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I think the Gator pass rush is better than the Cats pass rush but I think our OL is better than theirs. Couldn't agree more regarding the DB's for UK. They need to mature fast. They've blown several plays and were sometimes bailed out by our pass rush. Mistakes that can't happen against Florida.
I think we have a chance to keep this game competitive but it would be foolish to think anything more than that until we see what Sawyer can do against an SEC defense that is pretty darn good. Bowden is a great player but I think he is overplaying and making unfortunate mistakes that we absolutely can not allow in this game. The backs are better than people realize, especially Smokey, but Gran will want to put the ball in the air. We have to get Wagner more involved in the game. He has obvious talent to catch and retain the ball. I'm not sure how much he can do after he catches it but I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. The real issue for UK will be our secondary. They've been watching the game the last 2 weeks instead of sticking to their guys. Can't have that against Florida. Overall, Florida is a good team and this game will be very telling for both of us. Good luck to both teams.
The last weekend is known as rivalry weekend... you would rather us play anyone else and have the final game be anticlimactic? I love the game being the final game. It's very satisfying achieving the win during the holiday season and ending the football season on a high note. Plus, the SEC has 4 rivalry games on rivalry weekend against the ACC. It's more fun to have that kind of conference vs conference series all on the same weekend.
Echols made a bold statement that he is the best defensive back in the SEC. Hopefully he continues to push himself and improve. He definitely showed promise in week 1. Week 3 will be the real test.
Kentucky's win was underwhelming but very encouraging at the same time. We have obvious deficiency but our secondary wasn't as bad as I expected and Terry didn't have an interception, although he did make several awful passes and a terrible backward pass. We've got a lot of adjustments to make this week and, thankfully, an Eastern MI team to see if we learned our lessons. I'm glad we've got a second week before UF at home.
I think our pass rush will stay strong but the production will come from more players rather than one guy. The defensive backs are talented but young, hard to determine how far they will go. AJ Rose will need to step up big, which I think he can. Also, no love for Lynn Bowden? He will get SEC honors this year if Terry can accommodate.
I always hate to see this for the team and the young man.
I support this contract. It will move him up quickly in a few years. I also support making the goal 9 wins for bonus payouts.
You are obviously disappointed by your lack of success and baffled by another SEC team unquestionably surpassing you in the East. by the way, Muschamp isn't the answer to your woes.
I agree. I would add that at least 1 of those wins need to come against an end-of-season top 15 team. May sound like a tall order but those are the wins that build respect.
I trust Stoops with these decisions. Controlling the locker room is far more important than a couple games. Sends a message to the other players early in the season.
Why does it seem weird? He has moved to a team with proven player development and trending the right direction while still playing in the SEC but in the arguably easier division. Not to mention the defense back position is not very deep for us at this point, he'll be able to make an instant impact in 2020.
Getting him away from Louisiana (his home state) will help move him away from some of the negative influences in his life. I think he'll get coached well and develop quickly. He'll see a starting role in 2020 in all likelihood.
This is huge news for the 2020 team. Xavier will be eligible and if we keep the recruiting class together, big things on defense in the future. Welcome to BBN!
This list seems fair to me with the major exception being Missouri. Maybe their transfer QB gets them here, or further, but I will reserve that opinion until they've played a couple games. UK is still a question mark to me. Stoops and team are fantastic at developing talent but this year might be a tough one. Thank goodness for the favorable schedule.
We have obvious risk this year in key positions but I'm not counting us out with the guys we have in the locker room. I agree that we will be competing for the East regularly in the future.
I never count us out but our backfield has me very concerned this year. The Florida game will be very eye opening. Hopefully we're ready for the challenge.
My Cats need to get their act together and start spending more on assistant coaches. This is unacceptable.
I'm not sure about the expense of this proposition but even if it does cost a considerable amount, we have a very wealthy athletic program that can handle the expense.
He still has a senior year of HS and then we will start the conditioning stage at UK. He'll be required to do strength training and his diet will be picked by UK. He'll bulk up if he is motivated. Josh Allen picks from entering to leaving UK are fairly drastic, as is common. I have no doubt he'll physically improve and become integral to our future success.
This is a great get! The depth and talent for our offensive line continues to build. He will be a big impact player in a couple years.
Great pickup here. After watching his recruiting video, I think he could be a very interesting option in a couple years. Welcome to Kentucky!
I don't think this is that bad of a scenario for UK seeing how Stoops has made recruiting northwest OH a priority. This is entirely designed to give us a recruiting bump in this area. Hope it pays off though. I hate giving up a home game to a non-P5 school.