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Exactly, if anything money is a primary magnet for trouble and sins.
My thoughts as soon as I saw 'escort service'. I would not be surprised at all, in fact, I'd be more surprised if they were indeed for his personal use.
'Christianity doesn’t give its followers license to claim perfection – it gives them freedom to ask for grace.'....Even though you're an Alabama fan, I'll give you an 'Amen' on that one, well said. ;)
You're right, no man is in the sky, it's God.
Bottom line, Christian or not we are all sinners and have to face the many, many sins in life on a daily basis. Everyone screws up, imperfect people living in an imperfect world. It's what you do to avoid the situations that can lead to spiraling out of control, removing the temptations that hit your weak spots in life, and asking for forgiveness.I know a lot of people reading this comment are in the 'there is no invisible man in the sky', 'I don't believe so this doesn't apply to me', or 'what a bunch of hypocrites that just like to act like they're better than everyone. All I can say is A) you're right, there is no 'man' in the sky, God is greater than 'man' B) Just because you don't believe doesn't make it not true, and C) No, rather you're saved or not we all sin, the only difference is accepting that Jesus was crucified to give us all a chance and to forgive us despite not deserving it.
Bottom line for Tennessee and Butch Jones, he isn't going anywhere regardless of this season unless we did something like lost 8+ games for the first time in school history (something only Tennessee and Ohio State can claim) because between the improvements during his time at Tennessee, the current recruiting class, and more importantly the fact Tennessee posted the largest athletic department profit in the SEC this past year the last thing you do is throw a grenade in on your most profitable sports team. That'd be career suicide for the new AD, for any AD. It always comes down to money, like it or not.
North Carolina would be a good choice for Tennessee, though, I'd personally rather continue what started last season at the Battle of Bristol and play Virginia Tech. Tennessee goes for a lot of Virginia prospects and they share a border (granted a much smaller stretch) with Virginia just as they do with North Carolina.Either one would result in some good games and a quick rivalry being established.
Oh PLEASE put $20 on Kentucky finishing ahead of Tennessee in the SEC east, I would take you up on that before you could blink.
I try so hard to take this as a legit sports new site, but it's so hard when you get 'articles' like this. 90% about Alabama, you were late the first day and didn't even see Butch Jones yet you take a few jabs at him, but this made complete sense when I realized you were a Bama homer.Might want to stick to that stand-up comedy gig because this was a joke of a read and a waste of my precious time.
Not very smart of Manning? Everyone in the crowd was laughing quite well at this minus Durant & Westbrook. Sounds like Manning gets an A+ on this jab.
One burning question for SDS...Will you still be harping on the 'Champions of Life' quote from Butch Jones 5-10 years from now regardless if Butch Jones is still at Tennessee or not? I do find it curious that this is the only site I ever see new articles come out mentioning it on what seems like a weekly basis (at least).
Oh, we don't want to get those little details and facts in the way now do we? ;)
Yet you knew exactly who they were talking about, so who cares?
I would have perhaps put Kongbo or McKenzie before putting Kirkland. Kirkland has performed well when not injured. McKenzie was the overall #1 guy on ESPN rankings when he was recruited and Kongbo was the #1 JUCO player, granted he only played one year of high school ball so he is more of an upside guy.
I get a kick out of how things are worded and spun in any news, mainly because it is so obvious when it's done.Kirby Smart gets praised coming into Georgia for being someone who coached under Saban despite zero experience as a head coach. First season he goes 8-5 and it is called respectable. Yes, there were some close games and some youth but you also had close games that were wins that very well could have been losses such as Missouri and Nichols St (Nichols Freakin' State! Really??) Yes, there were some young guys but you also had three seniors on the OL and Chubb and Michel at RB. Georgia is still looking for OL and WR consistency and despite this you get nothing from praise from the talking heads, at least 9 times out of 10 it is praise and high level comparisons to big names coaches.On the flip side, Butch Jones has gotten zero love since day one at Tennessee from the media. A lot of 'is he right for the job?' and 'can he coach in the SEC against the big boys?' despite his success at his previous two stops. He has taken a train wreck left behind by Dooley and built up not just depth but quality depth. There were a crazy number of injuries last season that resulted in a young bunch having to fill in especially on defense. The losing streak against Florida is snapped, Georgia was defeated, injuries really kicked in about the time of the OT loss to Texas A&M and things were pretty rough afterwards but Butch Jones is yet to slide back in win total at Tennessee from one year to the next thus far but all he gets is hot seat talk and mocking of his sayings he uses from the talking heads.I get it, you've got to hype someone up to generate clicks and all but it gets old seeing 80%+ of the headlines on here and other sites either be about Alabama or Georgia. Alabama at least earned it, as much as it pains me as a Tennessee fan to say, but Georgia is pure hope and hype by the writers at this point. Could possibly come to fruition but you'd think it was a sure thing just seeing the articles.
Agreed. Hope he finds a good opportunity to play somewhere and I wish him the best of luck. He was great at pumping up the guys even though he wasn't on the field.
Nice idea, pods would be even more balanced and you could still schedule things to keep rivals in place such as Tennessee/Bama, Georgia/Auburn, etc.
Forgot to mention, play 8 division games plus two from the other division. Cut out some of the cupcake yawners like Alabama vs. Georgia State and other riveting match-ups. You can either rotate both games (which I prefer) or make a rival game which would be forced in many of those cases and rotate one. You still have two games for however you wish to use them, either boosting your resume or glorified scrimmages against the school for the deaf and blind.
If you really wanted to split things up and actually have it make sense from a travel (and basic map reading) standpoint, things would be aligned like this:East Alabama Auburn Florida Georgia Kentucky South Carolina Tennessee VanderbiltWest Arkansas Louisiana State Miss. St. Missouri Oklahoma Oklahoma State Ole Miss Texas A&MBalances power out better than it currently is, keeps travel a lot simpler and those who have actually followed football more than 5-10 years would know schools go through power cycles so before you go crazy and say Alabama wins their division no matter what and it's always been that way, while they are traditionally a powerhouse they have had their share of down years and Saban isn't likely to coach until he is 100 years old. ;)
Not only a Georgia thing, but they are one of the top 3 schools when it comes to arrests in recent years. One way to make the top 3 in the nation, I reckon.
This is true, it was a bigger deal back in the day and into the BCS era where they did all of those calculations using a combination of the polls.
I know some will argue the rankings work themselves out, which they do to an extent, but I wish they would either A) carry over the final rankings from the previous season so the final polls actually mean a little more including bowl games or B) rankings didn't come out until the 4th or 5th week of the season at earliest.No more ranking based on hype or expectations, it's all for ratings and varies greatly (outside of the top two or three, perhaps) from one service to another.
Judging by that live feed, he'll be the first prospect that lands an endorsement deal with an anti-depressant medicine for his first deal.
You know, my honest first reaction was going to be to agree especially when considering accomplishments in college ball, but then I thought back to how often college success and NFL success rarely have anything to do with each other.You could compile an amazing list of QBs from college who won awards and titles from their pee-wee days through college only to fall flat in the NFL. I don't even know where to begin with that list, but you could start with almost any SoCal, Bama, or Florida QB from the past 15-20 years and go from there for starters.On the flip side, you have QBs who were 3 stars or worse coming into college ball who turned out pretty dang good such as Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler, Philip Rivers, Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger, and Joe Flacco, just to name a few.
Funny considering they drop Hershel due to a mildly disappointing professional career yet put a guy in the top 15 that has yet to set foot on an NFL practice field.
I get what you're saying, but if Peyton Manning was available (which he would be in this hypothetical draft) you would go after help on defense with top pick instead of selecting Peyton Manning? Ever?If you need THAT much help on defense that you'd pass up Manning, you aren't going to be fixing that problem if you had the top 3 picks so you might as well go after someone who can rack up some points to counter that defense.
Who gives a d**m about stars, I just want guys that can play and this kid evidently put up solid numbers because he knows how to play. Anyway, he is 4 star on ESPN and Rivals, 16th ranked RB on ESPN but even if he is 3 stars on some sites and say he gets a 4th star added later on because of senior season production or camps, does that mean suddenly he is an even better player or just more known? Same guy rather he hasn't been analyzed and is 1-2 stars or if he got 1900 all-purpose yards his junior season and you decide to slap a 3 or 4 star rating on him.