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Grantham is a good coach but not as good as he thinks.
He's a tough ba$tard and a great QB but to say he lost the game is BS. Auburn had something to do with it, 200 yards rushing, 276 passing, and strong defense. They were knocking the poop out of the Rebels and wore the Rebel defense so far down they were faking injuries to slow the momentum. Only poor sportsmanship does not credit their opponent.
Where did all those Bo haters run off to? I'm still getting used to the defensive schemes but they are pretty stout when needed and the adjustments are always spot on.
I agree, we would all be vaccinated with the warp speed vaccination program set up by the former President.
As do I. I believe he believes it is a personal choice and will not say either way.
Yes they do and it is constitutional. It has been through the courts already.
The QB was a running back, Monday went low and the QB lowered his head.What is the safety supposed to do, let the QB score?
But Chiz lost the football team, they gave up once they got behind. There's a difference between freshmen and sophomores playing their hind ends off and losing and the te4am quitting on the coach.
In the old days that was what they called a championship drive, something to build on.
There were zero blocks made the entire game. GAST man handled the Oline. That is the story line.
Really? Is they why Keith Jackson did so many of them on National Television?
There are at least 3 great defensive coordinators out there, maybe 4, 2 former, 1 newly lost his HC job and a former gator. Mason, Strong, Muschamp, and Chiz. I doubt the Chiz though and Boom may have shat the nest last time by taking Auburn people with him.
He looked good at times this year, the times he got a touch.
They're paying Crystobal $4.55 per year on his new contract. If you are going to pay a man $7 million a year to get a suntan, you better be willing to out bid that. They need to go big or go home at this point. If Crystobal is smart he interviews the staff in place and keeps Crime Dog, TWill, Steele, brings in Rocker and does his own offense.
Fvck that guy. He actively pointed his high school players to "anywhere but Auburn" He negative recruits Auburn every year of his life. He's a bammerneck through and through.
No big deal, the bammernecks are still whining about the Camback game in 2010. They hate Cam with a passion simply because he beat them at home and then won the BCS Championship that year.
#1 ranked Dlineman 3 years in a row?
Actually hid family can go back and wait for him to complete his restitution. Then he can go back. Germany will handle the "welfare" you whined about.
Mark Barron still has butthurt (along with all the other bammernecks) over the 2010 Iron Bowl, commonly referred to as the Camback game. The NFL will get in Barron's pocket.
Did you not see the icon beside the poster's name? They're all the same.
I also note Craig didn't get the promo to OC.