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Have you watched a Tennessee game? Barnett is double teamed every play.
He may be talking about the troll on here that goes by that name. If he is then I agree with him but if he's talking about the real guy then I agree that it is classless.
Me too. I think he's also Larry Munson.
He won't be able to do that this week because his mom won't be able to give him his allowance until she gets her welfare check.
And Kentucky will still be blown out by Tennessee and won't make any bowl game. Lock That Up
We would all look like Randy Marsh in the South Park episode where he gets to watch internet porn for the first time in weeks.
Also, it seems that every time a Florida backup plays against UT they have the greatest game of their career.
Also, I'm pretty sure he and SevenT are the same people.
Just thought he should know that he's an idiot in more than one way.
Don't even bother responding to SevenT/LarryMunson/seatonda or whatever other name this troll uses
Book it? After UGA squeaked by a Southern Conference bottom feeder?
You're right Guy. That was one of the most pathetic games I have ever seen. The Vols looked worse than any Dooley team and had no business winning that game. We can't talk until the Vols do something and hopefully that game was a wake up call.
Just like all the UK basketball fans that have never set foot in the state of Kentucky. You're the embarrassment SevenTeeth.
I'm sure you won't ever forget. I bet you love telling your mom's cats about the one time UK beat Tennessee.
I didn't see that you had said regular season, my bad. However if you go back 10 years you have to include 2006 where they went 9-3. 2007 they were 9-3 and 2009 was 7-5. Still nothing to brag about but still more than the 1 winning season you claim.
While it's nothing to brag about, Tennessee has had 5 winning seasons in the last 10 years. Lay off the meth and produce real stats.
In a more recent release PETA says that they are fine with the use of a live tiger as long as it is transgender.
No plant. He used to troll govolsxtra before they made it a pay sight. Used to say the same nonsense there too.
Alabama didn't LOSE everybody. I bet you're pretty LOOSE though.
Kahlil banged his mom while he sat in the basement and listened. He couldn't keep his hands off himself.
He probably doesn't remember. I'm sure he, like most Bama fans, has only been a fan for the 5 or 6 years. He will move on to a new team once Saban leaves and Bama starts losing again.
SevenT is the result of multigenerational inbreeding...what an idiot
That one win was the highlight of his life...he yelled so loud that his mom's basement almost caved in on him
He has already missed six games and is still suspended for the Memphis game. It says so in the article which you either didn't read or didn't understand.
Obviously not an OM grad seeing as how you have the reading comprehension of a first grader