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And yet we continually stomp a mud hole in Kensucky every year.
A buddy of mine that I grew up with here in Tennessee has lived in 3 different cities in California for the last 25 years.I ask him a few years back while he was home visiting why does he live out there with all the crime and high taxes,and that he should come back home.He said that he could never make the money he makes out there compared to what he'd make in the South.Evidently the taxes don't bother him at all.
Funny that people who are complaining about SDS are reading the articles on SDS and posting on SDS comments section.Do they think that they can influence future articles to please them?
I don't think Basketball is going to help them get their swag back this year. LSU drilled them the other night.
Jones would more than likely be 4th string next year.Him leaving will make it possible to bring in another highly ranked QB in next years class.Jones knew this and made a decision to find a place where he could see some playing time.I knew after signing three freshmen QB's last year that this would happen.Good Luck to him.