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I say it's neither a Mullen problem or a Todd problem. It's a Florida problem. I don't have a clue what's wrong with your program but when Mullen and Grantham was at State, we had one of the top defenses of that year, that's even with playing against tougher opponents in the West with less talent than Florida.
I mean, truthfully the rankings don't actually matter until the playoffs rankings come out. The AP poll is just as meaningless as the preseason poll
Sorry but no. When you make a conscious decision to storm the field when the conference's front office advise everyone to not do for their safety and you do it anyway, you take responsibility of whatever happens to you on said field because you had no business being there in the first place. She never would've gotten hit had she been in the stands.
As usual, MSU continue to be a weird team. We go from struggling to put away LA Tech, to dominating NC State who upset Clemson, to losing to Memphis, to outgaining LSU in everything but the final score, to beating Texas A&M who was said to be one of the top teams in the West. I'll take the win but I wish the wins start coming in more consistently. Good game to A&M for another entertaining dog fight.
Fans don't care because they aren't the ones who actually have to pay them. Maybe the school's donors and boosters probably be upset but the rest of them will keep doing it because it doesn't result in a direct consequence to them individually.
Well, spread wise, it’s not an upset considering the favored team is only favored by 3 points, not 30. I have no clue why SDS likes to misuse the word “upset”. It is a toss up game and will depend how MSU executes. If we come out and play like against LTU, then well long day ahead.
Same reason why every other team that isn't in the SEC get press on this website. Rarely anyone questions when SDS make irrelevant articles about ACC/PAC-12/Big 12/BIG teams when not involving SEC schools.
I agree. It's a lot easier to tell who is who, especially for someone who isn't as familiar with that certain team, it'll be a lot easier to know the player's last name without having to look him up.
As much as this game annoyed me in the middle two quarters, at least we know the team won't just give up after going down a few scores. I've seen teams give up in a blowout and just let their opponent score at will, making the blowout worse. We may not always win these types of games but it helps when you know your team is going to keep fighting. That being said, I hope we don't have to deal with this type of game any time soon but it's football and anything can happen on any given Saturday.
I agree It's still too early to tell how this team going to be this year and Leach is only in his second year so there are going to be issues. Sure would I rather be up a significant amount of points against Group of 5 schools? Yes but that's not how football works all the time and weird stuff always happen when we play Louisiana Tech for whatever reason. Case in point, that nearly 100 yard fumble from a few years ago. I just hope things get cleaned up because NC State is next and I would rather not lose a game to the ACC
I'm surprised Washington didn't make it considering they lost to Montana. I guess their fans knew Washington was overrated, the PAC 12 is becoming self aware.
I can't say how many times State has beaten a top ranked team but the team definitely have won against a top ranked opponent before. 1980 vs #1 Alabama
This game was literally painful watch. Glad to get the W but those turnover isn't going to cut it against better opponents. I hope they get that fixed before NC State comes into town.
Well, sure they got off to a rough start but they won the game so I'm sure it's already better than you think
Deion already have 3 QBs and pretty his son is going to start so Gatewood out of luck
Mike Leach's offense wasn't a real fit for him. While he can catch passes, he should be running the ball more because that's what most of his skills lie as a running back.
Jalen actually stuck around and transferred to OU after he already graduated from Alabama. So it isn't the same.
He will only have to sit if he stays in the FBS. If he goes FCS, D2 or D3, he won't have to sit as they all can play immediately.
I mean I get it. Missouri hasn't had much success in the SEC besides the 2 SECC game appearances and as if right now, they aren't even on the same stage as OU talent wise but didn't Missouri already have a rivalry game with Oklahoma in the Big 12?
It wouldn't make any sense if State or Ole Miss move over. The only logical answer would be Alabama and Auburn. Especially considering the SEC West will most likely get both Oklahoma and Texas. They going to want to balance the divisions more, not make the divisions more lopsided in favor of the SEC West.
Notre Dame will be stuck with the ACC at least until the mid or late 2030s so them joining the Big 10 will have to wait. If they give up their independent status, they will have to join the ACC in football on a permanent basis, or at least until their current deal ends in 15 or 16 years
You mean the games against FCS teams? FBS schools aren't allowed to schedule Division 2 schools and the FCS games aren't going away because if I remember, someone suggested it and FCS ADs said no because that's how they make their money and the NCAA and SEC won't do anything about it because if so, they would've done so by now.
The issue with expansion beyond 16 teams is there not nearly enough games in the regular season and the NCAA will have to expand beyond the current 12 games a year format. Like let's say the SEC adds Texas and OU and put them in the West and somehow manage to take Clemson and one of the Florida brothers in FSU or Miami and put them in the East. That would put the conference at 18 teams. Off the bat, that's 8 divisional games + if the SEC decides to keep the permanent cross divisional matchups and the rotating one, that's 11 games before you even start adding the non conference and post season games.
Well, conference game or non conference game, I look forward to playing them either way in baseball.
It's because at the time, the on campus stadiums in Oxford and Starkville weren't big enough to accommodate large crowds back then vs Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium, who can fit over 60k fans, so, they would always play their big home games in Jackson, especially the Egg bowl and the games against Alabama.