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I miss seeing Bruce Pearl at Tennessee. I know he got caught up in that NCAA mess, but he is still a good guy, he wrote me when I was in ICU and sent me some signed gear from the team to get my spirits up. Considering it was in February during the final stretch, to take the time to do that was awesome and I'll never forget.
Don't worry, Georgia fans typically go into hiding after a couple of regular season losses. I noticed that is when all of their gear comes down around town. It's one of the few entertaining aspects about being a Vol stuck in GA.
Yet, I'm still proud not to bark like a dog at games and cheer for a team represented by a mascot that licks his own butt. I guess we have our own points of view.Plus, Tennessee has still won 2 of the last 3 against Georgia.
Well, I mean he did average more carries per game than Nick Chubb, so I don't think it was that bad.That being said, when you have 3 and outs all season long and very few goal line situations, it's hard to get a running back more involved. Hence, we have a new coaching staff.
Recruits care, knucklehead. And who gets you national titles? Elite players. How do you get elite players? Recruiting....unless you're Auburn or Ole Miss, you can buy players in that case...
UGARMYRet - I assume you are talking in the third person seeing you're the only foolish one talking.
Guess the game didn't turn out the way he was hoping seeing he and his wife are part owners of the Memphis Grizzlies...
Pretty sure Georgia lost to Vandy at home and barely beat Nichols St. last season. Point being, careful throwing stones at others, you can quickly go back to that status again, especially when you're losing as many starters as Georgia will. Top class or not, talent was never the issue at Georgia and Smart was coach for both of those seasons. So he has one good on and one mediocre one.
Well, we can agree on a couple of those points at least ;)I like Pruitt, I hope he does well at Tennessee, and I hope UF finishes last.We'll see about the #1 or #2 thing, haha.
Ha, what is a 'borge'? I believe you meant borg and assimilation. Bless your heart.
Aw, come on now ya little dawg. You taking the time to type out the word yawn means you care, you really do care. I bet you even own some orange and white clothing.
Really, moron? Coach Pruitt was out recruiting, and he did talk to Coach Pruit via video chat on the video. Obviously you did not actually watch any of it.
lol, I get a kick out of Georgia fans calling Tennessee fans hillbillies as if people think highly of 'sophisticated' folks in Georgia.
bryanchip - please do us all a favor and unplug your keyboard and keep your mobile devices out of reach.
Surprised he didn't recommend himself. I get Mack Brown is from Tennessee, but he is 66 and pretty much hasn't been a factor in the coaching searches since being fired. Shoot, might as well bring in Fulmer if you're going that route.
But, but John Crist thinks it isn't good so Marcus Spears must be wrong, right?!?
Mark my words, Tennessee will be willing to pay more money for a head coach than Florida. That alone makes it more attractive. Florida came along as a power in the 90's, but historically Tennessee has a lot more going for it and is not going to play second fiddle to many places in regards to facilities, resources, and pure passion from the fans.A few examples of what I'm talking about:- Tennessee has more wins overall (833 to 713) - Tennessee has more national titles - Tennessee has more conference titles (16 to 8) - Tennessee has more bowl appearances (52 to 43) - Tennessee has more consensus all-americans (39 to 32) - Tennessee has produced more draft picks (343 to 339)Florida leads in Heisman winners (though, Johnny Majors and Peyton Manning should have both won, if we're all honest here. Florida would still have one more, granted.)Point being, just because Tennessee has suffered through Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley, and Butch Jones doesn't mean that the new AD will make the same mistakes and not pay up to get Tennessee back where it should be, a regular in the playoff discussions. Florida is good in their own right thanks to where Steve Spurrier launched them to and then later Urban Meyer, but it does not mean it is automatically the better job.
Instant headlines, name recognition, and the only guy we could potentially get that could wear a super bowl ring while trying to close out recruiting a top talent. That and the man eats, sleeps, and breathes football. He's just built for it and has plenty of connections to build a stellar staff. At least,that is what stands out to me.
Certainly an interesting expression. Could be nothing, could be the 'oh crap, did I just smile after getting outed' look....time will tell!
Well if that isn't just rock bottom....(Yeah, lame, I know. Best I've got after hitting the 0-6 point in SEC play....)
bryanchip - lay off the whiskey for a couple of nights, sounds like you had a bit too much. The liquid diet isn't helping you sound sane on the comment section.
The Butch Jones era will be over after this season, no way he comes back. Just saying.
Yeah, I find it hard to believe a Bammer REALLY cares about Tennessee getting the right hire so they don't have to go through another search anytime soon.You're either A) worried about Gruden to Tennessee as a legit threat or B) Gruden said something mean about your mama....cousin....however that works in Alabama.
Umm, he knows a thing or two about football, hence a super bowl ring. Celebrity status would be a hit for recruiting and you'd better believe he would have the money to get an elite staff. Why can't he win in college and the NFL? Pete Carroll did.