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That's because today's American history classes only teach the revolutionary war, the age of slavery, the civil war and the civil rights movement of the 1960s
yep, thats why we stormed the field and have a parade planned for this wknd
SPENCER is right. that's why we stormed the field and have a parade planned for this coming weekend.
i agree. alabama looked like the 6th best team in the west and Tennessee is getting killed in the first half
UGA did fine but if Spencer Rattler would have had Alabama's offensive line..... well it would have been even worse for south carolina
any posters that constantly brings up a dead player in their post, gets the troll title
at least all the current SEC teams. Bama by 4 scores!!!
nope, we are still the "champions of life". We earned that "brick by brick".
More importantly is the 73% accuracy when giving more than 70% chance to win. TN had a 86% chance to beat south Carolina last year and got curb stomped
No I'm telling you when fpi gives less than 70% chance, the are only slighty over 50% accurate. A 62% chance to win is a worthless prediction
In the last ten years, fpi prediction for college football has had a 73% accuracy for games picked with 70% or higher chance to win. With games picked with 50-60% chance to win, fpi is less than 55% accurate. You can flip a coin and get the same results.
Yes, UGA beat the vols as they should have. Clearly the better team won but why have LSU ranked 2 when TN trucked them in Baton Rouge. Also easily beat Clemson without their 3 biggest playmakers? Clemson should not be ranked ahead of TN
I'm not talking about the allotted tickets. I'm talking about the tickets fans sell.(if any)
Game is in T town. Alabama fans say TN crowd won that game last year. They will sell tickets to TN and ,most importantly, as of a week ago Nick Saban is still talking about the TN game. This one is circled in red.
Does that to me too. Have to scroll back down and hit it again. Usually works the second time
Are you talking about the deceased player who seamed to be a humble, respectful human being? If so you could learn something from him. If you're going to be a douchebag, please take the power T away from your name
I think Coach Beamer is a good coach and a great fit for USC. I hope he does well
Question mark isn't supposed to be there. I actually thought that was funny
University of Tennessee -1794 University of Texas -1883
Wants more money. I'm all for players getting paid but maybe we go back to the old transfer you sit out a year. Slow the portal down some.... Unless you are a grad transfer