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Gruden to the Hill
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Yea.. this wasn’t his decision. lol
The outrage over Schiano had absolutely nothing to do with Jon Gruden.
Long way back to 8-4? lolololol we’ll win 8 next year. Guaranteed.
Vol Nation wins again. Coaching search “disaster” not looking so bad now lolol We got everything we wanted! XD
We comin fo ya recruits bammer!! Better hide em!
Pruitt was not interested in the MS State job. They asked him to interview and he agreed as a courtesy. This happens all the time. Coaches don't like to burn bridges by refusing to even talk to you.As for Steele, he and Mel Tucker were both interviewed twice. They both wanted the job. In the end it came down to Pruitt or Tucker. Steele was ruled out...Les Miles, Mike Leach and Jeff Brohm were all very interested as well.Also, Pruitt had been approached about HC jobs at smaller schools many times, even before he came to Bama. This was the first year he had been approached by an SEC school.
I'm sure if Tee would have agreed, he could have got him.
The coaching search is over. Even if you're right, you've got a minimum of 3 years that you're gonna have to deal with him. Good news is, he has a low buyout.. So if you're right and he sucks, he'll be easy to get rid of. Until then, you'll be a lot better off if you just accept it and hope for the best. No one knows for sure how good (or bad) he will be.
Mike Leach, Jeff Brohm and Les Miles all wanted the job.
Kelly and Mullen were never contacted. Gundy, Doeren and Cutcliffe were Contacted but never offered the job.
Hard to believe we had Kamara on the roster just last year. It seems like he's been gone for a decade.
He has, but Chubb and Michel both had a ton of in-game experience. They had already played against the toughest SEC defenses multiple times when Kirby took over. They were seasoned veterans. You can't replace that in 1 year of recruiting. His class may have some of the best RBs in the nation, but there is no substitute for the amount of in-game reps those 2 had under their belts.
Mark Richt's Georgia was a lot better than Butch Jones's Tennessee. Kirby inherited a much better situation than Pruitt will. That being said, we still don't know how good Kirby can be without Richt's players. Let's see what he can do without Chubb and Michel before we crown him the Saban of the East.
Pruitt was only the 3rd coach to officially be offered the Tennessee job. The first was Schiano, who accepted. The second was Brohm, who also accepted. Gundy, Morris, Doeren and Cutcliffe were never offered the job. No other coaches were contacted, unless you believe we were actually in contact with Gruden (which most people don't believe)... So Tennessee was never actually "turned down" by anyone.
So he was committed to TN, had an official visit scheduled to Bama where Pruitt was the DC, then when Pruitt takes over TN he decommits... yea I’m thinking he’ll be back.
lol no one gave a crap about Penn State, we didn’t want Schiano because he’s not good. The Penn State thing just helped the university justify calling it off. I don’t think they would have caved without that piece. Worked out great for us in the end :).
Not bad, actually...... is what someone told me.
I don’t care what he did. Get this man to Knoxville right now! I’ll donate $45 a month to pay for his burner phone bill. Straight Talk unlimited, son. Let’s get it.
Not my top choice, but much better than Schiano. This hire validates our reaction to Schiano and makes everything that happened totally worth it. The fan base saved this hire from a complete disaster. Well done, Vol Nation. You just proved to the CFB world that the fans DO have a voice.
I could write a book on crazy fan site theories... For instance, did you know that Jon Gruden wanted his salary to be paid in Bitcoin?
So what happens when he is ready to "upgrade" from Tennessee... Surely you don't think this is his dream job.