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Nah, I meant to say power 6. In basketball there are six power conferences that are universally recognized because of the big east. Not sure who declared themselves as national champions in this article.
Good luck to him. No disrespect, but he had no business getting serious minutes on a power 6 team.
First game I saw in person this season. Great atmosphere and always great to beat the noles
Lol I think it’s cuz we’re so used to seeing the quotes in the modified form with proper grammar. They just left this one raw.
Kinda weird to see us ahead of South Carolina considering they swept us
Ole miss is a tough out at swayze. That’ll be the series of the weekend along with Uf Ut
Barn needs someone to step up in their bullpen. Could easily have won if not swept that series with even a slightly competent bullpen not to mention that 9th inning debacle against bc.
Has anyone other than these three ever won a natty?
Good luck bro. You’ll be hard pressed to find pt there tho.
I have no idea why anybody would want to play for white mike.
I think it’s more Herbie is mad bc of his osu bias than bc fields is black.
Problem is he’s not quick. Pearl likes quick guards that can shoot like Bryce brown, Jared Harper, doughty. Locke gets beat off the dribble so easily and cant break people down off the dribble
This team pisses me off so much. I can’t figure out if we’re good or not which I guess keeps making me lean towards the latter.
Maybe white mike can follow him and be his assistant as JU. That might actually be justified
Very surprised to see Vandy not at no.1 after their performance this weekend.
White mike is still a terrible coach but Tre put the team on his back in crunch time. If we get by oru we could be facing Arkansas. I doubt Payne comes back but we’ll see
Wow, A&M and LSU no where to be found. Bit surprising considering A&M's won 10 in a row and LSU went 5-0 last week. So far, Mizzou looks to be the only team that might not make the tournament.
Our ERA is 10th which is bad enough but the fielding is 13th at .965 clip. That has to at least get to .975 for us to have a chance for a postseason run. Lineup is good but tries to hit homers at times and ends up with too many popups.
thug? I'd say more like reckless 20-year-old who committed a dirty play in the heat of the moment.
Just curious, UF basketball has not had a dirty incident in the last ten years until today. It's pretty silly to try and compare the shortcomings of the football program to a random incident in a basketball game.
Would have never expected to see this from Omar. He was more of a quiet unassuming type of kid. Either way, he probably will be out for the next few games. Too bad white mike will be back next year. F
I always get sad whenever I see kids that are this overweight. It always comes back to bite you in your 40s and 50s