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The only reason that he would put Alabama in the Sugar Bowl is because the Vols would have lost to Bama during the regular season yet won the East. It also assumes that Bama lost to LSU (not likely) and are a one loss SEC West team.
I am a Bama fan so no problem with most of this bur you leave TCU off completely because they didn't play? That's just dumb.
The reasoning for Oregon is moronic. No matter how many wins against ranked opponents, Oregon has a LOSS AT HOME AGAINST AN UNRANKED OPPONENT BY 15 POINTS!!! Florida State is undefeated. TCU lost on the road to a highly ranked Baylor and Bama lost on the road to No. 7 Ole Miss, both in close games. This is a committee trying to play the politically correct version of negating the SEC Bias by making sure only one SEC Team is in. Also, why in the world are you even mentioning the AP poll for comparison? The Coaches poll is the one used for the BCS and is more objective than the hype driven, change every week AP poll. The AP poll means NOTHING.
Yeah, enjoy it while it lasts. It ends Saturday afternoon.
LSU fans are whining about the last play call when they ignore the 3 pass interference calls during the game that were NOT called against LSU that should have been, one in the end zone. And as far as the personal foul call, don't do something STUPID right in front of all of the ref's. Get over it and live with the 4 in a reaux.
Says a Barner that just watched his team get stomped on at Miss. State. And it was not really close at all. Bama has the 3rd ranked defense in the nation, ahead of Ole Miss and Miss. State and miles ahead of Auburn. Alabama has played lights out at home but have been hurt a lot by injuries. If Ryan Kelly returns and the O-line gels, the offense will start kicking tail again. The loss at Ole Miss was due to 4 big plays for Ole Miss. Otherwise Bama dominated on every stat except passing and that was only 30 yards difference. Arkansas was just a tough road game that the Bama offense did not play well in. We'll see tomorrow how well they respond against Texas A&M.
Can you explain how Auburn's toughest game remaining on this page shows to be at Ole Miss but on the "RELATED: Predicting the SEC West’s order of finish" page, you project Auburn beating Ole Miss but losing to Alabama. How is that?