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Serious question; do we always know who the organizers are and how much money is involved for the schools?
Okay, so they are the leader in SEC football but still doesn't change the fact that given our schedule this year we shouldn't be making fun of any team. I don't care if the team is the US Junior College for Blind & Missing One Leg or Bama... we've got no room to point a finger at anyone else. I don't know who is really in charge of the scheduling at UK but if we're going to be talking about knocking down doors then part of that is stepping up with a more challenging schedule. Heck... add back Indiana for crying out loud. No, they're not a football powerhouse but at least they are a P5 school! Time to stop... getting too aggravated.
SevenT... given our non-conference schedule and you're dogging other teams? Really???
Best wishes to you and the Gamecocks this year. Now that I'm living in NC I might be able to make it down to Williams-Brice for a game. I would really, really like to experience the 'Sandstorm'.
Five star players on the O-line... it must be nice! It will be interesting to see how the young guys play after a year in the trenches and S&C. Over the last few years I've become a bigger believer in one of the best ways to evaluate a team is it's O-line. I personally think one of the biggest reasons for Kentucky's improvement has been an upgrade in the O-line.
I was glad, and a bit surprised, to see Boogie make the list.
So what's a UT fan's take on the O-line? I really don't follow UT football that close but one of the impressions I do have of UT is a good O-line. I thought Jones left the program in good shape talent wise. Are most of those guys gone? Did he not recruit well for the line?
Thanks for the response. Sometimes the national media guys are right on with their analysis but I always like hearing from a fan that really follows the team. If Bentley is as improved as you say he should be then I think there is a good chance that the Gamecocks will beat KY this year. Everyone knows that KY lost Josh Allen but they also lost their two starting cornerbacks. One was 6'4" and the other 6'3" and both had started almost every game for 3+ years. We also lost both the starting safeties who were extremely athletic and started multiple games over their 4 years.
I wouldn't say SevenT and I are conversing. I just wanted to know why he thinks Rodriguez will be the future of Kentucky's RBs. I didn't get to the Spring Game and I thought maybe he did and therefore saw something on the field. He also has a tendency to stir the pot with some of his comments towards other teams... and of course the bear of Bourbon county. BTW... once again I didn't say or imply anything about your intelligence level.
Yelp... I just had to poke the bear. ;-)
Hey there Paris10... did you like my answer to all your questions on the KY article... or are you just hiding again???
From the outside looking in, I really didn't understand the John L. Smith hire and for that matter I thought the Bielema hire was a bit of an odd. You guys really did get hammered by the whole Petrino situation but you have to admit there were questions about his character even before he was hired. I hope your new coach can turn things around. You guys are playing on the tuff side of the conference which makes it hard to recruit and then you've got OK and TX on your west which complicates recruiting. I hope your fans and the administration will give him time (4+ years) like they gave Stoops at KY.
So here is a question for you SC fans, from an offensive standpoint which one of the two do you think is more important for the Gamecocks to win more games this year; Bentley to be more consistent and lower his number of interceptions OR for the Gamecocks to have a RB that can be counted on for 110 to 120 yards every game?
SevenT, why do you say Rodriguez will be the RB of the future for the Cats? Did he play really well at the Spring game? What are you basing the statement on? I think Smoke was more highly rated out of high school but that's no guarantee on anything.
Dear regular SDS readers… you’ll probably just want to skip this response and read something else… but Paris10 asked. Thank you so much Paris10! I wasn’t going to respond to any of your comments on this article but you have come out and ‘attack’ me I will respond to you. BTW, I tried to respond last night but my response went into the ‘under moderation zone’ because I included a couple of links for more information about Mr. Rodriguez. I’ll enumerate things for you to make it easier for you to respond if you wish. 1) My response to Black and Garnet (BAG) was a response a result of him already saying the Cats ‘will finish last in the east’. Since he is on commenting so boldly on a UK story, I simply wanted him to back up his analysis. If you will notice, Bourbon Blue made a similar statement. (For what it’s worth, you at least did some homework before posting and actually looked up last year’s stats for Rodriguez, so hats off to you.) 2) Great question about the ‘rest of the story’ – I bet Paul Harvey would be proud of you. Since there is limited actual college statics for Rodriguez about the only thing anyone can do is look at summary of his high school stats. You can find a synopsis of high school stats on the UK Athletics site and I’m sure the major recruiting sites will have some additional information. 3) I’ll go and hide… from you??? Bahahahahahaha, Bahahahahahaha!!! Has anyone else here who follows the UK stories noticed that he doesn’t respond when I point out what Paris10 leaves out? 4) Yes, I feel wonderful when people respond to my reasonable posts with reasonable answers. Just a couple of days ago I posted a reasonable question for Bama fans about de-commitments and two people gave me a reasonable response. The same goes for the question I posted on an Arkansas story. A couple of their fans responded and game me some additional insight into their program. You can pull your normal routine of getting offended if you want but it really doesn’t matter because most of the regular posters here on the site know all about you. Please note: I did not say anything about your age, health or wife and in my opinion, you are not a Louisville fan.
I’ll put that down ZouCat… the Wildcats will be last in the SEC east.
Back in 2017 Kentucky offered Kiyaunta Goodwin (6'7" 370 lbs) who is an 8th grader from Louisville. The Cats aren't the only interested in him. He also has offers from Georgia, LSU, Bama, the Cards and FSU.
After reading another story about Arkansas football and reading some of the comments from Hog fans it appears that some of you guys feel the program has lost its way. Is that a fair statement? If so, do most fans put most of the blame on Bielema or do they point at Petrino? I think Kentucky was headed in that direction after Brooks left but in my opinion the Stoops hire helped turn things around.
Why do you think so? I didn't get to go to the Spring game. Did he play well in the game? The 'rumors' I heard was that Smoke had pulled a little in front of him... but then that's rumors. I think they are both going to be good backs.
BAG you appear to be an expert on the UK football program. Therefore, I agree with Bourbon Blue, tell us your analysis and why he can't be the back of the future?
I'll put that down BAG... the Cats will be last in the SEC.
So what do you think has caused the slide in football team? Was it Petrino or Bielema?
If any of our three running backs have over 1,000 yards this year then I think we are going definitely see more quality backs looking at the Cats. If we have 2 backs over 1,000 yards like a couple of years ago then RB recruiting should really take off.
So does Bama tend to have a lot of guys flip on them? If so, does it tend to be the 5 stars or lower rated players? As a Kentucky fan, I can tell you all about "100 % committed".
* I don't think Saban IS calling anyone for pointer. *
You might be right SEC Country. Early on in his tenure Stoops might have been looking at SC and MSU as a pattern but I think he now needs to be looking at UGA and Bama. Not that the Cats are just around the corner from achieving their level of success. BTW... I like your screen name but I don't think there was anywhere near the fan's interaction that SDS has. My screen name is my own little protest to seeing 2/3s of the articles about the top 4 or 5 teams in the league.