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Bama fans, this is why Kentucky fans don't like Satterfield. I hope we score another 50 on them this year and give them another L.
I think the UT and Ole Miss games are going to be tuff ones. It will be interesting to see how much SC improves in year two under Beamer.
So Gator fans, do you really know anything about him? Did he even make it on the field in a game last year? The 247Sports Composite Rankings makes sound like he was a good prospect. Did he get recruited over or is it maybe just a case he didn't want to battle for his turn?
Dalai Dawg... that is funny. It made it worth the scroll through the comments.
I'm hoping the changes Stoops made with the UK offense will help improve the QB and WR recruiting for the Cats. The switch to OCs with experience in the Shanahan/McVay coaching tree should help sell the program to recruits. It would also be a big help if Levis can have a big year and go in the first two rounds of the draft.
If I remember correctly, Cleveland had really bad O-line.
Hello Mitch Barnhart.... are you PAYING ATTENTION?!?!
Congratulations Hogs! Pittman and Musselman are getting the job done down in Fayetteville.
Man I can't wait for Stoops and the Spring football game. BTW, no I did not even read the article... time to move on in more ways than one.
I just don't understand how some UK fans can continue to support him. Yes, he is great recruiter and is a 'good face' for the program, but he is not getting the job done when it comes to Final Four appearances and National Championships. Maybe it is all the future NBA players who have come through the program during his time that keep some people mesmerized, but at the end of the day it is all about National Championships and Final Fours.
Are you going to be able to make the Spring game? I can't so I'm hoping it will be televised by ESPN or SEC.
GoTide, no that is not homerism, it is the truth about UofL. Satterfield isn't an idiot, but his UofL teams have taken a beating by the Cats every since he got to Louisville and he doesn't like it. He has been prone to be a bit of a complainer. What he needs to do is keep his frustration off of Twitter and get his teams to play better. As for Missouri, yes the Cats have won 6 of the last 7 games but they have all been close games. Coach Drinkwitz is doing a much better job than Satterfield at building his program.
In a way I feel like Cal is to Kentucky basketball what Mark Richt was to Georgia football. Of course Cal does have one national championship, but other than that I think you could make a case for the programs both under performing expectations.
Just think if Cal could get as much from his teams as Stoops has from his.
Nope... Satterfield has been running his mouth too much. He doesn't like the fact that the Cats have put the smackdown on his cardinals every since he has been there. I'm looking forward to SD#3 coming his way in November. GBB!
For once, you and I agree on something. With the talent he has had, you screen name should be Eleven Titles (possibly more).
Here's the link to Chris' profile:
I would think you have to include Jordan Wright or JJ Weaver. We really need those two to get pressure on the QB to help out the secondary. BTW... for Big Blue fans, the UK Athletics web site has Chris Oats listed on the team roster. Thank you UK Football for not forgetting Chris!
I have to believe you could probably get at least 40K to attend the game. I'm hoping UK will have at least 30K.
Fuzzy, so what do Vol fans really think about not having a Spring game? I personally think that stinks for the UT fans, especially given what Heupel was able to do with the team last year. The UK administration finally got their act together and moved our game back to Saturday instead of Friday night. I wish it would start an hour or two later in the afternoon, but at least it is on Saturday again.
Man I am going to miss seeing Nakobe flying all over the field. I hope he has a long and successful career in the NFL.
Go easy on them Wan'Dale, you might hurt someone's feelings in the big tin.
I am sooooo READY! I hope SDS will do an article with the dates and times of the Spring game for all the SEC teams and how we can watch them. Yes, I want to see Bama & UGA, but I'd also like to see some of TAMU, Arky, Ole Miss, UT, Missouri and the Gamecocks... and all the others.
Thank you Coach Coen! I appreciate what he did to help the Cats take a big step in moving the offense in the right direction. GBB!
I was thinking the same thing about the Schlarman influence.
I wish things would have turned out better for him in the NFL, but I'm glad to have him back. He is young, intelligent, hardworking and True Blue.
$750K, yelp, I'm in the wrong profession.