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I agree, it will be a challenge but somebody will be the next Saban under the new rules. When ever a bigger mousetrap is made, somebody figured out how to build a bigger mouse That is why Saban in eyes is better then Bear Bryant. During Bryant's tenure, schools could offer unlimited scholarships. Saban had to navigate and win when it was much harder to stockpile talent.
Yup. Last three NC winners are three different SEC schools- Georgia, Alabama and LSU Where are all the SEC haters with their SEC is just riding Bama's coattails??
So funny the same social media goons that were crooning like Adam Levine when Auburn a s Florida lost, we're quiet last night. Maybe their was a massive power outage in the country
Says the same people who were saying how boring the NCAA March Madness was a couple years ago when Duke, UNC and Syracuse wasn't in the Finals
I was pulling for UT. But I have to say considering a lot of UT fans told State fans to suck it up buttercup when State got jobbed by the refs against Memphis earlier in the season. It's hard for me to have sympathy for their plight
I hated this match up. I was really hoping LSU would have gone to the Liberty Bowl since they have never been to Memphis. For some reason, I figured TT would be fired up for this one especially when Leach was taking shots at them about his $$$.
He is beyond building a program like Utah or Bowling Green. He is going to want a blue blood program down on its luck that needs a swift kick in the pants and a top recruiting class He won't go head to head with Saban nor does he want to tick off Ohio State fans so SEC and Big 10 programs are off the table
Yeah but at his stage of his career, there is only a handful of schools he would work for. ACC- Clemson (He wants to beloved by Gator fans so he will not take the FSU job) SEC- As long as Saban is captain of the ship. He isn't coming back Big 12- Oklahoma and Texas are the only two with the pockets and prestige to hire Meyer and guess what they are coming to the SEC, so that is not happening PAC12- USC Big 10- He will not screw up his relationship with Buckeye fans by taking a Big 10 job. Cincinnati is a possibility since he is a graduate from there So we have Clemson, USC and Cincinnati. Not a smorgasbord if opportunities for him
Spurrier's issue is with UT. He is a Johnson City boy that still harbors resentment that UT didn't offer him a scholarship. But to his credit, he has been a source of amusement for years about
Will he coach again? Of course he will. Despite being a very flawed human being, he also possesses three National Championship rings at the college level. That and that alone will make him an attractive candidate. Now because of his ego, I don't think he will go just anywhere. I think it will be very selective . It will have to be a Power 5 conference team in a position like Ohio State was in the Big 10. He will have to be the big fish of the conference. So until Saban retires, he will not be coming back to the SEC.
I think the winner of UNC-SC game should get possession of Carowinds. Haha
I think UGA will be motivated, I think the pressing issue will be will the Dawgs second guess themselves after Bama exposed their 'invincible' defense
I think it's ridiculous he got blasted by trolls on social media about this. Its called playing the game. Politicians do it all the time Barry Switzer tells the story back when he was at Oklahoma in the 80s recruiting he would routinely secretly look in a families refrigerator to see what type of beer they drink. And then during the recruitment would ask if they had that beer cause that one was his "favorite' Same principal, ingratiating yourself with your audience
Interesting match up besides the border rival. UNC is by far the most underachieving team on the ACC this year. Supposed to challenge Clemson for the title. Pre-season Heisman trophy candidate QB SCAR is the most overachieving SEC team this year. More then doubled the wins from last year. Won games with a third string QB. Was expected to contend with Vanderbilt for the bottom of the East.
Yeah I don't get this whole SEC loyalty thing. It's such an SEC thing too cause none of the other conferences have this tribal loyalty. Guarantee nobody in Columbus Ohio will be cheering on Michigan to win a Natty. Nobody in Tallahassee was rooting on Clemson when they won two titles
Hot take Houston beats Auburn
Yeah Oregon getting humiliated by Utah not once but twice at the end killed Ohio State"s chance to sneak in to the playoffs
How do you figure that? UGA was #1 all season. Besides who at this point do you think should have replaced them? ND? OSU? Ohio State? Of the three only Ohio State makes a compelling argument
It will be interesting to see if Leach is still salty about what went down at TT. I guess we will see soon enough if he gets a chance to run the score up or not
In what universe would it make sense to put Georgia at #4 and Cincinnati at # 3?
The problem with letting Cincinnati in is that it contradicts their arguments about quality of wins. They have been pressuring Power 5 teams to play better quality out of conference games. But now about to let in a school that has one win over a Power 5 team. They change the rules in mid stream all the time just like they used to make a big deal of winning the conference championship until Penn State won the Big Ten one year and still took Ohio State Don't get me wrong, Fickell is a great coach and I am glad they have had a great season but letting Cincy in does nothing to help incentivize the Power 5 to play a tough OOC games during the season.
I agree. Bama and Cincy will be competitive for about three quarters then depth and talent will take over for Bama. Michigan-Georgia should be interesting. It will be interesting to see how Georgia responds. If Bama broker their spirits and shook their confidence, they could easily come out flat and second guess themselves
There are no Bama, Georgia, Auburn, Texas A&M or Florida's in the PAc 12 Advantage. Riley It's a historical football fact that when USC is running on all cylinders, they run the PAC 12 like medieval fiefdom. If he can get USC's mojo back, Riley will be the Dabo Swinney of the West Coast.
On the contrary, difference between working smarter vs harder Riley takes over a program that historically has owned the PAC 12 and has an easier path to the playoffs Kelly just went to a pressure cooker where after year one when he loses to Saban, will already have LSU boosters complaining to the AD Don't get me wrong, I like Brian Kelly and he obviously wants to win a National Championship and understands he will never be able to do that in the modern era at Notre Dame If somebody paid both of us to dig a ditch and you picked the trencher and I picked the shovel. I doubt when your long done and I am still breaking my back using a shovel, your not thinking wow this guy is a real man but what a dope for nothing choosing the more efficient way to get the job done.
He knows he will not be handicapped by strict academic standards like he is at Notre Dame.
That is a bit of stretch, the only similarity is Saban. Cause Napier was also on Dabo's staff at Clemson unlike McElwain And Naiper was far more successful at Louisiana then McElwain was at Colorado State.
If we are talking just SEC Coach of the Year. That has to be Shane Beamer. Took a two win team last year and made them bowl eligible this year. His rebuilding in Columbia progressed much further them expected. National Coach of the Year- Luke Fickell. If he gets Cincinnati to the playoffs and finally breaks the glass ceiling of the Group of 5 into the playoffs, not sure how Fickell could be denied coach of the Year- (whether or not you disagree if Cincy should be there)
Shane Beamer should be SEC Coach of the Year. He inherited a program at rock bottom that won two games last year. This year, you got enough wins to go bowling. Give the man some time to build his culture etc. It remains to be seen how he will do but I think it's telling that right after Fuente was fired at Virginia Tech, Shane was a serious candidate until he publicly shut it down. Granted he is Frank's son but VT wouldn't be interested in him if they didn't think he was doing a good job of rebuilding in Columbia.