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The people are there to help contend with all of the complexities of the college football landscape. The truth is there is no rigid system that can determine the best 4 in a field of 130 teams. Some years certain conferences will be better than others, I don't think anyone denies that, and so you have a panel of people who can recognize this and provide some context to the rankings that otherwise wouldn't be there.
Why should UGA be rewarded with an SEC Championship berth after losing to lowly USC? The world isn't fair, Timmy.
Yeah, I don't think Bama gets in. It would take some disasters in the Big 12 and other conferences as well, which is possible but unlikely. Also, I think Auburn would have to beat UGA to give Bama another shot at a big win (Iron Bowl).
File this as article number 1,445,378 predicting the Bama dynasty could be ending. Will journalists ever tire if this?
Congrats to LSU. Wild game from the beginning. Took Tua too long to get into the game, but what a second half from him.
Yeah, the writer tries to walk back all the insane claims of dynasty ending by mentioning that the Tigers have a ways to go, but that's just his subtle admission that the article never should have been written.
Good Lord, the media is trying to milk this LSU success for everything they can. This should be a lesson for those who think there's media bias for Bama. There's so much media love for Burrow and the Tigers right now because they are desperate for a new story. Anything other than having to continue covering the Tide. Dynasty enders? Winning one game (which they haven't done yet) in a decade is a dynasty ender? Too funny.
Over 30? That's possible, but this game is always an odd one, partially because of the rivalry and the Saban connection and also because it always follows a bye week. I think the defenses get help from that extra week and it creates problems for both teams offensively. Even last year was odd because as much as LSU struggled at times offensively last year, they still put up big numbers against teams like Miami, Ole Miss, Georgia and TexasA&M, so the Bama game last year was inexplicable. I don't think enough people are respecting how different this game is for these teams from the rest of the season.
I don't think Bama can win with Mac Jones, but Vegas does so it's not terribly bold, but yeah that would be a shocker to me.
I don't believe an offensive style can keep an elite QB under performing that dramatically. Tua's had a different OC every year he's been at Bama and the output remains elite despite that. That's why I'd don't think Jalen is truly elite: he clearly thrives more in a certain system, not Bama's. That's why I give the credit to Brady and Riley in those situations.
Burrow was already developed? Then how do you explain the tremendous leap Burrow made from last year (dud of a season) to this year? It's definitely not a normal jump he's made in one season which is why everyone is looking at Brady.
I think Brady has shown it's more about him than it is Burrow. We saw Burrow trying to run whatever it was they were trying to do last year and he didn't look anything remotely close to a Heisman QB, then all of a sudden Brady shows up and Burrow is a completely different guy. Everything is the same except for Brady, so it has to be him that is bringing all the improvement. The only logical thing to do in this situation is fire Ensminger (I mean, what the hell was he doing last year!?) and make Brady OC. I know that would be harsh for Ed to do, but jeez, Ensminger looks really bad in this whole deal and if you don't do that then Brady has to be getting some calls to be an OC at an elite program and a HC at others.
That's bull. Bama is one of the teams that made early non-con scheduling popular. We were the only game to watch for many years having opened against Michigan, USC, Clemson, Wisconsin, VaTech, FSU, WVU and many others. It just happens that last year Louisville took a down turn and we ended up with Duke this year after going through and dominating every other ACC team in openers. Quit acting like Bama never plays anyone in openers, we've been a part of historic openers over the years and to ignore that is just lying.
Why wouldn't Bama need to start Tua immediately? I think he will play. Historically, he has more than enough time to recover from the surgery/injury and play a full game. May not be 100% but he has to play. You can't gamble that Mac will be ok and then bring in Tua out of desperation.
You mean blowing out South Carolina on their own turf 47-23. Pretty sad when that's no longer good enough...
I know he's not playing to his strengths because his numbers are bad and they're struggling. Don't have to be an expert to see that. What is this about Sean White's completion percentage? He had 9 TDs in a season...which is why he ultimately lost his job. That White/Johnson/Franklin era was a disaster and showed the Gus has no idea what he's doing, can't evaluate QB talent and can't get production out of the guys he has. True freshmen at big programs are starting more and more frequently, and are having alot of success. If Nix isn't in that boat then it's a bad sign. Maybe that's unfair, but that's the way it is now. Jalen may have had struggles, but he won SEC OPOTY in his first year. Is Nix gonna do that? Even close?
It's not my job to know Bo Nix and develop a gameplan/system that suits him, but clearly Gus is not capable of doing that. Every QB he's had since Marshall has struggled to be consistent or even competent. Bo's completion percentage and accuracy have been very sub-par by median college standards across the season. That's troubling and it's a sign that either he's not very good or Gus is not putting him in the best position to succeed. Pick one. Bama (which doesn't have an OC running the team) has done a great job of finding ways to win with mediocre QB talent (Jake Coker, Greg McElroy). I don't even know what you're trying to say about Jalen because it makes no sense, but the guy was the SEC Offensive Player of the Year as a true freshman and went to back to back natty's. What has Gus the OC done? The one thing that should be good about Auburn is the passing game, and it's always the weak spot. Tells you something about the HC.
I don't know Bo's strengths, but he just needs a coach that's willing to identify what he does best and build off of that. With Gus it's always seemed like he's forcing guys to run his system, at least that's what's been said about him for years. It seems easy enough for other programs to get what they can out of guys at the QB position, but Gus seems to continuously have trouble getting solid production out of the guys he has. It shouldn't be this hard.
This has been a down year for Fromm so comparing him to Fromm isn't the best idea. I agree with the author that Malzahn needs to be better at creating gameplans around the QB he has; instead, it seems like he forces his style upon the QBs which is why so many have struggled under the Gus Bus. At Bama, we've had all kinds of different QBs with different talent levels, but we adapt to fit their strengths and it works. Gus could learn from that.
Yeah, Lee is good but he's not making the game changing plays that we typically get from the MLB position. He's very quietly racking up tackles. The defense is getting better, and I don't think they're bad, but it's not the elite type we've seen in the past. Benton has been coming in at MLB for Lee on 3rd downs and has not been good. Still giving up alot of 3rd down pass conversions even against Arky. Jennings was inexplicably in alot of pass coverage against Arky and looked out of place. Hopefully they can get it all put together.
Oh, Blake Barnett, it's finally over. I remember thinking he was going to be the guy to get Bama to the next level in the passing game but he was just a flop unfortunately. Can't believe how bad his college career was.
Way to state the obvious. Any big game is always about finding out who each team really is. Even for LSU (who has been more tested than this Alabama team) it's going to tell us who they really are. Alabama looks exactly the same as last year to me. Even the Tua injury started with Tennessee last year (knee) and this year (ankle). The defense was just as spotty last year (giving up 31 to Arkansas and 0 to LSU, go figure). One of the great things about Saban is he puts a consistent product on the field and you don't have to wonder as much about what Bama is or is going to be. I think the biggest question in this game remains with LSU. Can they finally get over the mental hurdle of losing this game for so long?
For Oklahoma, they have to beat Baylor and hope that Baylor stays highly ranked. Then they've got to hope for a high ranked matchup in the conference championship. At this point, I don't know that those things can happen so I would agree that it could be a very difficult decision for the committee.
Oh god, I hope Baylor gets in. What a layup win that would be for Bama (assuming they are #1). Oklahoma was easy last year, but Baylor would be blown off the map before end of 1st quarter.
He's saying Bama proved that you can be the best team in the country and not win your conference (re: kodyaufan2). And I wouldn't be so confident that a second SEC team will not get in. Oklahoma will only get in with one loss if Baylor remains a 'strong' team. If Baylor fades the Oklahoma will not only have a terrible loss but absolutely no impressive wins to counteract that.
And also, with Bama's busts there were others that were there who weren't and did well and continued to win titles so it's acceptable. With Gus, not only did he have all those busts but he also failed to find anyone decent which made them unable to compete for titles.
The problem is Gus is your HC and he's supposed to be a QB guy and yet look at how difficult it's been for him to generate quality QBs. That whole Johnson/White/Franklin era was a disaster. I think everyone acknowledges that the Hurts situation was pretty unique so no I wouldn't call him a bust.
The one year White played, he had 9 TD passes. Then lost the job to Stidham. Definition of bust. Franklin got beat out by a bust therefore he's also a bust. But seriously, if you were a highly regarded guy coming in and you didn't pan out then you're a bust. That's Franklin. As for Bateman, Cornwall and Barnett, absolutely busts. They were highly regarded and not only did nothing at Bama but did nothing anywhere.
One guy is all you have? Then guess the busts. Gus has been there for more than one QB. And sorry but Sean makes my list of busts: - Malik Willis - Woody Barrett - John Franklin - Jeremy Johnson - Sean White