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Well, you could take into account Saban's record in revenge games, or the fact that Clemson lost the heart and soul of their defense to the draft. Not to say that Clemson will be bad, but you can't put everything on a sophomore QB.
Haven't relied on him to win a game? He won every game he played last year except the final. Blowouts are actually a good thing. You seem to only value close wins, but I'll take blowouts. With Tua, Bama became the first team since 1888 to beat every regular season opponent by at least 20 points! That D from last year was far from Bama's best under Saban.
You're not sold, but everyone else on planet Earth is. He won a natty in incredible comeback fashion against UGA. Who cares whether or not he played the whole game? He played the most difficult part of that game. I like how people hold it against him that he hasn't had more close games. He's blown so many teams out before halftime, but somehow that's a strike against him as we need to see him in trouble more often in the 4th quarter. And not sold on Bama? Ha, that's also great. We'll see if we can convince you in September when we roll into whatever po-dunk stadium the Gamecocks play in.
No kidding, MJ won't be able to beat anyone in one-on-one when he's 90. I'm just pointing out the disconnect with calling someone the GOAT while he is active and currently in the championship every year, yet saying some other guy at the same position is the best. It's just an inappropriate use of terms. It's like saying my favorite food is pizza, but pasta is also my favorite.
That doesn't make sense. "All-Time" means literally all of time. There can't be multiple G.O.A.Ts within one sport/position. It cheapens the meaning. How is this difficult to comprehend?
When Bryant was Clemson's QB they got bounced in the first round of the playoffs. I'm not saying he's terrible. I'm trying to say that Dabo may be a coach that needs an absolute home run type QB in order to go all the way.
Exactly, part of being a college coach is recruiting so that's a measure of being the best HC. You can't have it both ways, claiming Dabo does more with less - ok, but why does he have less? Because he's not recruiting as well as the best coaches.
Greatest of all time, but not today. Today is part of all-time. Stop overthinking.
Part of being the best head coach in college football is being the best recruiter, continuing to dominate when the coordinators leave, and winning despite not having the best QB in the country. Saban has done these things continuously and repeatedly for years. Dabo has not done any of them yet. Eventually, Dabo will lose his coordinators, and eventually he will strike out at QB (like Kelly Bryant) and then we'll see how good of a HC he really is. Until then, you're just assuming.
Going to 3 straight NFC championship games in your first three years in the NFL is pretty similar. I think Harbaugh is the only guy to do that. Or just unemployed as you call him.
So he could have had an NFL job but didn't? Hm, that makes sense. You act like Michigan was just some random team that came along and offered him, and he accepted because he couldn't find a job. Ridiculous, there's a reason he would up there. See if you can figure it out. Mountain Dog, as someone already pointed out, you're asking for history of something that hasn't been capable of existing previously. You can't compare Dooley because he was being asked to go to a dumpster fire while at a champion. Harbaugh is the closest thing because he left a superior league to go home. He valued home more than the higher level success.
That's just not true. There were stories of a deal with Cleveland (via the 9ers) that fell through. There have been continuous stories of the NY Jets trying to make a run at him. Nobody has that kind of success in the NFL and gets ignored. SB Nation wrote an article on this (Why Jim Harbaugh left the NFL) and here's a line describing what was going on: "Several pundits insisted that he would never leave NFL coaching. They did not understand the lingering pull of Bo Schembechler or Harbaugh's love and loyalty to Michigan." It's as simple as that. To suggest he couldn't get an NFL gig after his tremendous success at that level is ridiculous. You can't underestimate the sentimental, emotional attachment guys have to their schools/homes.
I said Harbaugh left the NFL. He could have been a coach for any team looking after the 49ers. He was extremely successful in the NFL going to the Playoffs 3 of his first 4 years, including a Superbowl. His departure from the NFL was unprecedented, but he did it because he wanted to go home, which for some reason no one can imagine Dabo doing.
How about asking the question: which coaches, when given the opportunity, did not go home? The trend seems to be that they all go home if they can. Harbaugh left the NFL (despite going to a Superbowl) to go home - which, ordinarily, is just crazy. Kirby (who could have waited to take Saban's place in the midst of a dynasty) went home to UGA; not crazy, but a big decision and move for him. I think it would be odd if Dabo didn't go to Bama. He would be a rare example of someone who just chose not to go home. People always assume Clemson will become a dynasty like Bama, but they fail to appreciate just how rare that is. You can't assume he's going to just keep dominating for the next several years like Saban. Dabo has been fortunate to get two generational talents at QB recently, but that's also rare, and probably won't continue to happen. Even the best QB schools in the nation strike out often on the 5 star studs they bring in. And when Dabo had a good but not great QB in Bryant, he was easily beaten in the first round of the playoffs. The SEC is also an easier place to recruit talent than the ACC. Dabo is doing well right now, but in 2019 five SEC schools out-recruited Clemson which has been the norm in recent years. Dabo might be tempted to go to a place where recruiting is easier. And how about wanting to compete at a higher level? The ACC is just not a football conference any more, and the SEC is the top of the football mountain. Jimbo jumped over to compete at the highest level, and Dabo may want to prove he can win in a better pool. There are plenty of reasons to come home if you think about it.
I like that you're patiently waiting to stop losing. You're actually waiting for Saban to grow old and die. Must suck.
Joe Marks, we'll never see a coach take MSU to the SEC championship, and neither did Mullen, so what are you basing his 'success' on? His average finish in the West was 4th or 5th; what's the bar? That was my whole point. You're saying he did amazing things there but what exactly were they? Florida has absolutely no one standing in their way in the East right now other than UGA. Florida has not been a train wreck. UT is a train wreck. Get some perspective.
Oh please, he's in the SEC East now, the only team with a pulse is Georgia. No one is surprised Florida had a good year. They are frequently in the SEC Championship game and were just a couple of years ago so it's not like he's taking over a train wreck. Wake me up when he actually plays for an SEC Championship. How many decades are we going to wait for him to take his first swing at that?
Everybody loves Mullen, but the guy's won nothing. Just another QB coach that got elevated to a HC. He has to trash talk like this to stay in the headlines because there's certainly no other reason to listen to him.
Oh yeah, some joke. That's why everyone is bangin' on you instead of laughing.
Wow, why don't you save yourself some time and just type: "I'm still butthurt over losing the SEC Championship game."
Tua was fine in the game. I would have been much more concerned had he shredded the defense because the defense is the biggest question mark and we needed them to look good, and they did. If you're going to evaluate Tua in this ridiculous spring game, then at least get all the information out on the table: there were 12 sacks in this game, the o-line was a mess because multiple starters were out with injury, Tua shared time with Paul Tyson who was terrible, the running game was non-existent (Tua got 25 yards out of Najee), several drops by receivers, and facing one of the best defenses in the country. Also, the quote about the media making someone a star was in reference to Metchie, not Tua, so that's taken out of context.
You can watch a youtube clip where Trent announces Tua the winner of the Elite 11 and he says there that he's never seen anyone better.
Yeah, team needs-that was my point. Some teams want a more physical safety, depending on their style/needs. Not every team plays the same style of defense. I'm not saying Harrison would have gone in the top 5 like Minkah or Adams, but he easily would have gone first round this year. This year is thin at safety in the draft which also affects the draft position. Drafts are not a static thing, sometimes there's a run on player types that are not abundant, sometimes a team needs a great tackling SS, etc. Btw, he's already starting in the NFL, yet you're complaining about his cover skills.
So what? Where guys get drafted always depends upon the needs of the teams drafting, the style of the teams drafting, etc. Harrison could easily go in the first round and there are plenty examples from almost every draft of strong safeties going in the first round. Fitzpatrick and Jamal Adams are the most recent examples.
On average, there are about 2-3 safeties chosen in the first round of every draft. Where they are chosen depends upon need and availability in that particular draft. Harrison would have very likely been a first round pick this year. There are plenty of examples of SS going very high in drafts. Fitzpatrick and Jamal Adams are recent examples.