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If he played in an enlightened state like Washington, CA, or Colorado this wouldn't even be a story.
Correction - the SEC EAST already has a Vandy. Seems to me like adding another heavy hitter program, we'd simply start beating up on each other. A weaker team would still make sense in scheduling a prime time OOC game versus a cream puff. Plus, with the city of Nawlins, brand new facilities, and SEC profit share, you think they couldn't recruit better to be more competitive?
The SEC - Honoring Tradition by bringing back two of the original founding conference members - Georgia Tech and Tulane. You laugh now until you understand what Tulane brings to the table as one of the highest endowment universities in the country along with their tradition of academic excellence and competitiveness in non-football sports (baseball anyone?). They would be the Vandy of the West.
Tired of seeing Clemson on the schedule. Don't we still owe Georgia Tech a tail whipping from the '03 and '05 games?
And where's Tyler Queen in this QB convo?
Miss St and Arkansas ranked too low (Arkansas will finish in the Top 5). Notre Dame and Clemson ranked too high... again... like always.
Should have been #1 on the "bad" list. Bama/Okla should've been on there too - huge faves in both, and lost miserably. Guess they'd rather remember the times they didn't embarrass themselves and our conference.
The Northen CA AU Alumni Association is already planning a tailgate!! See you in the Bay!!
When you say that Kiffin will put his own spin on the offense, are you implying that one (or more) of his players will get arrested for a serious offense, the university will get sited for major recruiting violations (again), and that he'll be fired mid-season, leaving the program in shambles for another position that he's been offered but absolutely, positively has done nothing to earn? 'Cause that's what I hear. #justsaying #mostoverratedcoachincollegefootballhistory
Know how I know for a fact this list will change?... Not a single non-"Big 5" team on it (except the pseudo-independent and laughably ranked Notre Dame). Look for the disappearance of the Irish, TX A&M (THAT defense sans Manziel?? You gotta be kidding me.), and North Carolina (most delusional fans in college football), and the inclusion of Miss St (dynamic QB, tough D), and Marshall (sorry, but wins speak). War Eagle; let's get it ON!!!
I've supported this idea for years. AU was awarded the championship by at least one major poll in each of these years and has every right to claim them in a trophy case and in the record books. WDE!! 9 National Championships and counting!!
The ranking portion of the BCS did a pretty good job of predicting the top teams. More weight could've been built into "ranked teams beaten" vs just "bowl-eligible teams beaten", but that's neither here nor there. Where the BCS really screwed itself was with the stupid AQ for bowls. If they'd actually taken the Top 10 ranked teams (regardless of conference) for the top 5 games, I think they would pissed off far fewer people. The bowls could've been left with the ability to select teams from their traditional tie-ins if teams from those conferences were ranked in the Top 10. Too many years of a useless Big East (or AAC, or whatever they're calling themselves) or sub-par ACC team wasting a spot in what should have been one of the top games was really the death blow for the BCS. That, and the fact that it just took them way to long to create an actual BCS National Championship Game to match #1 vs #2. That being said, I can't wait for the playoffs!! I just dread the day (and it'll come quickly) when everyone realizes how much money is to be made from it. Before you know it, we'll be doing everything we can to fight against a new and expanded 32 team college football playoff.
As a diehard AU fan, there are few teams I despise more than the perennially overrated Tree Nuts. I just hope that whatever bowl the Schmuckeyes wind up in, and whatever team they face, that they get their *ss handed to them on a platter so that maybe, just MAYBE, they'll shut their traps for a few months about how good they are and how badly they deserve to be in a top game. This team is consistently the epitome of OVERRATED!!
How is Stanford #5 after losing to a 4 win Utah team?? Doesn't make since to me.
Don't you remember all those Bammer-bots all over the message boards calling for Nick Saban's head after the LSU loss in 2011??
God, what an idiot. And now Coach will HAVE to make an example out of him right?
There's so much parity in the SEC this year, I'm not sure anyone will make it out with fewer than 2 losses. Hedging my bets, I'll take Stanford vs Ohio State - an all-tree battle with the Redwoods stomping the Nut Trees and the SEC going 9-1 in other bowls.
OSU = Overrated School of Underacheivers. It would be an injustice if they got into the NC Game, but I kind of hope their cupcake schedule allows it to happen so that, once again, the nation can see what a real team looks like and what a poser team looks like.
Hope someone gives him a shot and he lives up to (instead of down to) expectations. It would be a real shame to see all that talent wasted. I hope he doesn't become Maurice Clarett 2.0.
Wow, what a great week 1! Ole Miss vs Vandy should be a great game... two teams trying to claw their way up in the SEC. I'll be on upset alert for both Florida/Toledo and UL-Lafayette/Arkansas. Toledo is from the giant-killing MAC, beat a couple of pretty good teams last year, and kept it close in all but the final game of the season. If those FLA players waltz in expecting to waltz out with a win, there's a good chance Toledo could shock them. UL-Lafayette has an incredible coach in Mark Hudspeth and has been a dangerous team for the past couple of years. Playing an Arkansas team that was nothing short of dreadful last year and will be trying to get used to a new coach/system, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see those Ragin Cajuns walk away with their first win of the year.
Great article! I understand the need/desire for a lower-performing school on your schedule, but I would like to see the FCS schools taken off the schedules. At least schedule Tulane instead of The Citadel! I'd like to see the major conferences playing each other more frequently in the regular season, especially if there's no bowl tie-in that matches conferences up. I don't know about you, but I'm getting bored of watching 4-5 different SEC vs Big10 bowl games every year. Let's get some bowl tie-ins with EVERY major conference.
What you're forgetting JC, is that it's football that makes money, not basketball.
We talk about defense all the time in this league. Why don't we use that same mindset in defending our TV markets and recruiting fields? Why are we content to let the Big12 and B1G come down into our country and take the teams/markets/recruits they want?? Let's instead consider going after GaTech ourselves. They were a founding member of the SEC, and would bring in grades, solid (if not exemplary) tradition, and solidify Atlanta as SEC country. Then let's dump Mizzou (since they wanted to be B1G all along anyway) and grab FSU and Clemson who both have solid football tradition and longstanding rivalries with current SEC teams. Forget about trying to open new TV markets; the SEC dominates the airwaves already!! Let's instead focus on protecting the markets we already own!
How about this for a different perspective: There's all this talk about gaining new TV markets, but what we tend to forget is that the SEC is already, hands down, the best football conference in the nation. We talk about adding more power football teams. Remember when adding more power football teams (Miami, BC when they were doing well) was supposed to make the ACC a power conference? All they did was beat up on each other and no one rose to the top. The SEC already owns the air waves on Saturdays. The SEC doesn't have to TRY to get better or stronger, it's already the best and strongest. If the SEC added two more teams, I'd love to see it approached as a move "Honoring Tradition" by bringing back a couple of original SEC founding members. Georgia Tech and Tulane. I know Tulane especially sounds crazy, but think, they play in the SuperDome; it solidifies the great city of New Orleans as an SEC regular season and postseason venue. They add academics, a solid baseball team, and one of the largest endowments in the country. They'd be the Vandy of the West and with SEC football money, it wouldn't take long to grow into a competitive program. We talk about defense in this league? Why don't we defend our own TV markets and keep the Big East, ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, and whoever else out of our territory, whether it's by including GaTech and Tulane or Clemson, FL State or whoever else.
Gruden's name has come up for every premier job opening over the past 3-4 years. Absolutely zero chance this happens.
A&M vs South Carolina, huh? Well, that's a choice. Seems like Mizzou would've been the sensible choice.
And there we have it folks. A new D Coordinator will be a very welcome addition for next year's team.
This was very classy of LSU. Probably the classiest move in program history. Welcome to the SEC Mizzou!
So, how soon till QBs start transferring THIS time? Weis has an phenomenal history of players bailing out on him for another school.