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He's a true freshman and he came in with a huge class where we landed 4 of the top WRs in the country so it's crowded right now. Traeshon Holden is getting in ahead of Hall and right now the offense is built around Metchie and Jameson. He just has to wait til next year but doesn't seem to want to.
The number of fat shirtless people in the stands at MSU to watch their mess of a team get pummeled was hilarious. What a gross fanbase.
No one knows who or what CJH is. So dumb to refer to coaches like that as if they are such a brand name.
All great offenses are elite until they play a good defense: Ole Miss was supposed to be the best offense in the country and went down 35-0 to Bama into the third quarter. What the hell was that?
The Bryce Young write-up refers to him as a freshman multiple times. He's a sophomore, in case you didn't know.
The SEC Champion will absolutely get in regardless of what else happens in college football. He was just saying he didn't think Bama would beat UGA.
I still think most UGA fans and everyone else on earth doubts he can lead them to a title. Bennett was the same last year, moments of looking great followed by collapse. You can't trust him to take you the whole way.
You almost beat Bama twice in 2018!
I think it's so dumb that people suddenly see these guys so differently once they do a year at Bama. Saban's "vetting" just seems to be to get the biggest name he can each year, then that person has success because it's Bama, then every idiot in the country thinks that guy is a genius again. Such a strange phenomenon.
"Blame it on the disparity in talent level"? A&M is one of the most talented rosters in the country. Fisher just can't seem to get the most out of his personnel. I question whether he adapts to his personnel or rams his scheme down their throats.
Anything is possible, but the Bama game was the biggest game of the year for Ole Miss and it's just inexcusable for him to go scoreless into the 3rd quarter. I think he's very talented but I doubted the narrative about him being one of the best in the country from the beginning. He and Ole Miss went 5-5 last year and he had two disastrous performances, and then suddenly at the beginning of this season everyone just stated that he was the best and I just don't understand where that came from given his shaky season last year. I think alot of it was built on the assumption that Kiffin was going to make it all come together this year, but it's a big assumption (proven shaky at best in the Bama game).
This assumes that if you add even more mediocre teams that they will somehow beat either Bama or UGA preventing them from meeting again.
College football is all about the constant roster turnover, and the elite recruiting teams just keep reloading. Bama lost Devonta Smith and Jalen Waddle, but they just keep on churning. An elite QB will elevate the players he has and make them look better. UGA has looked great in all phases, but I don't like that JT keeps missing action. Stetson may be fine against Arkansas, but when you get to the post-season, you're going to need an elite QB. That's my only concern with UGA. The missing receivers will help but missing so much time they will have to find chemistry and remain healthy when it counts.
9mmDave is an Ole Miss fan with a Bama avatar. He's been caping up for Lane and Ole Miss all week.
Oh, here's Lane's biggest fan apologizing for Lane again. What do the analytics say about going for it on your own 30 in the first half?
You're out of your mind if you think anyone wouldn't be criticized for this. No one behaves this way, no one throws headsets mid-interview. Stop with the excuses. Everyone except you agrees it was bizarre behavior.
You guys are simps for Lane and need to see a professional about it.
It was one of the biggest stories yesterday and the popcorn line has already blown up into a meme. Our mascot was even playing into it during the game. Quit trying to protect Lane. He's a big boy and has to live with the consequences of his clownish antics.
I told you this guy is a clown. Throwing the headset at the sideline reporter and running away mid-interview. Going for it on 4th down on his own 30 and hurting his team. Clown stuff.
He's a good offensive coordinator but also a clown. Did you see him toss the headset at the sideline reporter and walk off the interview? That's clown behavior.
He knew his defense wouldn't hold Bama (I don't know why the narrative of Ole Miss having a good defense took root) so he had to go for it. He talked about this in his post game.
They interview coaches before kickoff every week even in the NFL. Most are mature enough to just have a simple conversation, but not Lane.
Kiffin showing why he's still a clown before the game when he threw the headset at the sideline reporter before finishing the interview. Then he proceeded to get clowned by Bama. Love it.
I think games like that (the 5 and 6 pick games) is more about getting rattled and not recovering. I can't remember a QB who had two games like that in a season. Very odd.
Calm down, is it off limits to criticize Matt Corral? Geez. And by the way, we did stop him last year when we beat them in their own house by 15 points. You have to admit having even one game in your career where you threw 6 picks would be devastating, but another 5 pick game is just bizarre. It's an odd story, that's all I'm saying.
It's always interesting to see which QBs suddenly get the NFL love each year. Matt Corral (who's been around a long time now) wasn't even noticed last year as he had multiple disastrous games throwing 6 picks against Ark and 5 against LSU which I didn't even think was possible. Not to mention he led a team that wound up with 5 losses. Now, all of a sudden, we're supposed to see him as a Heisman and No.1 pick?
No, last year they had nothing to lose and no expectations but now they have high expectations (look at their ranking!) and everyone is watching expecting Ole Miss to score a ton and keep the game close. Very different situation.