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So did Auburn just shut down our running game in the 2nd half or did Gran move more towards a passing attack? Think about how many times we've seen the Cats throw almost 40 passes.
You are correct sir. I believe it is call the Gift Tax and I think the amount for 2020 is $15k. I hope he worked with a tax professional to find the 'best way' to transfer it to her to minimize the tax liability.
Congratulations to Auburn. I didn't get to watch the second half but from the stats it doesn't look like the Cats ran the ball that well. I thought it was interesting that Terry threw 37 passes.
BTW, I just checked... yes, it's FACTS time again. You have posted more than 20 times and with the exception of one post they have all been about UK. You have an unhealthy attraction to UK... reminds me of little p10 that got tossed off the SDS site.
Well... the little boy came out to play!!! Hey, I forgot to mention another fact to compare to your great prediction ability. You were talking down Benny and how many yards he was going to hang on Penn State. You mentioned 125 yards he got against Central Michigan which is true. BUT NOW... IT'S TRUTH TIME LITTLE BOY!!! He ran for 144 yards and 2 touchdowns against Penn State. NOW LITTLE BOY... HERE IS YOUR PROBLEM. I have given FACTS that are verifiable and all you have is wrong predictions to go along with your trashy attitude. How do you like that LITTLE BOY??? Back it up with facts... until then pack it up and shut it up. And now you know the rest of story!
@Mayor Boner: Well mayor, as with all politicians it's good to go back and review their record. Do you remember all your great predictions about the Citrus Bowl between UK and Penn State? Do you? Let me give you a reminder: UK 27 Penn St. 24. My goodness you were WRONG! And how about your big prediction of Benny Snell going in the 7th round of the NFL draft... you were WRONG AGAIN! He went in the 4th round. You will probably come back with some foolish remark but after reviewing the history of your predictions you lack any credibility. Don't you like it when someone checks up on things. Just like I use to do with Paris10, I often do some checking and tell 'the rest of the story'.
I read more of your post than his. Your post made a lot more sense and was more entertaining!
Catdaddy, you are wasting you time with the little piggy. He comes out and runs his mouth but will never give a reason for his statements or response to a question. At least RSpur will give you a resoponse.
I think AJ is our best pass blocker and pass catcher out of the backfield.
I'm with you on this one TC. The running game is strong enough without him risking another injury. I wouldn't mind to see him scramble and and pickup 4 or 5 yards to get a 1st down but he needs to be looking for that sideline when he runs.
If Hoskins and Q have a strong year then Paschal might very well be the breakout guy... but then there is the Boogie man. I think this is going to be a great year for our front seven.
I think Rodriguez will be the starter by the end of the season.
If Q and Paschal can have a breakout year then it is going to be a great season for the Cats...even if it's only 10 games long.
Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir!!! Mr. Burton, I am looking forward to you helping the Cats get to Atlanta.. and beyond!
Kirby, please define 'infrastructure'. Are you talking the city doesn't have enough hotel capacity or the stadium doesn't have enough space to support the league personnel necessary to do a bubble type season?
Efftheleft... really? Come on man, just do a basic google search before you put a population estimate for China around 3 billion. I'll save you ALL that hard work, estimates as of November 2019 put their population around 1.43 billion. We might agree politically and with our views on Covid-19 but when you throw out junk numbers like you just did you totally lose all credibility.
I wouldn't count out Sawyer Smith. He looked decent until his two injuries sidelined him. If the running game is strong - which most people believe it will be - and something happens to Terry then I think you've got to look at the guy who is more accurate in the passing game. All the Auburn people say Gatewood has a strong arm but how accurate is he? I really hope Terry has a big year even with the reduced schedule but I'll take the a wait and see approach to who is his backup.
What the article failed to mention was during the 2018 NFL Combine doctors found he had a heart condition. As a result, the doctors sent him home to additional testing. I'm not a big fan of Kentucky Sports Radio but they do have a good article where Conrad talks about the reasons why he hung up the cleats and decided to go the coaching route.
In all fairness to Mr. Brennan, I'm sure he can bench press waaaaay more than I ever could. I wish him and the Tigah nation the best.
Well I'm a little disappointed. When it said 'tree trunks' I was expecting something bigger... but he is a QB. If it had been one of the LSU DTs, they would have just lined up and knocked the trees down... no need for a chainsaw.
I'm with UK-USMC on this one. Terry was just getting ready to turn the corner and beat the defensive player. All the guy could do was reach out and grab what he could... we sometimes see the same thing happen on a face mask call.
You are correct Rgo606! I think most recruiting services have him going to Bama but it's good to see how Stoops and company have changed the way recruits view the Cats. Even if he doesn't come to Lexington then I hope Bama gets him... just so the SEC can pull another top recruit out of the little 10s backyard.
I'm hoping we get to see him play a few more games in UK blue before he moves on.
Coco, so who do you think will separate? It's a tough call but I think Rodriguez is going to be the one at then end of the year with the most yards... maybe. I would really like to see him and Rose both go over 1,000 yards.
Sorry Tnaylor, they beat us last year in Columbia. It would be the last game Sawyer Smith played any significant minutes due to his shoulder and wrist injuries. It was also before Gran could effectively put together a scheme to use Bowden in the single-wing formation. Now the five seasons before that is a different story.
A few years ago I called in and talked with Coach Stoops on a radio show a few weeks before the start of the season. I was concerned because the Cats were going to be loosing two starting O-line men to graduation and I wanted to know how well the back ups were prepared. He told me they had 9 offensive linemen that had taken over 400 game snaps. That will give you an idea as to how Coach Schlarman and Stoops are building depth on the O-line. As much as I like the defensive side of the ball, I'm beginning to believe you really build a team around the o-line