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He literally said "I think." He isn't tweeting it out as a report, but as a personal opinion.
UK hasn't had great success in keeping QBs upright, especially the last few seasons. I imagine that Leary's experience with reading defenses was one of the big reasons they went with him. Destin was probably holding onto the ball too long and not knowing where to go during the offseason and it translated to more sacks.
They really need to go back to letting a rookie QB sit their first season, unless they absolutely demolish the competition during the offseason. But that also hinges on whether they have any competent QBs on the roster already.
I was hoping this didn't happen. As much as I love him, Levis's issues with accuracy (due to mechanics) and decision making were well documented. Sitting out for his entire rookie season would help cement the work he was doing. When you are in high intensity situations in the middle of the game, that's when you revert to the bad habits. This goes for just about every single rookie QB out there, especially high draft picks on bad teams. The NFL eats them up and spits them out
I agree. Programs like Arkansas ride or die by how well they have recruited to fit their schemes and how well those recruits have developed. If Arkansas, South Carolina, Kentucky, etc. want to compete in the SEC (and not even win, but be competitive), those fourth- and fifth- year players have to big contributors and go toe to toe with the guys who are going to be playing on Sundays.
Any way the Georgia-Auburn game went, Smart would have gotten the defense schemed and coached up to stop Davis after his day, and I think every UGA defender would be locked in so they don't get embarrassed like Florida did.
I think 5 is fine. The team has been pretty consistent in the East pecking order, even if they haven't played in Atlanta. The ratings should take into account not only the win-loss column, but everything that the HC does. You don't last this long in the SEC without being good at a lot of things. I think the length of tenure give him the right to be at #5 considering how many flash in the pan HCs have come through the SEC, even at more prestigious schools.
He's going to be in over his head really quickly. I hope he succeeds because it would be a whole lot of fun watching him slice and dice defenses, though.
There are too many recruits to keep track of and the people that report on UT recruiting probably were just focusing on some of the other ones.
The coaches usually get some pretty good QB recruits, but they don't pan out because of transfers or injuries. We have had some terrible luck with QB injuries in the recent past.
I don't think the starters are worn out from the season. It's more like the talent drops off after the starters and when they can't blow a team out, the other team can turn it into a tight game. Then the starters are just physically gassed because Calipari has to keep them in longer.
Very strong running game with lots of play action pass. I think they have the highest percentage of play action passes in the NFL, but I could be wront.
I will be surprised if Hooker falls out of the second round, honestly. Someone is probably intrigued by him and will be worried that he won't make it to them in the 3rd round.
I totaly agree. Levis could become a franchise QB, but he definitely isn't one right now. I hate that he is going to lose a lot of money up front, but going into a situation where he can sit (barring any injuries ahead of him), work on his issues, and immerse himself in the game is exactly what he needs.
He can always switch positions if he can't cut it as a QB and but always be able to step in as emergency QB if needed. Being as athletic as he is, he can make an impact elsewhere on the field.
It's probably better that he goes in the second round, honestly. He needs development, but if he gets in the right system and puts it all together, he could have decently career.
We usually have some unknown studs on the DL as the Big Blue Wall has helped develop good DL in the past. Maybe this year is the year where it is reversed and the DL pushes the OL back to where they used to be.
Assuming the Center will be setting the blocking for the play, moving away from up tempo will give him more time to set it and change it if necessary, which should help. Also, giving Jefferson time to read the defense will help him at times to figure out where to attack and get the ball out quicker. If they can sustain long drives, it will help the defense because while the starters may be serviceable, you can avoid playing the backups who simply aren't ready.
His team and the NFL did such a great disservice to him and if he keeps suffering concussions. It's possible that he will lose out on many millions of dollars of future earnings. While he should already be set for life, it can be the difference from being rich to truly wealthy.
It's interesting that the scouts talk about advanced analysis like down and distance and types of throws that equate to success in the NFL, but it's all complete bullsh*t. Every scout should be doing that and if it was accurate, there wouldn't be as many QB misses every single year. The things that matter, to me, from what the scouts said are whether the scheme was archaic and predictable and if the receivers were winning their one-on-ones to give him a chance to complete throws. His high number of play-action throws should be considered as well since those mean he has had fewer opportunities to go through progressions during a game. Everything else sounds like they are trying to convince themselves that he is worth a very high draft pick.
It kind of stinks that someone so young basically gets called the next big thing while they are in high school. The narrative is totally out of their control and they may be too immature to block out the noise and concentrate on getting better. Also, I think people on other sites have mentioned that the level of competition wasn't that great where he played, which is why he lost the consensus #1 QB tag.
I think it has generally helped with recruiting big men, at least at the beginning. A lot of bigs coming out of HS are athletic and can shoot and handle the ball, which is definitely valuable in the NBA, but they don't have as much development as true bigs in the past. He has made sure they spend time with their backs to the rim to increase their in-game flexibility and their draft stock. Now, I don't know so much since true Centers are increasingly an endangered species in the NBA.
I didn't watch any women's basketball, but I've heard a lot about her. What makes her game so good? I'm honestly curious and this is not meant as a slight to her at all.
I think anyone that had any common sense would go with Hooker over AR. Without the injury, he would definitely go over Levis. Factoring the injury in, I think it depends on what the actual plan for the franchise is and how his rehab is progressing. If he can make it back and participate for most of the offseason work and you have a lot of good young pieces right now, you probably go with him and bring in a veteran QB to mentor. If you know you are a year or two away from making a strong push and are collecting a lot of draft picks, you MIGHT take the gamble and go with Levis and hope he can develop. Of course all that gets blown up with coaches and/or front office are replaced because the owner(s) is fickle.
Levis definitely shouldn't be a starter next year unless he absolutely shows out during the preseason, but you also have to remember that our OL and most RBs were atrocious and he played hurt for a lot of last season. I do agree that Hooker is the second best of the group and I hate that an injury of all things is probably hurting his draft stock the most.
Assuming Young and Stroud are the top 2 QBs, he and Richardson are probably the next most intriguing prospects and that's why he is getting so much attention. The decision between the two becomes how much of a gamble do you want to take? Levis is probably the safer and more justifiable choice (to fans and ownership) but Richardson's upside is so big that you every GM that passes over him won't live it down if he can put it all together and reach his potential.