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As I said elitist jackass....we all know you have no athleticism....on here for your proof reading have to be an's only obvious, ...full of yourself, ..fake ass don't know Lane Kiffen it coach only know what we know
We've got a jackass on here worrying about people's grammar....this is football you idiot...I'm not here to make sure every character is know what I'm talking about from living here in Babylon all your miserable life....stick to the script..bama is not going to win the Natty by just running the football , get over yourself and calm have no idea what Saban is going to do Coach Kiffen....another wanna be elitist jackass
It seems like your the only one comical here....get a hobby or something...your not gonna just run the ball and beat playoff teams, some of these lazy bama fans are stupid...your gonna have to throw the ball at different times and be effective while doing it and Kiffen is trying to get a 16 year old to make proper reads and he is still struggling to read the defense....that's right 16 year old because he can't be 18
Sounds like LSU is desperate too me.......can't beat the champ ....assimilate the champ....not illegal football is sketchy business