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I am thrilled that L Ron 3*starsin is not leaving Auburn and hope that he gets a lifetime contract!!!!
You are so desperate that you keep talking about Georgia. LOL You don't say anything about your own team. Must be a miserable time to be an Auburn fan!!!!! RTR
This is hilarious!!! L Ron 3starsin currently has the #33 ranked recruiting class overall and #8 in the SEC. Bama is at #2. It is so terrible on the Plains that you are trying to piggy back on one of your hated rivals. The gap between Alabama and Auburn has grown since you paid $21 million to Gus and it is growing even bigger this year!!!
You should be worried about L Ron 3starsin and your kitty cats playing Bama in 48 hours!!!
1980 jokes have been on the death bed for over 40 years. And, 2nd and 26 is universally understood to mean SEC champion Georgia blew a lead and lost in the natty to Bama
But they are improving because this time they only blew a single digit lead
Are you talking about the Cincinnati Bearcats who aren't even in the top 100 teams on strength of schedule?
LSU is the undisputed king of opting out so you should know a lot about the subject
Do you really believe that? The SEC Network is hugely successful with more viewers than any other college football talk show, so an enormous number of fans do not share your opinion
Are things so bad at LSU that they will hire a coach who has never had a winning season?
Why would a top program hire a coach who has never had even one winning season?
Each of the last 3 head coaches at LSU won a national championship In the last 2 years before James Franklin got to Vanderbilt,they won 2 games each year. He recruited well and averaged 8+ wins a year before leaving for PSU. Louisiana is generally considered the single best state for recruiting. I am no expert on evaluating prospective coaches, but if they hire Franklin, I would expect him to be very successful.
This is much more significant in the fact that the recent CW has been Arch loves Georgia and Texas. This source says that Alabama is the leader with Clemson and Texas following. LSU has a lot more things to worry about than recruiting Arch Manning. No big time program will fire one coach and hire a new coach who they hope can help them get a 2023 recruit, even if he's a Manning.
You could not have watched the game because your eyes were glued to the television hoping that Fromm or Fields would get to play.
The bill provides that schools can take up to 75% of the earnings of players for distributor to other athletes
Any ideas on whether Myles or Max will be QB1?
Obviously not good enough for the awesome WR room in Auburn
If I did not know better, I would think that Florida is living in their heads