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I understand where you're going but read the second sentence of the third paragraph again. That changes the nature of the article a bit.
KSR is reporting that Mike Stoops 'might' be joining the UK staff to take over as special teams coach... but I'll take a wait and see approach on that report.
Your are correct Boss, after all this is the 'Saturday Down South' website. Connor did a good job letting us know about some of the other top RBs around the nation but I think most of us want an SEC list first and then add in the rest of the nation.
I'm with Bill on this one. Rodriguez had the highest yards per carry of all three but the Cats can win with any of the three. I was really hoping that Rose would have a breakout year this past season and get over 1,000 yards but for some reason it didn't happen. I think the coaching staff was real quick this year to bench the RBs if they had a fumble.
So what do you think about 2020, where do you think the Cats will finish in the East? I think they can finish 3rd but we'll have to beat one of the three against FL, GA or TN.
If, and that is a big if, the Cats can have just the average SEC passing game and the defensive secondary continues to improve (the 2019 secondary was made up of all new starters) then I think the Cats have a fair chance at 10 wins including the bowl game. We have three tough road games; at Florida, Auburn and Tennessee but Georgia is in Lexington. It will be interesting to see how much Louisville improves in year two with Coach Satterfield.
I really like the thought of seeing Q and Bully on the field at the same time especially on 3rd/4th and short and goal line stands. I agree, Bully does need to lose some weight.
The only thing worse would be No Chance. ;-)
Congratulations LSU! Way to bring home the national championship.
Pulling for guys. Come on Dawgs, bring home a win.
I agree Bill, baby steps. Hopefully some of the recruits that are on the fence and didn't sign in December will recognize the direction Stoops has the team going and will sign with the Cats in February.
Well... as Humphrey Bogart said in the movie Casablanca 'We'll always have Paris'.
Congratulations to Coach Stoops and the entire team! What a great way to end the season after going 2 & 3 to start the season. I'm already excited to see next year's team. GBB.
Come on CATS... beat them all over the field!!! Hammer the hokies. Don't let up D-line, don't let up.
I'm with you you. People can debate the fumble call but they can't debate the fact that OSU didn't offensively execute when it had chances. To have that many chances inside the 25 and only score one touchdown is not championship caliber play.
Congratulations Aggies! It's good to get the bowl season off with an SEC win.
Honestly this is disappointing to me. I wanted to see you guys destroy UL. Hopefully the team can pull together and still take down the cards.
Given his size, UK might be interested in giving him a look since they are losing Ahmad Wagner (6'5", 234 lbs.) to graduation. But like most everyone else said... you have to earn playing time.
Man those are some great memories! I really believe Stoops and company are going to continue to build on what they have accomplished so far. Thanks for the list Joe... Merry Christmas to you and the all the BBN.
Congratulations Mr. Burrow on an incredible season and the Heisman.
A well deserved award. Thank you for the last three years Mr. Bowden. I hope you score at least three different ways in the bowl game.
Good luck Coach Hood. I hope to see you and the Racers rackup some good seasons over the next few years.
Man and I going to miss him. Best wishes to you as a football player and more importantly as a father. You will always be a part of the BBN!
Maybe... who knows. But I do know this... GO TIGERS!!! BRING HOME THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Yes, I have my moments with the caps lock button. I'm looking forward to you guys hoisting the national championship banner in Baton Rouge.
Did you buy some??? I hope not... but hey if you don't get rid of them then look at it as a vacation to FL in late December. I'm hoping to see a lot of UK blue invading Charlotte in a few weeks.
I did a post a few months back trying to get a feel from UK fans about what they would expect in the next 3 to 5 years. Unfortunately, I didn't get much of a response except from Paris10 and one other person (that might have been you). I agree with you about the win total needing to increase but I'm a little more optimistic or perhaps demanding than you. I really believe we should be looking total wins for the season in the 9 to 10 range.