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I like him.. Hopefully we get him in next years transfer portal
I agree. Im sure the media will turn that drama up when the match up gets closer
Aarron rogers, dak Prescott, matt ryan all 3*s. Tom Brady wasnt even ranked
Yes... another 3 star who plays muliple positions recruited by a coaching staff that knows how to evaluate talent better than a bunch of sports analyst that never coached anyone at anything. Yep Tennessee, where 3 stars go to be developed into men. Georgia, where 5 stars go to just be 5 stars
Why so concerned with tn? They are not mentioned in the article at all.. let it go. Tn is nowhere close to out recruiting Ga and never will be. GA will stay atop the east from now till kirby retires in 30 years with 16 NCs and 25 Sec championships. Right?
Your coach will be fired before our schedules line up again
You use a traumatic event to set up a stupid joke... Terrible!!!!
Sorry, 2-4. Should when the first 2 but could be 2-5 by rhe time they face vandy if they cant beat mizz, Kentucky or Tn
With malcolm Turner gone , i agree mason is on his way out... If Muschamp can manage 7 wins this season he MAY keep his job but thats a big may. If he wins the games hes suppose to and pulls out an upset over TA&M or beats Tn (both home games) SC will make a bowl. Start out 1-4 and he may not make it to December
1 Fl 2 Ga 3 Tn 4 UK 5 Mizz 6 SC 7 Vandy Will Muschamp and Derek Mason both get fired
"Dont look for Hernandez's record to hang around much longer" is a classless cheap shot by Neil Blackmon... doesnt matter what you think of Hernandez, he has family you turd
Do the coaches really have anything to do with the schedules? Either way, i like it.. As much as i know FCS schools need the big paycheck, I would like to see less of that and more games like UGA - Clemson. Knock dabo out early so he's irrelevant by November!!!
Thers nothing "butt hurt" about saying a UGA poster shouldn't be worried about a recruit only being rated 3 stars... if development is there he can be just as good as a poorly coached team's 5 star.
I like Derrick Mason personally but im afraid if things don't get better in Nashville, he wont be around to coach this kid
Good coaching and development can make a bigger difference than stars next to a recruits name.. just look what butch jones did with all his stars... nothing. They regressed.
Yes i know.. there were 2 tn players to receive the award in 2019. There were 5 UGA players to receive the award in 2019
What off feild issues are we talking about? You mean Jeremy Banks who was dismissed from the team?
You should roll into town with them.. I'll save you a seat. Seriously I'll leave you a ticket at gate 21
Depends on what advice he got... I also think he should have went pro. If blood clots come back, his NFL career may end before it starts. However, he believes that he will stay healthy and improve his draft stock. He stated he "left alot of money on the field ". I hope hes right and wish him the best but I would have taken what I could now
Impressive win!! In my perfect world, Clemson beats Ohio and LSU thumps Clemson in the NC. Dabo needs an sec beating
Deciple: A follower of a teacher, leader or philosopher... Pretty sure Kiffin wasnt a very good follower. Did his own thing. Saban liked kiffins production but not his ability to follow directions