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The Dawgs have many great players returning. As they mature, the program will get better and the Dawgs will hopefully have a shot in a BCS bowl either this year or next year.
Hopefully the season opener against Buffalo gives the Dawgs confidence going forward into more difficult games.
Richt is doing just fine. He rallied the Dawgs for a ten game win-streak after two devastating losses. If the blame for losing to Michigan State falls on anyone, it would be our running backs. They rushed for 53 yards on 39 attempts. That will need to improve if we're going to beat any quality teams next year. Thanks to Richt's recruiting of Keith Marshall, this may turn around and we will have a solid, consistent team.
I agree with everything you're saying, if everything falls into place, we could be serious contenders for a BCS Bowl appearance.
I love the fact that Jarvis Jones is a reason by himself. He is just that good.
I'm hoping we get Harvey-Clemons. As the article says, he is a smart kid. With him and 4.2 GPA Keith Marshall, our entire backfield won't get suspended anymore for stupid things. These two boys will give our team some intelligence and class.
I agree. Thankfully, we may not have to deal with him anymore now that Keith Marshall has committed.
The only way the dawgs are gonna win this game is if Isaiah Crowell steps up and fights through minor aches and pains. We need him and Carlton Thomas to work hard in the backfield. If we come at them with good passes to Orson Charles and Malcolm Mitchell while wearing down their D-Line with runs down the middle, the dawgs should win this game.
The SEC has the best coaches and the best recruiting in the nation. As long as these both remain solid, the SEC is gonna keep on winning. The way I see it, recruits want to go where they will win. With the SEC winning, recruits want to play for these teams and have a shot at the BCS Championship. If the coaches keep producing great teams, the recruits will keep on coming, and the SEC will remain on top for a long time to come.
If Derek Dooley gets fired from Tennessee, he would be a great acquisition as an offensive coordinator. He has already worked under Richt once and he has also worked as a tight ends coach for Les Miles. He has the experience, and he is the son of the greatest man to ever coach in Athens; I think Dooley would be a great addition to the Dawgs' coaching staff.
But the only reason Alabama lost to the Tigers earlier in the season was because of poor kicking. If Alabama had made two out of the four kicks that they had missed, they would have won the game. Also, Bama has two things that LSU lacks, a solid running back and one consistent quarterback. Because of this, I think Alabama will slightly edge out LSU.
Overall, I would say it was a successful football season. Though the dawgs got off to a shaky start, they recovered. By the Auburn game, the dawgs actually looked like a solid football team. If Richt keeps the boys out of trouble and continues to bring in solid recruiting classes, we may have a BCS caliber team in a few years.
Mark Richt could be a coach of the year contender. Everyone was saying that he was on the hot seat after loosing the first two games of the season, (both of which the dawgs would've won if they were played later in the season) but he kept the team together for a great ten game win streak. It takes great coaching to motivate a football team after two devastating losses. Also, Mark Richt help a young group of players mature quickly. If that isn't quality coaching, I don't know what is.