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Ummm maybe I'm wrong but isn't the phrase "by any means necessary.” a threat? Especially when following a quote such as "these are not requests, rather they are indeed demands, and all of them must be met or the group will see that they are adhered to" Just a thought.
Hahaha!!! You know why UGA fans are all jokes...Because if UGA doesn't win the SEC East or be predicted to win the SEC East its "The Apocalypse is upon us" oh no! oh no! "That guy is an (Idiot) (Homer) (Not an SEC writer) (He does't know)". I forgot that all UGA has to do show up to the field and they AUTOMATICALLY win. No questions asked. All other teams dont bother showing up. -The UGA Fan Mentality. Hilarious they're all the same. So fun to watch their season CRASH and BURN.
Heres a Link to the video of why UGA Kicked him of the team! Haha This is the real reason Georgia "dismissed" JHC from UGA.
Why are UGA fans always so bitter and butthurt? They are the worst at admitting they lost, dealing with it and moving on. All of these excuses...Worst in the SEC