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That could be the case, but at the same time Kiffin and Heard are leaving for promotions.
I agree. Take the P5 winners, the 3 highest remaining ranked teams, and seed them based on the CFP rankings. It just so happens that the P5 winners are all in the final top 8, so this year it would like this: 1) Bama vs 8) Wisconsin --> LOL 2) Clemson vs 7) OU --> Mayfield-Watson Part II? I'm sold. 3) Ohio St vs 6) Michigan --> Who wouldn't watch Meyer vs Harbaugh? 4) Washington vs 5) Penn State --> Who's REALLY the better team?
Yes, Penn State won, but they were clearly dominated by Ohio State. We're talking about the final go ahead score coming on a blocked fg return td with a few minutes left.
I'm not butt hurt lol. I was one of the ones who thought Bama should've gotten a rematch vs LSU b/c they were clearly one of the two best teams in the nation, and I actually bet on Bama. Sooooo, yeah, no complaints here.
Ole Miss vs Tennessee in the Aww Shucks Champions of Life Bowl. My prediction: Winning team: 84 Losing team: 81 Combined yards: 2,500 Nvmd, we aren't bowl eligible. \_(--)_/
I wouldn't say LSU's facilities are "light years" ahead. FSU just did $80 million worth of upgrades to their stadium over the offseason and have built a new locker room and player's lounge within the last year or two. The only major benefit to leaving FSU for LSU would be the ability to lure top assistants. FSU's current defensive coordinatior is making a little over $800k I believe (and he's robbing them blind). I do think Jimbo and Aranda would be a damn good combination. If there's one thing Jimbo's good at it's getting production from his quarterbacks.
That last paragraph is a little ridiculous. Yes, the SEC is indeed the best conference, but a coach doesn't need to win in the SEC to be considered historically good.
Poor LSU. God forbid they have to play a non-night game at home. LSU was fortunate enough as it is to weasle a home game out of the ordeal. All that trash talk during the hurricane lol
He's not gonna leave for a coordinator position.
I don't get why so many LSU fans dislike Fisher. His offensive knowledge and track record of developing quarterbacks is exactly what LSU needs. He and Aranda calling plays vs Kiffin and Pruitt would be pure gold.
I for one love Bojangles. Wish we had more in MS but the only one is in Starkghanistan. Guess they had to bring something to that town to liven it up.
I have 0 confidence we could beat Kentucky. Unless we were winning by 100 at halftime.
yeah it never fails that we turn the ball over after a play like that
No. Just no. Refs have nothing to do with our ineptitude. We are a piss poor coached team that suffers mental lapses at the most inopportune times (i.e. Evan f*cking Engram).
Lemme start off by saying congrats on the win. It was definitive beatdown in every sense of the word. Lemme finish by saying Colonel is an LSU fan I believe, and that it appears as if most LSU fans disapprove of Alleva. At least that's the sense I get around LSU's campus considering I attend LSU.
Well I'm certainly not about to wipe my ass with poisoned tree toilet paper.
No, a winning season is not something to be proud of. Not when you should be undefeated at this point in the season. But I have no doubt that Freeze is pulling the kumbaya, moral victory, good effort sh!t. Until he actually puts his foot up the team's ass for lackadaisical effort and poor execution, and makes some staff changes that are much needed, we'll never make it to Atlanta. Mark my words: Ole Miss will not win the West until Freeze holds the players/staff accountable.
I foresee LSU running the ball down our throats to the tune of 350+ yards. I would say I don't fear Etling, but our secondary is green as hell. Still think it'll be a good game, but I'll give LSU the edge based on how both teams are playing right now.
I don't like the soft coverages, but I have a hard time blaming Wommack when he's having to work with a shallow LB corp and mostly freshmen on the back end. I think the issues stem more from the individual position coaches. Did Engram piss Freeze/Kelly off at halftime? 6/105/1 in the first half and then 1/6 in the second half with hardly any targets.
Highly unlikely. Freeze isn't smart enough to consider that.
I'd fire Batoon and Jones before Womack. But who are we kiddin, Freeze fires no one.
I love how the economic impact just keeps on increasing. If this debate goes on long enough it'll reach $1 billion.