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The bill provides that schools can take up to 75% of the earnings of players for distributor to other athletes
Any ideas on whether Myles or Max will be QB1?
Obviously not good enough for the awesome WR room in Auburn
If I did not know better, I would think that Florida is living in their heads
Kirby is in the process of changing the narrative??? Let's see how this plays out
Exactly. I don't have a dog "or gator" in this fight. But if it is a major benefit to your recruiting when you have 1 WR drafted late in the first round, your program is really in bad shape
Stingley does not have to play in the NFL because he's receiving child support payments from DeVonta
Dolphins GM Chris Grier says that watching Waddle play in the NC game was a major reason they drafted him before DeVonta Smith
And Miller Forristall is signing with the Titans
Moses is signing with Jacksonville as an UFA
Former Alabama long snapper Carson Tinker is with the Giants and Cole Mazza is with the Chargers. With Fletcher going to Carolina in the 6th round, Alabama is Long Snapper U!!!!
I have the same "mishap" all of the time. Just grab a shoe from somebody and throw it as far as I can
Just like me. Everytime the fog comes in, I throw a shoe
Who cares about the Big 12 or the Pac12 anymore? They both struggle to even get into the CFP and when they do get it, they are total failures.
Danny Kanell is only the second biggest failure in his family. His father was the Dolphins team doctor who rejected the expertise of Dr. Andrews on Drew Brees. That colossal mistake led directly to Nick Saban being the coach at Alabama and Brees having a legendary career with the Saints. Danny has spent his post QB failure career trashing Alabama and trying to justify what his father did
I hate to be picky but doesn't anyone on the SDS "Staff" know that you do not bury a lede? Any remotely competent journalist knows that you bury "leads."
How many 34 year old tight ends are in the NFL? And how many of them have never played TE before? Wishful thinking and Urban needing good or after his disastrous start in Jacksonville