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I wish people would stop guessing, playing doctor or scientist, making headlines where there just simply isn't enough to go on at this point. Heck, even the scientist are trying to figure it out. The virus could end up dissipating with the summer months. Perhaps the malaria vaccine/zinc/z-pak trifecta does the job as tests in France and Italy have been showing in controlled tests. The H1N1 swine flu infected between 700 million and 1.4 billion in 2009, over 240,000 deaths worldwide per the CDC, yet football went on along with everything else. 1,000 Americans were dead before an emergency was even declared....granted, the media was fine with that then...It subsided and we haven't had another pandemic because of H1N1 since.
Well, it's closer to spring in the northern hemisphere and fall in the southern hemisphere. Typically more mild, so not the dead of winter or blazing part of summer, in either area. Areas like Iran and Italy that are getting hit hard now are in the 50's to upper 60's. Same thing in Wuhan, China. There are cases in areas more tropical, but not running overly rampant, like Puerto Rico where it's around 80 degrees but they only have 3 confirmed cases and it's not spreading like crazy despite it being a pretty crowded island.
Wow, didn't realize it had already been 5 years since Donovan left. Time flyin' by...
And now Georgia fans will crown themselves champi...oh, wait...they do that every off season since 1980.
So someone leaving because they had never been an on-field coach goes to another program to fulfill that dream (mind you, no idea how good of a position coach he is or isn't) and it's a 'changing of the guard' type of move? I think Herbie is trying to stir the pot a bit here, keeps the news churning during the off-season. This isn't exactly General Lee losing Stonewall Jackson, as he tried to make it sound with the 'losing his right hand' comment.
Nothing to put you over the top like a special teams coach who has never coached a position before and is best known for screaming.
...a gator fan would know what a loser looks like... In other news, learn english.
Another thing about the 1939 defense not allowing a point until the rose bowl, the bowl games back then were merely exhibitions. It wasn't really counted like they are today. I'm sure they would have liked to continue not allowing points, but it was maybe a notch above what spring games are these day, if that.
Writer sounds like they were trying too hard to be clever and funny...I don't think details and facts were a priority.
Probably same way Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray do it. Or Michael Vick, Joe Theismann, or Drew Bress, who are only one inch taller.
Well he rearranged his schedule to visit, his second time in Knoxville. Pruitt is going out to Houston for an in-home now. I'm guessing the trip went well if Pruitt is taking the time to go out to Texas.'s the offseason, this is when they're busy working towards their national title they crown themselves with in August.
With four OL gone and no more Swift to help, he'll need to be able to run.
Pretty sure everything is back where it should be financially. Fulmer delayed the renovations to the stadium initially when he took over as AD to make sure they had everything in order.
Any brick analogies in football make my stomach turn after the Butch Jones 'brick by brick' era....
A few morons don't speak for all (or many) of us. Never did I, nor any of my friends, want Pruitt gone. Of course, this is rich coming from a Georgia fan. Smart and Richt have nearly identical records at the same point as Georgia head coach with each winning an SEC title during that stretch. Ya'll complain about and want to run off coaches like there's no tomorrow.
Actually, Johnson hasn't left yet. He has a counter offer and hasn't made a final decision. Very well could go, just saying.
Sums up the season, a.k.a. the year of the comeback, for Tennessee all there in the bowl game. Also, exactly why I take two blood pressure meds now...
Pickens is something else, but Fromm was still off overall. I can't help but to catch Georgia highlights living down here and Fromm just flat out missed several throws the last few weeks. It wouldn't have mattered if he had AJ Green or Julio Jones on a good chunk of those misses. The most concerning part to me would be the fact that things did not improve as the season went on, rather they got worse in the passing game. Freshmen or unproven targets should show progress with more reps, not trail off.
Got to hand one thing to Georgia, no one else in the SEC has as many conference or national titles claimed in August.
Because Ole Miss is the only school with coeds? Pretty sure they have those in Boca Raton, too.
Other guys I am glad we never got that had their names tossed around as legit candidates: Willie Taggart and Charlie Strong.
If Georgia falls behind by multiple scores, it'll be hard to imagine them being able to come back. The lack of passing game and Fromm completing less than half of his passes in November doesn't bode well. Yeah, they can run but if you get into a time crunch then running isn't what you want to do, obviously. Hard not to picture a similar outcome they had against each other in 2018 when LSU won 36-16.
Glad to know people outside of us Vols fan recognized that, too. Hooker was the one thinking he was writing a mystery novel about Fulmer setting Pruitt up to fail so that he could take over the job and how Pruitt wasn't the right guy. Literally 100% Hooker and now he's writing an article basically going 'can you believe people thought that? who was that guy?' trying to save face.
And congrats to Auburn for a big iron bowl victory. Maybe I'm jumping the gun, but it just seems Alabama is on the back end of the great run Saban has had, especially ever since the national title blowout loss last season.
How does that old saying go, a win in hand is worth two in the bush...close enough...
Suddenly gatorkid has selective amnesia...shocking...
What's the difference between a Florida Gators fan and a carp? One is a scum sucking bottom-feeder, and the other is a fish.