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Why does Uf have the most trolls. If we're as bad and irrelevant as they say we are, troll the 'good' teams like Bama, LSU, and UGA.
Wait... We're allowed to have good news. Nah, this can't be real. Still doesn't make up for missing out on Marshall and Taylor, but it does help add depth to the DB group. I am still holding out hope that we land Collier, but maybe if UM chokes enough this season, these guys will all de-commit as usual and go here or somewhere else.
Nah dude, you're totally right. This does nothing to stop the spread.
Just 6 months ago he was rated a .945 and then he got dropped despite maintaining excellent stats. I still think he’s going to be a valuable contributor.
I wonder how they’re going to allot the remaining two opponent
Maybe that Arik Gilbert will break a school record as a freshman. Other than that, I'm with you.
Dude c’mon. If Tyler Clark’s or devante wyatts careers were cut short by injury, we wouldn’t be going over there are spewing nonsense.
Didn’t that Bryce Thompson guy get kicked out for saying he would shoot up the school or am I missing something? Anyways Pruitt will always put a pretty good defense on the field regardless.
Good for him. He might have gotten drafted higher if he forwent his senior year but altogether not a bad result.
We need him and Jason Marshall. Leonard Taylor would be another huge get. Palmetto high school could singlehandedly make or break this recruiting class.
Can't say that I agree with you on our defense in the LSU game. I think we only had 2 stops the whole game. Pretty much every time LSU got the ball, they drove it down the field. Greenard and Zuniga not playing may have had a lot to do with that, but the run d was terrible as well.
Bruh you really think imma troll. . I’m a sophomore at UF. I’ve gone to every home game for the last two years
I hope so for dans sake. Otherwise the pressure from the fan base will keep mounting
Swapped a four star for a three star. Not exactly ideal, but I guess we’ll just have to get used to good but not great recruiting. I want to pin our lukewarm recruiting efforts on the virus but I feel wrong doing so. If we get three of the five palmetto kids, the class is salvageable.
Wish I could say we didn’t need him but sadly this is the state of our program. Our coaches starting from the top cannot recruit. And this is coming off of an 11 win season. Imagine if we go 7-5. We lost this kid to a school that offered rosaries. Either he was hell bent on staying home, or what more likely is Dan and his antics put him off. Sigh
Gives us an extra scholly to work with. Maybe upgrade to a four star in the upcoming class?
Maybe I'm blind, but why does everyone hate Gary. The only thing I was upset about was his laughing at the Georgia girl who got knocked out. Other than that I thought he's been decent. Same goes for color guys like Chris Collingsworth. They get a lot of heat, and I don't really get why.
We should move Trey Dean back outside where he flourished as a freshman.
Went to High School at Vero with this kid. I was a senior when he was a sophomore. Didn't think he was D1 material then but I was completely wrong. Good luck to him except the one game each year against us.
I wish there was a way to hack 247 and add extra stars to players.