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I think some coaches are better when they are in the underdog role then the alpha dog role. Mullen is one of them. Expectations and high pressure recruiting are at a different level between Florida and Miss State.
LSU is a destination school for football. Not sure how that is a debatable subject. For these candidates Jimbo- not happening Joe Brady- He is an unknown as a HC. He could be the next Lincoln Riley or he could be the next Ron Zook. Lincoln Riley- Oklahoma is a blue blood program much like LSU. And Oklahoma is coming to the SEC. Why would he leave Oklahoma? Luke Fickell- Don't forget USC's AD is the former AD for Cincinnati. LSU obviously has their sights on their man so it's going to be interesting to see who it is
I have no sympathy. Miss State got shafted by SEC refs in the Memphis game. We may have pissed and moaned on social media but we didn't resort to what happened last night at Neyland. All these Vol fans trying to justify it just makes it worse. Best thing to do is to move on and stop drawing attention to bad behavior
Saban was going to beat the breaks off who e we he played tonight after last week's loss. Honestly, that was just about the final score I envisioned it would be.
Plus who becomes the interim HC? Part of O's problem is his OC and DC are in over their heads. So Its going help LSU to have one of them take over as HC? They should let O finish the season and meanwhile being the scenes feel out candidates via agents.
Dabo Sweeney didn't start getting Clemson rolling on all cylinders till about 2015, that was the time that Jimbo also began to see a decline in dominance in the ACC. I don't think you can overlook the overlapping there.
Sounds like somebody is bitter about not getting a scholarship to Vanderbilt
Lol. What is this the 1950s? What Meyer did and didn't do is between him and his wife and had nothing to do with his performance as a head coach. If flirting or adultery was grounds for termination, I bet most college coaches would need to be given the ole pink slip.
I said it right after he won the Natty he would be Gene Chizik 2.0
Couldn't happen to a better bandwagon fan base. I live in the Carolinas and it is so obvious most Clemson fans you run into only became fans once Deshawn Watson beat Bama
I think they are. Coach O's seat will be nuclear if he drops anymore SEC games and get humiliated by Bama
What about the obituary of the Air Raid nearly every writer on SDS said about State?
Wrap it up in Maroon and White. # Hail State
You could say that about any offense. Pro set, spread, option, West Coast, pistol etc Got to have the personal to run it. This is one of the youngest teams in the SEC. I don't know where the 2nd year is where Leach breaks out myth game from cause at TT it was the third year and at WSU it was the fourth year 2000 TT 7-6 2001 TT 7-6 2002 TT 9-5 2012 WSU 3-9 2013 WSU 6-7 2014 WSU 3-9 2015 WSU 9-4 I think people need to be patient. State shouldn't have lost to Memphis. Should be 3-1
I hope so. Living in the Carolinas I find Clemson fans so annoying. Ten minutes after taking with them you can tell they are bandwagon fans. They know nothing of Clemson football prior to Dabo. Not to mention during basketball season most of them are UNC basketball fans. So funny how Clemson fans disappear like ghosts once basketball season rolls around
I appreciate that. And for a long time that is true but the city of Clemson is no better then Starkville. Both are in the middle of nowhere and farmland. Today I think State fans use that it's hard to win in Starkvegas too much as a crutch
And to add salt to the wound, NC State beat Clemson this afternoon. (A team we beat) And Memphis lost to a gimmie a win game
Well we do know one thing for sure, if Coach O doesn't win, his hot seat will have warmed up a tad more.
If memory serves,Candy was pretty fun to watch when James Franklin was there
That is true. Even under Dooley, Tennessee still had Top 20 recruiting classes. I think Butch had a Top 5 one year. Butch's problem was he couldn't develop the talent. One stat says it all NFL star Alvin Kamara in 2015, had 170 fewer carries than Jalen Hurd.
I think we are. Except probably during Egg Bowl week and lately, Memphis fans rubbing our faces in the ground since Saturday, cause they beat a medicore State team. Good grief. You would think the Tigers had just won a National Championship.
Oh yeah Memphis struggled to beat a terrible 4-8 Ole Miss team with a lame duck HC in 2019. Let me tell you Nick Saban and Kirby Smart were shaking like show dogs at the thought of getting Memphis in a bowl game.
Exactly. Leach has a calm and cool demeanor. He had it at TT and WSU and now Miss State. I guess our fellow Dawg fan wants somebody like PJ Fleck. Maybe he will pay to have him row his boat to Starkville
Yes indeed my Rebel friend. All you need to know about Memphis fans aside from the fact that 1/2 their fan base doesn't show up till basketball season is their football fan base is utterly obsessed with the SEC. When I lived in Memphis you would actually hear Memphis fans on local sports radio say as long as they beat an SEC team, they could care less if they lost all the rest of their games. SEC lives rent free in their heads.
Terrible officiating. But they never should have let Memphis to get back in the game. Memphis couldn't do anything in the 1st half
Not taking anything away from your Tigers but let's put those two wins you mentioned in context UCLA was terrible that year in fact Jim Mora got fired at the end of year. They finished below .500 And the 2019 Rebels were a dumpster fire like 4-8 and even with that, it was a very close game.
Memphis has a high octane offense but they have played an FCS school and Arkansas State. Their prolific offense has played against teams below their fighting weight. Saturday they will face an SEC defense. Memphis will be up for the game make no mistake about it. They always get up for SEC opponents but at the end of the day, I think talent and a survivor defense will prevail. I am thinking 27-21