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He's got more restraint than I ever will
We’ll deserved. Almost Singlehandedly carried an entire pitching staff through the gauntlet that is the sec.
Until we beat fsu, mike white will continue to be Leonard Hamilton’s son.
When you argue with yourself you always win. Try it sometime when you need a reprieve
Aight fair enough. I still feel you’d be hard pressed to find 21 teams better than us going into this year tho.
That’s one of the issues I’ve had with some of his play calling over the years. Being balanced is a good thing when you can pass and run well. Otherwise you end up giving up plays for the sake of keeping the d honest when you should just do what you do best.
I think he’s referring to the 22 guys on the field the vast majority of whom are black for most teams not the overall rosters
I don't get it either. Whenever UF doesn't have a chance, I usually pull for vandy. I was actually pretty disappointed when they lost yesterday. Also because I wanted miss state to stay championship free for the sake of humor.
Would you consider telling your players to get vaccinated or not be with the team anymore forcing them? genuinely curious
People are blaming Corbin because he wanted the nc state players to get tested or something. Either way, not really anyone's fault except those two nc state kids
Corbin's got connections and knows what he's doing. This Avent guy didn't. Simple as that. I'm pulling for vandy all the way