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I really hope we don't end up with Jeff Brohm... But if the Gruden thing doesn't work out, that's where I see this going.
Frost - No Wilson - No Doeren - No Norvell - No Strong - No MacIntyre - No Cooter - Maybe OC, not HC Pinkel - NoThe only 2 I would want at Tennessee are Kelly and Petrino, but neither would be my top choice.
Very clever article. The content is obviously garbage, but I'm sure you got a ton of clicks from angry TN fans.
I fell for all the Gruden hype 5 years ago.... and I swore it wouldn't happen again....TOO LATE! I'm back on the Grude-Train!! It's happening people! For real this time!!
No.. Just No.. Alabama is going to beat us by 60+ no matter who the coach is. It's not like they will beat us any worse with an interim HC than they would with Butch. I could go out there as coach and lose by 60. Pretty much anyone could. We lost a 4 star recruit this week. I expect that will keep happening as long as Butch is around.If we fire him now, we may lose some recruits initially. But if we follow up with a home run hire, we will have plenty of time to win them back... That ONLY works with a big name hire though. If they are just gonna give some mid major coach a promotion, then it doesn't really matter when we fire him. I'm still optimistic that we will go all-in on this next hire.I'm not worried about the interim "winning the locker room". Even if they win out, everyone will know it was due to the weak November schedule.
These are the consequences of keeping Butch around. Expect more and more recruits to do this until he's gone (if we have any left by then).If we fire him now and announce a solid hire by early signing period, we may be able to salvage a decent class.
He is getting fired regardless of the buyout. The only question is if they will do it before the end of the season or after. I vote before.
I heard a rumor that a few of these "injuries" we've had this year weren't actual injuries.. They were cover-ups for other issues. Similar to Hurd's "injury" last year.
I stopped reading when you said "I'm not ready for Butch to leave yet". I was ready for him to leave at the beginning of last year. It's way past his time to go.
South Carolina's defense has 6 interceptions? What a coincidence! So does our offense!
Not really much to prepare for.. He's "technically" a dual threat, but I haven't seen enough to consider him a legitimate run threat. He's not big enough to run between the tackles like Dobbs used to do. I wouldn't expect to see many designed QB runs from him. If it happens, it will be the result of a busted play... To me, that's not enough to justify loading up the box on passing downs. Then again, I'm not a coach so I could just be talking out my a**.
I'm not falling for this again. I got sucked into the Gruden hype back in 2012, only to come crashing down when the Butch hire was announced in early '13. That's part of the reason I never really got on board with Butch. I was so convinced we were getting Gruden, anyone else was going to be unacceptable. Learned my lesson the hard way. Things that sound too good to be true, usually are...
More carries usually means less yards per carry, no matter how good you are. By your logic, you could have one carry on the season for 10 yards and be considered the #1 RB. It makes more sense to look at total yards. When you're grinding out 20+ carries per game, you're gonna have a few that get jammed up at the line of scrimmage for no gain.
When you're a proven coach who is confident in your own abilities, fan expectations shouldn't be a concern. If a coach doesn't want the TN job because the expectations are too high, then we wouldn't want him anyway. That shows a lack of confidence.. "I don't want to coach there because they expect me to win"... Well yea, we do. That's kind of the point.
I like this list.. but I would have to throw Les Miles in there somewhere. Not at #1, but I would take him over 4, 5 or 6.
There's nothing he can do to salvage this season. There are 3 crucial games every year that define the season: Georgia, Florida and Alabama. He's already lost 2 of those, and stands virtually zero chance of winning the 3rd. Short of beating Alabama in Tuscaloosa and finishing 10-2, it doesn't matter what else he does this year. I'm not even sure if that would be enough at this point.
TN still owns the series. Maybe one day you'll catch up.. but probably not.
Kelly is a beast. He always fights for that extra yard, even with 3-4 defenders on top of him. I'd be interested to see how many of his 632 yards came after contact.
Expect Kelly to have a solid game against Georgia. So far this year - the tougher the opponent, the more yards he gains. He rushed for 128 and 141 against Georgia Tech and Florida, respectively. But only rushed for 80 and 101 against Indiana State and UMass. His number of attempts in the first 4 games have been 19, 18, 19 and 25.. so the low yardage against lesser opponents is not attributed to lack of usage. He just plays better against better opponents.
I think you're focusing too much on how good Fromm is and not enough on how much of a let-down Eason is/was. The only reason this is a controversy is because of the expectations on Eason from when he was recruited. I would absolutely leave Fromm in and not lose a wink of sleep over it. At the end of the day, you have to put the best players on the field regardless of how many stars they had in high school. Just face the fact that Eason was a bust and that you have a new, better QB now.