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I miss Uncle Verne calling SEC games on Saturday. It made the day better no matter who was playing.
I'm hoping the Wade brothers will make it a good day for the Cats on the 16th and then O-lineman Kiyaunta Goodwin will keep the good news coming on the 17th.
Don't give up on Rick B. You guys have got a good coach and it is just a matter of time.
24/7 shows him as a 3 star that didn't have an offer from any of the other SEC schools. This could be another case of Stoops and company helping mold a lightly recruited 3 star into a 1st round draft pick.
You are correct Fuzzy, we need to wait and see what comes of the allegations.
9mm, I've had the same problem. I 'think' I got around it by getting rid of the w w w part of the web link.
I'm with you on Allen and the battle. It will probably be the biggest sports news story in the Bluegrass during July and August.
Thank you for all your efforts Terry. I'm sorry things didn't workout better for you at UK. I wish you and your family the best at New Mexico.
“Every person is critical. From ushers to assistants—everyone is vital to our success.” I'm sure this guy isn't perfect, but I totally agree with him. It's good to see some people are willing to share with others who are in need.
There were some UK fans that said Kentucky made a huge mistake by not getting Schnellenberger to come back to Lexington and coach the Cats in the 80s.
Good to have you as part of the BBN Mr. Longmire! I'm looking forward to seeing you at Commonwealth Stadium.
He did the same thing on a post that I did on a different UT article. I was trying to tell the Vol fans to hang in there and then he responds to my post with a rant about LSU. Have you ever clicked on his screen name and just looked at his posts? If he wants to write that bad, then he needs to take up sports journalism with a newspaper or a sports website. BTW... looking forward to seeing if Saban and the Tide can do it again. Good luck Tide
Come on guys... UGA has plenty of 4 & 5 star guys. How about you guys let us have this one and let him play closer to home. Actually, UK did loose a lot of their secondary from this past season. BTW... the Cats lead the SEC in interceptions last season with 16, but we lost half of that total when two guys left early for the draft.
I'm very cautiously optimistic on how the offense will preform this year. Barring injuries, I think the floor with a bowl game is 8 wins for the Cats this year.
How about you drive a little over 5 hours west on I64 to Lexington KY Mr. Smith. It is over 9 hours down to Athens GA. Save the drive time and get more playing time in the SEC while being closer to home.
The same thing has happened at UK with some guys who realized they had been recruited over and were buried way down on the depth chart. The guy makes the right decision to transfer and then it becomes a new story. He got more press when he decided to transfer than when he signed. Hopefully for you guys your administration made the right moves and NCAA will not drag things out. Ignore the people who are looking to beat on UT while they are down. I think UT can be relevant again, it just takes the right coach and yes... TIME.
I think you are correct on the QB development, which was really more on Hinshaw. As much as I've pointed at Hinshaw, we do have to balance the criticism of Hinshaw with the fact that Alabama came in and flipped Mac Jones and Williams was flipped to Miami. After those two recruiting losses, Gran and Hinshaw had to go looking for a QB via the junior college route. I'm still of a big fan of Steven Johnson and Terry Wilson but I don't think either were truly consistent SEC QBs. A lot of people want to throw Eddie completely under the bus, but his specialty was with the RBs which he proved again that he can develop. I'm with you on the team improving overall offensively with the new OC and system, but I think it is going to take some time for the players to adapt to.
Guarantano, and a coach that wouldn't pull him, were the reason UK won in Knoxville last year.
Rodriguez is a good back, but it will be interesting to see with the new offense if Smoke might get more carries this year than he did last year. CRod has more power but I think Smoke is a bit faster so if the new offense calls for more outside runs we mihgt see more of Smoke. Hopefully he can stay healthy this year.
Who do you guys think will take over for Roundtree?
I'm sorry to hear that about the SC basketball program. I was really happy to see them make the final four and was hoping they, and some other SEC teams besides UK, would help elevate the league.
Several questions for people who follow the SC program: How many players total off of last year's roster did SC lose between graduation and transfers? Were any of those losses expected to be major contributors this year? How do the player losses compare to what is happening at UT? Sorry for all the questions, but I haven't tracked USC that closely this off season.
I'm not a UT fan buy any stretch of the imagination, but it is way past time to give it a rest on beating up the Vols. Sure, some of those young men made some mistakes like other players on other teams but ask yourself this Corch; 'Is the UGA house completely clean?' To make your comments even worse, they are related to a health issue that has impacted the lives of so many people. I bet a good portion of the true UGA fans on this site wish SDS would block you just like they did Paris10.
Congratulations to the Tide! I wouldn't mind seeing a second national championship trophy make it's way down to Tuscaloosa.
It will be an interesting season offensively for the Cats with all the new faces and given Bouknight is just finishing his first year as the WR coach. From a coaching perspective, you have to wonder how all the new moving pieces are going to fit together. If the offensive staff jells, it could possibly be three season before we will know how Stoops' major offensive overhaul works. I don't see how the passing game could get worse, but how the O-line and the RBs adjust are the two big questions. Overall, I am very cautiously optimistic.
Thanks for the compliment BamaH. I agree, Stoops is headed in the right direction, but man it is a long journey even in the SEC east. I'm looking forward to seeing if Saban and company can do it again in 2021. Best wishes to the Tide.
Then my apologies for the misunderstanding. I do have to wonder if these type of articles are somehow just pulled from some other internet source and basically posted to the SDS site. I do get frustrated sometimes with SDS, but overall they do a good job. As for my screen name, that was because I didn't think they were giving enough coverage to all the team - like UK, UM, MSU, etc.
I'm not always looking for the detailed articles you are referring to, but I am looking for the basic information. You might want to do so research on the 5Ws & H. BTW... thank you for your backhand comment... nice!