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They didn't even get half a day out of this article.
This is embarrassing, but perhaps you should put the football and #1 in basketball hopes on hold next time until after ya'll play Evansville...
The whole 'does Georgia belong in the conversation' will work itself out. If they go on the road and beat Auburn and beat LSU in the SEC title game, they earned it. Lose either of those, too bad, you're out. There are much tougher decisions to make beyond Georgia, such as how does the Big 10 shake out, how does Oregon fit into this if at all, does Alabama sneak in?
If that thought is what helps you sleep at night, go for it... Tennessee is 26-10-2 against SC, 7 of those SC wins coming in 2008, so basically as a Tennessee fan, we consider it a down year when we lose to y'all and not a 'oh this is a good season, we beat SC!' when we win. More of a 'now that is the way it should be'.
And on that, Dave Hooker was saying it was all a big conspiracy by Fulmer to seize power like he was some dictator taking over a country via a coup.
I think he knows that, squeaker by BYU was meaning they sent it to overtime at the very end of the game on the long pass play and then won in OT.
Would you rather watch your typical gators teams that reminds you of an episode of cops?
Right... Since when is losing 47-23 is smacking an opponent in the mouth.
It's freakin' football. Stop getting your skirt in a bunch over what was a very brief tug at the facemask. You'd think by the reaction that Pruitt had grabbed his facemask, wrapped his arms around his neck and twisted the guys neck around or something. I thought it was bad enough with the phantom 'unnecessary roughness' call when Taylor got up off the QB he had landed on and barely put his hands on him, but this is getting ridiculous.
Probably slipped JG his number in case he gets the Rutgers job so JG can be a graduate transfer there next season where his dad was a star. Especially with Harrison Bailey on his way and Brian Maurer playing much better when he is healthy.
He didn't go through any contact at practice during the week leading up to the Alabama game. There is no 'set protocol' for concussions in the NCAA so outside of evaluating and monitoring to gauge how the player is performing and responding, there isn't really a magic number to go by. Plus, there are various grades of concussions to keep in mind, etc. For instance, at no point did he get knocked out either week, in fact, he bounced up pretty quick and took the next snap against Miss St. and was waving his arms around to get the crowd pumped up.
I get the emotions of the game, but I've never been able to figure out why the heck you even bother punching another player in the helmet. If anything, you'll break your hand or jam a finger before you have any affect on the guy you're punching.
Maybe in game one but the BYU QB who had some solid runs against Utah was shut down the next game.
Oh please, Hooker. You came up through the same newspaper John 'I hate Tennessee' Adams works for and couldn't wait to see Fulmer out. Now you're calling for him to be coach again???
Valid point, though. It was before my lifetime and I'm about to turn 37...just sayin'.
South Alabama beating Miss. State in 2016 could certainly be on the list, too. Another Sun Belt team that Georgia State has some wins over.
Jets, Redskins, Texans, Patriots and Ravens.....wouldn't that be five interested teams, not four?
RB: You didn't mention Eric Grey, who has stood out this fall and is surely in line to play from day 1. WR: You left off a host of WR's who look to contribute, especially Brandon Johnson and Jordan Murphy. OL: I bet Morris starts day 1 or at least gets plenty of snaps, Wright not as many but gets in there some. Didn't mention a very possible starter in Riley Locklear or perhaps Jerome Carvin. K'Rojhn Calbert is a possibility, as well. LB: How in the world did you leave off Henry To'oto'o??? He'd get a start before Crouch. Don't get me wrong, Crouch has tons of ability and potential but To'oto'o is a natural, per Pruitt. DB: Warren Burrell has been showing off his skills and actually may even start over Taylor. At the very least, you've gotta factor him into the conversation at least. Outside of that, great list....
Bold = Random thoughts that popped up in your head while in the bathroom?
Seeing Tennessee has lost 8 games only once in program history, I wouldn't put a penny on your prediction. But, enjoy your illusions and hopes that Tennessee doesn't come back to where Tennessee belongs at the top of the division. I know it hurts Georgia fans that, despite a bad stretch of years and coaches at Tennessee, the overall series record is tied at 23 wins for each team. Not to mention Georgia still has less wins as a team, less championships - both national and conference, less all-americans, and less NFL draft picks and now we're on our way back up so the odds of Georgia closing the gap are slim. But enjoy your fantasies.
Well, never getting that valuable yet wasted time back...
I've been on blood thinner since i was 23 (13 years now) due to a clotting disorder, missing a couple of proteins that tell the blood to stop clotting. Depends on what exactly is causing his issues, but I don't have any major limitations other than avoiding high intake of vitamin K and making sure to get my blood checked every few weeks. If you do that, you can go full contact. My two sons and dog make sure to test that theory out for me daily when I get home from work! Plus, it has been done before, there have been basketball players, hockey players, and nascar drivers continue their careers on blood thinner.
How is Tennessee a 30 percent chance to beat Gonzaga after already beating them when they were #1?
Don't let the fact there were very few seniors on the team to begin with go without saying. That, and we had a couple of juniors who were thought to be possible early departures decide to come back, such as Jennings, Taylor, Warrior, and Callaway, who all thought about their options.
We had one of the most prolific offenses in school history in 2012 under Chaney, Georgia was churning out top tier numbers on offense the past two, many Purdue records on offense still in place from his time there, and he turned Nathan Peterman into a starting NFL QB, so I'd say he has proven his worth a few times over.
That would be the definition of 'wooing', ya know.
Welcome back! Loving the hires made by Coach Pruitt, Chaney and Martin are both individuals in which Tennessee fans enjoyed having around. Feels right having both back.
That's awesome, and a very good job on the letter for a second grader.