Bama raised livin’ the dream up in Chicago.

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Keep seeing Maye's arm strength brought up.. isn't that actually one of the knocks against him? I believe he is more known for his ability to push the ball down field and throw very accurately outside the hashes as well as his build and football IQ Daniels is an awesome college QB. Really awesome. but stick Maye in that system and you gotta believe the numbers would be similar
You have access to google my guy. Its extremely prevalent in the NFL as well.
Bears fan here It won't happen but I genuinely hope we trade out of the first pick. Williams feels like a minimally upgraded Fields and Maye reminds me wayyyy too much of Trubisky (school, size, lvl of hype ect). Daniels will be a career back ala the Tyrod Taylor model. Wish there were more talented OL in this years draft. Ultimately knowing the Bears we fill f*ck this up no matter what and end up with a terrible tight end that we insist is good and a really good linebacker that we trade too early for practice squad players
.....False Are you unaware of the sophomore slump?
solid 4 year QB career, transfer to the south and land a pretty sized bag, completely stop going to class and chill guy is a genius
Will he follow his coach to Miss State? that would be cool as hell
nah every other word out of Finebaum's mouth at the beginning of the season was critical of Bama.
Is the blame squarely on the QBs or is there lack of receiving talent on the field?
Awesome story! .......kinda wish this wasn't the most obvious AI written article of all time.
Kirby is nothing without Saban and will eventually bail on yall lol, that's if he gets the reckless driving culture under control first
lmao lets not get ahead of ourselves swampAss Mertz played better, but scheme had most to do with that
Yeah. We should have known better than to let a guy who committed to Freeze walk on. hope he rots.
Take Burton off this list. He has shown he cares and from what I've seen this season he is actually getting separation. The problem is that no one is getting the ball to him. The entire O-line should be on this list. Bad snaps, penalties, and horrendous pass protection from a group that was supposed to be the strength of this team. I trust Saban will get this turned around. We can still make the playoffs.
I'm not sure SDS has ever had great articles but my god as of late these have sucked. Does Grant get paid? (sorry Grant its not just you) I'll take 1/3 of the check and double these copy&paste articles that everyone is pumping out. also hey SDS.... some of these are AI generated LOL
Watched Riley Leonard play in Fairhope Alabama. The guy is a beast and very intelligent. Most underrated QB/Player in the country imo.
Alabama will be just fine. 95% of teams would die to have any of the QB's on the roster. The Middle Tennessee game will decide the starter (similar to the Blake B. & Jalen competition). I'm thinking Milroe wins out but I'm low key all in on the Dylan Lonergan hype. Almost more importantly I hope our receivers have leveled up and are comfortable with every QB. IMO they will be the key to beating Texas and we cant do that with dropped balls.
Lonergan had one of the better Spring game performances Sounds like he is earning the positive feedback. He would be QB1 at Florida in less than a month IMO
lmfaoooo Robby is gone, he'll punch a transfer ticket asap after this year
Have a feeling he will end up ranked higher than he is now..glad we tapped an in state guy
Knowles being in the top ten is laughable
huh whatever happened to Jamie Newman?
why did they ditch the checkerboard? that was the coolest part
yikes low down trolls searching for attention on an article about a players health... anyways hope Jones-Bell recovers quickly #RTR
We're all acting like Milroe cant toss the rock....he can. If the nerves and ball security are fixed he's QB1 with massive upside. faster version of Cam now if the turnovers are more than early career jitters he hits the portal and its the Simpson & Buchner show. I don't believe either of them will transfer.
lmaooo one of the six QBs you listed didn't win a championship just a Heisman "try harder" goodness gracious MoRonCanada2 you are killing me