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If you had been really keeping up with the story, you wouldn't made that statement.
@ chomp-chomp, the point of nossant68's comment was how Coach Stoops has some commonalities with Coach Smart's situation. And how do you respond to his post? With a response that has nothing to do with the article. Stoops obviously cares about defense, and he has several big changes to his staff since he has been at UK. The most recent being the parting of ways with his friend Eddie Gran as OC (as a side note, Stoops has brought Gran back on staff in an analyst role). The biggest difference between UGA's situation and UK's is recruiting and the uphill battle UK faces. You can also through in the great facilities and tradition at UGA. As to your childish response, yes UF has defeated UK 33 of the last 35 years, but if you're honest you know UK is closing the gap on UF. Between UGA and UF, it is UF that needs to be looking over it's shoulder to see what UK is doing. No, I don't expect the Cats to flip the script and have a 30 year win streak against the Gators... but the gap is closing, and reasonable adults know that. Given the nature of your response you might want to consider a name change to chump-chump. GBB!
It would have to be forethought, unless the PGA was holding an event in town and decided to take in the game.
I think almost all UK fans recognize what you're saying about cBc. Sure I would read 'some' of his posts in the past, but not anymore. The vast majority of UGA fans have been good fans of a great team. I'm hoping to see a 15 & 0 record and national title for you guys this year.
Corch, nothing you have to say matters anymore. You are like a crying spoiled little child. My new name for you: cBc... cryBaby corch.
I hadn't thought about the angle. You make a very good point.
@ DieselNova, so here we have it in your own post. You are supporting fans throwing objects on the filed at players and coaches. NO, YOU CAN NOT GO BACK AN ERASE IT. EVERYONE SEES YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON!!!
I agree BB. Unfortunately, I think Cincinnati will be #2 next week.
MD, ignore Eight Titles. He was acting all big trying to set other Cat fans straight.... and then he said he had been watching UK football since the days of 'HAL MUMME'. My goodness, that was quite a laugh! Good luck with the rest of your games... 15 & 0 man, 15 & 0 for the Dawgs.
Oh course you guys realize that Cincinnati will now be #2. I'm hoping somebody can hang a loss on Cincy so that they won't make it into the BCS.
Congratulations to the Dawgs! Now go win that National Championship and shut up all the 1980 talk.
You can tell a lot about a person's character by their words. Thanks for letting us know what kind of person you are.
Cat Fan, you and I were thinking the same on giving the dirty birds a loss on their last game of the year... 5 & 7 would be good record for them. I hope Levis throws for 300+ and C-Rod and Smoke both go over 100 yards on them.
I don't think other fans in the SEC understand how much we dislike ul. Yes, they have had some good teams and players over the last 20 years, but they are not even close to what their fans think they are.
Even though UGA has what most people consider to be the best team in the nation, most of the UGA fans I have seen comment from are nice. Actually, a lot of them have had good things to say about UK in general, especially what Stoops is doing. As for UM, the real trouble makers were wolfman and TigerTD. SC has a real jerk that goes by BlackAndGarnett and a couple of others (cola_cock, PalmettoPig). UF has a few, I've see a few UK haters but nothing to overboard. This is just my take on the overall comments. GBB!
So are you a great fan or a bitter one?
Well, okay. But man those were some BOLD predictions. I hope you're not stuck in Hoosier land during basketball season.
Kentucky kept Missouri in the game by giving them turnovers. Man, I would really, really like to play UM again just to stop your nonsense.
Put the crack pipe down my Big Blue Brother!!! ;-)
And once again you blame a Missouri loss to Kentucky on the officials.
I think it is going to be really hard for the Cats to run against the Georgia defense given their D-line. C-Rod and Smoke won't be gashing UGA for those 8+ yard carries. That said, the Cats will probably be forced to go to the air. I hope Levis has gotten the interceptions out of his system. I wouldn't be surprised to see Coen try a couple of trick plays on the Dawgs. At the end of the day, I think the Dawgs will win by about 17.
How many people did they have in the stands on Saturday... over 100k? If that's the case, then have everyone who attended the game send in $1.00 to the TAMu athletic department and they'll be okay. I think the Aggie fans wouldn't mind parting with the dollar. Again, congratulations Aggies on a great win.
I'm with Bluegrass Cats, UGA has already played some physical teams. We are also thin along the D-line with Bully & Ox being out.
I haven't seen SC's BlackAndGarnet for a few days. I'm hoping SDS banned him after several of his comments about 'building concentration camps' for UK fans. He was also threatening physical violence against an Auburn fan.. I think it was Aub108. Both were a violation of SDSs Terms of Service.
I do believe... I believe you hit your head right before you posted your comment. UF is a good team and I wouldn't want to play them again this year. That said, you can make the case that UGA has been a great team to this point, and if they continue to play as they have been playing they could very well have a national championship. Rest assured, Kirby will have the dawgs ready for the Cats AND the Gators.
BTW... great picture. No, that's not our #1 running back Chris Rodriguez, that's our #2 running back Kavosiey Smoke.
Congratulations Aggies! Best of luck with the rest of your schedule.