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You're not going to impress anyone talking about going undefeated in a Group of 5 conference with half the teams are some of the worse teams in college football. Like I've said before and I will continue to say it. You want to prove the doubter wrong about UCF? Join a Power 5 conference and go undefeated. Then and only then you have a reason to gloat over going undefeated. Ya'll beat Auburn, regardless of the reasons they claimed, it's still impressive BUT ya'll saying how you went undefeated in the 2017 regular season, and looking at your schedule, you just sound like a 5 grader gloating about beating up a bunch of Kindergarders.
Obviously SDS hasn't seen a HBCU halftime show from schools like Jackson State University and Southern University.Those are some of the best halftime shows to watch.
The sad part about it is he's a Mississippi kid and he doesn't know the correct name is "Mississippi State University". lmao
Even if he transferred to Alabama, he would have to sit out. The NCAA doesn't care what school you go to or what position you play. The only way a player can play immediately is if he's a graduate transfer because they usually only have one year left to play. If you're a underclassmen, you sit out always unless something happens like at Ole Miss where the dude who went to Michigan got a waver to play early.
MSU was fined on the cowbells thing for a while before the NCAA decided to allowed the fans to ring them only at home games during certain times during the game unless premitted at a bowl game. MSU fans also don't even ring them constantly all game like the constant whistling from the Vandy whistlers. A lot of fans aren't even bothered by the cowbells but everyone who isn't a Vandy fan is bothered by the whistling. So it isn't the same thing.
"University of Mississippi State" Um...I don't think that's the name of the school
He's from Alabama. How could he not know who Auburn is? lol
Gotta go through the SEC first, especially the SEC West where anyone can lose to anyone on any given Saturday
How about the teams that play in those lower tier FBS conferences who have to play a lower tier team because it's a conference game? Those rules would eliminate them immediately.
SC fans keep bragging about the QB throwing 510 yards yet yall lost because the defense gave up 56 points to yall 35. Throwing for that many yards doesn't matter if yall can't score enough points to actually win. No offense but take it from someone who team has to play the Tide EVERY YEAR. Unless something weird happens or Bama shoots themselves repeatedly in the foot, South Carolina won't win.
mutigersbball Fair point. I won't deny Bill is one of the greatest coaches for what he has done at KSU that no one else has been able to do with them.
K-State didn't do much against us with Bill Synder when the game was at K-State so it's not like him being there would've changed much. And last year, we had a QB who couldn't throw.
I really hope you're trolling and not actually being serious.
Now if this game was in Hattiesburg, I probably would've agreed with you as USM is usually a tough home team most years but it's in Starkville. No offense to the Golden Eagles but the last time they played in Starkville, they lost 49-0. Now I don't think USM will be as bad as they were in 2014 but unless we are one dimensional again, I don't see how MSU will only win by 21 at home.
Actually, I did my own research on it and ULM actually agreed to let Lafayette use the "University of Louisiana" name as the Sun Belt asked ULM's President and they said Monroe had no desire to use the name itself and simply want to remain known as the University of Louisiana at Monroe. They had problems with it in the past but times has changed since then.
I guess that L Kansas State took made him want to switch sides before they come to Starkville to play MSU again LOL
Maybe the other teams should've stepped up their game more and recruit better.
I honestly don't care who is the starting QB as long as they are accurate with their passes and we win games because in the end, that's all that matters. I do hope this motivates Keytaon to get better because regardless of how next seasons plays out, he will still have at least one season of eligibility left.
That would definitely destroy the UT-Bama game because I'm sure Alabama and it's fans will want to keep Auburn on the schedule as it's an instate game and far more important that an out-of-state rivalry game.
Playing 9 conference games won't stop teams from scheduling FCS teams. All it does is cut down OOC schduling by 1 game and the regular season is 12 games +1 if you count the conference championship as part of the regular season. Besides, as pointless as the games may seem to the SEC and any other FBS team in general, the reason isn't because of the SEC wants an easy win like the people hates our conference constantly say. It's because those teams need the money generated from those games and look towards are schools and other FBS team for help because the NCAA and their FCS conferences doesn't pay them as much as they do the FBS teams and in return, the FBS teams usually gets a easy win (because Kansas lost to a few FCS teams lol) But at the end of the day it's all about the money and football programs need money to survive.
Though I don't agree with Peters for flipping off the fans, this proves that Ole Miss has one of the classless fanbases in college football. I don't care what team a player plays for, there's no excuse for booing an injured player.
Only error he really made is keeping Fitzgerald on the field when Fitzgerald can't throw a pass into the ocean majority of the time. That's why we are currently 6-4. Switch Moorhead with Saban and the results would be the same. Take Fitz out and put Thompson in and this would be a much better team because he can actually throw and make passes more often
I like these unis. Can't wait to see them during the game.
They will probably still wear their white unis. Most teams, gray unis are still considered as home uniforms.
It's not all on Coach Moorehead imo. I say he won't be able to do anything until he gets rid of Fitzgerald or Fitz graduates. I don't think his offense benefits Fitzgerald like Mullen's offense did and he needs a QB that can throw the ball accurately and Fitzgerald is still terrible at throwing a pass. Until he uses a QB that passes better, I don't think we will make it to 6 wins. May get backlash here but just being honest. It's ridiculous that after 3 years he hasn't improve on his accuracy. All teams have to do is load the box and don't worry about the pass because 9 times out of 10, Fitz will probably overthrow the ball anyway.
Not defending Baylor but the Big 12 don't exactly have any room to rescind memberships from anybody, unless they are planning add new schools in the near future. If they dump Baylor, that leave them with 9 schools. What if at some point in the coming years, someone decides to find a new conference because they are tired of being in that conference like A&M, Missouri, Nebraska, and Colorado did? That would leave them with even less teams.