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Who cares what this guy thinks? Is he a college coach or a coach of any kind? Another helicopter parent who believes his kid is right and the rest of the world is wrong. Can’t his kid speak for himself? What a jerk!
Don’t recognize the logo of the team Vols to play. Must be so insignificant it doesn’ ring a bell. Who is it?
I spent a lot of time on another site complaining about people trying to ruin a person's reputation while they do not have the courage to own up to their charges. Stand up and be counted or just go away.
Looks like other schools (Ole Miss?) are trying to stir the pot.
SevenT: Guess you need to go back to basketball . . . Wait! Looks like the Vols kicked you around there too. Lacrosse? volleyball? Twiddly winks?
As a Tennessee grad, I always regretted the fact that Spurrier left the state to play football. I for one enjoyed his jabs over the years, particularly since they usually had a lot of truth in them.
Doesn't Virginia Tech open the season next year in Bristol against Tennessee?
Absolutely correct. We are now at the point where any jarring hit in the open field is assumed to be targeting. Not only did Moseley get robbed of his best play as a Vol, the team was robbed of a turnover when the receiver coughed up the ball and we recovered.
When he was at Tennessee he was often faced with a long third down situation that inevitably went wrong for the Vols. We called it "third and Chavis" because we knew what was coming.
Whatever happened to Dillon Bates? He has gone from a kid talked about as a possible starter in the spring to an invisible man this fall. Why not consider him for the strong-side LB spot?
Missouri has to hold on to beat Ark St and is still ranked 22?
I think we will find that the Vols' defense is much better than 4th. Probably 2nd.
What happened to Dillon Bates? Going in to spring practice he appeared to have the upper hand at the starting position. Now he is not even in the top 3. Can anyone shed any light on this?
Win some . . . lose some. Just heard that Preston Williams ha been cleared to practice. Even this doesn't make up for the loss of Pig Howard, it sheds a little sunshine on an otherwise dismal day.
They get paid millions of dollars for this? I'm in the wrong business. I'm trying to imagine them presenting this to UT high-ups. Is this like the emperor has no clothes?
The great thing about this article is that you could argue for several other guys at every single position.
I still have hope that Josh Smith will return to the form he was showing before his injury, but we still need several of those mentioned to step up and pull up their big boy pants. The Von Pearson situation really hurts. When are these guys going to learn to stay away from these potentially career-ending situations?
This is the down-side of an early commitment. He, along with several others like McKenzie, has been instrumental in helping attract another top-notch class. Most reporters (and fans) are most interested in what is new and shiny. Once spring practice begins the Vol staff will see what a tremendous prospect they have in Andrew, not just as a football player but as a young man. I have every confidence that we will soon see what he can contribute to this program.
I thought McKenzie was going to enroll early. Was I mistaken?
Well said. You only get out of the program what you put in it. Many thanks for all your contributions, VFL.
Wish him well, but not a great loss to the Vols, looking at the talent ahead of him.
Under "hard commits" I believe you should also list Andrew Butcher, a defensive end from Georgia. He was an early commit and will be an early enrollee. I am confident that he will become a factor in the defense early on and will mature to be outstanding as an upperclassman. His father played LB at Clemson so he already knows what it takes to excel at the college level.
With Hurd, Kamara, etc. already there, it looks like Rocky saw the handwriting on the wall. Good luck to him, but if he decides on Georgia he will face the same problems, maybe even worse.
After Peyton, Eric Berry is undoubtedly the most popular Vol ever. A true VFL,
Does this mean he may be moved to the offensive line? Article is not very clear about this.