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I'm fine with pods if they are balanced correctly, which you'd have to be purposely trying not to make them competitive with the teams in the SEC. In other words, shouldn't be an issue. Two other factors that need to be considered. How the divisions play out in other sports, primarily basketball - Kentucky and Tennessee in the same division? Quite the tradition in that match-up after all. Second, before people freak out at any realignment, everything happens in cycles. Just because a team is strong or weak now, it doesn't mean it'll be that way in 5-10 years.
No offense, just pointing the obvious, but Georgia WOULD know what a long road to a national championship would look like. I'll be 39 this year and still haven't witnessed Georgia winning one.
Florida has more of a reddish orange thing going with their helmets, that is when they aren't wearing their white helmets.
To each their own. I'd never trade the Tennessee uniforms for Florida's, in all honesty.
Things change, Alabama wasn't any good the years before Saban. Georgia has had their fair share of poor seasons. Florida has been through some coaches recently. LSU has also had plenty of seasons being mediocre. Granted, it would make for good games regardless, even if one or two of them were down.
.....or don't. I'd be perfectly happy if they didn't beat Clemson.
At least Tennessee is trending in the right directon between baseball and basketball. Football still has the jury out, obviously, since we've yet to see a game with the new staff.
You're correct in it's getting old. Every year we have to hear all summer why 'this year is different' from Georgia fans and that does get very old. Truth of the matter, Kirby gets 5 star guys and, such as this past draft, they don't even get drafted in the first round much less get over the Alabama-sized hump. Truth hurts.
People need to get off the 'he has a slogan so he is Butch 2.0' BS. Do a quick google search, it is pretty easy to do, and you will find that slogan actually stems from the death of his infant son a few years ago due to a heart condition. It isn't some late-night infomercial-like slogan Butch had.
Kevin Steele, Tom Herman, Lance Leipold, or Bill Clark are the four names I'd think are most likely.
Wow! Never? As in never ever? Well, while you're at it, can you pass along the lottery numbers for the coming weeks and let me know what stocks to invest in for the rest of time?
Fire a coach stemming from NCAA recruiting issues and hire a coach who was fired for NCAA recruiting issues? Not so sure that's the best idea.
Looking forward to the Tennessee/Mizzou game, it'll be the first big test for Tennessee since the game with Gonzaga had to be cancelled.
Speak for yourself, if you factor in the time missed due to covid within the basketball team and all of the elite newcomers from the past top 5 class Barnes brought in and you have to realize they're still nailing down the rotation than you'd see this is far from your average Tennessee 'they could be pretty good' squad. This is a 'this could be the most overall talented squad Tennessee has had in basketball' territory.
One letter off from 'Accidental', 21 game losing streak, couldn't field enough players at one point, and a liberal arts school in LA....yeah, perhaps we should have known their football program wasn't long for this world. Hate it for the players.
You're an embarrassment to Vol fans if you're pulling for Biden. Obviously you must be a troll.
Yes, they played 8-10 guys deep against Mizzou. Former 5-star OL who started all last season as a true freshman was one of the guys rotating in from the bench to provide relief.
Just like Georgia took a break against SC last season?
Not so great on the predictions, huh? Exactly why I don't gamble, especially on college football.
Kentucky fans always so bitter when they see the orange and white they resort to grade school level name calling. I guess Tennessee getting good in basketball really didn't help win over any cat fans.
Reminds me of the old Madden games where the ambulance drove onto the field, hitting several players along the way. Ah, the classics...
Slow feet yet he played every position on the Georgia OL line season at one point or another? Man, Georgia must have a crappy OL considering the don't even have those guys from last season back. If that's the case, throwing in a new QB, starting RB, and unproven WRs beyond Pickens....good luck!
I like the annual 'this is Kentucky's year to beat Tennessee, something they do about once ever 2-3 decades, because it's time they do' followed up with the 'well, Tennessee will lose to Georgia, Alabama, and Florida because that is how it has been lately'. Two conflicting frames of thought. I think Tennessee takes either the Auburn or Texas A&M game, Pruitt knows Malzahn well. Two seasons ago Pruitt was ready for every play Malzahn ran, you could watch him on the sideline calling it as if he were hardwired into Malzahns brain.
It's what should still be the name of the Rebel Black Bear Land Sharks.
So are they doing the contact tracing like Tennessee is evidently required to do? If so, it'll be way more than 3 because they'd have to trace back to who may have come in contact with them and sit them for two weeks. I don't agree with that part at all, given how often they're tested for the virus and know what signs to look for. The fact it comes down to state and county rules because the SEC can't come up with a balanced set of rules across the board is going to lead to some teams missing 20-30 players while other teams may have a couple of guys out.
I still find it humorous there's a bojangles right near the stadium. I mean, deep frying your mascot within smelling distance of the team seems a little dark.