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That is a very good question. I personally don't like the expansion... but it is all about the $$$s.
So is think kind of like the b1g tin putting a 'pause button' on winning national championships??? Asking for a friend. Okay, this just a joke. I know they won it in 2014, 2002 and at least 5 other times. I would be happy for my Cats to have won it once in the last 20 years.
@ Tiger TD, read Tigurr's comment and then read mine. You're not talking smack, just stating the facts from 2020. And I was also stating facts with what I pointed out about the past decade. Yes, UM has won the conference twice in the last decade and UK hasn't won the conference since the 1970s... or longer. If people want to talk smack at UK that's one thing, but running off at UGA... well you might want to have some facts to back up the talk.
@ Tigurrr, if you want to talk smack at UK then okay. But if you want to talk smack at UGA, it is time for you to sit down and be quiet. UGA has beat UM 8 of the 9 times since you guys joined the conference. What is amusing is the number of delusional Missouri fans that have an overinflated opinion of where they stand in the SEC east. If I'm correct, UGA has won the east 4 of the last 10 years. BTW, did you read the line in the story that said UK had defeated UM 5 of past 6 games.
The O-line situation at UK might change in a very positive way with the commitment of Dare Rosenthal. Some think he might start at LT with Darian Kinnard staying at RT. Of course everything depends on a number of things including how quickly Rosenthal can pickup the blocking schemes.
Welcome to the BBN Mr. Rosenthal! We look forward to watching you develop both on and off the field.
I agree with Connor's assessment of Darian Kinnard moving to LT for the Cats. For the last few years I have thought Kentucky's OL was better at run blocking than pass blocking. As for the RB situation, I think Kavosiey Smoke is a little faster than Chris Rodriguez. If Coen's new system calls for more outside runs then we should see more of Smoke this season... that is if he stays healthy. Due to all the changes on the offensive side of the ball, Kentucky is going to be hard to predict this year.
And I thought I was lame for commenting on an article 14 days after it was published. But then wolfman responds to my response.
That's nice... now when is kick-off? Okay, I hope Mr. Mintz and the rest of basketball team have a great year, but at the end of the day for me, hurry up and get here 12 noon Saturday, September 4th, 2021!
They had 8 possessions in the second half and didn't get a single first down. I think both Drew Lock and Larry Roundtree were on that team... that is on the OC.
Appalachian State is about 2 hours from Charlotte and Wake Forest is about 1 1/2 hours. But the problem might be with the NCAA granting the BBQ stand a transfer.
Okay, he was correct on that. Maybe I'll just read your posts as a sort of 'highlight filter'.
Wow... you are either a trooper or a rookie here on the site! I didn't even read a single sentence. I did take a little time to estimate how many screens he filled on my laptop. I think it was 8 screens of scrolling to get past his stuff. SDS, PLEASE PUT A LIMIT ON THESE PEOPLE. THEY ARE WRITING MORE THAN YOUR JOURNALIST.
So UK fans, what is your thoughts to this scenario: if the Cats have another losing season this year is Cal on the hot seat? Football is my game, but I would think yes, he would be on the hot seat. BTW... I hope they win it all but what happens if the basketball team has another loosing season?
Wow PTheRicker, did you READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE or not. I'm thinking NOT because if you had you would have seen where David Cooper took about a four month detour from the SEC and was the Recruiting Coordinator position at LOUISVILLE. No, we didn't 'aimlessly wondered in here' nor was it a 'sync or communication error on sds’ end'.
As a UK fan, I'm for anything legal that will cause the cardinals program problems. According to Kentucky Sports Radio (KSR), the news of Cooper's departure came while UL was hosting their highest rated 2022 commit, 4 star Popeye Williams. Man, I'm just heartbroken over that... heartbroken I tell ya'.
It turns current UK Co-Defensive Coord & Inside Linebackers Coach Jon Sumrall was Mr. Jones' coach in 2018. Like I said earlier, the Cats are thin at LB. Add in how UK helped Jamin Davis go from a lightly regarded 3 star to a 1st round draft pick in three years and UK might be in a good position to land Mr. Jones.
Interesting. So Bama fans, what's the scoop on this guy?
Got my popcorn in one hand and sodie pop in the other... just waiting for the SEC east lovefest to start between the gators and dawgs.
@LHG1, as a long-time UK fan, I can appreciate the difficulty in building a successful SEC football program. But, I think Vandy, and any school, for that matter can build a successful basketball program over a 4 to 6 year period with the right coach and right recruiting. I hope the Vandy Administration will find the right coach and let him build the basketball program. (Of course, the question is define 'successful'.)
I appreciate Connor's take on my Wildcats, but I think it will be longer than 2 to 3 years before the Cats can really hope to breakthrough and win the east. For it to happen Stoop and company must continue to improve the recruiting. It will be interesting to see over the next couple of season how things work out with Coen and the new offense.
Did you ever think you would see the day a UK football fan is not just talking smack at another team but a whole conference?
As a Ture Blue Kentucky fan, PLEASE Ole Miss stop the dirty birds into the ground. PLEASE!!! I hope to see your guys throwing down the 'L' all night long.