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Kentucky isn't overmatched against vols. Kentucky certainly could win this game
There are "key" words and phrases that are kicked out for review. Hillbilly is not one of them.
Thats actually a huge compliment from corch. It must of been hard to say
Every fan base has misguided souls who spew nonsense nonstop. So let me apologize for some idiots who have the orange T next to their name. Sensible fans on here ignore them... I do not believe TN wins this game. If we could keep it within 10 and go atleast 6-4 this year, we can still build on that. If we can upset some people, great!
Hes just misguided and over excited
Raise some money, beg in the streets if you have to and give urban Myers a call. He loves a challenge to prove hes the best team builder and when he "retires" in 5 years you will be better for it
It said championship contenders... why is aTm, auburn, LSU and UT in it?
Part of the problem is Florida is scoring to fast. Giving opposing offenses to many possessions
Calm down there titty baby. Havent seen much smack talk from TN fans this year. Especially compared to Ga fans. Florida really has you guys scared. TN fans dont expect to win the east this year. Weve been stuck in limbo for 2 decades. We expect to compete. Something we've only done in spurts for far to long. This should be a good game for a while but i expect GA to come out the victor.
Respect... I didnt believe LSU's early rankings with all the turnover in personnel. (I know . Easy to say now, right?) But this is my west team and im a fan of orgeron. I hope LSU and TN get much better fast. Its about to get real
Slow down... they still have plenty of debth on defense. Hard for 5 great players to wear down 15 really good players
Missouri found there QB. There offense will get better each week. I dont see LSU blowing them out. Missouri was moving the ball. They just need to be more consistent and finish drives. I think tn got them at a good time. UGA is in the same situation. .. wish we would have got them week 1
Florida should cover that spread easily
Hate that for Kentucky. Was really pulling for them. Plus we need the east to win a few of these games against the west
Would love to see SC pull the upset.. why wouldn't I? But I'm thinking FL 41 - SC 20
Yes Captain Obvious....getting pressure on Trask AND covering Pitts at the same time would limit his yards. Problem is doing that. No lol
Did he say Florida was "most likely ahead of Tennessee"? From where I was watching the games Saturday, Florida is most definitely ahead of Tennessee. We might as well throw rose petals and let Pitts walk into the end zone to save ourselves the embarrassment
My however had nothing to do with Mays eligibility but with a rule made to protect a school and not the player. You see I dont like the transfer portal at all. I wish players would stick to there committment thru good and bad. Alas i am not a player and see it from a fan point of view. My point was why do teams get to poach coaches? Why can highly paid coaches do as they please yet unpaid athletes (mostly adults) have no say so in their career? (Or unpaid apprenticeship for the NFL at this point)
The rule is set and mays shouldnt be an exception. However the rule is there so that a person (player) shouldn't be able to move to another program with inside info on an opponent. Giving the new team an unfair advantage. So why does Barry Odom get to coach in the sec this year? Why was Pruitt able to leave alabama for Tennessee without waiting a year? What about Kirby, Mullen, Muschamp? All made moves inside the sec. Is the rule against players just for sake of having a rule?
Agree.... preseason polls are about almost as useless as your opinion. Tell us more. What will your team do this year?
Unlike most recruits he has plenty of advice from legacies who have been through it already. I personally think he should play for the Florida
Why can you transfer in conferences as a grad transfer? Shouldn't the same reasons be applied?
I dont usually like to call names but have to agree 100%