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Which holes do you speak of? There are a lot of question marks I'll give you that.
Why respond with that on this article? You must be really lonely. Do you need a friend?
With an offense UK might actually be a threat in the east
It will take a lot to get him to leave. Everything said in this article about Iowa being awesome is also true at UK. Reasonable expectations and hands off administration that is willing to spend if you can put a consistently competitive product on the field. Personally I am more worried about Michigan making a call to Stoops than anywhere else
Well written article. The world needs people like him.
I grew up near Cawood Ledford when he was breeding mini horses in Harlan County. I visited with him at his house a few times and he told me UK sports stories and that is probably the biggest reason I am a UK fan. He was a always a friend to me although I was a child, was a good man.
UK needs to figure out the identity of the offense. They either have to decide to be a power rushing team with some deep/intermediate throws to keep the defense honest or the quick strike short throw with some zone read runs to balance things. But the jumbled mess they tried to pull off was uninspiring after the first half and Auburn adjusted. If we can get Ole Miss defense to at least respect the pass then we should be OK in the next game but their offense looks legit and our defense really needs to play well
Not just money. Remember what fat Phil did last bowl season in switching to the game in Florida over ky for recruiting purposes.
I dont think impose their will is the right wording. I do think UK has the upper hand in the match up against AU due to the lack of experience for their guys. UK should be able to better handle the d lines of the sec and cause more disruption with their own d line. If the pass blocking works half as well as the run blocking then UK should be able to have a chance at 8 wins but this season is a tossup
UK is on a historic run for the program. I absolutely love what Stoops has done and I believe the university and public are finally buying in. Could mean really good things in the future. With that said, historically SCar is better than UK.You guys still recruit better players according to media insights. You are absolutely correct in your points. I believe the difference is UK is on an upswing while SCar seems to be stale or going backwards as a program. I hope I sound humble enough to you so that you don't hate us all.
He has shown flashes of being very good. Im excited to see him develop in the system
They are walking on. No scholarships will be used
I am pretty optimistic. This will be the most overall athletic team we have had in a long time. We do need some guys to reach some of their potential, but we have more than 1 or 2 guys that can do it. And a lot of guys have exp from last year. I think we can beat anyone on our schedule if we play our best and get a lucky bounce or two. We are definitely better than most of UK's tradition
I'm very surprised no one talked about the UK game. That has been one of the better early season conference games in college for the last 5 years or so.
Has some potential but seems like he was a massive project.Doubt he would've ever seen the field unless we have injuries like last year. Wish him the best and hope he lands somewhere on his feet that will help him develop.
I was unaware that Tennessee-Martin was in the SEC
I love Kash Daniel and he is the leader of this team and especially the defense, but he is probably our least talented lb. The defensive line for UK with their size should be able to handle the uf offensive line, they haven't shown that they are a good unit yet. The biggest thing to worry about in this game is Frank's throwing with the playmakers he has against a group of young inexperienced and relatively untested defensive backfield. The UF front 7 will get pressure, their too good not to. UK ol won't let them dominate but with a qb that's been in the system for about 6 weeks they shouldnt need a whole lot. I'm predicting cats by 1 on a last second fg. Also wouldnt be surprised if the uk punter gets player of the game
Wish we could have kept him committed. Wish him nothing but the best in every game except for UK every year.