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Our all those Vol fans that said Pruitt stole Chaney from Kirby Smart. More like Smart left Chaney on Pruitt's doorstep with a note, if nobody claims him in the 30 days, he is yours.
Poor Auburn. If SCAR beats them the hot seat for Malzahn will go nuclear and they can't do anything about it cause Gus has a $21 million buyout.
The Chizik comparison for Coach O is exactly what I have been saying since January. Just like Chizik, Coach O caught lighting in a bottle with a generational talent QB and an excellent staff. Both have flown the coop for better jobs and the NFL. That Natty that O won will end up being his albatross
Kiffin reminded me of that scene in Patton when Patton is up against Germans and says looking through his binoculars, 'Rommel,you magnificent bastard, I read your book!
Vanderbilt says "Hey" If I had a dollar for everytime I have seen Vandy get the short end of the stick by the refs in a close upset game over an SEC team, I would be swimming with the dolphins in Aruba.
Other than Brian VanGorder, there isn't a DC in college football who is overhyped and overpaid more than TG
Anybody considered that perhaps Jimbo's issues at A&M demonstrate two things How easy it was to win in the ACC when all you have to deal with is Clemson? And for most of Jimbo's tenure, Clemson was building a beast not the beast they are now. And his pro set style offense is not a good recruiting tool when nearly every high school in Texas runs a spread or Air Raid.
Of course the elephant in the room is Chad Morris. I knew Gus was going to regret hiring Morris as his OC
Never understood how he got the Wunderkind label. He ran Urban Meyer's offense for two years at Ohio State and suddenly he was this football genius
Kind of interesting that the two most overpaid coaches in college football are in the state of Texas- Jimbo and Tom Herman
Call me crazy, but SCAR's offense looks so better than their offense last year.
Here here. Vandy fought like Dobermans the whole game and gave A&M all they could handle. That unsportsmanlike call on Mason was BS. I felt so bad got Vanderbilt, they should have won
Think about how different college football would have been if Kentucky's former recruiting coordinator, Claude Bassett hadn't been caught playing players in Memphis and Mumme would have stayed at Kentucky. At the time Mumme was considered a mad scientist but looking back he was ahead of his time. Quite possibly the SEC would have adapted much of the Air Raid far earlier than now. Much the same way Urban Meyer was considered crazy for trying to implementate the Zone Read Option at Florida, today nearly all the schools in the SEC either use it or elements of it
Oskie wrote - but there’s a reason air raid teams don’t win trophies The 2000 Oklahoma Sooners say Hi
It is amazing what five years can do. After Franklin left, Vanderbilt seemed to be turning a corner. And they totally blew it. To your point, it almost seemed as though the Administration was fearful of the newfound success in football under Franklin and began to slowly pull the rug underneath it. They should just do the nuclear option and get rid of football There is no sense of going through the motions if they don't have their hearts in it. Save them time and $$
The Air Raid is nothing new to the SEC. Leach was Hal Mumme's OC at Kentucky in the late 1990s, back when the Air Raid was as exotic as pet skunk in the SEC. Former A&M coach Kevin Sumlin used Air Raid concepts with Johnny Manziel Any SEC school that has played a Big 12 school in the last decade has dealt with defending against the Air Raid. Leach is unconventional and his own man which makes him a sports writers dream but I think this angle of 'Will the Air Raid work in the SEC' is overhyped. The Air Raid is very mainstream today, its not the quirky 'what the hell are they doing' Mummeball of the late 1990s.
Chad Morris set the bar pretty low. I would say showing signs of being competitive in losing games this year would be a step in the right direction for the Hogs.
Even if Vanderbilt goes 0-10 I don't see Vandy firing Mason, this year at least. I think Covid and players opting out will be his insurance policy for 2020. Now 2021 is a different story.
Yeah I like Muschamp. He has been put into two difficult situations. He took over at Florida and had to clean up Urban's hoods that were running the program. He took over at SCAR when it was a mess cause Spurrier gave up and Clemson instate was rolling. People can say what they want but it's hard for two instate schools to be equally good at the same time. Just think about it. When Auburn is up, Bama is down . When Michigan State is up, Michigan is down. When NC State is up, UNC is down. When FSU is up, Florida is down. And visa versa
I bet most Big Ten fans would take us and Ole Miss in exchange for Maryland and Rutgers Vanderbilt says make that happen cause that would guarantee two SEC wins for them every year
Nobleman69 is absolutely correct. If history teaches us anything, Ohio State will always get the benefit of the doubt just like Notre Dame does. We all like to think that its all about the four best teams but we all know, TV viewership and ratings are factored in and they don't want an all-Southern playoff scenario.
Yeah I think Leach has been been playing coy about the starting position to make sure Costello gets better and not just assume he is getting the keys to the car
Unbelievable. Donovan should be NBA coach of the year OKC was expected to be trash like Charlotte Hornets trash this year and they made the playoffs and gave the Rockets all they could handle
Dooley's undoing was Sal Sunseri's defense. Chaney's offense could put up the points but Sal's defense gave up 30-40 pts a game.
Are you talking lately or on the last 20 years cause I believe Tuberville beat Bama dive years in a row in the early to mid 2000s
The financial fallout of Covid 19 is Muschamp and Derek Mason's insurance policy. Plus Muschamp has the highest recruited 5 star QB ever recruited by SCAR coming 2021. They fire Muschamp and that likely puts that kid back in play for some other SEC or maybe Clemson
Don't forget Leach was the OC for Kentucky in the late 1990s. Kentucky beat Alabama and two years in a row, LSU. Not saying he will duplicate that but just something for people to remember when they say the Air Raid can only work in the PAC 12 or Big 12. I remember when Urban Meyer came to the SEC back in 2005 and people in the SEC laughed that there was no way the Zone Read Option would work in the SEC. A Mountain West offense in the SEC.......hahaha
I am surprised Ohio State didn't use their muscle. Nebraska tried but since they are an afterthought, the BIg Ten didn't care but if Ohio State threw their weight around, they could get them thinking especially if Ohio State said fine we are leaving for the Big 12 or SEC this year. You take Ohio State out of the Big Ten and you got barely a Power 5 conference I was really hoping the University would back up their HC who wanted to play this season
LSU will win cause they have more talent but it is interesting that the some how get a pass by the author that they will not have growing pains with a new OC, new DC and a ton of talent lost to the NFL. I would not be surprised it will be close for the first three quarters. Leach and Coach O will be tweaking a bunch of new schemes