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A well deserved award. Thank you for the last three years Mr. Bowden. I hope you score at least three different ways in the bowl game.
Good luck Coach Hood. I hope to see you and the Racers rackup some good seasons over the next few years.
Man and I going to miss him. Best wishes to you as a football player and more importantly as a father. You will always be a part of the BBN!
Maybe... who knows. But I do know this... GO TIGERS!!! BRING HOME THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Yes, I have my moments with the caps lock button. I'm looking forward to you guys hoisting the national championship banner in Baton Rouge.
Did you buy some??? I hope not... but hey if you don't get rid of them then look at it as a vacation to FL in late December. I'm hoping to see a lot of UK blue invading Charlotte in a few weeks.
I did a post a few months back trying to get a feel from UK fans about what they would expect in the next 3 to 5 years. Unfortunately, I didn't get much of a response except from Paris10 and one other person (that might have been you). I agree with you about the win total needing to increase but I'm a little more optimistic or perhaps demanding than you. I really believe we should be looking total wins for the season in the 9 to 10 range.
A QB with an injured leg... hear that defense??? Sounds like some sacks waiting to happen for Calvin Taylor, Boggie Watson and the rest of the gang. I'd also like to see the running game go over 300 yards for the game! FINISH STRONG CATS, FINISH STRONG!!!
It's good to see the UK making it back to their fourth straight bowl. I think most of the Cat fans, including myself, thought the season was completely over after the loss to SC and no apparent solution for the QB issue. Yes, I would have preferred the Gator Bowl but the powers that be didn't see it that way. Come on CATS... HAMMER THE HOKIES in Charlotte and lets finish strong!!! GBB
MobileCat... you might have gotten your (and others) wish. I'm trying to find some of Paris10's comments and I can't. I was looking at a UK article the other night that had 59 comments and about 25 of them were from him. If you notice on this tread, all of the comments that sounds like they would come from him have no screen name attached to them. Interesting... maybe it was because he started harassing LSUSMC again.
Congratulations Tigers! Now go bring home the national championship.
One of the best things about big Calvin Taylor is he was only a 2 star recruit coming out of high school and the only offers he had besides the Cats were from Temple and Charlotte. After this weekend he is tied with 3 others in the SEC for the lead in sacks. Sounds familiar... where have I heard this before... 2 star to being a leader in the SEC??? Now I remember, Josh Allen CONGRATULATIONS MR. TAYLOR! I'm really hoping to hear your name called during the next NFL draft.
Thanks Corch. I think you're correct about the injury to Wilson. If the Cats can resolve the QB issue over the off season then I think they have a realistic shot at getting 10 wins next season. Good luck against LSU.
Did you see any estimates on how many UK fans made it for the game? I hope the BBN will really turn out for the bowl game. As to the running game and defense, I think Stoops and company have done a good job recruiting and developing the talent they have been able to sign.
Now things make sense. When you posted the comment you seemed to be very confident with the post. I actually replied to your post asking why and if you had inside info. As much as I want Rose to succeed and be the leader of the RBs we might see a change this year as to who starts the game. I think all three are still going to see plenty of playing time as long as they stay healthy and don't fumble.
Congrats to UGA... looks like a lot of fun happening in the Dawgs locker room.
No sarcasm taken... but which do you mean; winning, making a 'cup snake' or C) all the above?
SevenT, back earlier in the season you said Rodriguez would be the starting RB by the end of the season. After his performance tonight your prediction is closer to becoming a reality. Stoops has already said in his post-game comments that Rose will remain the starting RB but one has to believe he will probably be the first off the bench.
Michael Wayne Bratton, you said 'Sawyer Smith finished the game for the Wildcats'. Not to give you too much grief but Walker Wood also played a couple of downs at QB completing one pass and rushing for 12 yards. Congratulations to that young man for sticking with the program and working through the injuries and surgeries.
I'm hoping for a full recovery for that young man.
CONGRATULATIONS CATS!!! It was great to see the running game find some reliable options besides Bowden and Sawyer Smith see some action.
Wow, those are pretty... AND a win would be even prettier!!! Come on Cats, it's been a tough year with injuries but win out and win a bowl game. GBB!
At least the Cats had the best looking GIF! Now if we had a passing QB.
Interesting takes... and kind of what I expected. It sounds like Muschamp still might be around next year.
Making up after being shot... now that's funny. A few years ago there were 2 guys at a dialysis clinic in KY that got in a fight over an NCAA tournament basketball game between UK & UL. I guess the people at the dialysis patted them down before they let them in the building! Moonshine... okay, shotgun... leave in the car.
I'm with you on Sawyer's injury. Towards the end to the game they were loading the box with 8 and leaving the corners on the island. You would think that Stoops and Gran would put Sawyer in just to see if TN would change their defensive alignment with the threat of a better passer.
Yankeepig, you are correct about Petrino. I think the guys is so toxic that no one will take a chance on him... at least not for a few years. But he got (or will get) Louisville for about $12M so he's not hurting for money.
I'm with you. We use to call it 'bird shot'... but still, a shotgun blast to the back of his head. Maybe it was a 410 with some distance between the two of them. I hope the guy that got shot doesn't have any long term issues.
Their situation sounds somewhat like UK was in when they hired Stoops. The thing UK had going for it was it's location next to Ohio and being the most northern SEC school. I've read a few different articles that list Ohio in the top 10 when it comes to producing FBS recruits. No Kentucky isn't getting the top 5 high school players from Ohio but they have been able to get some of the top 20 (Bowden & Snell are both Ohio guys) and the Cats are starting to get some recruiting traction in the Detroit area.