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Sad part is each season there’s a new excuse and this year’s version is not having castleton. Either way stricklame is too soft to pull the plug
just watched his tape against Texas this season. def will help us out at guard
What do UF's struggles have anything to do with what he said?
Tough to see. One of the reasons why guys opt out.
First big loss of the Napier era. Left probably bc the last staff played cox's sorry azz over him, otherwise would've been cox in the portal. Or Maybe getting called "Boggle" by the announcers last game was too much of an insult.
it's always recruiting season, unless you're dan mullen of course
Same, he hasn’t really done that much at isu, just won a game each year that he shouldn’t. Plus he has no ties to the southeast
not tryna troll, but they've at least been to a final four, lot of sec schools haven't
Apparently ej suffered and injury at practice today so it looks like ar will start
Thank got for drinkwitz, Dan almost backdoored his way into a job next year.
Yeah it’s me, u brought the leash but you didn’t bring a magnifying glass. Took me a while to find it
Where’s tdow and Megan at? Wouldn’t be a gator article without them.
I was laughing as soon as he did it knowing that this would be brought up
I love the way McKissic plays d. Our team this year reminded a lot of Arkansas from last year.