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I don’t care. We need all the wins we can get.
If he runs under 4.5, he could go late first round, early second imo.
Maybe a penchant for unsportsmanlike conduct penalties are a predictor of future behavior. Don’t be stupid Marco.
If the staff wasn’t overly loyal, it would be 50/50 between EJ and AR15 for the starting job. I just hope it’s a fair competition this offseason.
If only we could schedule a game between this team and ‘19 LSU
Unfortunately, CMW gets a pass because of covid and what happened to Key.
Smh Lsu and Orgeron making moves to improve. Wish we would do the same.
Bama gonna have a target on Field's ribs from the first play onwards.
What a crazy game. 2 head scratching decisions made by the head coaches at the end. One was Kirby calling the timeout and then punting it followed by Cincy throwing it on 3rd and 2.
Apparently, it was because the safeties and db coaches got fired. He's waiting to see who they hire.
Def not me. Didn’t see a 35 point thrashing coming but I knew it would be bad.
Time for dexter and lee to step up.
The way Malik Heath fights, I'm surprised he didn't commit to us.
Dan's really starting to piss me off. Can't recruit or speak to the media among other things. smh
I still don’t know why we ever talk trash. It’s almost as bad as that vandy lineman 3 years ago saying they would dominate bama and then lost 59-0
I guess the barn game in 19 or maybe the lsu game in ‘18. Maybe even the peach bowl win over Michigan in ‘18.
After watching this game, I have realized how much recruiting truly matters. We have little to no talentand it showed in our wr core and defensive personel. All the coach speak and cliches don't mean squat if you can't get good players Dan. Also, fire that sorry excuse for a baked potato named Grantham.