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Reminds me of the old Madden games where the ambulance drove onto the field, hitting several players along the way. Ah, the classics...
Slow feet yet he played every position on the Georgia OL line season at one point or another? Man, Georgia must have a crappy OL considering the don't even have those guys from last season back. If that's the case, throwing in a new QB, starting RB, and unproven WRs beyond Pickens....good luck!
I like the annual 'this is Kentucky's year to beat Tennessee, something they do about once ever 2-3 decades, because it's time they do' followed up with the 'well, Tennessee will lose to Georgia, Alabama, and Florida because that is how it has been lately'. Two conflicting frames of thought. I think Tennessee takes either the Auburn or Texas A&M game, Pruitt knows Malzahn well. Two seasons ago Pruitt was ready for every play Malzahn ran, you could watch him on the sideline calling it as if he were hardwired into Malzahns brain.
It's what should still be the name of the Rebel Black Bear Land Sharks.
So are they doing the contact tracing like Tennessee is evidently required to do? If so, it'll be way more than 3 because they'd have to trace back to who may have come in contact with them and sit them for two weeks. I don't agree with that part at all, given how often they're tested for the virus and know what signs to look for. The fact it comes down to state and county rules because the SEC can't come up with a balanced set of rules across the board is going to lead to some teams missing 20-30 players while other teams may have a couple of guys out.
I still find it humorous there's a bojangles right near the stadium. I mean, deep frying your mascot within smelling distance of the team seems a little dark.
Georgia starts next week, I can hear my old high school from my backyard, can't wait to hear that next week because it means cooler temps and college football will be here before we know it! Can't come a second too soon!!!
Well, you have to factor in that Vandy has also been practicing playing in an empty stadium for decades. So they've grown accustom to and adjust to such.
*Pearl Not sure how I added a 'y' at the end of that....
It still floors me that Will Wade has lasted this long with everything that went on, meanwhile you would have thought it was the end of the world a few years back when Bruce Pearl had a cookout at his house that a couple of recruits showed up for and Pearly lied about them being there. I mean he got fired and slapped with a show cause. Thankfully he was able to come back to coaching and is doing well at Auburn.
So this is because of potential or confirmed exposure, meaning they don't all have it. Could be none of them have it. Yeah, that'll make the season quite interesting to say the least. I get the quarantine but knowing a few people who had it but their spouse and/or kids never had it, it's far from a sure thing they'll get it just from exposure so hopefully everyone stays healthy.
I'm guessing some of these choices were drawn out of a hat.
Georgia fans sure post a lot of 'convince themselves everything is OK' comments for a group of fans supposedly happy with their team and 'dominance'.
So SC hopes after getting whipped up on last season.
My bad, I made a list before I saw your reply. But maybe posting two lists will help a Florida fan piece together how to read. ;)
No experience? Josh Palmer and Brandon Johnson are seniors and have been playing plenty. Ramel Keyton had a couple of huge catches last season as a freshman. Cedric Tillman has played plenty of downs. Velus Jones Jr. is a senior transfer from USC. Deangelo Gibbs will be playing WR after sitting out a season due to transferring from Georgia, so he has SEC experience. On top of that, three freshmen coming in ready to contribute early on. The one I'm looking forward to most is Hyatt, who was electronically timed with a 4.3 40.
Hmm, 1998 or 1980...I'd avoid that as my comeback, if I was a Georgia fan. I'd also suffer from deep depression if I were a Georgia fan after barking like a dog at games and always falling short.
Are you really that desperate to reach back to 1945 for the last time Tennessee played in a Rose Bowl? And they've only played in two, ever. You know, the number of championships Georgia has claimed since they started playing in 1891.
Certainly not apples-to-apples. Ivy League said they lose more on football than any other sport. Schools in the power 5, certainly in the SEC, MAKE most of their money in football and distribute it across the entire university to help in funding.
'...Wazzu, meanwhile, finished under 400 yards just 11 times the past 2 seasons.' Isn't that almost half of the time or just about a full season worth of games?? Heackuva a way to word that trying to make it sound even better. Question will be, how does it do vs an SEC defense? PAC 12 isn't known for shutdown defense. Hence no playoff appearances.
All we have to do is follow the method Vandy has been practicing and demonstrating for years. You can have fans in the stands and tons of space left between them.
Not sure on crowd sizes, I'm sure there will be fans in the stands to some extent. But starting later doesn't make any sense unless you're dropping a bunch of games (and money) to shorten the season, otherwise you're dragging the season into cold/flu season and when they claimed there would be another wave, supposedly. Unless the death rate skyrockets with this virus, no way they don't play the season, IMO. Way too much money lost, which schools distribute to all parts of the school. Eligibility would become a nightmare and that'd translate into what do you do with recruits, roster sizes, scholarships, etc.
He has done a great job, no doubt. Reminds me of Texas firing Rick Barnes and how he came to Tennessee - certainly more of a football school than basketball school - and just had a top 5 recruiting class and has really built the program up to a consistent level. I guess it's ironic that Texas was also who let go of Brown.
No, Ethan and Eli spelled their last name Wolf. Hudson has his last name spelled Wolfe. Either way, what are the odds, right? I had to look back at Ethan and Eli to make sure I had that correct.
Beat me to it, that was my first thought. I can't even wear a simple face mask with safety glasses at work without dealing with that. I can only imagine how a winded player would feel with a visor fogging up!
He loved Tennessee and football, no doubt. He'll be missed. Shame he was cheated out of the heisman by a Notre Dame guy on a 2-8 team.