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As a gamecock fan, we suck, the only respectable win there is the route against Bama last year, I credit Clemson and they can’t help it but they catch SEC teams on down swings somehow miraculously
This i do not disagree with...the boomers at SC are the least passionate when it comes to winning but the most passionate about support, which is a great quality, but dang i hate losing to the point i'm sick of going to games, and all the older crowd i've been around don't really seem to care enough
Actually 5-7 would probably get us into a bowl since we have the most difficult SOS in the country, not saying I agree with a 5 win team making a bowl, but I would take it so we can get the extra practice in especially for the young players.
People have been mad about the president at usc and I’m willing to give him a chance but screw him now, that’s a great look attacking the students. He obviously doesn’t understand SC football. Hope the door doesn’t hit him on the way out like it might hit tanner and muschamp after tonight. Not a good look bring back Pastides please
Also I understand the frustration from Gator fans as well, anyone has the right to be upset about bad officiating, but there is a difference in bad officiating that cost you a loss of down or a spot on the field vs. giving the other team points...bad officiating all around but the tip of the hat went to Florida in the bad officiating advantage. Florida fans want to sit here and say we did get 14 points BUT hey SC there was a hold on Pitts or a bad spot on fairly insignificant plays. You can't play the card officiating was evenly bad all around when you were gifted 2 TD' Florida for the win but let's not pretend the officiating was even
I mean duh, we know what everyone outside of the team was saying about this game but why even play if you don’t think you can win? Of course they thought they were going to win
I know we have a tough schedule as well but Florida right now reminds me of us in 2011 or 2012 I believe, we had to play at LSU and then at Florida in back to back weeks, we had a really good team that year as does Florida now, but that is just a bear of a task, we lost both of those games and that ruined our Atlanta hopes having to play those games in 2 weeks. It's a noon game but we'll be rockin and ready after the UGA upset and we all remember how the game slipped away from us last year, USC will be out for blood too. I expect a really good game again.
The turnovers killed us that game, we were right there in it until the pick 6. If we played again it would be different, I hate to make excuses but an injured Hilinski/weather conditions that day made it difficult on both QB's giving us a very abnormal game, hats off to Mizzou though they were better that day. We've really put them in a good position to win the east now.
And if we beat Florida and Missouri were to beat UGA then Mizzou wins the east and we finish 2nd or 3rd, likely 2nd. How crazy would that be? I really like Mizzou's chances with their draw out of the west and how their SEC schedule progresses from easier to hard.
Oh for sure, I can see that back up for them coming in and just lighting it up on their way to a victory, becomes the new starter for KY and is just apsolutely terrible the rest of the season. It's what we do at usc smh
Did hell freeze over or something? Let's see this for an SEC rival or in a UGA loss
And I honestly think we cannot stop Mizzou (or any average to decent offense) that well, I predict we try the bend don't break defensive mentality, don't give up the big play for a TD and hold Mizzou to field goals. Going to be a lot of first downs converted outside of the red zone for Mizzou so SC fans buckle up for that stat.
If our defense, mainly our secondary cannot stop Mizzou like Alabama went off on us and UNC in the 2nd half, we don't win the game. Our defense is the key here, we'll score points on offense, but I don't know if we have the firepower to win a shootout where our defense is getting slashed all day. Both teams desperately need a win after their week 1 performances to right the ship, whoever loses' fanbase will be very down in the dumps and probably will be questioning bowl eligibility at the end of the year, hope it's not us with a night game vs. UK the following week we need another good atmosphere!
Syvelle can pump the breaks on ATL talk, if we play like we did Saturday though I do see us handing an L to someone we aren't supposed to beat i.e. UF, A&M, UGA, or Clemmy. I think our offense is there now with Hilinski, we just don't have the defense to win the east.
I agree I don't think they care that much, USC fans definitely remember as it is one of our most highlighted victories under Spurrier. I think Alabama cares more about the beat down loss to Clemson last year if we want to talk about losses they care about. This is all just media hype for the game and a nice memory for us SC fans.
The saddest I've seen sore loser fans actually win a game is when they beat us by 21 (well sort of 14 really) last year. I've never in my life seen fans disappointed in a win over a rival, lame fanbase.
Overhyped by the media maybe, the only year we were truly overhyped from a fan standpoint was the year A&M came in and smashed us to open the season. Last year none of our fans ever really expected to have an amazing season and beat Georgia, A&M, and Clemson all in the same year. Same as this year there aren't very high expectations amongst the fans, and the media for that matter. Most USC fans are reasonable right now and realize it is a process after the way Spurrier left us and that we are trending upward as a whole, but it will not be overnight. We are about 2-3 years away potentially from being back where we were in the glory days under Spurrier.
You sound like a wolf in sheeps clothes (ahem) a Clemson fan. We were definitely in that game last year, only lost by 14 really, Dabo was only running the score up/probably felt he had a better chance going for it on 4th down with 1 minute left than attempting a field goal since their kicker was awful last year. We were 2 fourth down stops away from that one being a nail biter and a good chance at USC winning, the score tells a different story but if you actually watched the game it was much closer than it appeared.
There really isn't any reason to learn to tackle at that age, while I believe that serious head injuries in some may happen at an older age when players are much faster, bigger, and more athletic it does seem dumb for a bunch of 5-12 year olds to run around hitting each other at such a young age of physical development. I didn't play football until I was 13 or 14, and while I wasn't anything amazing, I learned to tackle using proper technique at an age where I was more mature and understanding of the way you should tackle someone and far more developed physically. There may have been a learning curve for me vs. someone who had been playing tackle football most of their life up to that point, but by year 2 on the team I had learned to tackle players that were bigger and faster than me just fine.
Go honest with the small stuff so that you 'seem' honest, then the NCAA won't try and sniff out the big stuff. Not saying UGA is or is not cheating on the recruiting trail, but if they are it's a smart move to self report small violations. Spurrier did it with us a few times. And if you're not cheating, then hey you really are an honest program! It's a win-win.
I still swear that really is Jim Mcilwain on top of that shark hahahahha
Josh Belk just got lazy and fat b/c he never even really got to play at Clemson so no motivation, Feaster was actual quality production, while not the main guy, he was a contributor and would be motivated I feel wherever he goes b/c he's done it before and can do it again. Hopefully he picks us!
I hope we get him but I'm not sure we will, he would definitely be the starter but he said he wants to go somewhere that will contend for the playoff which isn't us. I think Oklahoma may be a good fit even though he would be sharing reps there as well I'm sure.
And also shows no sign of being relevant soon with that stagnant offense
Please get Tennessee out of this discussion good lord, or put us in there if you're putting UT in, I mean we have a better shot if you ask me. The media loves hyping up the Vols who haven't been relevant in 10 years.
Thanks for that interesting tid bit, great take we all enjoyed hearing that, was very relevant.
No offense but Tennessee really sucks, and so does usc but not as bad as Tennessee. You’re one year removed from not winning a single conference game. You gotta give Pruitt time and stop saying stuff like put your big boy pants on in year one. It sucks believe me as a carolina fan but y’all will remain terrible if you continuously run every coach out of Knoxville and putting them on the hot seat in year one.
We’ll go ahead to Stanford Hilinski. This coaching staff has proven you don’t have a chance in hell to play next year as long as Bentley “doesn’t leave early for the NFL” and is on our team. What a joke. We won’t bench him for anything