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With four OL gone and no more Swift to help, he'll need to be able to run.
Pretty sure everything is back where it should be financially. Fulmer delayed the renovations to the stadium initially when he took over as AD to make sure they had everything in order.
Any brick analogies in football make my stomach turn after the Butch Jones 'brick by brick' era....
A few morons don't speak for all (or many) of us. Never did I, nor any of my friends, want Pruitt gone. Of course, this is rich coming from a Georgia fan. Smart and Richt have nearly identical records at the same point as Georgia head coach with each winning an SEC title during that stretch. Ya'll complain about and want to run off coaches like there's no tomorrow.
Actually, Johnson hasn't left yet. He has a counter offer and hasn't made a final decision. Very well could go, just saying.
Sums up the season, a.k.a. the year of the comeback, for Tennessee all there in the bowl game. Also, exactly why I take two blood pressure meds now...
Pickens is something else, but Fromm was still off overall. I can't help but to catch Georgia highlights living down here and Fromm just flat out missed several throws the last few weeks. It wouldn't have mattered if he had AJ Green or Julio Jones on a good chunk of those misses. The most concerning part to me would be the fact that things did not improve as the season went on, rather they got worse in the passing game. Freshmen or unproven targets should show progress with more reps, not trail off.
Got to hand one thing to Georgia, no one else in the SEC has as many conference or national titles claimed in August.
Because Ole Miss is the only school with coeds? Pretty sure they have those in Boca Raton, too.
Other guys I am glad we never got that had their names tossed around as legit candidates: Willie Taggart and Charlie Strong.
If Georgia falls behind by multiple scores, it'll be hard to imagine them being able to come back. The lack of passing game and Fromm completing less than half of his passes in November doesn't bode well. Yeah, they can run but if you get into a time crunch then running isn't what you want to do, obviously. Hard not to picture a similar outcome they had against each other in 2018 when LSU won 36-16.
Glad to know people outside of us Vols fan recognized that, too. Hooker was the one thinking he was writing a mystery novel about Fulmer setting Pruitt up to fail so that he could take over the job and how Pruitt wasn't the right guy. Literally 100% Hooker and now he's writing an article basically going 'can you believe people thought that? who was that guy?' trying to save face.
And congrats to Auburn for a big iron bowl victory. Maybe I'm jumping the gun, but it just seems Alabama is on the back end of the great run Saban has had, especially ever since the national title blowout loss last season.
How does that old saying go, a win in hand is worth two in the bush...close enough...
Suddenly gatorkid has selective amnesia...shocking...
What's the difference between a Florida Gators fan and a carp? One is a scum sucking bottom-feeder, and the other is a fish.
There is a Vol that has beaten both Georgia (something Florida has forgotten how to do) and Florida, he happens to be the same guy mentioned in the article.
I'm just glad they actually play the games. I get there is air time to use up on all of these sports stations, but we can talk about this until we're blue in the face and it won't change a thing. The only thing that changes anything are the actual outcomes.
At least we know how to pass the ball and how to beat SC. Just saying...
Weird thing about watching that game is seeing Fromm just flat out miss throws. I know it rained in the first half, but it didn't really get any better after the rain stopped whereas Mond started hitting his WRs. It'll be real interesting to see how the UGA defense handles the LSU offense, because that is obviously going to be what determines that game. Should be fun to watch how they handle each other.
Y'all need someone like Bill Clark. After what he did with UAB, building them from literally nothing, hard not to respect what he's done. Or at least someone of that mold.
37 to Vandy, 38 to Ole Miss....sounds like they ease up a bit in games that look favorable on paper. I remember Tennessee doing that in the 90's at times when they'd show up for big games (outside of Florida the majority of the times) and later you see a Peyton Manning led team having a close game with Vanderbilt, Memphis, etc. Almost like they get out to a lead, start just going through the motions and in a live game situation, especially in the SEC, that'll bite you. They seemed pretty focused on the big games, at least.
Umm, not sure anyone has ever said 'it is just a dislocated hip' before. That's a pretty serious injury that can take a while to heal. This is from an orthopedic site I came across: 'It takes time—sometimes 2 to 3 months—for the hip to heal after a dislocation. The rehabilitation time may be longer if there are additional fractures. The doctor may recommend limiting hip motion for several weeks to protect the hip from dislocating again. Physical therapy is often recommended during recovery.'
Florida hasn't exactly had much of a running game this season. Not saying Georgia doesn't have an impressive run defense, but bad example to tout it against.
Sure hope so, Georgia fans are a lot easier to put up with when they refuse to talk football throughout the week.
I don't get the love Mizzou gets, to be honest. Even with their recent skid and poor showings on offense, to say they'll keep it close against Florida seems quite optimistic. Yeah, recent history and all but they don't have the same offense from the past few years. Trust me, I'm not fan of Florida, but I would expect them to win comfortably over Mizzou. I don't care about their current home record, you have to look at who they played, too.
Oh yeah, and Florida is just churning out rocket scientist left and right. Most folks in Gainesville don't even know you're supposed to get the hair on the back of your head cut at the same time as the rest of it (meaning a mullet, in case that was over your head).
Perhaps the writer should stick with soccer and tennis as his primary sports he's covered, per his profile.