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According to this article, Ole Miss needs every aspect of the program to get fixed. Sounds about right.
Did it ever occur to you that maybe Fromm just chooses to throw outside on these pass plays? I doubt they only sent receivers to the outside.
They're not writing to make you feel good; they're writing from their perspective. Also, it's pretty pompous to assume you know that all UGA fans want to throw more. That can't be true. There are plenty of UGA fans who like that run first mentality like a security blanket. It comes with having a defensive minded head coach. They want to be physical and take the air out of the ball to protect their defense. It was the same at Bama, but then you get a big time talent like Tua and it forces the coach to change philosophy a bit. Fromm just isn't quite dynamic enough to warrant that change.
"If he drops the OU offense in every category but still leads the nation, he could still win." See, I don't think that's true. Tua would have likely won this past season despite the stats had he performed better in the SEC Championship game. He came in second, but Haskins and Minshew were statistically better. Voters tend to take into account various factors, not just pure stat leaders.
So this year's Bulldogs are going to expand into and settle 19th century America?
Kyler was not an average player, he was a 5 star stud coming into college, just wound up in a loaded QB stable at A&M. Hurts will be expected to produce at least a similar level of offense as Kyler or he'll be seen as less than. That's just human nature. Kyler had to outdo Baker to win it. I'm not saying Hurts won't be good there, but I don't know that he can be that spectacular.
The problem for Hurts, in terms of winning the Heisman, will be that his total output will be compared to that of Kyler Murray. Hurts may be improved, but he's not going to put up Kyler's numbers and there's no way they'll give him the Heisman if Oklahoma's offense is less than that of last year (which was historic). I will forever love Hurts for that performance against UGA in the 4th quarter, but we should be careful to not extrapolate beyond what it was: a small sample size. Remember, he was a veteran QB who was benched because Tua was just that much better, and now we're making him a Heisman candidate?
I think this D is clearly better than last year. For one, we return Surtain, Diggs (who is the best DB), Carter and McKinney as starting DBs. That's huge, and 3 OLBs returning for senior year, as well as Davis on the line. Moses at MLB will be big. I thought Wilson was mostly a liability and not nearly as good as previous MLBs for Bama. At DC last season it was a disaster. Lupoi had to be benched essentially, and Golding made playcaller on the fly. Now Golding is the actual DC so that mess is cleaned up. Alot of veteran, talented coaches coming in. Also, I love how the argument for why UGA is ranked ahead of Bama by some is that we gave up 28 to them. Umm, didn't they give up even more, you know, in the loss? And we gave up points to Oklahoma, but didn't UGA, you know, lose to Texas? Just idiotic logic.
Obviously at Bama we've seen alot of great D-lineman come through, but I've never seen someone slip through offensive lines so consistently like he does. He is going to be a great one.
Yeah, just referring to the position need (big, strong man in the trenches).
Sopsher was a big loss for them yesterday. After the loss at home to Bama this past season, Oregeron said they needed to get better in the trenches, and once again Orgeron lost an in-state DT to Bama in Sopsher.
This just makes life easier for Clemson. No signs of any ACC school putting together an obstacle for Clemson to hurdle in the near future. That conference is such a disaster. Clemson will go unimpeded to the Playoffs every year. This is just more evidence that Conference Champs shouldn't get an automatic bid into playoffs. There are 5 SEC teams that out-recruited Clemson. It's just not an even playing field.
Dabo has done well despite not having top recruiting classes, but I doubt he can put together a dynasty as Bama has done without consistently hauling in a top 3 class. Dabo can not continue to put everything in the hands of a great QB. Eventually he will have to win without supreme QB talent, and he's shown that's not really doable (Kelly Bryant). Everyone loves to suggest that Bama's dynasty is all about recruiting, but when it comes to Dabo we're supposed to believe that talent doesn't matter. Don't buy it.
The only way Gus knows how to find a decent QB is through transfers so he'd better keep spots available for that.
You just saw his true freshman season. What do you expect to see already? A fully developed player? Jeez, give him a chance to play.
It's not just Francois. Fisher left a disaster at FSU before jumping ship. The team collapsed across an entire season inexplicably.
Are you kidding? You're just going to pretend that last year of his at FSU didn't happen? Taggart is trying to clean up that disaster that was clearly already existing.
Jimbo left a dumpster fire at FSU and there's no good way to explain it. He's a mess and FSU will forever be a disaster on his resume.
Yeah, I still think this is one of the biggest sports stories that was never covered. How did Fisher manage to sink FL St to this level and still be considered a good coach? It's unbelievable what happened there.
Makes no sense. She exposed him before he made money.
"Common"? Wow, you're just full of that South Carolina book learnin', aren't you? I know the Gamechodes are used to getting thumped by almost everyone in the SEC every year, but not Bama. We actually try to improve every year. Odd, right?
He was asked what he thought was the reason for the loss. He gave his opinion. What do you want? Folks like you are just going to find a reason to hate no matter what Bama does.
How was Sark trouble in ATL? He had no issues and was being offered another NFL OC position. The fact that he chose Bama over an NFL job is a testament to how valuable coaches still see the opportunity with Bama/Saban. Saban has cobbled together another great staff, selecting various highly regarded coaches from a bunch of other SEC programs, some of whom he's worked with in the past. What do you expect? Should Saban have gotten Chip Kelly for OC? What's the bar to meet your standards?
Yeah, they told him he can drink during the LSU game since we won't need much offense to win that one.
All coaches eventually have this problem. Kirby is already dealing with it at UGA. It's only a matter of time before Dabo starts having this same issue. The real question is can guys like Kirby and Dabo deal with it as well as Saban has.