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Whether my team wins or loses has nothing to do with my personal success, HBY.
Enough, you troll. You're not fooling anybody. If you have nothing productive to say, just shut up. On a positive side, State has something positive to long forward to with this kid. He's played well for a true freshman.
Don't get me wrong. I didn't think we played that great either, but that's kinda what I expected with so many new faces on the defense and the suspensions. I was only referring to the couple of "State" accounts that post nothing but criticism.
Why are there so many State trolls lately? And Hailz and Coozie, you don't have to graduate from State to be a fan. My entire family except my brother (rebel that he is: pun intended) has been State fans my entire 31 years of life. Fan is short for fanatic. You pretty much have to be a fanatic to post on this site. Why would you sign up for this site under a school's logo to do "nothing but" criticize that same school?
Unfortunately, you're not the only one to have to eat crow on this one. Great win for Kentucky. Rooting for ya'll the rest of the way.
It's Fitzgerald. If I made as many mistakes as these guys do, I wouldn't have a job.
Again, I said some realism should be mixed. It's much more realistic for State to be the third best team in the league than Kentucky. All you have to do is look at the talent and experience.
They are being hyped because of the talent and experience they have. It's not like it's a Jeremy Johnson situation. Admittedly, State has't been tested yet; but the hype for State is far more reasonable than the hype for Kentucky for someone who isn't wearing red and blue tinted glasses.
Third best team in the league? Isn't this pushing a win over FL a little too far? Now I love a good underdog story, but some realism should be mixed in with the hype.
That's actually the formula to beat both teams. Kentucky and State are very similar. It could be a shootout. Those types of games are usually determined by penalties and/or who makes the first mistake. I was actually asking what do you think the rushing yardage will be for Fitz and Aeris/Hill.
It might not even be Kylin Hill playing. Aeris Williams got a majority of the carries in last week's game. Moorehead is starting the guy who had the better practices, but Williams is a great back as well. Should be an entertaining night.
Ok. So what is your prediction for Fitz and Aeris/Kylin Hill? Will Kentucky be able to stop them?
You don't have to base it on this year's competition. This has been the third year that Kentucky has had to face Fitz and Aeris, and they haven't stopped them yet. However, State has stopped Snell. What makes you so confident that this year will be different? You might have a point about stopping your new qb, but you can't say he's a consistent passer. We are matching strength against strength. I'm putting my money on the two all American defensive linemen.
He came from the same state and same class as Kam (maybe Cam) Akers who committed to FL State. He's trying to prove that he shouldn't have been overlooked.
It's only embarrassing if we lost or had a "struggle win." (FunnyMaine) This was neither. It was a dominant win with a rusty qb. It doesn't matter how it was done. This time, it was just an excellent rushing attack.
Fact is State won by 3 tds with a rusty qb and too many penalties. This was a good road win at a weird time slot.
What I was looking at the most in this game for Fitz is whether his ankle is okay. I think it's safe to say it is. His passing wasn't great, but I guess it's be to expected he would have some rust. He'll have another cupcake game next week to shake the rust off. Great running game and defense in general. Need to clean up the penalties. Good road win in a weird time slot.
I wasn't happy with his passing numbers, but at least we know his ankle is okay.
For one, this was just a boneheaded business move by Nike. They just isolated a large portion of the population by choosing a side. Not to mention they chose a hypocrite to focus their campaign around. The dude didn't even vote.
Well I guess you could say that about every SEC head coach. The gauntlet that is the SEC isn't very welcoming, but I think State has the team and production that would allow a first time head coach to be successful.
You will see once the season starts. There's a reason why so many are high on Moorhead.
Very entertaining predictions, and it sounds pretty accurate too.