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He said nothing about losing. Just said he might want us to win so we can get our asses kicked rather than you guys. Have Florida take the SEC East and get another loss and you guys can win out and get a good bowl at 9-3 rather than 9-4. Doesn't sound like much but this year 4 losses basically takes you out of the Top 25.
Pretty much. Fighting for who can get their ass whooped by Bama. Lol
Yea there would have been a 12 day span between the first and third straight road games. I agreed with canceling the game and I'm also ok with it being in Louisiana. Both AD's played the situation like idiots and it was a much bigger issue than needed to be.
I seriously believe Florida didn't try to squeek out of the game. We lost 2 home games in the process with one being LSU. That is our biggest grossing game all year. I also believe there was never a chance of the game being completely canceled. They were playing this game regardless. I whole heartedly agree that canceling was the right choice just to avoid any issues. They were told there would be no law enforcement at the game. We all know Florida-LSU needs law enforcement. Lol
Benefits both sides in my opinion. It allows Florida to make noise from both sides although it will seem like a whisper. Lol
The visiting section is actually on the opposite end of the student section. The problem is that the tickets on that side usually run at about half the price as the home side so everyone buys them tickets up really quick.
I wonder if there are rumblings of a coaching change. These players are acting funny in the middle of a season. I know they were hyped up and many thought they would dethrone Bama but adversity happens.
You guys have some good young QB's on the roster but Dobbs looks like he has the relationship with Butch to keep the job. You got the talented freshman this year and you guys stole Sheirion Jones in the 2015 cycle.
Congrats to the Vols fans. The game was won in the locker room at halftime. Despite what McElwain says, the second half gameplan was garbage. Florida built the lead through the passing game and came out and threw 3 passes in the third quarter. Tennessee made adjustments while Florida did not. Butch Jones finally got his signature win at UT. Good job and see you next year in Gainesville.
I have noticed two things about South Carolina this year. 1. The offense is coached by Will Muschamp. 2. The defense is coached by Will Muschamp. You guys should definitely win this game. I think Muschamp and Roper just need to stick with Mcilwain and let him grow. Its not like you guys have SEC hopes this year so why not see what he's got. You can make a bowl at 5-7 and that would be a successful year considering what was left there to work with. Muschamp has always been a good recruiter he just couldn't develop offensive talent.
89% for UT is waaaaay to high. UF has a suffocating defense. Yes the stats are scewed a bit by the level of competition but that defense is among the best in the country. UT has struggled to put yards and points up against lowly ranked teams as well. It should be a great defensive game and defense and special teams will win it. How well will Appleby in his first start at UF? How well will Florida do in their first road game of the year with a young team? How much does losing Sutton and Kirkland affect the UT defense? Why can't it be Saturday yet?
Your the only fan here that is acting like their team is Bama. Get over yourself. Every team in the SEC has played poor at some point this season. You guys allowed UCLA to come back and aloat beat you in OT with a freshmen QB. Arkansas is not the same team that they were the last couple years. They actually found out how to win close games.
Replacing defensive starters is much easier than replacing the starting QB in your first road game. No doubt it hurts you guys losing Sutton and Kirkland but your at home so the defense should feed off the crowd.
No denying those guys messed up but the difference here is that UF doesn't tolerate their players to act that way and FSU allows them to do whatever.
He deserves a first round selection but we will see.
Spring games have always been free. And by having a night game its easier on the players and makes it so that more people can come. You being an author for this site and saying nonsense like that just made this site lose all credibility.
Tabor was basically the only one that showed up to play.
ESPN has FSU as a 2.5 point favorite but ESPN is SEC biased...
If they pull Jimbo then I hope FSU hires their very own Muschamp. Lol
I may be wrong but this is a horrible idea. I haven't followed LSU but to me Les Miles is their best coach in football history. He has won over 78% of his games in the best conference in the nation. He has a 15 million dollar buyout. To replace him they will likely have to buyout another coach making this change cost them 20-30 million. They had the #1 recruiting class and still are ranked #2 and if they fire Les I see that ranking tanking. Like I said, I may be wrong but LSU has unrealistic expectations. I am a Gator fan, I know bad coaches pretty well after the last 5 years and Les Miles is not a bad coach.
Thanks for showing some class and not hating like the Tennessee fan. Its probably because you guys still are alive for Atlanta.
No Respect. We were a couple plays from knocking off LSU at home. Remind you Les Miles has a 48-4 record at home. The Florida defense held the LSU offense to under 200 yards through 3 qtrs. Not taking anything away from LSU because you guys caught us out of place and took advantage of it. Harris made the throws he needed to make and often doesnt. Props to him. The point of this post is if Florida can do all that on the road in Death Valley with the worse performance by the Offensive Line then I think they will be fine in Jacksonville next weekend. Michel is no pushover but he isn't Fournette either. Our defense focused too much on stopping Fournette instead of stopping LSU and it cost us. That second qtr was the game. I don't see the defense making the same mistake vs Georgia and I think with two weeks of preparation Coach Mac will have Treon even more prepared in this game.
Maybe they should play it in Washington. That would solve your claim at certain schools having an edge in Atlanta.
hate fans that talk crap and don’t know how to give someone credit. Yes Fournette ran all over us. He got 180 yards with his longest run being under 30 yards meaning he was consistent. Harris surprised our secondary but the second half showed that the first half was a fluke and not who we are. Both schools should drop the DBU crap because both Harris’ torched them and neither will be NFL QB’s.
The defense struggled in the first half because they focused too much on Fournette. You can't stop the man and they went back to a normal game plan in the second and shut down the offense. Sony Michel is a good back but he isn't Fournette or Chubb. Florida can handle him and I don't think Georgia has a defense as good as you guys. You saw how well Treon played with only 4 days to prep. He hasn't thrown a pass in 5 weeks and he was running the twos in practice since then. He struggled down the stretch but Florida will be favored in this game and I don't see the defense coming out as flat as they did Saturday. Without that 28 point second qtr that is a different game and by coming out and tying it up they showed that we deserved the ranking and that the first half wasn't who they were. I have no idea who will win with LSU-Bama. I know it will be a great game and I know the winner will be our opponent in Atlanta. Good Luck man
Georgia doesn't have the defense that LSU does. You guys are pretty damn good. With #7 in the game you have a chance to win vs anyone. Our line had their worst game of the season. They tried a new lineup and I don't think it worked well with a season low rushing output and 5 sacks allowed. The UF coaches have shown that they can game plan and they have coached this team to the top tier of the SEC. I agree that Florida is the third best team in the SEC right now.
18 is actually Memphis. Michigan is ranked 15.
Memphis was nearly ranked this week. So both of them should be ranked. Ole Miss shouldn't fall 13 spots for losing to a team that was ranked 27 in the AP Poll.
I don't see Ole Miss falling out. Memphis was ranked 27 in the AP Poll and 22 in the Coaches poll. I think Memphis probably lands at about 16. UGA was ranked 31 in the AP Poll and beating Mizzou 9-6 doesn't warrant them jumping 8 spots and back in.