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Simple... He's a Vol and regretted flipping to Georgia when Tennessee fired Jones...He's coming home.
They didn't recruit him because there was no chance of getting him.
Nothing to do with Georgia or the state of their program... Case is a Vol and wanted to come home.
yep... Fields and Eason are both better than Fromm imo
I'm a life long Vols fan, but I love Coach O
I agree on Saban and don't even think Bryant should be #2... Spurrier should be higher as should Neyland... Near never beat Gen Neyland
I was about to say the same about Spurrier and Gen Neyland... anyone who knows the history of college football knows Bob Neyland is at least top 10...
exactly...I'm a lifelong Vols fan but love Coach O
None of those you named wanted the job...
That #15 has been on some memorable players. Carl Pickens and Kelley Washington now Jennings
He'll achieve it next season...and Dan Mullen will still look like The Hunchback of Notre Dame