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The only knock what you're saying is that, other than the first year of the playoffs.(Ohio State won) I don't believe the two opponents to compete would have been any different than what the computers were to spit out. I wish, at least for the first couple years they would've still made BCS computer results as a comparison. But probably not, because they would've rigged it too to match actually match committee decision.
Rich rod might've gotten to a championship game. Noting more though
If I took a wild guess, I'd say no SEC coach gets fired after this season(being no scandal happens). It will be tough to do because someone has to loose in order to win. But no one is getting the axe. For the talent gap thing to keep coming is kinda non existent, because if there is a talent gap that would also cause for a coaching gap. Which UGA would be loosing hence the close game. Also shows when they've played other top teams, so we could probably count up 2/3 losses for Georgia. Bring a team full of 5 stars to later barely progress and it creates this discussion, which didn't have that big of a difference come game time. With a healthier UGA to barely win, there's more to be said. Looking forward to what could be a toss up game
Don't root against him or the team, they are bound to make changes. But I would consider that a good thing since there will already be a target on their backs. Keeps other teams guessing. A problem a lot of other schools wont have going for them next year.
Beating the teams you're supposed to beat get's you a nice stay if you are a coach but that comes with no raise or extended contracts, at least it shouldn't anyway. At some point you have to beat the best. Were in a world of having to get better or fall to the bottom. There's always a cheaper option mediocrity.
Jimbo had a sizable upgrade were just seeing that he isn't what we thought he was. But certainly pay rate and talent availability is all the coaches are looking for. SEC coaches aren't getting "poached" because most SEC schools build their own coaching pedigree. Most coaches background are from the south or start in the south to then move around learn different styles. To me that's the best way to bring in a winner. Hardly do you ever see a coach win in one conference move to another and contain their ways. Even harder every year
That's essentially the goal, level the playing field and allow the money making schools to continue to do just that, make money. Problem here is that the money isn't flowing properly and you cant run a program just on revenue from represented conference. Creating a bigger divide you'll start to see the price tags that come along with everything and everyone(players)
Good to see a coach never stop coaching no matter the sport. Kinda thought the throw would’ve been high though ha
He’ll quickly be benched if he plays bad. Already missing time for baseball. Kiffin won’t put up with that for 3 yrs. who would?
The analyst is the help to the dc. Anyway strong defense more years than not is 3 down. O was moving away from that with or without hiring bo. So no need there plus now that he won his chip, o isn’t going to hire someone that can complete with him job wise.
I don’t see the TE yards being broken this year but possibly before Gilbert leaves campus. Let’s not forget about pettigrew aswell
I think no linebacker is mentioned because there’s too many options of who could play where. Just like the rb situation, which I say curry should get first crack at in games. O line should be legit anybody’s name could’ve been up there. Only disagree with Stingley as “dangerous” punt returner. I’m sure there’s an better option
Perfectly fine we'll just most certainly win almost any championship known to man. Especially baseball
hilarious. Doesn't matter how you split it the south is always going to dominate because it's the south. Simple!
My assumption is that Linehan's development is more of the understanding of the offense, learning your reads. More so than actual techniques involved with the position. There will be a wrinkle in the plays so tag team coaching should/hope will occur.
Right never say never because i wouldn't be surprised if golding gets fired.
Great way of looking at things, makes you wonder if they did offer brady OC. Or how long of a wait definitely had to have been apart of the conversation upon leaving. Only problem is you hope the PGC doesn't leave before you promote him at seasons end. haha
Y'all are surely forgetting the fact that if your offense isn't forever evolving then you're doomed anyway. Hence the first thing O said was I'm going to bring in a guy that will improve/give new idea to already offense. Just as many good offensive coaches out there it is defensive, so brady or no brady gotta expect something different. Now we all must wait for results. Don't forget people!
Iron bowl and LSU/Florida will be CBS. SEC game of the week
I'll be interested to see how this looks, indeed it's been a while since most people have seen 3-3-5. But the way these teams are built and the amount of passing attempt a game, an extra db is the norm. I believe this is more so going to rely on the strength of the line. Gotta have some animals. Maybe they have another Jeff Simmons in the back ground.
When your'e a team destined for the middle of the pack it is tough to recruit heavily but that's also why I like the hire. Have a O-line guy that will get pumped, as usual o-line people do. Get a tough and developing team and you can crack into the top dogs every couple of years. Ark defense actually had some potential last yr just no depth, QB is a next year problem. Find someone athletic to alleviate that pain
Doesn't matter how complex the offense it is, Nix executed poorly in most situations. Thats what you have to fix first before you talk scheme.
Possibly will finally find out after this upcoming season!
Whatever happens with the offense it'll be a lot of up&down anyway. But I surely hope that defense doesn't loose a beat, easily the most exciting defense to watch last year. Excluding the bowl game. I do agree with the running back situation though, they do have speed that you want to get those guys touches. Overall it comes down to what BO will do, has to progress. IDK
In general I don't agree with freshman qbs, mainly because thats the only position that's on the feild every snap. But I don't see bo truly progressing as he should. Never got better during the season as he should've. Lost the bowl game for AU, holding onto the ball way too long. Decision making on the RPO, when to give/pull has to improve greatly. I don't doubt him but he was the weak link to the team last year. Has to be said
UF is going to have one of the better qb competition in the conference. Trask is limited like stated and Jones has to be pushing something in the swamp otherwise talks would be a lot different. Plus jones being a stronger kid he might win out a game or two for a start. Must see!