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Hey PPig... Straight up question: are you willing to come back out here and spout off your expert opinion after the end of the season?
Hoak really didn't look that good the few times he played in actual games at Kentucky. I think he looked okay in the Spring games but we all know how much that is worth.
Not to us! ;-) I can't wait to hear Paris10's take on this one.
Yelp, for a moment I thought they were in the Championship game in the last couple of years. The producer was probably a Michigan grad.
Dag gummit Florida, quit stealing our 3 stars!!! How are we supposed to field a team without them?
Wow Core... that is a real smart comment. Maybe you're taking something since you missed last year's game.
Do you if they have a rifle team?
Dan needs to keep his hands off our 3 stars!
Wow! This make twice in the same week that we actually agree on things. SDS, more football please.
Thanks for the info Paris10, that is the first time I've actually read the story (for what it's worth even KSR had a link to the story...imagine that). I know I've given you a hard time over Paul Harvey and the rest of the story and this is a time when other Big Blue Nation fans need to read the rest of the story so I'm going to cut and paste a bigger section of that paragraph. 'It’s a commonplace among college coaches that the school—or, to put it in coachspeak, “the program”—comes before the individual: “We remind our players that the name on the front of the jersey (North Carolina) is more important than the one on the back (their own),” UNC coach Roy Williams likes to say. But Calipari doesn’t subscribe to such hokum. “My first priority isn’t the Commonwealth of Kentucky, or the university, or the legacy of the program, or the greater glory of Big Blue Nation,” he writes. “I coach for the names on the backs of the jerseys—not just the front. My players.”
You wouldn't happen to have a link to that article or know about when it was published? If you have the link... don't post the whole thing here or the comment will go into the 'moderation black hole' never to be seen again. Remove the www. part and I think you're good.
I have to ask this, did Cal really actually say to the players, or anyone for that matter, that it's about the player's name on the jersey and not the schools or was it implied from an interview?
We don't always agree but you're right, it should be about National Championships. Even though I hate to hear it, I'm glad you pointed out UCLA still having the most NCs. I wonder if anyone else even thinks about that.
I don't think Macy threw the program under the bus when he makes the following statement 'To me, the greatest day of the year in your school’s history is winning a national championship for your athletic program.' He's correct, it should be about winning National Championships. Now you might be able to say that he is airing dirty laundry that needs to be taken care of inside the UK program but I think enough people know the two sides of this debate.
Paris10 where are you??? BTW... I'm beginning to lean you way on this one.
I'm with you CatDaddy about Bowden but it is an early list and there are so many great players in the SEC. It's good to hear Drake get mentioned. I think the O-line will surprise a number of people in the SEC with Jackson, Logan Stenberg and Landon Young.
Agreed. I hope he finds a program with really strong leadership that will help him get back on track.
Gig 'em, 12 weeks does sound like a long time. Do you work in the medical field or drug testing center? If so, do you have any links that show how long marijuana is detectable in a person's body? If what you say is correct then this will impact the trial and any punishment if he is found guilty.
Welcome to the Big Blue Nation Mr. Anaele!!!
JunkyardDawg65, If I'm understanding this situation correctly, his actions appear to have directly lead to the death of two other people and you make the statement 'Unfortunately this kid will have his life ruined because of who was involved in the accident'. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and ask you to explain your statement but at this point it look like he ruined two other people's lives and damaged the lives of their families and friends not to mention the possibility that the couple might have had children. I'm willing to hear your point of view on this one. I think I understand where you're going with the 'politics' and 'who was involved in the accident' part of your statement. If he had hit Mr. & Mrs. Joe Schmo then the publicity would be a lot less and if he is convicted the punishment would probably be much less severe.
So do you think the 'former head coach' will ever be a HC again or opt for a coordinator role? I would have used his name but I wanted to be kind and not bring up a bad memory for the UT fans. ;-)
Welcome to the BBN young man! We're glad to have you onboard.
Can you pick up tickets game day for $30? This ol' boy don't mind sitting in the nosebleed section... but I don't know if my old legs can climb that high. ;-)
I agree with you on the KY high school sports scene, football is king. As for the rant about some KY fan calling the Vol irrelevant... I didn't see that in any of the previous posts on this tread. Maybe he meant a different story.
Wow SevenT... I'm really wondering if you are really a KY fan. YES HE DID...except Fuzzyvol01 cleaned it up a bit. You just really need to shut it down if you don't know UK football history - even recent history - better than that. I bet you don't even know who the Cats were playing or what was so special about the game. Man, even Vol and Gator fans know it better than you. Just to help you out... if SDS will allow this to be posted here's a link to the video. Yes, there are 2 curse words in the clip.
Hey Paris... which one of the KY games did you make it to last year at Commonwealth? Did you make it to the Florida game last year?
So that's why the KY game will be fun, you and your dad are going to the game which I think is cool. Hopefully you guys can pick up some tickets to another game as well. I'd like to make someday to Williams-Brice for the Sandstorm. If Bentley has improved as much as some of the SC fans indicate then I think the Gamecocks have a really good chance of winning the game. I'm going to disagree with your statement about the Cats finishing last in the east.