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I still swear that really is Jim Mcilwain on top of that shark hahahahha
Josh Belk just got lazy and fat b/c he never even really got to play at Clemson so no motivation, Feaster was actual quality production, while not the main guy, he was a contributor and would be motivated I feel wherever he goes b/c he's done it before and can do it again. Hopefully he picks us!
I hope we get him but I'm not sure we will, he would definitely be the starter but he said he wants to go somewhere that will contend for the playoff which isn't us. I think Oklahoma may be a good fit even though he would be sharing reps there as well I'm sure.
And also shows no sign of being relevant soon with that stagnant offense
Please get Tennessee out of this discussion good lord, or put us in there if you're putting UT in, I mean we have a better shot if you ask me. The media loves hyping up the Vols who haven't been relevant in 10 years.
Thanks for that interesting tid bit, great take we all enjoyed hearing that, was very relevant.
No offense but Tennessee really sucks, and so does usc but not as bad as Tennessee. You’re one year removed from not winning a single conference game. You gotta give Pruitt time and stop saying stuff like put your big boy pants on in year one. It sucks believe me as a carolina fan but y’all will remain terrible if you continuously run every coach out of Knoxville and putting them on the hot seat in year one.
We’ll go ahead to Stanford Hilinski. This coaching staff has proven you don’t have a chance in hell to play next year as long as Bentley “doesn’t leave early for the NFL” and is on our team. What a joke. We won’t bench him for anything
Georgia is such a great state as well with such great rich history starting off as a prison state
Liked this idea until I realized Bentley has already played in 5 games this year.... regardless I disagree with the coaching staff not wanting to at least start Scar this week and give him the first few series. I know they've seen them both more in practice and may have a better "feel" as to who is the better QB, but I'll quote the good ole HBC, some guys are just gamers and don't necessarily practice the best. That's what you want on the field. Could this be Scar? I know Muschamp has a completely different belief when it comes to practice.
What about SC-UGA next week in the showdown that could determine the east? Barring SC beats Vandy and I don't think it really matters what happens in UGA vs. UF as to whether they'd consider Athens for next week. I get LSU-Bama, but they've covered Bama once already this year and LSU doesn't seem like the same ole LSU this year and there's another potential Bama coverage at the iron bowl, anyways just a thought.
If UK did that against SC it'd be a stalemate cause lord knows we forget how to even play football when those guys are up next on the schedule
Normally I wouldn't be cool with this, but I like he said it and didn't need to apologize even though he may never back it up. It's something fans, and possibly the team needed to hear. It seems like many commenters don't remember (or know) that Clowney first said this after beating Clemson the first year he played them, he vowed as long as he was playing them, we would never lose. That came true. And then Deshaun Watson vowed the same thing as a high school commit, and unfortunately that was true. I think it is a good move by Dak. I think Clemson has quickly forgotten about Clowney and need to hear something that will bring them down to earth b/c it's going to happen sooner or later, they're not Bama as much as they think they are. Finebaum said it perfectly, they're fan base is delusional!
Darius English, he was finally starting to shine because he had some decent coaching. His first 3 years were a waste being coached by Deke Adams and Lorenzo Ward, he could have been so much better with good defensive coaching. Zandi was overrated and our O-Line wasn't much better with him and would still suck with him this year. Our D line now has entirely no pass rush without English unless there is something unforeseen.
I like the confidence but even as an SC fan I don't see that happening with Bentley. Not because of his skill set, I really believe we have offensive skill players that are good enough to be on SEC maybe even NC caliber teams, but until our O and D lines get better we won't even sniff a NC game. I can see Bentley competing for and possibly even winning the east by his 3rd or 4th year with line and defensive improvement, but I just don't think we'll have a NC caliber O and D line by the end of his career here. But hey who know, anything can happen right?
Meanwhile Jeffrey Simmons plays vs. SC Saturday after serving his one game suspension from repeatedly hitting a woman in the face on video from this past summer. Sounds like the NCAA has their priorities straight allowing Miss St to handle that one.
Yeah but it was his soft behind that kept Ward around for so long, he should have been fired at the end of 2013. Things would be different if he had and Spurrier still might be coaching. I think that was a sign that Spurrier was getting too old to coach though, he didn't want to fire anybody, like he felt some obligation to be nice to everyone, even people that did a terrible job, because he was reaching the end of his coaching career/his life. I think Florida Spurrier of the 90's would have gotten rid of Ward in a heartbeat.
How long before Dabo starts doing this? Surprised he didn't come up with the idea first!
A lot of people on here are commenting on getting an offensive minded coach and a defensive minded hc with no experience doesn't often work. But honestly I'm leaning towards Kirby Smart because A) He is a known excellent recruiter and Spurrier admitted he hasn't done a good job of that, so we need a good recruiter; and B) he is a good defensive coach, we DESPARATELY need a defensive turnaround, and unless you are a fan from another team that has watched EVERY single USC game the past 2 years, you don't understand. It is painful to watch, I've NEVER seen a defense so bad at usc the as I have the past 2 years. They don't even have basic fundamentals down such as open field tackling most of the time. We make not good offenses look like National Championship offenses. Just because you racked up yards on SC the past 2 years, literally means nothing!!! Even when we were 0-11 and 1-10, those defenses were better I promise. I think it's pretty clear, Smart needs to be the guy if interested. It's going to take a miracle defensive worker, who I believe is Kirby Smart, to turn it around as far south as it's gone on defense for SC.
I hate they beat us and I thought we had a chance after the 1st half. But what a great guy!!! Rooting for him and lsu now for sure!!! They should be allowed to auction their jerseys for a cause like that ( or for their benefit, just my personal opinion) but, his jersey is gonna make a lot of money. Thank God for people like him!
And I only say that about Mitch because I still think Spurrier would have him as the starter against UGA even though he has done little to nothing in the first game and a half on offense.
I don't think Perry is the most talented qb, but I think you're right about him. He looks very composed and comfortable when running the offense and can make things happen. I hate to see players get hurt and I was all for him to begin with, but Mitch getting injured was the best thing to happen to our team at this point. I still feel like we have a chance to go in and upset UGA now that we have a qb that has proven he can produce on offense. Looking forward to seeing more of what Nunez can do this week as well.
Tennessee = Overrated. That prediction's not gonna happen. I won't be surprised if OU wins. Thank goodness the Gamecocks aren't the overrated team this year cause it sucks.
All these hater comments are hilarious! I agree I wouldn't be surprised if we were as bad as we were last year, but I also think we have the potential to win 11 again (including bowl game) and play in Atlanta. Point is, the SEC east is WIDE open again, with Georgia the most proven team and pre season front runner. Thing is, Spurrier has that number. Mizzou lost a lot from last year especially defensively which is why they were in the SECCG. UT hasn't proven s%&^ (what good team did they beat last year?)! So it's impossible at this point to say USC is going to suck and Missouri, UT and UGA will finish top 3. People are going to be shocked with this year because of how certain teams are being talked up pre season, somebody is going to fall hard in that 'top 3' group and thank goodness it won't be us this year. I'm saying all of this because there are a bunch of unknowns across the board, not just at USC, and there is a lot more talent and potential at USC this year than people realize. I agree with the writers, 8-4 is a good prediction (I personally couldn't pick the W/L column for each game), but 8-4 is a pretty good neutral guess for a team that could potentially win anywhere from 6-10 games in the regular season.
I agree this seems like a toughest places to play list, maybe I'm a little biased but if we're doing top fan bases, South Carolina has to be in the top 10 at least, maybe top 5. How many teams would still sell out their games during an 0-11 and 1-10 season?
Can the SEC east champ beat the SEC west champ for the first time since the Tebow era in 2008/will the west be the over dominantly division again? For the first time in a while I see the possibility of the east winning the SECCG and leveling the playing field with the west team for team somewhat (ehhh maybe the top 4 or 5 teams in each division).
UGA with an easy path to Atlanta in the east, shocker!!.!
He won't open with an FSU caliber program for his remainder as SC after what happened vs. Texas A&M and I don't blame him! Most teams don't open with a good opponent either due to offseason kinks to work out in the first game! He'd be willing to play them later on in the season if the schedule worked out, but not to open up with.
You didn't love him before when he crapped the bed 3 times vs you guys?!?! 2 of which SCar should have arguably won if it weren't for bad QB play when he was there! Oh well, go Gators this weekend!