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He is an "assistant" at the junior high level. That means hes home every night, doesn't have to recruit or come up with new schemes. He has notebooks full of plays. All he has to do is get 7th and 8th graders ready for high scool
Many people think tn will have the best offensive line in the sec this year and you put SC ahead of them. Ha!
Absolutely! I do not agree with some of the tactics but black lives do matter. All lives matter is just a protest to a protest. Of course all lives matter but like the ad says all lives cant matter unless black lives matter. I didnt agree with everything Obama did as president but can admit the things he did right. I do not agree with many things trump has or is doing but can admit what he has done right. If all you look for is bad in the world, thats all your ever going to see.
With zero ticket sales and zero concessions sold the athletic dept still makes money on tv contracts alone. Its not like they are paying the athletes... football pays for tennis, volleyball, gymnastics, etc.
In the last 20 years uga is 13-7 over Tn. The 20 years before that was mostly Tn over UGA.... overall record is 24-23-2 advantage UGA. Uga has few good seasons while the rest of the east is down and think they've been on top since genesis.
Saban's successor will be working a thankless job at Alabama. A fan base that expects to win... if you win, well thats what you are supposed to do. If you dont, ouch! Its hard to follow the greatest
In 3 years those 3*s will be better developed than your 5*s if they are still there
Completely means 100 percent right? So Tn hasnt beat UGA one time in 20 years. Math class must have been too hard for you
He was offered from Tn. Thinks its too crowded there.
I know.. you guys are funny. If these coaches were each at the other school the same things would be being said but from the other teams. I laugh
At 5 years in that no longer matters... That is Smart's roster now. Dan still has a couple yrs and then you compare 2 different coaches at 2 VERY good programs
Yeah, whats he saying? Ole miss's hay day? The west hay day? Either way Mullen was part of the equation
A 5* qb rating in high school means a recruit is top of the country in High school... high scool isnt college. There's a lot of good players in college. The question is how many has he or any coach developed. How will a 3* from Fla stack against a 4* or 5* from ole miss or GA? We put more faith in high scool stats than we do a very highly paid team of professionals whos only job is to develop these KIDS
It says underrated not best so i will say Alvin Camara. Neither Saban or Butch new what to do with him but he has skills
I like him.. Hopefully we get him in next years transfer portal
I agree. Im sure the media will turn that drama up when the match up gets closer
Aarron rogers, dak Prescott, matt ryan all 3*s. Tom Brady wasnt even ranked
Yes... another 3 star who plays muliple positions recruited by a coaching staff that knows how to evaluate talent better than a bunch of sports analyst that never coached anyone at anything. Yep Tennessee, where 3 stars go to be developed into men. Georgia, where 5 stars go to just be 5 stars
Why so concerned with tn? They are not mentioned in the article at all.. let it go. Tn is nowhere close to out recruiting Ga and never will be. GA will stay atop the east from now till kirby retires in 30 years with 16 NCs and 25 Sec championships. Right?
Your coach will be fired before our schedules line up again
You use a traumatic event to set up a stupid joke... Terrible!!!!
Sorry, 2-4. Should when the first 2 but could be 2-5 by rhe time they face vandy if they cant beat mizz, Kentucky or Tn