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Our offense isn’t our strong suit, but it’s serviceable and miles ahead of what it was last season. We have a competent QB with playmakers at WR and a line that can finally pass block. I think Ole Miss needs credit for that defensive performance
Most NFL assistants make around $400,000 per season and Bret structured his contract with the Pats to only make $50,000 per season with drastically reduced responsibilities compared to a HC job at a P5 school. He also structured it so his $50,000 salary sits really close to the limit in his buyout clause. Being "considered" for another P5 job isn't enough to say you're actively looking for an equivalent job, especially if there's other G5 schools looking for a head coach. It's not Arkansas' fault Bret thinks too highly of himself to coach at a G5 school. He's literally just dragging his feet trying to pull out as much of this buyout money as he can. How are you a professional writer Connor?
IT's a vast improvement. From the last two years.