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You may be right in the long run but don’t forget Jalen got them all the way there. Tua gets credit for winning the natty as he should but jalen played well enough all year to put them in that position, including throwing the iron bowl on purpose to get an extra week off.
Dan do you edit or even proofread your own stuff? If so, maybe hand off that job to somebody else in the office. Crist has never held this site to a high standard but jeez, at some point the article becomes unreadable.
True - the kid has kept himself out of trouble since then, so why bring it back up immediately after saying his playing career is over? All that serves to do is hurt his draft stock since he won't be able to suit up and help himself. Really good work by a big 'j' Journalist aka keyboard warrior.
That’s your reply any time somebody points out how freezing cold your takes are. They scheduled the #3 team in the country to play week 1, and if they hadn’t taken Francois out FSU is probably still top 10. Tell me how a loss to the best team on your schedule (#6 auburn) is worse than a Clemson loss to Syracuse or Oklahoma loss to Iowa St. You can only play the teams on your schedule, John.
Tough to make a case for the most dominant team of the last decade who has arguably the “best” quality loss in the country? What exactly would you have liked Bama to do in the first 11 games that would change their situation?
LOL - If Cunningham cost himself money for getting the best education in the SEC while competing against the top talent in the NCAA I'd be pretty surprised. If anything he did himself better because he didn't have to sit behind a Reuben Foster-type player at Alabama or Auburn - his other top choices. Dobbs was a good college quarterback but likely that's his plateau. He certainly did progress throughout his time but can you say he definitively showed that he took the next step to become a certain NFL project? The second half of his senior year says otherwise. His production against Alabama is probably going to be the most similar to his production against an NFL defense. And as for other QB's in the SEC, you're just wrong about him being the best. Since Tebow/Cam/Manziel there hasn't been another superstar besides maybe Dak. To name a few others, I would rather have Chad Kelly or Jalen Hurts. Austin and Brandon Allen both had better stats, as well as Jake Coker and Blake Sims even though they were both just 1-year starters. The Hawaiian freshman at Bama also looks pretty dang good. Either way Josh Dobbs never proved himself to me. He's got better NFL size/form than a lot of those guys I mentioned and Tennessee always recruited well, so it really makes me wonder why Dobbs didn't succeed in a weak East. Couldn't even beat the Commodores in his senior year and according to you we aren't even a halfway decent program. Good stuff, VolMaster.
Hahaha I would be supportive too if I knew the incoming guy wasn't even remotely a threat to me. Even Tennessee fans (the non-delusional ones) will admit that dobbs isn't NFL material, at least not without a lot more work.
To quote Jermaine "Funnymaine" Johnson, the only place we saw Auburn players in the first round was on other players highlight videos.
You better hope that LSU fans don't see that you called him "Maurice" Claiborne. Also he was diagnosed with a learning disability, I think it was dyslexia or ADHD. So I don't think he "blew off" the wonderlic, he just makes mistakes, like calling somebody Maurice when their name is Morris.
By that argument Calipari is one of the biggest disappointments in Kentucky basketball history. The fact is they were one second and one game away (losing to the eventual runner up) in 2013, one game away in 2014 (losing to the eventual champion), won it all in 15, and then were 1 second away (losing to the champion) in 2016. That's unbelievable and not to mention the fact that Saban has had his team in the national championship picture every single year (except 2010) since 2008 - his 2nd year at Bama. So no, winning championships at a faster rate than any coach in college history is not underachieving.
If it weren't for Najee Harris, I would bet that Brian Robinson would get a healthy amount of carries this year. As it stands he might have to play second fiddle to Najee/Scarborough for a while.
On #5 at the end of the article you have Ingram (2009) listed twice, once with 17 TD's (the actual 2009) and once with 13 TD's (which was 2010).
"I'm not the aggressor" paired with that photo of Harbaugh is fantastic.
OM fans have consistently been some of the worst and most obnoxious fans in the conference. It'll be nice to stop hearing from them again for a few years like the Houston Nutt era. However, I'm also excited for the 2025 recruiting class when we'll see the next version of Laremy Tunsil tweet pictures of wads of cash on his recruiting trip to OM.
I believe you mean that Vandy didn't sign any 4- or 5-star kids, not 3- or 4-star.
Wait so the reason Bama gets into the playoffs is the refs? It couldn't possibly be the fact that they have at least twice (and in most cases more than twice) as many 4 and 5 star players as any other team in America?
I really wouldn't even try to justify this one man, just accept that your player made a scumbag play. Every team does it.
How is Kyle Shurmur not on this list??? Derek Mason promised he was gonna be good...
You're witnessing what might be the greatest dynasty of all time, evolving in front of your eyes with Nick Saban's first ever dual-threat QB. Excuse the man for being excited. Just because the plains have been on fire for years don't try to steal Bama's thunder.
Did the author get denied from Vandy or something? I mean sure the 'Dores didn't look great but giving us the worst grade in the SEC besides the two teams who lost to cupcakes? I'm not saying I was satisfied with the product on the field but give them credit for playing a real opponent in week 1 and holding their own. SC didn't look any better than VU but they get a B? And furthermore, to put Vandy in "Detention" for 3 of the 4 categories? Were you expecting them to throw for 300 and win by 4 TD's? I think Vandy fans were expecting exactly what they got: a bad offense, good defense, and the inability to win a close game. We've seen it for years, so I'm not sure why you feel the need to sh*t on Vandy for losing a close game to an SEC school, when UK and MSU couldn't even protect their own turf from cupcakes. Take out your journalistic frustration on somebody else.
You're the one on the high horse. The Bama fans here are admitting that Saban probably didn't have Smith's best interest in mind. But any CFB coach competing for a championship would have made the same decision to block a kid from following the old coach to a school that they could likely face in the SEC championship. It's the UGA fans who don't see the hypocrisy in Kirby Smart blocking the Miami transfer or kicking this kid off the team to clear a spot for Smith.
If it benefitted Tennessee you would, don't feed me any other nonsense... or maybe you just recently became a UT fan with all the hype? I guess then you would become a fan of some other team with lots of young talent and hype.
You'd be upset, but you'd understand it from Butch Jones' perspective. That's the point I'm trying to make. Its always easy to see your rival in a bad light, but just look at it in a hypothetical scenario from your favorite teams perspective. Saban was looking out for Alabama more than Smith in this situation, that's true. But Saban also does do a lot of good for his players. Nobody's a good guy or a bad guy all the time.
But I thought Kirby and UGA are the good guys and Satan...I mean Saban is the evil emperor of the bad guys at Alabama? What blocked transfer to Miami? That never happened... nothing to see here...