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And scoring on vandy with 1:30 left to go up 55-0? Kirby wouldn't do that
Why the hell do you keep responding to him. Most of us skip his comments
I think he'll say the back-ups on senior day but he should have taken a knee
Hasn't UGA had a top 5 recruiting class EVERY year since 2018? That's a lot of talent
He's a UGA fan who rarely but sometimes post on UGA content. Mostly trolls Alabama
Peyton Manning is like Forest Gump. He was there for everything except win Tennessee beat Fla and won the natty.
Use speech to text so I guess you could say dumb Google but if insults make you feel better about yourself, I'll be your whipping post.
Dear fellow TN fans, Please don't come to a UGA site and make the rest of us look delusional. UGA has a deep talented roster that has played big games before. They have a great coach and the game is on Athens. We shouldn't even have a chance in this game.. but we do. So just be a good human
I shall follow you till the end of great Master of all knowledge
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you your highness. Please have mercy on your most dedicated servant. All hail LSUMC.
Your right.the 8 different NFL reference websites that,for some reason, kept track of his entire stats ( and google for that matter ) should be taken down. Those #s should not exist and we should all bow to LSUMC and his great knowledge. You are now my God. Thank you for showing me the way
Good read. Gotta love the SEC. What's the over/under on the cbs 3:30 ratings next Saturday?
We don't need tissues.. we already have 8 wins. Even if we lose the last 4, we met preseason expectations. Just not being the laughing stalk of the SEC is already a winning season these days
Ok. I just checked. It was 88 thru 2006. 2 years as a head couch. 15-17 with dolphins. 65-63 overall
I think he coached in the NFL from 88 to 2000.
Only newbies to this site make it past his name.
Nick Saban did ok at 65-63 in NFL. Steve spurrier went 12-20 after leaving fla for redskins. Josh huepel would probably be trading a decent tenure at TN for a short stent in the NFL. But good luck to him if he decided to go
It was once barely visible in the courtyard of a church. When UT bought the property and turned it into alumni hall, they unearthed it and left it on the corner. In 1980 someone painted it for a home game and had been a tradition ever since.
I'm all for pranks and good jabs even if it is against my team. Good one blue nation
He pulled the building down. Sacrificed himself to kill an army.
TN keeping any sec team under 20 points is not a good bet.
Also when you have the same head coach and a top 5 recruiting class EVERY year, you are never in a rebuild year