Bama raised livin’ the dream up in Chicago.

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This is pretty freaking cool, good job Ella, Coach Stoops, and UK!
Sounds kinda like begging and crying over an ex that has already mentally left you. the SEC would never... poor poor PAC#
what a beast! made by Bama! where is that negan guy at?? kinda miss his late night Adderall fueled paragraphs about nothing other than the fact he became a leg humper fan specifically because Bama makes him feel some type of way! kudos to former leg humper Pickens though. what a catch that was! still Bama > ugly house hold pets in the NFL #RTR
Good luck to Braylen at his next stop. He's got talent and a degree. kinda hope Deion courts him to JSU. #RTR
These articles have to be mostly prefabbed and recycled from the writers rough drafts from a year ago. I can weirdly picture Urban as the Nebraska coach... lord bless them if that happens
@Yankeepig I was just about to complain about this exact same thing. great username btw
Seems auburn would be happy with literally any starting QB in the SEC lol
Seems like Longview TX cranks out some absolute dudes. Look forward to seeing Jalen in crimson. #RTR!
Great to see Drew killing it for the Hogs!! was bummed when he entered the portal #RTR
Alabama will be just fine. Close games happen. We will get two of our receivers back next week (one is our take the top off speedster). Then we have two games to settle in and fix miscues and mistakes before Arkansas. We played a tough game with poor execution, it's all fixable. The media will run with this narrative that Alabama is screwed for the next couple days then it will be right back to the regular scheduled programming. Roll Tide Bozos
OSU at two is absurd. A&M in the top 10 is far-fetched at best. Georgia does deserve the top spot right now, but we'll find out what Bama is really about when we beat Texas. Michigan? ..... yeah okay
I believe that makes every starting Bama QB in the NFL a captain!?! ROLL TIDE
ahh gotcha, thank you for the heads up Roll Tide Roll!
Getting behind the wheel inebriated is never ever ok. but you trolls really should be ashamed of yourselves, the script can flip on you at any time...have some class
Corch I'll ask you since you seem to be in the know on this topic. What's it like for your program to be a knockoff of the Alabama program? Not saying that they are a terrible knockoff but for sure an elaborate wanna-be copy. Seems very similar to Target & Walmart shoes copying exact models of Vans and Jordans. Fantastic for people who can't obtain the real thing I guess. Congrats on the natty though. Shoot for 6 more in the next 40 years!
BamaBone I fully agree. Love/Hate that we don't pad stats or run up the score in games that have already been put away. Great time to let the second and third stringers get that experience though.
WOW this ap poll is jacked A&M at 6??? Florida at 12??? Clemson doesn't deserve to be in the top ten. I'm a Bama fan and even I would have put Georgia at #1. Hope Tennessee blasts Pitt out of the rankings. SO happy football is back! Roll Tide!
Good gosh I'm so happy college football is back. Psyched to get home tonight, kick my feet up and watch Tennessee & Mizzou take care of business. Specifically interested to see how the Tennessee receivers perform and how Brady Cook does for Mizzou. #RTR
Not sure why but I really wanted Finley to ball out at LSU. Definitely seems to have an NFL frame and arm. Hate that he transferred to the enemy, but more than anything I hope he gets the nod over Calzada. #RTR
Man I love Coach Pittman. Interesting that both those players were familiar with the portal already and neither were getting 1st team reps. Good luck to them at their next stops.
Yes sir, three future NFL starters. Couple of college championships and a whole lot of awards.
When Kirby eventually flounders, we"ll just hire him back lol #rtr
Jimbo's infatuation with this kid is something else. Seems like he believed and still does that his ceiling is higher than Ewers. Wouldn't be too shocked if he starts game 1.
Big fan of coach Beamer. Looking forward to see how he handles the season. Especially the QB room. (Given the circumstance, I’m impressed with last year)
Love his name and he plays hard nosed football. I’m hoping kool-Aid has a huge year two surge!
We? Laughable, I understand that you’re a troll and this is very amusing to you. Fantastic, glad you’re having fun, but like for everyone else’s sake, maybe try harder? You sound like some of the other unoriginal trolls on sds. Anyway bubba I’m psyched that you and I love Alabama and think Nick is an absolute icon Roll Tide Roll ya’ll!