Where y'at?

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This open campaign against Burrow by every single media talking head is what is going to hand the Heisman to Young. The commentator during the tOSU and PSU game must have said "Chase Young is the best and should win the Heisman," every 10 seconds. This message on repeat will have an impact on voters.
Ohio State's three turnover-well -ounded performance against a Penn State team playing without their starting QB, starting center and a hobbled star WR, should not really move the needle much. Dumb move.
A shotgun of tequila to the back of the head. He shotgunned a beer off of his head?
I see, Urban took one year off so we could all forget that he runs a dirty program. Great strategy! Greatest PR job in history.
And no matter how poorly The OSU plays week in and week out, they will always deserve to be considered.