Current double major at the University of Georgia in my senior year. I knew absolutely nothing about football prior to the 2012 season. During Georgia's electric 2012 season, I studied the history, playbooks, and strategy that makes football interesting to dissect. The lowest moment of my life as a bulldog fan was seeing 4 yards separate us from a national title in 2012 as the clock ran out against Alabama. I am a proud childhood cancer survivor with traveling experience all over Europe, Morocco, Turkey, Latin America, and 28 states in the Union. I might hate Alabama and Florida, but I'll defend the might of the SEC against those godless heathens in the Pac-12,ACC,B1G, and Big-12. Go Dawgs <P.S., that IS Nick Chubb supporting UGA Relay for life 2015.

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Just a little salty. My high school had about half the resources that Milton had, yet we had 1) a better football program and 2) nearly the same level of education. Oh well, at least I ended up alright. Finishing a double major at UGA in 4 years this upcomming month
Woah woa woa. Let's slow down a bit. I think the title for DLU is one shared/fought between Alabama and Mizzou right now. Lets not get ahead of ourselves with one great Florida DL draft in the last 5 years. Historically, yes, Florida has had good DL, but this title is for current teams in my opinion. If we went by history for DBU, It wouldn't be an LSU UF battle like it currently is.
Hahaha! I can't believe people like you exist! It's like I'm discovering dinosaur bones. I really hope this is satire
Shame on you, Mike. F**k you. Ever heard of Nick Marshall or Zach Mettenberger? That's what trying to be a white knight does. Kirby is not being a bully, hes providing sufficient evidence and is arguing for the sake of his team. You sit comfortably in a chair at ESPN getting paid to say what they want you to say, and I bet you wont do a quarter of the charities and life changing moments (that happen on the field) in your lifetime that Kirby will do in one year. So how about you stop jerking yourself.
Milton is full of rich white kids. Of course theyre going to Pensacola.
BLPB: It'll be after one of the preseason power rankings (I forget from whom, but they wait to about a month before kickoff). Like I said, they (found out its a group of volunteer avid football fans) try to be as exact as possible. Browsing through the blog feed, some posts were like, "This Ohio State player is moving to this position, and is keeping his number, but this new recruit will be his other number" And the admins are like "No problem". God bless them
You forgot the infamous "ButtChugging" incident that happened in 2012. It was a fad in Knoxville till a Fraternity brother died from it.
That man who created the rosters (idk if that's who I took it from, but it's most likely JoshC), is a hero. He runs a site to answer people who message him saying "Hey, this player got redshirted" or "This player transferred a week ago, can you update?" Ive already decided if he does another amazing job of roster and school rankings for next year, Im donating 60$ to his site.
Too bad there's rampant raping going on in your program, and we're finding out it's been going on since manning's time. I dont even know what to call Tennessee's culture, but if georgia has minor thefts and maybe a drug suspension every once in a while, I'll take it over Tennessee's tradition of Rape.
I hope this stings the UGA players as much as it stings me. That game hurt bad, and the pain needs to fuel every bulldog athlete throughout the summer. That loss was embarrassing and it cost us a great season. Mark Richt and co. got forced out, and if ever a player on our team feels like they miss the old regime, they need to look at that picture above for a while and let the emotions and memories sink in.
God I hate this guy. SDS (and Jessi), please stop glorifying his banter and keep him on a crappy radio where only losers who tune in can hear him
Such an awesome design with such a terrible logo. Those designs with the UK or even the older wildcat would be fierce. These look like we are about to play a cartoon middle school team
What the heck? UGA only leads the series against auburn by one game
Yeah, but Kirby Smart himself said the biggest recruiting need was at OT. Might not be immediate concern, but we at least have depth at Linebacker
Clemson West? Please, if anything they're Auburn west and you guys are south Detroit. How about you show off all those SEC titles that show you're better than Georgia? Might as well ignore the one ACC title you guys have. Its 48-18 against you cocks
This was done on purpose to get people to talk about it
Break out NCAA football with updated rosters
West Vanderbilt is a great team. They definitely stick it to their rivals on the east part of Nashville
Wow, where do I start: First of all, that third one is screaming for a ref to force a team to call timeouts because they wont be able to see black numbers on black jerseys. Second, If there's any one fan base in America you wont be able to pitch new uniforms to, it's Alabama. Then maybe PSU.
Ok, so who's gonna make it? Who's gonna make some terrible pun/joke about saban being a driver with Kiffin in the passengers seat?
Junkyard, get off your high horse. These mistakes are all over these articles. It takes simple corrections like, "the only QB signee" to make this not sound off.
I mean it. Don't expect miracles with hiring Kirby Smart and getting Eason. They aren't messiahs. Kirby has never been a HC and Eason hasn't played a collegiate game, so give them time. It may be 3 years before we get a good shot at the Natty barring injuries, so the least these new guys need is all the pressure. I just remembered another reason that was the most painful loss: Herschel had to watch that garbage we put on the field.
Oh I don't mean that, he's obviously trying to get votes in SC, but his real battle should be swing states up north. Say...Ohio, Iowa, etc (SEC haters)
Hm, plenty of democrats up north do hate the SEC. But are you really gonna risk losing your SEC states to win over some yankees?
And everyone played bad. O-line didn't contain the rush and allowed Chubb to be TFL and pressured Lambert, Chubb was stopped (in one case with just one arm), we kept targeting MM26 because the others were so heavily covered. Dont get me started on QB play that game. Defense forced a turnover early, keeping us in this, but we got tired way too quickly and were eventually out schemed. Just look at that early Ridley TD where our guy went running laterally instead of keeping with Ridley. Special teams played unmotivated. Ignoring the terribly blocked punt, we didnt show any kick return threat and we seemed to just go through the motions of losing a game instead of seeking out an unexpected fire with special teams. No one played well that game.