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A feminist group suing a university for $500,000,000 in damages for something fans said? I thought you were a troll but your really just dumb.
He was recruited by LSU because of what he and Bailey did as team mates. If Bailey is the qb, the tight end will be used no matter the OC
Mullen didn't start out with top tier talent but he's a proven head coach in a great recruiting state
The coaching change every 3years isn't helping anything. Mullen and fisher are doing well in their 3rd year but they have been head coaches b4... If we wanted a quick turnaround we should have hired a seasoned head coach instead of coordinator. Fire Pruitt now and tell the next candidate you have 3 years to win the east. Good plan
But these younger QBs are missing the deep balls. Something G could do
A&M should just forfeit the game... they would still win by 2 scores
21 paragraghs to explain a no brainer pick between AL and TN and only 2 paragraghs each explaining how you pick games that are much more predetermined. Took the much easier route to headline this article. Good job
Kentucky isn't overmatched against vols. Kentucky certainly could win this game
There are "key" words and phrases that are kicked out for review. Hillbilly is not one of them.
Thats actually a huge compliment from corch. It must of been hard to say
Every fan base has misguided souls who spew nonsense nonstop. So let me apologize for some idiots who have the orange T next to their name. Sensible fans on here ignore them... I do not believe TN wins this game. If we could keep it within 10 and go atleast 6-4 this year, we can still build on that. If we can upset some people, great!
Hes just misguided and over excited
Raise some money, beg in the streets if you have to and give urban Myers a call. He loves a challenge to prove hes the best team builder and when he "retires" in 5 years you will be better for it
It said championship contenders... why is aTm, auburn, LSU and UT in it?
Part of the problem is Florida is scoring to fast. Giving opposing offenses to many possessions
Calm down there titty baby. Havent seen much smack talk from TN fans this year. Especially compared to Ga fans. Florida really has you guys scared. TN fans dont expect to win the east this year. Weve been stuck in limbo for 2 decades. We expect to compete. Something we've only done in spurts for far to long. This should be a good game for a while but i expect GA to come out the victor.