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The parity is very true. The gap between NY Jets and the KC Chiefs is non-existent compared to say the gap between Alabama and New Mexico State
One big difference is the game in the NFL has become more college like then it was when Spurrier or Lou Holtz failed Look at Kliff Kingsbury, he was fired at his Alma Mater in college and in two years made Arizona respectably. And remember also. Some of the college coaches that failed it was not all their fault Snyder tied Spurrier's hands. Spurrier has talked about the fact years later he could even choose his own backup QB with Snyder's meddling. Saban's tenure could ha s been alot different at the Dolphins if could have gotten Drew Brees. Petrino once he found out Michael Vick couldn't play that season, basically bailed on the Falcons. Butch Davis did OK at Cleveland he was still the last coach before Stefanski to lead the Browns to a playoff birth.
So all that hype and bending the Big Ten rules so Ohio State could cruise into the playoffs cause America wants them in was just figment of the media's imagination
Bcreek Remember after Lou Holtz left ND, the school made an effort to clean up the program- read Under the Tarnished Dome- so ND really is more or less a Northwestern or Vanderbilt now but because of their cachet and history they get the cream of the crop of academic kids especially from Catholic HS schools I wouldn't say kids no longer see the value in ND, its just their standards have improved and they are more selective
The problem Go_Gamecox that was a different era. It also took Frank Beamer and Bobby Bowden over five years to make VT and FSU into competitors as well. People today just don't have the patience anymore to give some guys a chance. And Shane is in the same situation as Bryan Harsin is at Auburn. Both of them are in the same state with a football juggernaut and their time horizons will be even shorter than say other new coaches in the SEC
Yup. Unlike Dabo, Bobby Bowden was honest about it. Back on the 1990s, he was asked why FSU never strongly pursued going to the SEC and he said something to the nature of, why be a big fish in a big pond when I can be a big fish in a little pond.
Big difference is Spurrier was funny, Mullen isn't. And when he tries to be cleaver, he isn't even original Like at State, he used to call Ole Miss, 'that school up north'. Totally plagiarizing Woody Hayes
More like Michigan wanting to avoid a messy divorce with an alumni. And honestly, who would take the job? More Alumi players like Les Miles has already turned them down twice. To save face and $$, it's worth a shot to give Harbaugh one more year with am updated staff them gave the humiliation of getting rejected by big name coaches and end up with some retread coach or roll the dice with a coordinator
And with that win tonight, the ACC finished 0-6 in bowl games.
Cutty Shark would be a risky move. Last time he was a HC, he went into an alcoholic downward spiral. He is been great at Saban's Boot Camp Rehab for Fired Head Coaches. But I would still be cautious that without Saban's discipline and micromanagement, would Sark revert back to his USC days Everyone deserves a second chance but still risky especially when Texas really needs to hire a homerun
And Vanderbilt helps skew the Bell Curve on GSR for the rest of the SEC in football, so I would say the do earn their 'welfare check's as you so crudely put it
So does this mean Clemson is the 12th best team in the country now? LOL
You do realize that by the end of the year Vanderbilt had 39 scholarship players on the field? Hell they needed every warm body they could get. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes....
Booches94 You took the words right out of my mouth. Exactly
No kidding. I would thought they had somebody on the back burner which is why they fired Gus. Especially when Art Briles quit his Texas HS job two days after Gus was fired. Many thought, Freeze to Auburn and Briles to Liberty
Yeah God forbid a school does things the right way and has some semblance of student-athletes vs the way most SEC schools are - football factories pretending to be universities
This is interesting timing. Something tells me Auburn has someone waiting on the back burner
Great hire if it happens. Vandy has so many disadvantages from the facilities, size of booster base to being an academic school, they need something to stand out. With that sort of Offense, Vandy doesn't need to try to keep up with the Jones' and try and recruit against Georgia and Florida for offensive talent. You don't even need a good throwing QB, just a guy who can take hits and run like a deer.
He going to make the Red Wolves, Champions of Life in no time. Ha-Ha
Haha. That was awesome. Marco Wilson got his 15 minutes of infamy in Gator history
Translation. Dabo is worried if ND beats him again in the ACC Championship, Ohio State will leapfrog Clemson in the playoffs.
Well let's be honest, nobody goes to LSU to be stuck in the middle of a dumpster fire.
You mean a gimmicky guy like Urban Meyer who brought at the time a gimmicky offense from Boiling Green and Mountain West conference Utah to the SEC and won two National Championships? Every one starts out somewhere in the lower ranks and works their way uo As for Mike Norvell. You realise FSU was a dumpster fire when he came there. Plus add in no spring practice and a limited recruiting class, only the biggest Seminole homer in the world expected Norvell to be competitive this year
In all fairness to Schanio, his conference record is like that cause the first four years at Rutgers he had losing seasons. After the four year, Schanio had winning seasons except for one the rest of the time he was there including an 11-3 season.
I don't see it. I think Meyer is truly happy doing the TV stuff on Fox( which is very informative especially when he explains types of offenses) He has just opened his second eatery in Columbus and I believe his son plays for Cincinnati as a wide receiver. Even when your content and happy where you are in life, anybody is still going to be flattered and open to listening when a major company or school in this case comes knocking at your door. You would be a cool not to at least hear them out
What about Napier? Rumor last year was he turned down Miss State and Arkansas cause he wants the Gamecock job
I think it depends on High Freeze's availability. Rumor is that he wants the UT job and today it's reported that Liberty U despite their great season maybe left out of a bowl game cause of a lack of availability. If this happens I would expect Freeze to jump ship.
Sam Pittman- Arkansas Was an Offense Line coach at Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Northern Illinois