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lol, I get a kick out of Georgia fans calling Tennessee fans hillbillies as if people think highly of 'sophisticated' folks in Georgia.
bryanchip - please do us all a favor and unplug your keyboard and keep your mobile devices out of reach.
Surprised he didn't recommend himself. I get Mack Brown is from Tennessee, but he is 66 and pretty much hasn't been a factor in the coaching searches since being fired. Shoot, might as well bring in Fulmer if you're going that route.
But, but John Crist thinks it isn't good so Marcus Spears must be wrong, right?!?
Mark my words, Tennessee will be willing to pay more money for a head coach than Florida. That alone makes it more attractive. Florida came along as a power in the 90's, but historically Tennessee has a lot more going for it and is not going to play second fiddle to many places in regards to facilities, resources, and pure passion from the fans.A few examples of what I'm talking about:- Tennessee has more wins overall (833 to 713) - Tennessee has more national titles - Tennessee has more conference titles (16 to 8) - Tennessee has more bowl appearances (52 to 43) - Tennessee has more consensus all-americans (39 to 32) - Tennessee has produced more draft picks (343 to 339)Florida leads in Heisman winners (though, Johnny Majors and Peyton Manning should have both won, if we're all honest here. Florida would still have one more, granted.)Point being, just because Tennessee has suffered through Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley, and Butch Jones doesn't mean that the new AD will make the same mistakes and not pay up to get Tennessee back where it should be, a regular in the playoff discussions. Florida is good in their own right thanks to where Steve Spurrier launched them to and then later Urban Meyer, but it does not mean it is automatically the better job.
Instant headlines, name recognition, and the only guy we could potentially get that could wear a super bowl ring while trying to close out recruiting a top talent. That and the man eats, sleeps, and breathes football. He's just built for it and has plenty of connections to build a stellar staff. At least,that is what stands out to me.
Certainly an interesting expression. Could be nothing, could be the 'oh crap, did I just smile after getting outed' look....time will tell!
Well if that isn't just rock bottom....(Yeah, lame, I know. Best I've got after hitting the 0-6 point in SEC play....)
bryanchip - lay off the whiskey for a couple of nights, sounds like you had a bit too much. The liquid diet isn't helping you sound sane on the comment section.
The Butch Jones era will be over after this season, no way he comes back. Just saying.
Yeah, I find it hard to believe a Bammer REALLY cares about Tennessee getting the right hire so they don't have to go through another search anytime soon.You're either A) worried about Gruden to Tennessee as a legit threat or B) Gruden said something mean about your mama....cousin....however that works in Alabama.
Umm, he knows a thing or two about football, hence a super bowl ring. Celebrity status would be a hit for recruiting and you'd better believe he would have the money to get an elite staff. Why can't he win in college and the NFL? Pete Carroll did.
Ha, Tennessee is doing their best to duplicate last years M*A*S*H* unit with this seasons own version. Injuries galore...
Funny thing is, there are names on this list they can simply remove, waste of space such as Lane Kiffin, Bobby Petrino, Peyton Manning, Mike MacIntyre, Tee Martin, Les Miles. Simply not happening, certainly not with Kiffin and Petrino.Meanwhile there are some big names not even on here that should be. Gruden still the favorite and objective #1 first and foremost.
Far from over with Cade Mays. We'll find out in about 19-20 days.
This is no different than last season when Texas had it already decided Charlie Strong was gone and they waited until the season officially ended and announced the firing then a couple of hours later they announced Tom Herman was hired.He is gone, .0000001% chance he'll be coaching at Tennessee next season (just because I will never say 0% chance), people can stop trolling, spamming, and writing about how he should be fired. It'd be like me sitting here saying 'I hope Clinton doesn't win the 2016 election'. Old news, past that point.
Zero chance on Petrino (or Kiffin) going to Tennessee. Charlie Ergin (Dish Network Founder, Tennessee Alum) who has major power and backing is not interested in either one.
I haven't seen any Tennessee fans placing Scott Frost outside of their top 3 on any 'top replacements for Butch Jones' lists. Highly, highly doubt Frost would be anything but well-received in Knoxville. We're well aware of his abilities and intensity. Heck, Peyton Mannings last game (orange bowl) turned into the Scott Frost show.
I don't know if it'll happen or not, that's between him and the University. That being said, multiple factors are at play here. Never underestimate family, and his wife has pushed for him to go to Knoxville (per Albert Haynesworth, who knows both of them) since her family lives there and their middle son is a junior at Tennessee. If their youngest son follows his brother to Tennessee (I believe he is a junior in high school) than she'd also want to be around him. They'll offer him more than an NFL is likely to offer, with $10 million being the rumored amount and the highest paid NFL coach makes $8.5 million. And now there is talk of ESPN possibly doing the unthinkable and dropping the NFL due to the hefty price tag just to have the rights to air it, at the very least we know they are about to have another massive layoff starting in a few weeks.
Low bar based on what? Georgia hired a guy who had as many wins as a college head coach as Gruden. (zero, in case you forgot)Now things Gruden has that Smart didn't include a super bowl ring as a head coach, any recruit who has watched Monday night football or the Gruden QB camp over the past several years knows exactly who he is, and he does have experience working in the college environment.
He just hasn't been a successful head coach anywhere. Forget his name and his track record of not leaving on good terms, if you put down a list of 10 coaches with their head coaching record side-by-side and ask yourself who has proven themselves as a winner when in charge, I doubt his overall record from Oakland through now would land him in the top 5-10 best options.THEN add in the bad past and you're really pushing the issue. Never say never but it'd have to be after Tennessee struck out with a few other routes, which I don't think is going to happen under the new regime.
First, the only type of loss to Kentucky for Tennessee is an ugly loss. No way around it, Tennessee just should not lose to them probably just like they shouldn't lose to Tennessee in basketball, different level of programSecond, I'd rather them take the time to get this right versus rushing it and getting the wrong guy. There is no case study how to handle the early signing period now being a factor, so just move forward and make the right decision or negotiations instead of worrying about the timing with recruiting.
Seems to be common in Tennessee under Jones?I don't recall that being common, please list some examples?
No way the AD can be that stupid, and I make that case by pointing out he isn't fully brain dead and one would have to be to REALLY want him back.
It'd be a good way to purge a lot of long-time donors and season ticket holders, that is for sure.Seriously, do people have such short term memories or low standards that they would bring back the guy who was not only responsible for many perfectly fine mattresses being burned, but he was the reason we even ended up with Dooley and the reason the roster went into meltdown mode once most of his class either flunked out or got arrested.There has to be at least 10-15 promising options ahead of him. He did get fired from USC for a reason.