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Sure, don't go with the only TE coach in the conference who's produced a Mackey Award winner, wouldn't want to do that... smh.
This was a mutual breakup from what I've heard. Hopper isn't 6'2" 260lbs (more like 6'0" 240 according to a Rivals reporter), the staff knew that and took his commitment anyway, but it sounds like better options for both parties have opened up and the decision to split became completely mutual.
I know I'm bias, but Arkansas just hired a coach that has only failed to produce a 3000 yard passer once or twice (out of around 10 years as a HC and OC). There may be growing pains, but we are experienced at the position despite Austin Allen leaving. Not unreasonable to mention Arkansas in the same sentence as a 3000 yard passer.
If someone gets Ragnow in the 3rd round, then that will be an absolute steal.
Yeah, screw their fans for not attending the game instead of rebuilding their lives after being hit by a category 4 hurricane.
Quite enjoy the list; I think the "sister schools" are all mostly accurate as to what they should be. Looking at this though, its laughable that people think the B10 has caught the SEC, if all these games were played this year, then the SEC wins all but maybe 2-3 of these matchups.
Arkansas probably won't be amazing or anything this year, but be careful assuming this team will follow last years problems. The O-line will be vastly improved, and the defense can only get better from last year's embarrassments. There is a very complete team in Fayetteville right now, and for anyone to look past Arkansas would be a mistake. Our finish will probably be 4th or 5th if I had to guess right now, but at the same time, it would not surprise me at all for Arkansas to finish 2nd or 3rd.
I'm a hog fan, and am usually one of the first to come to Bielema's defense; however, correct me if I am wrong, but Bret Bielema's favorite thing to do is comment on things he doesn't know about.
Amusingly similar to what happened to Bobby Petrino here at Arkansas. From this Razorback fan, enjoy the next 5 years trying to climb back to mediocrity, let alone back to an elite level.
I know I'm biased, and this is no knock on Ms St.'s Fitzgerald because dude is a monster, but how do you not put Austin Allen at #2?
I believe he has said that he likes being a coordinator more than a head coach; hence why he stopped being a head coach.
Maybe, but even hypothetical questions can serve purpose in arguments. It doesn't set anyone up to give a definitive answer, but it does allow for another way to consider a specific point of view. And, I think the way I went about it did just that.
Guess I went and made accusations before knowing all the facts. As it turns out, Hurts is a more accomplished passer than I realized. I guess my whole argument was I felt he was getting all this recognition because he was a winner and not necessarily the best pure QB. If Austin Allen and Jalen Hurts switched teams (but still had the exact same stats) would Jalen Hurts still be considered the best in the league? Probably not.
Let me preface this by saying that Jalen Hurts is an absolute monster. He is gifted at the sport. However, he isn't the best in the league. He can run, sure. However, last I checked ability to run is a bonus, a QB's true talent shines through with what the position is there to do, throw. Hurts is not the most gifted passer in the world, as I believe he had a sub-60% completion percentage. On top of that, you have to consider the studs he's throwing to. Simply, he didn't perform as well in the passing game as you'd hope a QB to, this is especially considering who he's throwing to. Also, you take any QB in this league and put him on Alabama, chances are whoever it is will excel. My whole point is he has been hyped up because he is very athletic and found success on Alabama. If you think about it though, what QB hasn't found success with Alabama lately? Overall, there are plenty of other QBs in this league who do more with less. So, despite Hurts winning percentage and ability to run, when you consider everything, he isn't the greatest QB we've ever seen; in fact, he is just a good QB in a situation that makes him seem great.
I would imagine he was encouraged to look elsewhere. Historically awful defense; it was probably in the best interest of both parties to look elsewhere.
EDIT: I misunderstood your point about the $$$$$. TO clarify, if the CFP had some way of rewarding conferences for their participation in the playoff, then money lost from the CCGs would be replaced.
They could just take that $$$$$ and put it towards CFP rewards. Personally, though, I think 4 is ideal; eliminating bias is impossible from these kinds of things, going to 8 won't change that.
Most years that would be more likely to be three SEC teams in the hunt. I think 4 is still ideal; when people deciding all this become unsatisfied, because they all become unsatisfied at some point, 6 would be as far as I would go. But the conflict won't end until we have 100% unbias robots creating rankings. But that's impossible, because someone always has to program the robot! Human error is a part of sports, always will be.
Not to discredit Jalen Hurts, he's an awesome player and an amazing athlete, but I feel like Austin Allen has done more with less. Then again, I'm probably bias.
He has Arkansas connections and has already proven he is better at coordinator than head coach. May not be perfect, may not even work out; but since we are Arkansas, we have to take shots in the dark for success.
What the SEC SHOULD do is do away with East/West divisions completely. Send the best two overall teams to the SEC championship, period. Each team could maintain two permanent "rivals" and alternate playing the other 12 teams. This would make the conference stronger top to bottom because no longer would an SEC East team that couldn't beat half the west go to the championship game.
If Fournette+Guice can't manage more than 150 yds together, I think we will be golden. LSU's passing game is suspect, and our secondary, contrary to popular belief, has played well this year.
I'm hopeful for this weekend, but I hate these kinds of articles, "5 reasons Arkansas will beat LSU". It just sets things up for a bigger let down.
Is Jalen Hurts a better player than Austin Allen? Probably. Is Jalen Hurts a better overall QB than Austin Allen. I don't think so. IMO, Jalen Hurts's ability to run shoots him up these rankings, and rightfully so. However, one has to wonder how much of his success has come directly from him or by product of what he has around him. I know I'm biased for Austin Allen, but part of me thinks its fair to call him the best QB. However, I know Jalen Hurts is much more of an athlete (and winner :( ).
This game means more to Arkansas than LSU. Sure However, suggesting this game means nothing more than normal to LSU would be less than accurate. The rivalry has proved this time and time again.
I'm aware of the colors; I do go to school there after all. My point was, if they insist on wearing alternate uniforms, I think black would be cooler than gray.
I don't mind these uniforms. I just think it would work better if we'd skip the gray and just go straight for the black and red combo. No one asked me though.
I'd challenge the Cleveland Browns to a game with this roster.
Good for Austin Allen. We didn't know what to expect of him to begin the season, but I am glad he's thriving in the opportunity he finally got.