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We also have transfer Luke Del Rio eligible next year who should give Treon and any freshmen a run for their money.
OU beat a TCU team without their QB. They beat Baylor with their backup. The sudden OU love is unwarranted. And they still have that horrible loss to Texas.
The line has gotten absolutely no push in the running game. The one or two runs Taylor broke last week were him making guys miss and turning a loss into a nice gain. Harris missing open receivers just allows defenses to stack the box against the run and blitz on passing downs. Right now, our offense doesn't scare even FAU. Nobody thinks we can block them, and we don't have the consistent over the top threat. We may hit Callaway for a 50 yard bomb once a game, but we missed Robinson deep, and I don't think we ever attempted another. But you have to block for more than two seconds to get a deep ball off. Bottom line: we have to get healthy on both lines or get the game of their lives from backups if we are going to beat FSU and/or win the SECCG.
It hasn't helped that a patchwork O-line has been missing 1-3 starters for the last 3 games, with others playing banged up. Hopefully they get healthy this week.
Like the '09 Florida game that he called 3 forward passes and they all got picked?
Bowl comparisons are skewed. If SEC #1 plays any conference #1 it's a win. If SEC #4 plays any conference #2 (or vice versa), it's a bit different. So it's not an even comparison, unless you only compare where SEC #2 played B1G #2/PAC 10 #2/etc.