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Can *some* fans... *have* Time to back away from the keyboard before I get hurt.
What, no Special Teams coach??? I can't remember but did we have one last year? I've learned over the past few years that Coach Stoops makes some pretty good decisions but still, no Special Teams coach seems a little odd. Can someone fans of other teams let me know whether they has a ST coach.
I think there should be an asterisk beside whichever team won the regular season. The footnote to the asterisk should mention the team won the regular season championship but there was not and SEC Tournament champion because the tournament was canceled due to coronavirus. I don't know how other leagues are handling their situation but I think that would also be fair to their teams.
Agreed. I'm sure all the players wanted to get out there and win it on the court. I was also hoping one of the SEC teams on the bubble might make a deep run in the tournament and earn an invitation to the big dance.
#6) Start another winning streak against USC. Hey, if we're going to get the Mizzou fans wound up then let's also bring in the Gamecock fans.
KSR posted a report around 3pm today that Michael Smith was out as WR coach and Bouknight was the new coach.
Wait... didn't I say something to that effect a few days ago about the QB situation? I don't think Allen will be ready yet for SEC football and who knows what the NCAA will do with Gatewood. I would prefer Wilson but who knows how he will progress with the rehab. As for Smith, I don't think he had enough snaps last year before getting injured to really have a good read on him. Gilmore is kind of the same, he ran the scout team and played a little in one game but it's hard to get a read on him. IMHO, If Terry can't go at the start of the season then I'm betting on Smith with Gilmore as the backup (no, I don't think Gatewood will be given the waiver). It's still a long time to kickoff... GBB!
Same here... I also had to move south. I wish the UK Athletics Dept would stream the game. I would probably pay to watch it if the price wasn't too high.
BTW... Good job Cal & company... now go make it at least to the final four.
Are you going to the Spring game? I hope we can break 40K at Commonwealth.
If I were to write something about the UK QB situation I would certainly mention Sawyer Smith who came in as QB once Wilson went down. Sawyer is a senior this year and might end up being the starting QB if Wilson is still having issues with the patellar tendon tear and if the NCAA doesn't give Gatewood immediate eligibility. I would also mention Amani Gilmore before Nik Scalzo due to Nik tearing the same ACL a second time. Gilmore also had an offer from UT whereas Scalzo didn't have any other SEC offers.
Best wishes to you Walker! Thank you for all your hard work while at UK. I now have a reason to keep up with McNeese State.
Maybe they could use him as a kick or punt returner.
Okay, she can shoot it from beyond the 3 point line but can she hit her free throws??? Nice putt Mary Ann... enjoy your new car.
Man I wish Pairs10 was around to give us his take. I also haven't seen SevenT in a while... he might have also got the permanent SDS timeout.
The question I want answered is will Terry Wilson be healthy enough from the patella tear to be effective at QB.
Good to have the Big Dawg staying in the Bluegrass.
* Make that UF and not UL although I think the UL game is going to be a challenging one this year *
I think you might be close to their final record this year. I'm just hoping we can win the games we should and and steal one from UGA, UL, UA or UT. It's a long season so who knows.. I hope the injury bug stays away from UK this year.
Well MidwestVol, there is 'no other way to look at it' than read the actual article I was responding to and then read my actual comments. My comments were in response to what Mr. Spencer wrote about UK winning the East. He does not mention UT in his article and neither did I in my response. I didn't mention any teams in my response and even said 'I don’t think the they have enough depth yet to challenge for the east…'. That in no way implies any specific team(s) just that the Cats still have work to do before they can challenge for the East. I think some Cat fans want to write off USC and Vany but no one should overlook any team. Interesting that you would somehow read into my comment that UK has surpassed UT. I think you guys might be a little too touchy. As for the riddle in our heads... that belongs to the Florida Gators with a 31 game winning streak over UK but at least we solved that for one year.
I'm not a UL fan but I liked Coach Strong and respected his teams. I hope things work out for him.