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Crazy, if we land him, this will be 3 Vtech transfers over the last 4 yrs on our squad.
Yea, Lsu tends to recruit itself more or less. So much talent in-state with no real competition except for Bama of course. The recruiting will not drop off anytime soon that's for sure.
Coordinators generally are not the main recruiters on the staff, not supposed to be. Pelini should be a good hire, a little too high of a payout since it's been 07 the last time at that position but we shall see.
@8-geaux lsu. If u shut down our pass offense we wont score 14 pts. Texas hasn't actually been a legitimate DBU since early 2000's Their d is talented but not playing at the level it should. Our D is on a completely different level than what LSU has seen so far. But with that said, your offense looks light years better than the last decade. Gonna be a hard fought contest. Chomp it!
This coming from a Missouri fan, now that's rich.