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what a talent and what a talent to be wasted on this worthless season
Payton Kirkland OT from UTA will transfer to Florida - he was a 4 star prospect out of Orlando
like the O wasn't also a problem - offense outside the top 50 in scoring, outside the top 60 in rushing, outside the top 80 in 3rd down conversions - guy's being paid $7.5M+ for OJT
No excuse for Florida not to go 8-4 - Mertz has the most experience of any QB Florida will be playing against - the U, the team that lost to Rutgers, TAMU and MSU has new coaches, the Vols and UK have new QBs to break in, and fsu really? after the OB showing? that leaves 4 tough games - if napier can't do that in year 3 he needs to go
UConn did not become dominant until two years ago when Hurley hire Luke Murray to run the offense
I respect Coach Cal for this - he could have remained at UK and coasted knowing he'd receive a big buyout
what Staley accomplished was probably one of the best coaching jobs ever - she lost all 5 starters from last's year regular season undefeated team and with all new players went undefeated - unlike the whining coaches who cry that they need 3 years to put together a team
Mertz is a great kid - glad he's at UF He deserves to have a good season Don't but the hardest schedule excuse - many of the opponents will have new starting QBs - Mertz as a 6th QB may have the most experience of any SEC QB, which gives the Gators a big advantage
This is what Dusty May said yesterday at Michigan: "If we're not at least jogging or moving at a solid pace, the guys will hear from me," he said. "It needs to be free flowing; we don't want the defense to ever get set. We shoot probably too many 3s. We finish at the rim. We play modern basketball, we do use analytics, we use the metrics, but we try to find the best way for us to play and it usually is centered around what do your best players do well." Maybe Cal should attend May's clinic to get up to speed on modern BB
if he's sacked, whom does UK hire at this point? it seems that the top candidate has been hired by Michigan
the mighty SEC BB sucks - 1-5 in NCAA and 1-1 NIT Auburn loses to Yale the SEC was definitely overrated
Two days ago SEC commish Sankey advocated for taking away NCAA tourney bids from smaller leagues because they couldn’t compete. I wonder how he feels now after the horizon league champ sent the Cats packing
anyone who watched the SEC teams in the NIT could have seen this coming - without a reversal of a call the SEC would have been 0-2 in the first round of the NIT - in post-season play the SEC is 2-4. - it's apparent that SEC BB was overrated - the Vols need to salvage some respect for the SEC - we'll see how the other 4 do today
MSU got plastered by MSU NCAA SEC 0-1 we'll see how the rest of the day goes and whether SEC is over rated NIT SEC 1-1 NIT shows that USF show have been in the NCAA tourny - AAC had only 2 teams
If fsu and clemson leave the remaining 10 could join with wsu and osu and form the A&P Conference
having to win 4 games in 4 days in almost impossible - and then in 2 days hopping a plane to play a game with 3 days' rest - since the Gators are safely in, take a knee and rest up
ATM really has some money to throw around, even after jimbo - Alberts had it made at braska - was it the money or some other issue, seeing how braska still hasn't replaced its prez anyhow, Alberts will be far better than bjork
here we go again - after the second year of a 6 year contract stricklin extends and scottie criticized other ADs for doing the same early in the contract period - why the rush, why not wait until after at least the third year
funny - he probably has a personal physician like Theodor Morrell, hitler's personal physician, who administered drugs, tonics, vitamins and other substances administered to hitler, usually by injection (up to 20 times per day) or in pill form.
"... . answers to about organization." What the ole ball coach means is that the organization is unbalanced - napier needs to hire another co-DC to bring the number up to three and in parity the three co-OCs
Three OCs? two DCs - is this a new record for co-coaches?
Incredibly exciting player - no doubt that Pistol Pete is the GOAT - would have set the record for 3 pointers
I don't know why she would want to leave Mizzou for the desert, but she's from Cali and the job will be easier, a lot lower expectations - I understand she's a pretty good fundraiser
hardest schedule, hardly, just an excuse to save stricklin and napier - all opponents except for GA, UTA, and Ole Miss have new QBs. UM couldn't even put up points against Rutgers - 63-3 FSU with a new QB - no reason for Napier in his third year not to go 9-4 - Mertz is a very good experienced QB
Armstrong is contracted through Jan. 31, 2026, and will receive a $100,000 raise for each year he remains with the program.
USO said in 2014 that Keith had played nearly 300 shows for troops from Afghanistan to Iraq to Guam and Cuba. Ditto for stops on ships at sea. He loved the USA and OU
terrible toney leaves and is replaced with in Armstrong who comes up with the worse run defense in the last 50 years. to solve that the Auburn reject Ron Roberts is hired. Freeze even used a timeout after seeing Alabama’s alignment to allow Roberts to get to his best call - and the genius called for a two-man rush on 4th and 31. and now he's executive HC for defense, whatever that is