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I was unaware that Tennessee-Martin was in the SEC
I love Kash Daniel and he is the leader of this team and especially the defense, but he is probably our least talented lb. The defensive line for UK with their size should be able to handle the uf offensive line, they haven't shown that they are a good unit yet. The biggest thing to worry about in this game is Frank's throwing with the playmakers he has against a group of young inexperienced and relatively untested defensive backfield. The UF front 7 will get pressure, their too good not to. UK ol won't let them dominate but with a qb that's been in the system for about 6 weeks they shouldnt need a whole lot. I'm predicting cats by 1 on a last second fg. Also wouldnt be surprised if the uk punter gets player of the game
Wish we could have kept him committed. Wish him nothing but the best in every game except for UK every year.
Snell will be missed along with the senior class that is leaving.
Well KU's defense will be bad like every other defense in the big xii
Why can you not take your flabby gooch and go bother someone else.
Paris10 is a flabby gooch
If you are a Louisville fan then why are you here? Actually I would love a yearly match against Ohio State. Big games like that help recruiting. But you sir are an idiot that just wants to troll UK message boards every chance you get.
Exactly. You have to hire coaches and give them time to build a program. Just like Barnhart has done with Stoops, which you bash every chance you get.
Such a troll. Why dont you go ahead and change your flair to a team that you actually like?
This article is true. I was at the Vandy game and people all around me were screaming for a passing play. I don't understand why. If we don't have to pass to win then why would we pass. This team has proven that they are at their best with an attacking defense and ball control. I prefer winning to looking good losing.
I love Benny Snell and all that he means and could mean to UK going forward. But to put him in comparison with Herschel is just plain wrong. Herschel was a one time talent that will never be matched. Benny will go down as great in his own way but he isn't the freakish athlete that Herschel was. Herschel is still fighting MMA at 50 something years old.
I believe the game can go either way. Both teams have their strengths and their deficiencies. They will play on saturday to determine the winner and then people can talk trash or whatever. My first comment was just in regard to paris10 always has something negative to say because he is a troll
I loved watching those teams the biggest difference between those years and this year is the o-line and d-line. Before we had a few good players and one really special kind of player. Now we have a bunch of really good players and a few special talents. We can also rotate players in without the talent level drastically changing.
SCar is a good team and it will be a challenging game saturday. I hope UK doesnt get ahead of themselves and overlook teams or play flat. If uk can come out with the energy and enthusiasm they played with last week then I think they can win. We will need wilson to do more than he did last week and we need the receivers to catch the balls thrown to them. I believe it will be a close game but UK offensive line and snell wear down SCar in the 4th and are able to get the win.