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'...Wazzu, meanwhile, finished under 400 yards just 11 times the past 2 seasons.' Isn't that almost half of the time or just about a full season worth of games?? Heackuva a way to word that trying to make it sound even better. Question will be, how does it do vs an SEC defense? PAC 12 isn't known for shutdown defense. Hence no playoff appearances.
All we have to do is follow the method Vandy has been practicing and demonstrating for years. You can have fans in the stands and tons of space left between them.
Not sure on crowd sizes, I'm sure there will be fans in the stands to some extent. But starting later doesn't make any sense unless you're dropping a bunch of games (and money) to shorten the season, otherwise you're dragging the season into cold/flu season and when they claimed there would be another wave, supposedly. Unless the death rate skyrockets with this virus, no way they don't play the season, IMO. Way too much money lost, which schools distribute to all parts of the school. Eligibility would become a nightmare and that'd translate into what do you do with recruits, roster sizes, scholarships, etc.
He has done a great job, no doubt. Reminds me of Texas firing Rick Barnes and how he came to Tennessee - certainly more of a football school than basketball school - and just had a top 5 recruiting class and has really built the program up to a consistent level. I guess it's ironic that Texas was also who let go of Brown.
No, Ethan and Eli spelled their last name Wolf. Hudson has his last name spelled Wolfe. Either way, what are the odds, right? I had to look back at Ethan and Eli to make sure I had that correct.
Beat me to it, that was my first thought. I can't even wear a simple face mask with safety glasses at work without dealing with that. I can only imagine how a winded player would feel with a visor fogging up!
He loved Tennessee and football, no doubt. He'll be missed. Shame he was cheated out of the heisman by a Notre Dame guy on a 2-8 team.
Georgia hate Fulmer, I get it. I'd hate a coach that owned my team, too.
....and Georgia has a mascot that looks like a heaping pile of fat rolls. Whats your point? By the way, 1980.
He put a chicken and two tigers, and two bulldogs in the top 7. I mean, are you even trying? I mean, I know it's not most original mascot, that much is obvious. SC and Arkansas at least have the tastiest mascots.
No, he wouldn't. Go look at his numbers, a significant chunk of his stats came against a weak non-conference schedule and lower-tier ACC teams (which, in reality, is most of the conference). Against stout competition he was pedestrian.
Wow, haven't heard a comeback like that since middle school...which (unfortunately for me) was 24 years ago.
It's implied when talking about the SEC, it's the top. I mean, not exactly much of a debate which conference has the best teams, fans, talent, and venues.
Oh, you didn't know? Georgia can get a transfer QB from anywhere and he'll surely be in the heisman race, nevermind how bad he looked against stiff competition (he looked like a deer in the headlights against Clemson). Also, the only reason they are on their 3rd OC in 3 years is purely by choice, just like they don't miss on recruits...they recruit over four and five star guys they don't like as much. Certainly don't miss their annual pre-season championship parade. They've won the national title in August the past 15 years, I think.
'...October slate of Missouri, at South Carolina, Alabama, at Arkansas. That’s generously a 2-2 month..' Umm, well Alabama as a loss make sense. Played them way closer this past year (a yard away from making it a 1 score game midway through the 4th qtr before JG went rogue) but lets assume loss there in all likelihood. Where is the second and how is that generously? Mizzou? They got plenty to fix on their own, hence the new coach. SC? Muschamp got whipped by Tennessee last season and he's probably the hottest seat in the SEC. Arkansas? Do I need to even explain this one?
....and everyone packed into the concourse getting snacks, going to the restroom, tailgating would be packed.... In other words, distancing in stadiums becomes completely irrelevant if everyone is still close to each other at all other times. Making this harder than it has to be. If you're at risk, stay home. If you're that concerned, avoid those who have been 'out and about' and then remaining 95% of people who aren't at grave danger will run about the same risk as going to the game and getting a cold or flu any other given time period in our lives.
Looks like a TE on the rise, looking at his stats it appears he has only played TE the last two seasons. Moves real good for a TE, definitely a receiving TE (vs a TE that's primarily an extra blocker).
First, 1-3 against him as SC coach. Second, 1-1 against him as SC coach with Pruitt as head coach. Third, probably only one more chance to face him as SC coach seeing the mess he's created in Columbia and likely only came back due to his contract and buyout.
Ha, yeah you know if anything that backs up what the coaches are telling these recruits about needing them to step in and bring their vision to life and having a shot at playing early and often.
Not like Oklahoma waltzed all over Tennessee in that last game. Took a late comeback and OT in a hard fought game from both sides. Plus, we were handicapped, Butch Jones was the head coach...
Florida has more substance to brush off Tennessee recruiting based on wins. Georgia just assumes they're entitled right out of the gate. They still talked trash even when they couldn't beat Tennessee a single time in the 90's and even going back and forth in the 2000's. Brushed off the Dobb-nail boot game as 'just a lucky hail mary' but talked about the 'hobnail boot' game every freakin' time you turned around (and still do!) so it's just more of the same from them.
You're forgetting every preseason, too. Those count being declared champs on paper, right? ;)
Oh come on, even Georgia fans have to admit it was only a matter of time before Tennessee got back to recruiting the way Tennessee historically has. Everything works in cycles.
If the size of the class automatically propelled you to the top, then why would Wisconsin, Rutgers, Maryland, and Cincy be in the teens per the rankings with double digit commits?
He explained this already, he said he grew up a Florida fan, got excited and committed early when Florida offered but he didn't put much thought into school, his future, etc. So, he decommitted and ultimately picked Tennessee and said he is shutting down his recruiting, no more visits.
I'm pretty sure we owe quite a few for all of the battles in recent years Auburn beat out Tennessee for recruits.
Yeah, because that makes sense to say with a top 5 class? Of course, as we all know, when Georgia doesn't land a guy (even a 5 star guy) it's because 'they didn't want them anyway'. Georgia fans even said that about Jamal Lewis going to Tennessee.
Right style offense, he already had Tee Martin as a Co-OC so there is familiarity, one of the best OL's he will find to play behind which would be a huge contrast to his freshman season at USC, a couple of solid RBs and some go-to WRs to utilize, and a Pruitt/Ansley defense that's gotten better each season under Pruitt. Sounds like a pretty solid choice to me...
Funny how fast it went from us Tennessee fans saying that to Georgia fans now using it.