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I like when the road teams have some contrast in their uniforms. The stormtrooper look is so played out, everyone does it.
It’s definitely gonna happen whether you like it or not. The committee already made it clear that they value a 1-loss SEC team over an undefeated TCU when they ranked Bama above them. And TCU will most likely lose to Texas. Not worried about Michigan, they’ll be out of the mix when they lose. Oregon might be in if they win out and win the Pac12 but that still leaves one spot open. It will go to Tennessee. You can disagree if you want, but you’ll be wrong. Unless something crazy happens, like Georgia losing to LSU in the SEC Championship. Then Tennessee would probably be out.. We need you guys to win out so we can secure our spot, so we will be rooting for ya ?
Vols are playoff bound. Will finish 11-1 and no other 1-loss team will be ranked above. Probably be #5 tonight (since there are still 4 undefeated teams), but once the other conferences finish up, we sneak back in to #3 or #4. I hope we get a re-match with Georgia.
My guess would be #5, with Michigan and TCU at 3 and 4. There are 4 undefeated teams remaining, only makes sense for them to be the current top 4. And Tennessee is clearly the best 1-loss team, so #5 makes the most sense. The loser of OSU/Michigan will drop out and TCU will most likely have a loss. So once it all shakes out we should sneak back in to #3 or #4.
Playoff picture looking real interesting now.
Running out the clock was the only way to keep us from mounting a comeback because we played much better in the second half.
Yeah I hope we make it and get another shot at Georgia. Would be a different game at a neutral site.
Mainly just the 1st half. We outscored them in the 2nd half. It was just too big of a deficit to overcome. A 2 possession loss isn’t a blowout. We were still in the game until late in the 4th. Still have a realistic shot at the playoffs.
Definitely still in the mix, just no longer a guarantee. We basically need Georgia to win out and win the SEC. No 2-loss team is getting in. And if Georgia wins out, Tennessee will be the only 1-loss team left in the SEC. If Clemson and TCU each have a loss and Georgia wins out, Tennessee will most likely be in… Really need Clemson to lose tonight. That will help a lot.
That’s weird, I would have said Florida or Alabama… Not that Georgia isn’t a rival, I’ve just never been emotionally invested in the series. They’re not a “tear down the goalposts” type of rival. At least not to me.
Stunning and brave. A woke PR move is exactly what A&M needs right now. That should fix things.
As of right now, Tennessee has the most impressive resume against ranked teams. We were unranked to start the season and have climbed to the #3 spot in the AP Poll. The two teams above us, Georgia and OSU, have been ranked in the Top 3 all year. Their pre-season rankings were based on last year’s performance. If we are strictly talking about THIS year, no one has accomplished more than Tennessee. That could easily change on any given week, but as of today it hasn’t. Don’t be surprised if we are #1 in the first CFP ranking next week. They don’t take pre-season polls or prior year performance into consideration. They only look at what you’ve done this year. That’s why it doesn’t come out until late in the season.
It wasn’t quite stunning and brave enough. Same reason they can’t call your game a “cocktail party” anymore. Woke nonsense. I’m sure they’ll find a way to ruin every tradition we have at some point. It’s only a matter of time.
The blue accent is in honor of Pat Summit. She went to UT Martin.
Tennessee might be #1 when we play Georgia. The first CFP poll comes out November 1st, and we play Georgia November 5th. The CFP doesn’t look at last season or the AP, only the current season performance. And Tennessee has the best 2022 résumé of any team by far. Barring an upset by Kentucky I think we go into Georgia week as #1.
Yeah it’s basically a bye week, with a scrimmage on Saturday to fine tune some things. Kentucky will be coming off an actual bye week so they will be well rested.
Picking Bama is the “safe” prediction. It’s not “bold”. It’s not “fearless”. It’s the status quo. Despite all the bets coming in on Tennessee, Vegas still has Bama favored. They are expected to win. You can make whatever picks you want, but don’t use words like bold and fearless when you’re picking the consensus favorite to cover the spread by 3 points.
I’m glad most people are picking Bama. Because if everyone was picking us and we lost, it would be way more embarrassing. At least now if we lose, it will be what most people expected. I’m confident that we can win, but we have lost games that we could have (and should have) won many times. A win will be a huge accomplishment and a major milestone for the program, but a loss won’t be that big of a deal because we were never expected to win this one. It’s low risk, high reward... The only way it could end terribly is if they come in and dominate us the way we did LSU, but I don’t see that happening. It should be close. I don’t see either team winning by more than 10, unless one of us just completely falls apart.
Wow he’s so funny and whimsical, a real Jokey McJokester, that Saban. Just when you think he’s being totally serious, he goes and drops an absolute banger like this. Mind blowing.
Yeah they’re really cool, but it feels kinda weird wearing them on the road. In someone else’s stadium. I wish we would have saved them for the Bama game next week. It’s a bigger rivalry (traditionally speaking) and it’s at home, AND we might actually be competitive in it for the first time in a while.
The average length increased by 4 minutes over 5 years? Why is this a big deal? It’s less than 1 minute per year.
I don’t expect we will put on a big show this week. Put the game away by halftime and take the starters out. God forbid someone get hurt against Akron right before we start conference play.
Looking at the schedule, this could be one of the best years we’ve had since the Fulmer era if we don’t screw it up. For the first time in a while, I’m actually looking at the Alabama game like it’s not a guaranteed loss… I mean its still probably a loss, but it will be a better matchup this year than it has been in a while.
Pitt is better than people realize. They were 11-3 last year, won the ACC and played in a NY6 bowl. They did everything but make the playoffs, which they could have done if not for a terrible performance against Western Michigan and a close loss to a ranked Miami. Lost both games by a combined 7 points. That’s how close they were to being in the playoffs… I’m betting they’ll win the ACC again this year.
They should be playing more rap and hip hop honestly. That’s what the players and students like. Better for recruiting.
Imagine coaching college football in a place where Fall doesn’t exist.