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Keep in mind you don't want Kelly carrying the ball 40 times a game or anything, either. You need him through the entire season, not to burn him completely out through 3-4 games. Other backs will get carries, he has been used to the point he leads the SEC in rushing, and it was a run play Dormady checked out of but Callaway said himself he ran the route incorrectly. Had he caught it, they would have looked brilliant because Florida had more rushing the play than Tennessee had blockers so it would have been stuffed in all likelihood.
He isn't getting fired unless we ended up with a losing record or something else crazy like that happens, even then it isn't a foregone conclusion.The AD has said post-Florida game that the team continues to fight, force turnovers in key spots showing they won't give up, currently have the highest ranked recruiting class among any other SEC team, and what he has done to even get us back from the shambles the previous two knuckleheads left Tennessee in.
I second that.You know, I always figured I'd be good for one play a game. Not that I'm fast or in shape nowadays, but I'd sure run like heck to get away from all of those angry dudes wanting to knock my block off. Much like the fastest time I ever ran was when I mowed over a yellow jacket nest and started getting stung....
You did get that Dormady audibled out of the run play that had been called, right? Dormady needs to learn to trust his OL. (When they aren't jumping early, at least!)Ironic thing is, Casey Clausen was at the game the week before and talked about how he had checked out of a run play inside Alabama's 5 yard line and luckily it was completed, don't know if Dormady heard that interview or what but it'd be best he not do that again.
Didn't Georgia AND Tennessee both have 'miracle passes' at the end of the game? Just Tennessee ended up with more points once all was said and done.Either way, looking forward to the Tennessee/Georgia game, they are always quite entertaining, which is why sports are played in the first place. Should be another good one!
Idiots. Had that pass not been caught or Kongbo wasn't held and got the sack and we go to OT and pull out the win, everyone is fine to move along. I guess Kirby Smart should have been canned last season, I mean a 'defensive guru' let his DBs all stand BEHIND Jennings on a hail mary, textbook way NOT to defend it. Thing is Florida could still get a 10-15 yd gain and had a timeout to kick a field goal so they were defending that.Yes, too many blown chances. Callaway didn't run the hitch route correctly on the pick-6, John Kelly dropped a sure TD pass out of a timeout, Palmer and Dormady weren't on the same page on the INT in the endzone. New starters, new OC, new QB in their first road and and we still should have won.As for Butch Jones, he has done some nice things at Tennessee:- Rebuilt a depth chart that was decimated by Kiffin and Dooley - Returned us to the conversation of being in the SEC east title hunt - Snapped an 11 year losing streak to Florida - Gotten Tennessee back in the NFL draft by bringing in high level talent - Gotten us back-to-back 9 win seasons, the first time since 2006-2007 Tennessee had 18+ wins over two years. - He his having another great recruiting season at this time, not the first time he has done that since being HC, hence the depth chart and talent notes above - Three straight bowl wins for the first time since Peyton Manning led us to 3 straight bowl wins from 1994-1996 - Gotten us back on a winning track against Georgia with two in a row, which can be a big plus in recruiting areas like Atlanta. - Tennessee is one of THREE SEC teams to win at least nine games the last two seasons. - Three straight winning seasons for the first time in 12 years.
Who do you think got the players here that you love? Kiffin brought in thugs, Dooley brought in non-SEC caliber players or completely neglected to recruit certain positions which led to zero depth when Jones arrived.
Why does everyone bring up money when your team loses a game?These players, if good enough, go to the NFL and make millions regardless if they have a good game or season or end up a bust. So, what? Call for players jobs and have them fired when they don't do good in the NFL? Pull their scholarship if they end up being a bench warmer?
Who on Gods green earth has Tennessee overrated? Even if Tennessee gets the win at Florida (which I believe they will) everyone will say it was the suspensions and the turmoil from the hurricane that allowed it.We could be 10-0 heading into the end of the season and I gurantee y'all would still be busy listing why Tennessee is going to fall apart eventually and listing the people we no longer have from last season still. Don't laugh, it happened in 1998 and I still have a copy of when SI wrote FSU would win without a shadow of a doubt even with their backup QB, then after the game it was 'the only reason Tennessee won was Weinke was injured'.Sorry, rant over....
I disagree, not all comedians are all that funny as proven in the article.By the way, how did Tennessee (averaging 42ppg) get clumped in with Florida (3 points on offense so far) when you said both offenses are so bad?
Well, good thing Tennessee is making a stop in Gainesville then, since the road runs through there. Now to get the win and move on up the road.
Love hearing former players thoughts and see that they are holding watch parties, etc. Really says a lot about the family atmosphere and the VFL program.
Equally shaky divisional?Certainly not on offense and I don't think the defense has seen an actual normal test yet this season, especially facing the triple option in week 1.Heck, Vanderbilt has at least been solid on defense under Mason (former Stanford DC) and they allowed a ton of yards to GT last season, got throttled, and then turned around and held Florida to 236 total yards right after that.
Looks like several people beat me to the comments section on this one, but we appear to be on the same thought. How does beating a Kentucky team that struggled with Southern Miss and Eastern Kentucky after your team beat NC State and Mizzou automatically make you a contender?Get back to me after they play Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and I was going to say their west opponents but they get Arkansas and Texas A&M so that doesn't really tell me anything other than 'what a lucky draw!'
Nice write-up, one of the best recaps I have read on here to be honest. Covered the rivalry well and I cannot think of anything that was left off. If anything, it's gotten me more pumped up for the game this Saturday.Glad to know Gainesville is up and running well enough to host the game after Irma. We are hosting some friends from Jacksonville that was hit pretty hard from the sounds of it.Should be a good one! Go Vols!
Possible this one is a neutral site game as well with Irma recovery efforts going on and everyone trying to get back home, etc. So may not even be in the swamp.
Absolutely hate that for him, he has overcome a lot with beating cancer being the most obvious obstacle he had to face. No doubt he'll fight back from this injury and come back strong next season.
I'm a lifelong Tennessee fan, 35 years old, yet I already take two different blood pressure medicines. Coincidence? Probably not! But a win is a win and can't say Tennessee doesn't do their part to bring in the ratings.
Bamalicious - where do you get he was a freshman making his first start at QB??? He is a junior and is far from a stranger to that offense.
Obviously he was a huge part, what QB isn't? But 4-8? Really? There were some bad games in there that a QB who could throw more consistently would have made a positive difference so I think that's just silly to say 4-8 without him.Don't get me wrong, I'm a big Dobbs fan and heaven only knows when the next time I'll see Tennessee with a runner at QB like him but while he was a better passer than most gave him credit for, he wasn't the most consistent or accurate passer in the conference.
At least we can understand what our coach says, Orgeron sounds like a drunken troll during his press conferences.
I'll always be impressed how Georgia fails to live up to the hype year after year yet they don't hesitate to criticize others as if they were annual championship contenders. I thought about dating a girl that was a Georgia fan once, figured it'd have the benefit of her never expecting a ring.
Ah, yes just sit there like a mime during a press conference, that'd make the critics on here shut up.
Maybe because Eason finished last season near or at the bottom in completion percentage and the jury is certainly still out on rather or not he has any targets to throw to that'll help or how the OL is this season.
There really haven't been that many injuries during camp, and injuries happen to every team. Almost like it's a contact sport or something ;)While he may not have gone down during contact, rarely ever are injuries, especially tears in the knee or anywhere else, just something that randomly happens. Usually a tiny tear that is barely noticeable gets worse over time, eventually you're running along and it'll go out, tearing the to the point of recognition (complete or partial).Josh Smith turns out has an AC joint sprain from the latest thing I saw, shouldn't be out too terribly long. The freshman OL that is out had a preexisting injury from HS and was going to redshirt anyway. Chance Hall has been dealing with the same injuries for a while and is finally having surgery and sitting out the season so nothing during camp that happened, and outside of some guys just bruised or tweaked here and there as happens on every team in the nation, I may be missing one other but nothing earth shaking.Kirkland is turning out to be someone who is simply prone to injury and even with that said, we don't know if this is one of those 'be back in 2-3 weeks' moments or 'see you in November' cases, here's hoping for the best. Next man up.
I bet we see both but I find it kind of ironic the article specifically mentions the Florida game and needing to have the QB situation settled in order to leave the swamp with a win. While I get that mindset, Florida doesn't exactly have a good grasp on their own QB situation, not to mention their suspensions and injuries thus far.
I saw some Bama fans driving around town down here in Georgia the other day, I swear I wasn't trying to make a joke but just out of instinct my first thought was 'where is there a mobile home park near here that they could have come from??'
Good take on things, sounds like as long as those little things such as staying focused throughout long drives (I believe that was specifically mentioned by Coach Jones) and other things on the mental side of the game take shape, we'll be fine overall.Obviously no reason in naming a QB publicly any time soon, the players will know who is going out there but I'd imagine we'll hear something 3-5 days before kickoff.Kicking will be interesting to see who takes that job, Medley can be good-ish but if Cimaglia is more consistent then it may be time to make that switch now. Underrated part of the game and as many close games that come out of the SEC matchups, every single kick matters.
You beat me to it, I was completely thrown off on that. Tennessee has one of the deepest and most experienced OLs in the conference.Yes, Chance Hall is out but he was out half of last season and it all stems from the same injury/injuries. There is a true freshman out as well, but that was a known injury from his senior season in high school and he was not going to see the field this season regardless due to depth, needing to develop physically, and he has some learning to do before seeing the field.Please explain, SDS?
I noticed that, too. They really went all over the place with the clips. At least they had Jennings burning Tabor against Florida last season for something more recent.