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For those who weren't aware, the renovations have been coming since the year after it was remodeled. Only thing missing was additional funds. Don't get me wrong, the money was there but there were other projects that needed it more (new track stadium, new softball stadium, soccer stadium repairs, etc).
Stones to speak the truth? Your daddy was telling his boosters that the Aggies can afford to do for a whole class what they could only do for a handful of players in the past. If you didn't have your head so far up your ass you would realize it. Go back to sleep.
Go after ESPN? The idiot fans should be going after Rocky Top Insider for putting it out the to begin with. ESPN was just referencing the report done by the Tennessee fan site.
Would be cool if some of these championships would rotate across the SEC territory. They're a great showcase for the area fans who would normally not travel to watch them.
The difference is those guys on the list had great receivers ahead of them. The Aggies don't have anyone that stands out right now.
It's not really about being woke. It's the way the law was written to protect women, and women had a big hand in Title IX. There are a lot of reasons for it and I'm sure they were good reasons when it was done.
Claims to be one of the founding members of the SEC, but gets the whole founding part wrong.
And just think... This was with McDonald's bags of money. Didn't even have to bring the Chick-fil-A bags out.
The thing is, Saban would have called a timeout and then chewed everyone out. Kirby still has a way to go.
I'm not saying the author of this story is a longhorn fan, but the author managed to find every single longhorn fan tweet and include it in the story.
And it's most definitely a step down. If the only thing you're hanging on to is that Louisiana State win a national championship recently, you already lost. No coach changes jobs to ride the coattails of other coaches. If you want him you can have him, but you're going to have to pay for him. And the money just isn't there.
You don't think they recruit against each other today? I suggest you find a different sport to follow.
She was good. Some of you old farts don't recognize her because she wasn't always hosting SportsCenter, but she had several other shows and podcasts. Her podcast was probably the most recognizable for her.
I'm just surprised they understood what he said out in California
The tea sippers in Austin should be the first place the police check with. They definitely need some of what the Aggies have to get ready for the SEC.
I'd even say most of the ones we lost were good games, lol
"Texas is the No. 1 brand in college sports, with – far and away – the largest budget of any school." This is half true. They were the No. 1 brand for a while, but definitely do not have the largest budget of any school anymore.
Bruh, South Carolina is definitely not a school to talk. And if what you say is true, your "gentleman's agreement" just went out the door.
I think the votes would've been there. Texas A&M, Missouri, Arkansas, and maybe LSU?
GTFOH! No way. I'm sure you've seen him or heard his narrations before.