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I’m pretty sure he just meant that his attention went to Coach Saban. His eyes went there. I don’t think the writer was trying to imply that Coach Meyer physically went to talk to Coach Saban. Just semantics.
Refresh my memory, when was the last time Georgia actually beat Alabama?
What could you possibly say bad about Jalen? You are definitely the minority, because I’ve never heard any of Bama Nation disparage Jalen. The kid is a warrior, a class act, and epitome of a great teammate. For the record: I have always loved me some Jalen, yes Tua plays a better game, but Deuce...Bama Nation loves you. I don’t know what this fool is talking about. RTR
It wasn’t called targeting, but by definition it was. “No player shall make forcible contact with the crown (top) of the helmet” The tackler most definitely made forcible contact with the crown of the helmet to the leg of the QB.
What bogus call?? There wasn’t a penalty called on the sack. Do you even know what you’re talking about??
Technically, anytime the tackler leads with the crown of the helmet, that is targeting. Doesn’t matter if it’s a runner or passer, helmet to helmet or helmet to body. Leading with the crown is targeting.
That wasn’t targeting, by any interpretation of the rule. The kid put his hands out to avoid “forcible head and neck contact”. It was a blown call, and he absolutely doesn’t deserve to sit the first half of the Bama game. I think there should be an appeal process to a neutral 3rd party. It sucks for the Tigers. But it wouldn’t matter if he played or not. Tide is going to Roll the Tigers. RTR
Not targeting...Roughing the passer and a 15 yd penalty at worst. Doesn't deserve an ejection. RTR
I don’t think they tried to injure Tua, but you can’t tell me that the Mizzou LB want twisting Ruggs’ ankle on the play he got hurt on. It’s plain as day, watch the tape. That was a dirty play.
He reminds me of Pac-Man Jones. All the talent in the world, with a bad attitude. He got sent home before the cotton bowl, he’s been in Saban’s doghouse a bunch of times. It’s sad, because he’s a really good player, but I fear no one is going to want to invest significantly in him at the next level.
He’s a no talent hack that got fired from an afternoon second tier ESPN radio show. And he was dreadful as the NY Giants QB. Go G-Men Roll Tide Roll
Yes please send them to AU. We are running short of cattle herders and rodeo clowns.
Look, I'm as avid a Crimson Tide fan as any, but even mighty Bama would be 20+ point underdog to any NFL team. Out of even the best CFB teams maybe 12 make it to the league. Every NFL team has 53 league quality players. It's why stars like Tim Tebow and RG3 didn't cut it in the league. In college they could out-athlete people to win. They could evade the jumbos and will their way to win. In the NFL even the DE's and linebackers can run with them. Everyone on every team is elite. That's why they make so much money, because they can do what the others can't. As much as I love Bama; the Browns, the 49ers, etc would eat their lunch. RTR
Go home reverend, you're drunk. On what planet is a healthy UT better than Bama. Even if you hopped in your DeLorean brought back Peyton, Witten, and Reggie they still wouldn't be better than Bama. Wonder if you were with the UT fans that came to the USC game in Dallas and hung your banner predicting 2 wins over Bama this year? RTR
Coach Bryant also won 25 games at A&M which is now an SEC school. Just Sayin, and let's not forget 6 consensus National Championships. Anyone else done that? Not even close.
You know I'd be butt-hurt too if the Tide Rolled me 52-0. Big Ten looks a whole lot better in the rear-view doesn't it.
It's really cute the way Les showcased his BCS Championship Bling there. How many foes Coach Saban have again? Oh wait, I remember it's 4. One with LS-Who, and 3 with the Crimson Tide of Alabama. One of those 3 including a 21-0 shutout of Les' Bayou Bengals in the Superdome. Tune in this season to watch Coach Saban and the Tide get "1 for the Thumb" Roll Tide Roll