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Hey SDS... ya' got any UK football stories?? Here's a story suggestion for UK: their season ticket sales are on pace to be the second highest since Stoops came to UK.
And on a totally different topic Auburn fans, it looks like Joey Gatewood is on the move again. This time he is heading to UL to play... TE, which is probably what he should have done at the end of his second year. Not talking smack at AU because he also played at UK. Here's a link to the story.
Oh no CrankE... someone at the SDS Journalism department read you post and got it fixed. I guess your post won't make sense to others who read it now.
I'm assuming you're using Chrome, MS Edge, or Firefox for your browser. If so, rather than use an ad blocker switch to Brave, which is focused on privacy and blocking ads. Do a search and check them out... and no, I don't work for them or make money from them. Also, check out Duck Duck Go as your search engine... no, that is not a joke. Again, search it and they are also about stopping all the junk.
Now wait TXReb, he still might get a second chance at A&M with Bobby Petrino now being the OC... especially if Mr. Marshall rides are Harley.
Man RCJ, you even beat the guy that is telling us how to make almost $20k in our spare time.
Wow, no real sports reporting here, just an attempt to get people to gamble. I had thought for some time that SDS was heading that way. How long before we'll be able to wager on this very site for everything from the KY Derby to the next heavy weight boxing match... with a few stories about SEC sports to make it look legit.
Joe Burrow was at Ohio State 3 years; 2015, 16 and 17. According to the sports-reference He didn't play in any games in 2015.
UK also picked up O-lineman Courtland Ford via the portal from USC west. It's nice to hear the line is improving, but I want to see it on the field.
Thank goodness all this speculation will be over by Saturday night. I really, really want him to be successful, but how many articles have we seen on him and some of the other SEC QBs? I guess it gives sports writers and media outlets something to talk about.
That's good news! Has anyone heard anything about Pregnon, the offensive guard from Wyoming? He's from Denver which makes me think Colorado State might be in the running to get him.
You bring up a good point about Scroggs. I wouldn't be surprised to see him move to an ACC team if he wants to play this year. As for Tanner Bowles, he entered the transfer portal on November 30th and committed to the Cats on December 8th, so there is no problem with him. Tanner is from western KY, and the Cats tried to sign him out of high school, but it's hard to battle against the Tide.
LOL. I hear talk about improvements by the O-line, but it's all talk until you're up against an SEC defense. I hope they are and will continue to improve, but I'm taking a wait-and-see approach.
It will be interesting to see if UK might be looking at him. The Cats have picked up 2 O-line from the portal already: Marques Cox (Northern Illinois) and Tanner Bowles (Alabama). USC offensive tackle Courtland Ford is apparently going to visit Lexington and the Cats have offered Wyoming guard Emmanuel Pregnon. The Cats REALLY, REALLY need to improve the O-line if they want to make any progress.
Okay Tru, whatever. UGA is National Champs back-to-back with a good chance at making it a 3peat and your saying 3rd in the East. To quote Dawglb... 'get some help.'
GT8 & Leg are correct. Too much competition in Athens.
Mark Stoops at Kentucky was the DC at Florida State. Here's something from his official bio on the UK football site: "Stoops came to Kentucky from Florida State, where he was defensive coordinator from 2010-12. He inherited a unit a unit ranked 108th in the nation in total defense and turned it into one of the nation’s best. In the 2012 season, the Seminoles were second in the nation in total defense, allowing 254.1 yards per game, and sixth nationally in scoring defense at 14.7 points per game."
For a brief moment I thought Jager Burton was going to have some competition at center... but the 7-foot thing kind of gave it away.
That's my coach! Sic'em Stoops, sic'em until they really get after it. Come on guys... push even harder! I think the team can bounce back from last year.
The Spring Meet starts on April 7th and runs through April 28th. I'm not that big of a horseracing fan, but people say the Fall Meet is the best. For football fans coming to Lexington for a game, they might want to check the Keenland schedule to see if they are having races on Friday. You might be able to visit Keenland on Friday and then go to the game on Saturday.
Football. Overall Stoops is heading in the right direction since he arrived. Yes, there have been some bumps in the road, but the trend is upward.
It looks like your coach lost his shirt... but in a good way! WPS, good luck on Thursday.