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So does Stoop really get $500K raise this year regardless of the team's W/L record? I know he got $250k raise a few years ago when the team hit 7&5 and when the went 7&5 the next year Stoops got another $250k.
Joe, you might have liked the ground game but I didn't. The WR turned QB gets 99 of the 160 yards!?!? If my math sevres me correctly then our actual RBs only got 61 total for the entire game. In my opinion, the running game has been a disappointment for most of the season and I've felt that way since the first two games of the season. No, we don't have Snell in the backfield but I really thought going into the season the Cats running game was still going to produce about 85 to 90 percent of what they did last year. In defense of the RBs, I'm beginning to believe a big part of the problem is with the O-line. I think the line has regressed compared to last years... but that's just my take. I'm still on board with my Cats... but Stoops and Gran need to really, really earn their salary over the next 5 games. GBB!!!
Maybe, maybe not... but I'm really a football fan so there won't be much of a revenge factor for me. I think UGA can fix their offensive issues much quicker than UK.
Congratulations to UGA. The weather was bad and the game was worse but the Dawgs did what they need to get the W. I still love my Cats and bleed blue but Stoops and Gran really need to solve the offensive issues or we might be looking at 6 & 6 or worse.
@ GamecockMike89 & CarolinaPhoenix, thanks for the clarification. Now let's all wait for Paris10 to answer you guys... or even better take a shot at me.
What strange comments??? He didn't say anything strange... maybe the MWB wrote a strange headline. CLICK BAIT
Congratulations to the Gamecocks! I didn't see that one happening.
I'm still here. I was one of the first UK fans to comment on the story about UK's loss to SC... so no, I haven't gone anywhere. I'll let your petty comments on fair weather fans go... most people who read these comments on a regular basis know about you. I was never one of those who was calling for another 10 win season and I didn't buy Stoops' talk about not regressing this year. I personally thought the Cats would win 8 this year and yes, you can find here on this very site where I stated so. I think most people will agree that UK's main problem this year has been at QB. Stoops and Gran absolutely have to do a better job signing enough quality talent at QB so that we won't be in the position we're in right now. The other big problem is the inability to run the ball this year. Yes, Snell is gone but I really thought the guys we had on the roster would produce better than they have up to this point in the season. As for the remainder of the season, whether the Cats win out or lose out... I'm still still be watching every game and cheerin on the the Cats. And believe it or not Paris10, I don't even have to post on every article to be a real fan.
Congratulations to the Gamecocks. I think many of fans on both sides have given up on the season but there is still a lot of football to play and both teams can still make a bowl. Spurs up... beat Clemson!
Before the season started I was predicting the Cats to win 8 this year but the coaching staff is really going to have to work on the offense to make that happen. I'm still on board... trust me, we Cat fans have been through much worse than this.
I'm still supporting my Cats but man that was an ugly showing tonight. About the only bright spot was the punter Max Duffy. This is just my take but I really believe Stoops and Gran have to get the running game going because I really don't see the passing game improving that much.
How about picking up a 'W' against SC instead of dropping a hype video. Yes, the videos are fun... but winning games is much better.
So is part of your last comment directed towards UK playing Louisville?
I'm not ready to throw the towel in on the season but Stoops has lots of work to do. Congratulations to the Bulldogs.
Now RGO, you stop with the facts or you will hurt their feelings!
Catdaddy, I'm also happy with the continued improvement. I'll admit that I'm one that is prone to look a few years down to the road to see what is on the horizon. That said, would 9 wins with no east championship over a 5 year period be okay with UK fans? Unfortunately, I think most would be okay with stalling out in that range if once every few years we hit 11 wins.
You are absolutely correct about the scheduling. I think they should get rid of one of the 'baby seals' and add in Indiana or maybe even Pitt.
Sorry for the delay. I think UK's overall improvement in the east is due to two reasons: Stoops and company are building up the program and yes, several teams in the east have regressed or just held steady during the same time period. To put numbers to it, my take would be to attribute at least 2/3s (maybe 70%) of the improvement to Stoops helping build the program and the remainder to the other teams situation. And NO, I don't think we're even close to making it to the championship game.
Stoops fumbled it here, he should have suspended Kash for at least a quarter if not a half. This is not what you want representing the program.
SevenT is a Big Blue Homer and struggles to admit anything that might be negative about UK.
Since we have a number of UK commenting here is a question I've wanted to throw out to UK football fans and get their response. So let's say from the end of this season for the next 10 years the Cats average 9 wins per season, would that be good enough for Kentucky football fans or would the fan base begin to expect more from Stoops in about 5 years? I'm think 9 wins is currently acceptable to most UK football fans. But will that be the case in 5 years or will the UK fan base become like the UGA fan base which felt they should be competing and winning the SEC east on a regular basis and had Mark Richt replaced? Thoughts... and yes, Paris10 that includes yours.
Cats Fan, you make some good points about Stoops growing in his coaching ability. Of course, that plays into Paris10's complaint about not hiring someone who was already a coach - and one that was a coach of a bowl-bound team.
Paris, this is one of your tricks; you don't really answer the question or comment on the previous post without working something else in. Cats Fan in the Ville was strictly a FOOTBALL comment and you brought in BASKETBALL to your response. I also have problems with the comment Calipri made but this is a FOOTBALL discussion... so why don't we all stick to the topic at hand.
NashvilleGator is correct Paris, Smith threw a total of three. His third was on the last play of the game and was just a desperation throw that didn't make it to the end zone.
Now it is out in the open for everyone to see why Paris10 is upset with AD Mitch Barnhart and his coaching hire for UK football. I meant to ask you in the past but never got around to it. Okay, you do have a point, UK didn't do a national search. That said, did you have a in mind a few coaches from the 80 bowl bound coaches that should have been contacted? Yes, I know it has been several years but did you honestly have a few coaches you think UK should have contacted? I personally think UK would have been a hard sell to any potential coach given the history of the UK program over previous 20 to 30 years, the lack of SEC level facilities and the shape of the program at the end of Coach Phillips tenure. BTW, I think we agree on some of the bonuses Stoops has received... and I'm a Stoops supporter.
Well since we're doing BOLD predictions, I'm going to put my Big Blue Homer (BBH) glasses on and make mine. The Cats have two RBs go for over 100 yards and the Cats win by 24! There ya' go... a BBH bold prediction. I look forward to seeing what Hilinski can do in his first start. Good luck to all the other SEC teams... come on East teams... show up and play today!