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No big deal, the bammernecks are still whining about the Camback game in 2010. They hate Cam with a passion simply because he beat them at home and then won the BCS Championship that year.
#1 ranked Dlineman 3 years in a row?
Actually hid family can go back and wait for him to complete his restitution. Then he can go back. Germany will handle the "welfare" you whined about.
Mark Barron still has butthurt (along with all the other bammernecks) over the 2010 Iron Bowl, commonly referred to as the Camback game. The NFL will get in Barron's pocket.
Did you not see the icon beside the poster's name? They're all the same.
I also note Craig didn't get the promo to OC.
Herman, Kiffin, Briles, Petrino, Fisher. They'll look for an offensive coach.
Briles was innocent of all charges bud, maybe you should read the most recent reports.
That all you got? Can't count either.
I see the butthurt is strong in this one. CAMback!28-27. buck fama
Grantham called Auburn and offered and the rumor mill has Kelley still considering.
Muschamp will not leave for GA as the DC.
Shirley you jest, Rudy made initial contact on the green, and slid down the legs as he went out of bounds.
He wasn't complaining about the late hit, he was raising hell because they were holding Carl Lawson on the play, they held him a lot of times and not a single call.
Any time a turd says "Just sayin" they are being a penishead. Any receiver that gets into a position contest with a guy who is definitely the best pair of hands in the SEC and loses the battle just loses. You hope there is a moral problem turd. Truth is Duke took his punishment like a man, shoveled horse poop for a week and came back and earned his way up the ladder.
They are all that, JJ will astound you at QB. Running Back U will just plug in another 1000 - 2000 yard rusher and the D is better than everyone thinks.
Jeremy Johnson, Roc Thomas, Jovon Robinson, Ricardo Lewis,left tackle Shon Coleman, left guard Alex Kozan, center Austin Golson, right guard Braden Smith and right tackle Avery Young Defense Montravius Adams, Dontavius Russell, Maurice Swain and Devaroe Lawrence, Cass, Frost, Williams X2, Jones, Ford and don't forget, Gus coaching the O Will coaching the D. The upside is scary.