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Seeing Tennessee has lost 8 games only once in program history, I wouldn't put a penny on your prediction. But, enjoy your illusions and hopes that Tennessee doesn't come back to where Tennessee belongs at the top of the division. I know it hurts Georgia fans that, despite a bad stretch of years and coaches at Tennessee, the overall series record is tied at 23 wins for each team. Not to mention Georgia still has less wins as a team, less championships - both national and conference, less all-americans, and less NFL draft picks and now we're on our way back up so the odds of Georgia closing the gap are slim. But enjoy your fantasies.
Well, never getting that valuable yet wasted time back...
I've been on blood thinner since i was 23 (13 years now) due to a clotting disorder, missing a couple of proteins that tell the blood to stop clotting. Depends on what exactly is causing his issues, but I don't have any major limitations other than avoiding high intake of vitamin K and making sure to get my blood checked every few weeks. If you do that, you can go full contact. My two sons and dog make sure to test that theory out for me daily when I get home from work! Plus, it has been done before, there have been basketball players, hockey players, and nascar drivers continue their careers on blood thinner.
How is Tennessee a 30 percent chance to beat Gonzaga after already beating them when they were #1?
Don't let the fact there were very few seniors on the team to begin with go without saying. That, and we had a couple of juniors who were thought to be possible early departures decide to come back, such as Jennings, Taylor, Warrior, and Callaway, who all thought about their options.
We had one of the most prolific offenses in school history in 2012 under Chaney, Georgia was churning out top tier numbers on offense the past two, many Purdue records on offense still in place from his time there, and he turned Nathan Peterman into a starting NFL QB, so I'd say he has proven his worth a few times over.
That would be the definition of 'wooing', ya know.
Welcome back! Loving the hires made by Coach Pruitt, Chaney and Martin are both individuals in which Tennessee fans enjoyed having around. Feels right having both back.
That's awesome, and a very good job on the letter for a second grader.
Man, you aren't even trying to hide your trolling, are you? 4th and 11 punt. That's all you need to remember.
Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.
He had that Miami offense really rolling under Al Golden after all, right? Oh wait, that's right, they were terrible...
Whatever makes you feel better, keep telling yourself it's good for your pups. At least you still have Kirby to call those fake punts and field goals and you don't have to worry about Justin Fields wasting away on the sideline.
Pretty sure Georgia doesn't get any say in this with a recently added NCAA rule this past offseason.
Or in Hookers case, it's ok to miss a deadline even if you do have something to write about. How about an early Christmas present of no Hooker articles?
If Pappoe goes anywhere other than Auburn, it'll likely be with his teammate Wanya Morris to Tennessee. He has visited a handful of times recently.
...that doesn't stop Georgia fans from acting like they are elite, repeat champions every other season over the past decade-plus...
Welcome to the 'Georgia Conspiracy Theory' board. Now THIS is entertaining and funny all rolled into one...
Kingsbury isn't coming. He has offers from the NFL and will hold out to see what other offers come along, possibly even another HC gig. Dan Enos is going to stay at Alabama because there is strong belief Locksley may bolt for the Maryland HC job, which means Enos would become the OC. It'll be Hugh Freeze or Chip Lindsey in all likelihood and every Tennessee fan should be thrilled to have the offense being called by either one of those two.
Helton didn't work at WKU under Petrino, he worked there as OC under Jeff Brohm.
Just like when Jim Chaney first arrived at Tennessee with Lane Kiffin, Chaney didn't really have play calling duties because Kiffin screened all of the ideas he had and basically ended up calling the games himself. This is per Jim Chaney himself, I believe he mentioned this on the coaches show when they'd do a segment with a staff member.
He's been seen rocking Tennessee shorts in at least two of his workout videos. Certainly fits the mold Pruitt wants at RB and has torn it up in high school. Playing time won't be an issue, obviously.
Not really, not unless Georgia just wiped the floor with Alabama, which they simply will not do outside of Alabama missing the bus to the game. A two loss Georgia team would not beat out a one loss Alabama team for a playoff spot, especially with a weak schedule.
Georgia fans will blame the refs or claim they lost on purpose to give their team a chance to catch fire like after losing to Auburn last season.
No fan of the Big Ten, but yeah, not so much. Nice try, though.
Yeah, pretty sure they just meant everyone that beat them was in the top 20. Lazy writing for a lazy article.
Jennings didn't quit, he was kicked off by the interim coach.
....even at that, South Carolina actually grows more peaches than Georgia.