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Truth of the matter is, they are going after low hanging fruit by enforcing rules that were not even rules at the time, end of story. Most schools, practically every major one at least, modeled their NIL methods after what Tennessee, Spyre, and Nico laid out and if the NCAA goes after this they can go after any school, no questions asked. If you are a true college sports fan that supports a particular institution, you should 100% be pulling for Tennessee and Virginia in this lawsuit against the NCAA. It is likely only a matter of time before other states join, including Florida as the most obvious with the Gators and FSU also being targets.
This will turn into both the SEC vs NCAA and the State of Tennessee vs. NCAA and seeing how their last case with the Supreme Court ended with a 9-0 ruling against the NCAA and they were warned not to try to cap the NIL or it will be considered collusion, I think the NCAA will backpedal to avoid a court date with the AG of Tennessee or any other states like Florida, which is another target they picked. They are changing rules on the fly using what is a 23 member panel which is supposed to be for emergencies only and then trying to retroactively apply the changes. That is not going to end well for the NCAA.
NCAA + NIL + Portal = What rules other than dead periods??? Guarantee tampering and NIL exploits are running wild like never before currently and the NCAA is desperate to look like they actually mean anything to anyone in this day and age.
People still acknowledge the Georgia troll? He is most likely a 10 year old kid hanging out on his parents computer just trying to get a reaction. Certainly types like like a little kid.
I was thinking the 2022 Tennessee game might be on there, because I still cannot figure out why Saban did not run the clock to 3 seconds or less before trying the field goal they ultimately missed, leaving just enough time for Hooker to move Tennessee into field goal range. That and Hyatt won the Biletnikoff award largely thanks to shredding Alabama that day.
Is this site sponsored by Lane Kiffin? They have a little TOO much love for him on here. Between his terrible record against Power 5 ranked teams and his antics, I would be quite shocked if Alabama went that route.
There is not much consistency here. Washington drops a lot, I am guessing due to what they lose. But LSU is holding steady? Oklahoma is in the top 15? I could go on here, but trying to figure out what exactly this was based on other than taking a swing in the dark. I get people like to look at recruiting rankings, but the portal and coaching make that a good way to look foolish.
Rental. He will get a HC gig somewhere before long, probably.
Georgia fans will be here shortly to say 'we did not want him anyway' as they always do when they miss on a recruit or have someone transfer.
A Florida fan saying can't spell Citrus with, how did that bowl go for Florida this season? Oh yeah... Not to mention Tennessee just now tied Florida, Michigan, Georgia, Penn State, Auburn, and LSU for most appearances with the appearance today.
I can hear it now from the Georgia fans I live around, they will claim beating a depleted FSU team equals they should have been in the playoffs, ignoring the fact it is a shell of the undefeated team they are facing once kickoff arrives.
Close, Hooker took over the starting role roughly midway through the 1st quarter in the 4th game of the season against Florida, Milton got hurt against Pitt and couldn't stay out there long the next week. So, not quite halfway but we will give you a pass....Hooker certainly ran away with it! ;)
I like our coaches approach, they do not just bring in anyone but they look at scheme fit, culture fit, and prioritize building through recruiting and only use the portal to fill in spots as needed. That is how you will continue with success vs. a flash in the pan moment.
A real schedule, something no one on the current roster has ever experienced at Georgia. About time.
Tennessee could have a handful of guys listed, McCoy just being one of the top guys. Hadden at DB could be in there, he was the #1 graded DB in the SEC when he went down and now Tennessee, a few more injuries later, had a walk-on playing against Georgia by the 3rd defensive snap. Were missing two starting OL, too. As for WR, after a few others since McCoy, one more injury there and Tennessee will have another walk-on playing.
I don't think we know enough about either team to truthfully feel good about any predictions. Thankfully, that is why they play the game. Texas A&M hasn't exactly faced top-tier running attacks, so it is hard to say how they do against the run this weekend. Both teams can get to the QB, Tennessee was leading the nation in sacks until a week off, in which Texas A&M took the lead in that category. I think this will be the definition of a game that comes down to who makes the least mistakes and we will see if home field can make that difference for Tennessee. Should be a good one that comes down to the wire in a swing game for both teams.
I just assume Georgia fans are holding their breath that Bowers doesn't get hurt at any point this season. He's been the bailout so far, no doubt. For good reason, obviously, one of a kind player.
He'll be back. Blessing in disguise. Younger guys will step up, Squirrel White, Kaleb Webb, hopefully Thorton will show that ability he showed during the spring, Keyton has stepped up before, Nimrod has a promising future, and perhaps even (future star, mark it down) Leacock will get some time.
SupraDawg with the wishful thinking. You don't even know if Georgia can win at Tennessee this season.
Makes sense after losing so many players when Pruitt was canned and now we have a grand total of something like 7 or 9 juniors on the entire team. 30 seniors on the team so starting next year it'll truly be all Heupel guys for about 95% of the roster.
Thanks for actually providing reasoning on leaving Milton out of the top 5. I totally understand the reasoning. But I also believe he will be easily in the top 5 best QBs in the conference when all said and done. Too many tools at his disposal including his physical attributes not to be, assuming he stays healthy.
D'onte Thorton, WR transfer from Oregon now at Tennessee has a solid shot, averaged 21+ yards per catch at Oregon, now he's going to be used in various WR spots at Tennessee such as slot and has the speed and size to do damage, create mismatches.
I know it's just Northwestern, not exactly known for their national dominance in football, but I am sure it made it slightly easier letting him go that fast knowing he was 4-20 over the past two seasons. Lets not fool ourselves and think they fire him that quick if he's coming off back-to-back 10 win seasons.
fuzzyvol1 - I think you're recalling Dillon Gabriel having ill will at Heupel leaving. McKenzie Milton announced he was transferring in December 2020 and Heupel was hired at Tennessee until the end of January 2021.
First, I hope they got a great deal on that background because it looks like they picked it up behind a Dollar General or something. Second, never had an issue with Bryce Young, seems like a good guy and I bet he tears it up in the NFL. Best of luck to him!
What a journey in such a short time, goes from Nigeria where he was more known for playing basketball to England and an NFL academy to 20+ offers from schools in the USA to the best conference in all of football.
Needs to be noted Joe Milton was not benched because of a poor start in 2021, he was injured in the Pitt game and Hooker took over and never gave a reason to switch back to Milton due to how well he was playing. Second, the Vanderbilt game that was referenced was terrible weather, I would put zero stock in the passing completion and instead look at him completing 64.6% of his 82 passes in 2022, 971 yards as a backup for all but two games, and 10 TDs to 0 INTs. He has yet to throw an INT at Tennessee his first two seasons seeing action.
You'd think his 5 TD performance against Alabama as well as his performance against LSU would show he'll be able to go against athletes who are considered NFL worthy and what he'll be seeing in the NFL.