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you must be a band wagon fan because the defense was never dominant under kirby smart say what you want I would take Jeremy Pruitt over kirby smart kirby forgot who gave him the oppurtunity without Nick Saban he would still be a special teams coach you don't bite the hand that feeds you & that's why he can't conquer saban!
Sorry but Dolphins prefer Waddle over devontae
Keep dreaming dumbass Joe Brady ain't coming back to Tiger Land anytime soon & Coach Dumbass couldn't Coach his way out a paper bag plus LSWHO will lucky they don't get the death penalty when The FBI is done with their Federal probe!
dude just shut up you make real Bama fans scratch their heads because you sound so dumb because you don't have a clue what your talking about yes both are great historic players for Bama but TUA is on a diffrent Level Tua is quite honestly the most gifted QB to ever play @ Bama Mac Jones has done great so far but he's not in Tua's class if not for coach Saban taking Tua out of games the record books wouldnt even be close !