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5-6. yes they had a losing record. If A&M had played they would have evened that record. Jimbo has yet to lose a bowl game at A&M. But this was first time in several years. 2020 They were 7-2. Not sure where you are getting your AGAIN?!
This is beyond stupid. Can you imagine MLB playing 162 games, but only 89 count because they are divisional games. Almost half the season is nothing more than an exhibition game cause they don't count? How many opt outs do you think you will have for an exhibition game?
SEC does not play any weaker non conference schedule than any other league. Aub played Penn St, Bama played Mia, Ga played Clemson etc etc. They all have one big game againsta power 5 team and a couple of patsies. Just like everyone else. Look at Baylor's shedule. BYU and 2 patsies for their non conference games. This is the MO for every program.
Yes, He is awesome. He was awesome last year when they finished top 5. Does he get credit for that? That was Arkansas's super bowl. They had not beaten us in 10 years. Ole Miss was pumped cause they had game day on the Grove; and LSU played over their heads trying to send Coach O out. You can call these excuses, but next year they will be top 5 again, and a championship is coming very soon.
When they expand the playoffs, what excuse will you come up with as the SEC powerhouses, Ohio St, and Clemson's continue to dominate and win championships?
NCAA/BCS.CFP Bias? So that's why Ohio St has won 15 of last 17 against Michigan. And why the SEC has won 11 of the last 15 Championships. I guess if Georgia or Bama beats Michigan, it's going to have nothing to do with the players and coaches. It will be that darn NCAA/CFP bias again.
So the SEC schedules their cup cake game late in the year. SEC fans were not complaining at the start of the season when Ohio St played Akron, Oregon played Stonybrook, Okl played Western Carolina... Almost every power 5 Team had a cupcake game. Just at different times.
Yup. He's an idiot and doesn't know squat. Probably couldn't think of anything else to talk about and had to fill the airways.
LSU fans are so funny. They think everyone wants to be their coach. They missed on Fisher and Herman back in 2016 and settled for Orgeron. They'll miss on all the top candidates again and settle for a Napier or Franklin. Gigem!
Jimbo is not going anywhere. He's on the cusp of having A&M rolling. No way he starts all over again.
Oh please stop with the threats. You are scaring us. So if Aggies vote to admit UT, you are going to root against A&M til your dying breath?
So you admit, currently they are the premier conference. We all knew that already though. When Saban retires, Bama will have their pick of coaches. Cristobal will leave Oregon in a heartbeat. Heck, those heartstrings may be pulling on Dabo a bit. Bama will be fine. Jimbo has my beloved Aggies on the verge of a consistent top 5 team. Ga and Fla will be fine. Auburn will bounce back once they hire Freeze. The SEC isn't going anywhere. Wishful thinking.
Polishing their trophy. Don't you wish you had one? Gigem