'll see if he can do enough to push that Cincy D. The Bearcats are very good and sound, but I think this is a tough situation for them and really would be a huge upset if they won.
It's difficult to gauge where Cincy is since they compete in a different world (group of 5). Yes, they've beaten Notre Dame so I know they can hang, but they have not gone out and consistently shut down power 5 offenses. They've never played against talent like Bryce and Jameson. Bryce is great at spreading the ball around to different players and I think you'll see alot of guys involved in the passing attack. I also think Bama will game plan similarly to the way they did Notre Dame in the playoffs last year. It'll be ugly and boring, but Bama will use their talent and depth to slowly sit on Cincy.
First of all, I do listen to Saban and he's never said that. He NEVER guarantees starting roles or even significant roles for players whether they are transfers or recruits. He hates depth charts, and he wants everyone to earn everything. This was all about your assertion that Gibbs was guaranteed to be 1st or 2nd string. I was simply pointing out that, as Saban says, no one is guaranteed anything at Bama and that there were alot of really talented guys there already making for a great competition. I'm absolutely happy that this guy is coming over and I do think he's really good, but again I was just pointing out that it's not a given and that he'll face the best competition imaginable as Bama has signed three straight 5 star backs.
So your whole argument boils down to "you've heard some coaches opine that things have changed". But you can't logically explain how any of the changes have actually impacted things. Recruiting was dominated by Bama before playoffs, and they still dominate afterwards. Where's the change? And again, it's not just Bama, the traditional powers have continued to dominate and thrive. These changes have absolutely been driven by the public tiring from all the Bama domination. The idea was that if you open it up to more teams then one team wouldn't dominate. Then they thought if you let the talent that can't get on the field at Bama go transfer out then other schools would benefit, but now we see that while mediocre schools get Bama's bench players, we get their superstar players. It's become clear that the transfer portal has created a minor leagues for the top shelf teams like Bama. And I still don't get the idea behind NIL. You realize schools like Bama also get to benefit from their guys getting NIL deals, right? The only way this would change things is if they didn't allow players on teams like Bama to get NIL deals, but because they can, why would a recruit go somewhere else when they can still get a top shelf NIL deal while at Bama, plus they get to play on the biggest stage with the most superstar cast around them? I'm not seeing how this logically works out well for smaller schools? I hope you also realize that guys like you claiming that Saban/Bama were nearing the end have been saying that for many years now. Just ask Joel Klatt about that. I mean, if you say it enough I guess eventually you'll be right, but at least have some good arguments in the meantime.
You're criticizing this year's Bama team for not being more dominant? What does that have to do with anything? This Bama team just won the SEC, again, won a Heisman and beat an UGA team that everyone believed was a historically dominant team. What else can we do for you, sir? In terms of NIL money, the high level 5 star recruits (who decide championships, and if you don't believe that just go look at who's won natty's and where they recruited prior to the natty) are making decisions about how they can maximize their NFL draft stock because that's their expectation and that's where the money is. If you think they're going to risk that future over a short-term NIL deal, you're high. And you're goofing on me for citing the array of issues that go into recruiting (facilities, coaches, history)? You may like the simpleton approach where you boil it down to one issue, but that's just a failure to understand the complete picture. I can see that you're angry that Bama has been so dominant for so long, and like many fans, you're extra angry that your transfer portal, NIL, playoff expansion ideas didn't bring down Bama. Saban tried to warn all of you that these things would only make programs like Bama stronger and now you're seeing it play out. You don't have any sound arguments on how anything has changed. I've shown you how Bama (and the other usual powers like Ohio St, Oklahoma, Clemson and UGA) has dominated and continues to thrive and you have no reasoning on how that is changing. You are just lashing out and making ad hominem attacks about me being a fan because you have no substance. You're just hoping that somehow things are changing, but I'll just be here waiting as Bama strolls into another playoff.
Guys like this are lined up to come to Bama for the chance to do what Jameson Williams did. It recruits itself. You think Saban has to explain to a guy like this that being at Bama might be good for his career? If you think Saban is going to hand anyone a starting spot, you're crazy. Everyone has to earn it, and all I'm saying is that this guy is going to have to compete with the best RBs in the nation from the past 3 recruiting cycles. Maybe he will beat them all out, but that would be quite a feat. You wrote about Henderson, but what about McClellan and Wheaton and Roydell? They all just going to the bench because this guy is coming over?
First of all, this guy came to Bama. Saban didn't have to go get him. Second, Bama had huge injury problems this year at RB and Saban will always take more depth in the event that happens again. But this guy is going to face extreme competition when he comes in for any type of role. Maybe he'll get the job, maybe he won't, but to think that this guy somehow changes everything is laughable.
Recruiting is typically a reflection of coaches and Mizzou (which recruited at the exact same level as last year) got a bump from their new coach (Drinkwitz) and Texas A&M has been recruiting in the top ten for years now as a result of Jimbo, not to mention the fact that both schools benefited in recruiting from moving to the SEC. The idea that one player chose to go to Jackson State is some kind of massive shift is laughable. Guess who Jackson State has: Deion Sanders, a HOF, international superstar. You think that might have had something to do with it? As I said, recruiting is about coaches to a large degree. You think that player goes there if Joe Smith is the coach? NIL is small potatoes to a recruit like Travis Hunter who will make much more than that when he goes pro. No high level recruit is making career decisions based on NIL money. You think Bryce Young cares about his NIL deal when he's about to make 10x that in a couple years? I mean it's a nice safety net in case everything goes wrong, but ultimately these guys are thinking about their NFL deals, not this small time NIL stuff. And your idea that the playoff shaped recruiting is just complete ignorance of history. Saban had been dominating recruiting long before the playoffs, and guess what happened after the playoffs were instituted? Saban is still dominating recruiting. Ohio State, Georgia, Bama, Oklahoma have all always historically recruited at a high level. Nothing has changed. The reasons programs go through periods of decline is not because they suddenly forgot how to recruit, it's because they made the wrong decision on coaching. You get the right coach, recruiting goes up. You make the wrong decision at coach and recruiting goes down. You're hyping NIL too much. The idea of expanding the post season has been debated long before NIL. Notice how all the attempts to make changes (NIL, playoffs, transfer portal) doesn't change outcomes. Bama still dominates and the usual suspects are still at the top.
You're explaining something that no one is debating. No one thinks the NIL money comes from the schools. Are you a foreigner? Guess who attracts bigger NIL deals? Big, rich, historic schools. Ok? Sorry we went ahead and made that leap assuming everyone got that, but I guess you were still lost in the parking lot on that one. Also, when people mention rich schools, they're talking about top shelf facilities, boosters, best coaches (who recruits want to play for), etc. And if you can't look at the recruiting data and see that only a handful of schools are gobbling up all the talent you're blind.
You don't know Bama's depth if you think that's the case. We have returning: Jase McClellan (5-star vet), Camar Wheaton (5-star freshman), and just signed 5-star Emmanuel Henderson. We also have Roydell Williams returning. It would be a shock to me if Jahmyr even gets significant playing time given that lineup.
No one is going to completely turn around a program via the transfer portal. If a star QB transfers to your program, that means you were doing something right that attracted them to come there (just like an incoming recruit would see it) so you still have to be doing something well in order to get that guy. And that guy is likely only going to be around for one season so you're right back at square one when he's gone. Most of these significant transfers are going to already established institutions (like Jameson Williams) because they have limited time and need to instantly make their NFL case. A guy like Rattler going to SC is a situation where a guy that bottomed out is looking for a prayer and has to go somewhere desperate so he can be assured of a starting gig. It likely won't mean much long-term for SC that they had Rattler for a little while.
That's such a low-level, Disney way to look at it. Come on, you're going to use Tom Brady as an example? He's a one-of-a-kind. There's thousands of examples of guys who sat on a bench, never got their turn and are now selling insurance because, like you, they just sat there doing the "right thing" and now where are they?
This is why you're not a successful businessperson. The university is making big money off you and giving you very little in return, comparatively. You have to know the return they're getting on their investment in you in order to know what you are owed. You're just the "aw shucks" guy off the street who is mesmerized by the scholarship and not realizing all the other financial gains being made in the deal.
Yeah, statistically it hasn't been a bad defense, but just seems inconsistent and prone to lapses that allow for big plays under Golding. He's also personally brought up guys like Battle, Harris, Dale, etc who never really became great despite having 3 years to start and develop. They just never developed an identity defensively and don't seem particularly great at anything, just solid. Bama used to be known as an MLB school and now it's become a weakness. I trust Saban to make the right call with Golding, but need to be able to be more consistent and develop more stars than just Will Anderson.
Isn't JT in his fifth season? He came in with Trevor and Fields. Time to go bye bye.
Tidefan, you forgot Bennett's INTs. Those tend to matter in games.
I (along with everyone else) think UGA will win, but I think the interesting thing in this game is that UGA finally has all the pressure on them. Usually it's Bama with the pressure to prove they're the best again and again, but for once they can play a pressure free game (that they're supposed to lose) and that could help them play better. I know UGA can still get in the playoffs without winning this game, but Bama has been a death star (especially for UGA) and a loss here would mentally traumatize the dogs.
Fields is a much more accomplished player and will be more remembered than Fromm. You take Fields' level of production at Ohio State and imagine that at UGA and it would have likely resulted in a title.
Where is Fromm today and where is Justin Fields? Fromm disappeared for huge deaths of the games against Bama which led to the comebacks. Fields was far more productive in every stat you want to look at than Fields. Just silly to even debate this. All rational people know that Kirby made a huge mistake in sticking with fromm.
We know Auburn will score 0 because they're not even in the game. I love all these burned out SEC fans who are so traumatized by Bama that they become fans of other teams playing Bama. Get a life.
You've gotta be joking. You think Fromm was anywhere near Fields in terms of production? Nobody except the most delusional UGA fan believes Fromm was the better choice.
Why do people have to cry after every game about commentators. Talk about snowflakes.
Dispute what? The jealous ravings of a mediocre, washed up QB? Provide examples that are clear or provide stats. The stats show almost every team in the SEC has been called for fewer penalties than Bama this year, and that holds for every year. You (and most fans) are clearly just allowing your hatred of Bama's success make you believe that they must be cheating to get it. It's a fan claim as old as time, and twice as lame.
Auburn has been called for fewer penalties this season than Bama, so has LSU and Georgia. Bama routinely has more penalties called against them than most teams. I think the bias from officials is to call more penalties on Bama (and the stats always support this) in an effort to help out the poor opponent we're going to decimate. This baseless claim about refs supporting Bama is so obviously just a lame, fan logic way of discrediting your opponent, it can't be taken seriously.