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It's the boosters that need to pound it into his brain. I think the fans are already over him and the administration for giving him such a terrible contract. If they get tired of him and pony up $50 million to fire him, do you think that's the end of his coaching career?
He definitely lost a step, but he can still play. I'm looking through his year with the Patriots and some games, they let him throw it, and others, they didn't give him many opportunities. It's wasn't a great year, but considering they signed him in July, he didn't do too bad. Same with Carolina. They signed him in the middle of season and he did as well as you could expect from a guy being thrown into an offense and into a few games while competing for reps with another QB. He should at least be a backup somewhere. Might be able to pull a Ryan Fitzgerald and start the season while a rookie QB is working to take over.
I was going to say that he looks like he is about to give a backstage interview and call out The Rock or Hulk Hogan to a match.
Still, he is probably still good enough to be a backup instead of out of the league. Did he get a minimum offer and reject it? Because if that is the reason, that's all on him. Otherwise, should you value someone who has never seen relevant game time over someone who has a lot of experience? And I'm not talking about the guys who were just drafted, either. There are plenty of backups in the league who have been there for a while that have barely played.
Alcohol is a helluva drug. In all seriousness, it makes me cringe when adults can get to the point of losing control when drinking. A LOT of problems in society could be solved, especially domestic issues that get passed from generation to generation, if people knew their limits and respected them. Some of the nicest and most loving people turn into monsters when they drink enough.
It would have been different if his completion percentage was low because of dropped balls, WRs running the wrong routes, etc., but he looked lost out there at times and was terribly inaccurate. He worked hard to prep for the Combine, so there is hope for him on getting errant throws under control. It's too bad that high picks get thrown into the fire so early because he probably could use the extra time sitting working on processing the game. It's only going to get faster.
Non-contact injuries are terrible. Hate it for him and I hope it's not too serious.
I totally agree he can have a very good career even though he's on the smaller size and am rooting for him. Seems like a good dude who can elevate a team with his athleticism. I really don't want to see him get injured early on like Burrow.
I can't imagine someone trading up to get him anywhere in the first round, but he did have some freakishly bright spots amid all the sub-mediocrity. If all he has done since the season ended was commit to training and working on correcting flaws, he could show a lot of accuracy improvement at the Combine.
I think WR would be a better fit for him. Less banging around on every play and more opportunities to get the ball in space where he can do a lot of damage. The transition would probably be easier than learning to block. You can run route trees and work on footwork and get a lot of reps in on your own. Learning to block with NFL defenses being so complex and players so good would be harder, in my opinion.
Championship team is a little overboard for offseason coaching moves. Kelly is a great coach and will win at least one NC there, but he needs more depth to win every game they are expected to win with no letdowns. The talent is there, but I don't think one offseason is enough to address everything.
This is absolutely stupid unless the court date was moved up.
The better comparisons really are Drew Brees and Kyler Murray, even though it is early in Murray's career. Young should probably try to add some more muscle to help with natural padding since the NFL seasons is such a grind, but he should be fine as long as he doesn't get drafted into a terrible situation. Also, Barry Sanders was such a freak of nature that it is a bad comparison. hahaha
I grew up in Bowling Green, KY. It's been nice to watch their progress to becoming a solid program.
I wonder if the whole "forget the last play" mindset for athletes factors into some of their dumb decisions where they have been trained to focus on the immediate future.
I think for racing and reckless driving, you should arrest and hope it is a deterrent for future behavior. You don't even have to hold them long, but them having to ride to the station in handcuffs, get processed, and sit in the cell for a little bit can go a long way if this is a first arrest. For him, there is the additional factor of him being a public figure and, I'm hoping, there is appropriate team discipline.
I don't know why some people in these comments are saying that he got the gun illegally when the charge is only that he was carrying it illegally.
Tebow won in the NFL as well. Got the Broncos to the Playoffs, beat the Steelers on a walk off TD, but then is out of the league in a couple of years. Elway screwed him over and he deserved at be on the roster at least through the following preseason games.
He did pretty well at the beginning of the year with absolutely no running game while Rodriguez was suspended and with the OL in absolute shambles.
Average NFL height is around 6'5" according to an internet search. All 2022 Alabama OL on the roster were generally 6'3 - 6'6", so that shouldn't be an issue. The biggest question is whether you can process the game and physically react at game speed.
We were blessed this winter with some great football games in general. I'm still flying high over the first round of the NCAA Playoffs.
DeWine's proposals, as outlined in this article make sense. Modest taxes on vices while regulating companies that try to take advantage of customers. I hope Ohio and other states that have legalized sports gambling will raise the fines on companies in violation of their regulations. $150k is far too little for Caesar's ($10.59B in revenue for 2021-2022). Too many companies in general get hit with a parking ticket and stern finger wag. Also, there needs to be very strong legal repercussions for anyone who threatens anyone, regardless if they are athletes are not. There are too many stories in general about people receiving death threats, but with the added incentive of money, we may start instances of people being arrested outside of the homes of athletes with weapons in their vehicle.
With elite teams, it's not that indicative since they are likely to reload. For mediocre teams, it used to signify they are in for a better year than usual. But now, it's pretty meaningless with the transfer portal. You can have 3 year starters replace another big time contributor and there is absolutely no drop off.
People are fretting and worrying too much about this. How many different coordinators has he had every year they played for the national title? Of course you will get some hits and misses, but it's insane that Alabama stayed top tier elite this long with that kind of turnover. You don't see programs sustaining that kind of success these days. Hell, Kentucky has been pretty lucky that we are middle tier considering how many OCs we have gone through since Stoops got here. Thankfully, we have had generally good continuity with DCs aside from Stoops being such a good defensive mind. I'm GRATEFUL that even with bad offenses, we still won games.
People are overreacting about Mertz. His stats weren't great, but he could work out spectacularly for Florida. He could be like Stephen Johnson or Terry Wilson for Kentucky where they went out and won games, period. There were a LOT of ugly games, but they still helped get us to where we are today. He'll be coming into a brand new system and it might be enough to make him mediocre enough and keep Florida from taking another step back while they try to develop and rebuild the roster from the Mullen and Grantham years.
People tend to forget the previous schools a player was at, especially the place they spent the majority of their college years at. Jalen Hurts gets pigeonholed frequently by the media as former Oklahoma QB and he has to remind them he was at Alabama.
Not having to recruit anymore or keep up with NCAA compliance policies would big a huge load off of his back as well.
Congrats! Love seeing any OL getting recognition, especially when you hear the horror stories of how much any lineman have to eat and the disgusting things they come up with to hit their calorie goals.