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Who needs a bowl game when you have a LIFE CHAMPIONSHIP!?
Can we run some sort of "buy one get one free" sale and give them both?
I thought they were the cows.
I would bet money that every single SDS writer smokes weed.
Can they pay them? They're not college athletes so I don't see why they couldn't.
According to this.. we'll probably end up with 2 teams from the same conference in the final 4. OSU and Michigan still have to play each other, so assume one of them drops out. You still have SEC, B1G, ACC, ACC. Clemson and Louisville have already played so if they both win out there's no reason to think they would drop. The only way to get 4 conferences in there is for Washington to jump one of the ACC teams. If none of them lose again, when would that happen? Will they bump Washington over Louisville if they win the Pac12? That's the only way I see it happening, unless Clemson lays an egg in the ACC Championship game.
That would probably eliminate the permanent Tennessee-Alabama game. If Bama can only keep 1 permanent East game, they would keep the Iron Bowl over the 3rd Sat in Oct.
Should be able to bring in some top WR if nothing else.
Alabama is good but let's be real... The best team in college football would get absolutely wrecked by the worst team in the NFL. That being said.. I do believe the best high school team could probably beat the worst college team. Not an FBS college team, but maybe an FCS or a JUCO.
Blew it, yea right.. The real score was 49-22. We had our 100th string defense in at the end and KY manage to score 2 TD in garbage time. They got us with a trick play on the opening drive. After that, it was all Tennessee. Kentucky will be lucky to even make a bowl game this year. Could very easily lose to Austin Peay. Will definitely lose to Louisville. If they do manage to go bowling, they will get destroyed by whoever they play. Lock that up.
He's crazy as hell. I'll be up in there like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
That Arkansas line seems a little low...
"fight to the end".. LOL.. This game was over before it started. Kentucky will never beat Tennessee.
Should have been 49-22. Gave up 2 touchdowns in garbage time with our 100th string defense on the field. KY never had a chance against TN, and they never will.
You're obsessed with Tennessee. You know we can see your post history, right? Every single one of your comments is about Tennessee.
Confidence isn't about the strength of your opponent. It's about proving to yourself that it can be done. If they put on a show against TTU, it will be a huge confidence booster.. The fact that they are an FCS school is irrelevant.
He was never injured. He had an attitude problem. And he has no chance of being drafted this year.
Tennessee plays Georgia Tech next year so that's a no-go.
As if he would go to Memphis... He'll end up somewhere in the ACC. Louisville and UNC are the first two that come to mind.
Yards Per Carry 2016 John Kelly - 6.3 Alvin Kamara - 4.9 Jalen Hurd - 3.7 Josh Dobbs - 3.2 He's only been 1/2 a yard per carry better than our QB. If anything, we should be better without him. Now Kelly and Kamara will get all the carries like they did against Texas A&M. That was the most productive offensive game we've played all year. Those two + Dobbs put up almost 700 yards.