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Outback Bowl vs Northwesten....Sounds familiar (2015)
Based on average star ranking of players, Tennessee is clearly the more talented team. Your opinion that Missouri is "more talented" is based on nothing but your own bias. Tennessee just blew out a team that beat Missouri at home 2 weeks ago... If you're so confident that Missouri is the better team, why are you hinting that they might let it "slip through the cracks"? That doesn't sound like confidence to me. Sounds like you're setting up an excuse you can fall back on later if things don't go your way.
Being a Memphis resident, I would love for Tennessee to play in the liberty bowl. I could tailgate in my back yard!
Your best bet is to find a spot near Cumberland Ave and walk from there. That way you can stop in a bar after the game and wait for traffic to clear out... But traffic honestly isn't that bad. You wont be stuck anywhere for 2 hours. KPD does a decent job at keeping it moving... Just be ready to walk up and down some steep hills.
Everyone assumed Archie Manning's kid was going to Ole Miss... Until he visited Knoxville.
Pruitt will beat Saban before Kirby will, 100% guaranteed.
He's still mad about Mizzou not getting any respect back in 2013.
Out of all those coaches you listed, how many wins did Kentucky have over Tennessee? I'll tell you... Fulmer: 0-15 Kiffin: 0-1 Dooley: 1-2 Jones: 1-4 Pruitt: 0-0 Tennessee is 22-2 against Kentucky since Fulmer's first season in 1993 (79-25 overall).
6-6 should be the minimum. I'm hoping for 7-5, but would be ecstatic with 8-4. The last 5 games are all winnable. I imagine we will slip up on at least 1 of those. People are discrediting our win against Auburn because "hurhur Awbarn sux hurhur" but that doesn't change the fact that we went on the road and beat a ranked SEC West team. Tennessee is getting a little better every week, slowly but surely. It probably won't be enough to beat Bama this week, but the last 5 games of the year will definitely be within reach.
"Trembled in fear" lololol no one is scared of Alabama...We're playing with nothing to lose. I would be much more nervous if we were going in undefeated with legit expectations to win. Losing this game won't matter. We knew this would be a loss before the season ever started. The only bad thing that could come from this game will be if a player gets injured.
Guarantano will have his starting job on the line. A loss to Florida won't necessarily lose him the spot.. but if things start getting ugly and he reverts back to 2017 form, I would expect Chryst to take over. This will be his first "real" test of the year. Yes, I know West Virginia was a stronger opponent, but WV was not a rivalry game. They are not an SEC team and we didn't play them in Neyland at night. Despite Florida being a lesser opponent than WV, emotions will be much higher in this game. If Guarantano showed us anything last year, it was that he tends to let his emotions get the best of him... If he keeps his composure, plays a solid game and shakes off the dumb mistakes that he will inevitably make, he will be fine - even if we lose. But if he gets upset and lets those small mistakes start snowballing into bigger mistakes, it could (and should) land him on the bench.
Why does Pruitt always talk like he's on the outside looking in?
Lattimore got hurt in Columbia, not in Knoxville. Marshall got hurt on a clean hit that was reviewed by the refs. Chubb planted his foot at an awkward angle and tried to keep running (his fault). Wesley tripped on his own shadow (his fault). Bennett was injury-prone from the beginning. He tore his ACL in practice the year before. None of these injuries had anything to do with field conditions.
Dooley was a great hire for OC. We had some of the best offenses since the Peyton Manning era under Dooley. Tyler Bray broke several of Manning's records and still holds them to this day... Defense was Dooley's problem. He would score 40 points a game but give up 50. It won't surprise me at all if he builds an explosive offense at Missouri. As long as they don't let him anywhere near the defense, he will do well there.
So many teams wanted Frost. I never wanted him at TN but I know the UTAD reached out to him more than once. I was glad he turned us down last year and even more glad now... Pruitt may not have been the “home run” we were looking for, but we are much better off with him than some of the alternatives.
It’s hard to tell when the ball is above the posts. Camera angles can be deceiving.
Idk man Florida always has good recruiting classes so it’s not like he doesn’t have talent to work with. I was totally expecting Florida to win. I figured it would be another close one, but was actually pretty shocked that they lost.
The announcers said 1986 on TV but y’all are saying 1987... Which is it?
Let’s be real. Our pass defense looked good on paper because our run defense was so terrible, no one ever had to throw the ball against us. It’s easy to keep the passing yards low when the other team only runs 7 pass plays the entire game.
Dominick Wood-Anderson is the guy who said he would sign with Tennessee if we got him 20k followers on Twitter. Everyone thought he was FOS but now he’s our TE1 on opening weekend.
He’s a bammer at heart. And we all know how bammers feel about alternates... I could care less to be honest. They don’t make you play better or worse. We’ve had some bad losses in the greys but also some good wins... That being said, Tennessee Orange is such an iconic color in college football, there’s no need to try and mess with it. When you see that orange on the field, you know it’s Tennessee. Not many teams can say that.
If you can recall... Dobbs wasn't that great at first. He didn't really start getting good until the end of his sophomore / beginning of junior year.