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Starkville**I could've sworn I corrected that before posting that-
Auburn doesn't play on the road as well as they do at home. Plus, past games doesn't automatically translate to future games. Auburn beat MSU but then LSU beat Auburn and MSU blew out LSU. Meaning, just because Auburn won last season doesn't automatically mean they will walk out of Starville with a W next season. Now if next game was in Auburn, I would agree with you but being the fact that it's in Starkville, Auburn isn't as nearly a threat as they were last season. And before you say "Auburn beat Miss St in 2016 in Starkville", well so did South Alabama so that's not really anything to brag about. Miss St had a horrible defense in 2016, something they improved immensely last season. Not to take anything from Auburn because Auburn is a good football team but Auburn is no Alabama and yeah, Auburn did beat Bama last year but I doubt they would've won if Bama was 100% healthy or at least as close as healthy as they were when they played Clemson and Georgia. They still had a lot of defensive players out when they played Auburn.
That may be so but it was still easier for Fisher being in the ACC vs Mullen who had to play the SEC West gauntlet every year while trying to revive a program. FSU was still better off than MSU talentwise in the late 2000s. Combined that with FSU's easier schedule with only having to deal with Clemson = more wins and championships for Fisher over Mullen. Not saying they would completely suck but I doubt FSU would've had the same success had they been in the SEC West instead of the ACC. I don't see Fisher having the same success at Texas A&M like he did at FSU. I may be wrong but until I'm proven wrong, my opinion will stay as such.
Fisher also didn't have to play the SEC West every year, unlike Mullen. If we switched Mullen and Fisher and Mullen was at FSU, who was already a yearly NC contender before Fisher became FSU's head coach, Mullen would've had an NC or 2 by now. But having to play Alabama, LSU, and Auburn every year, pulling Mississippi State out of the SEC West basement and making them into a respectable football team who actually has a chance to win at least 8-9 games a year, not to mention most SEC games aren't automatic wins in the first place, Mullen had a far difficult path than Fisher. Now that Fisher is at Texas A&M, lets see if he can win an NC while having to play Alabama, LSU, and Auburn every year. Mullen, though he will still have to play LSU every year, and every now and then, Bama and Auburn, he has a way easier path because the main team he has to beat to win the East is UGA, unless Tennessee, Missouri, and/or South Carolina somehow become relevant again.
Idiots. What kinda of drugs did they smoke to make them think that was a good idea?
True but LSU will always be picked to be ranked high in the preseason, regardless of who they lost, just like MSU is almost always picked last in the SEC West.
Exactly. Had it not been for that call and ND won anyway, I wouldn't even be mad but that whole 3 point set up happened because of that missed call. And it's sad on, people are actually okay with that happening. If I was a Notre Dame fan, I would've been proud of how that game ended. Refs shouldn't decide any close game, especially if it's a championship game.
The point is, if they pay players for football and basketball, they will have to pay players in every storts because that would only be fair. Maybe schools like Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, Michigan, Texas, Notre Dame, and schools who make a lot from their programs could afford it but there's a lot of schools that don't and they will have to drop sports. Especially the FCS, D-II and D-III. Probably some schools in the FBS would be in trouble.
On the "SEC to switch to 9-game conference schedule" and how it isn't fair for the SEC and ACC to only play 8 conference games. No one is forcing the other conferences to play 9 conference games but themselves. If they have such a problem with it, then change it or stop crying.
Probably so. They all, including Kansas, need to chill out and schedule a game against Texas A&M and Missouri.
Tennessee blew out Virginia Tech 45-24 in that game.
Not only Texas, I also wonder why Texas Tech and Baylor don't bother scheduling Texas A&M. Are they all scared of the Aggies? lol
That was one hell of a game. I thought we was about to lose there until Louisville missed those two shots to end regululation. My only complaint is the ref still missing easy foul calls for both teams.
Actually it was. The literal definition of an apology is "the admission of error or discourtesy accompanied by expression of regret".Just because he didn't come out and directly say "I'm sorry" doesn't mean he didn't apologize. He admitted he was wrong the way he responded and said she didn't do anything wrong by asking him those questions. Then said he wished he could've done better in that interview. Now, how was that NOT an apology?
He was highly pissed. I thought he was going to walk away from her.
Not only that they fail to mention anything about the men's team. They also fail to say anything about the Women's bball team, who is STILL currently playing in their NCAA tournament, who actually made it to the Elite 8. They only lost one game all year but still gets no mention. I guess they think the NIT and Women's bball is a myth.
Because you make the whole Ole Miss fan base look bad. I thought it was bad when other team fan bases were calling you out but now not even your fellow Ole Miss fans likes you. You might want to quit while you're ahead. It isn't even about you hating MSU, it's about having class and not looking an angry child every time you post. I have never seen the other fan bases constantly bash their rivals year round like I seen you do to MSU. I don't really care for Ole Miss, obviously, but you'll never see me actively stalking the Ole Miss articles just to bash them 24/7 with unnecessary, childish bashing just to get a reaction out of their fan base. College football is over, take a chill pill and save the bashing for next November.Now I'm thinking maybe you and that SECond to none guy is the same person because he also had an unhealthy obsession with MSU before he disappeared.Who was the MSU fan who hurt you? Bulldawgrock? Was it him?
This article is about basketball and the SEC West schools. Not football, or Georgia. Next time, actually read the article before commenting useless information.
It makes it even more horrible when you're take into account that we are only halfway through the second month of 2018 and there has already been 18 shootings. If nothing is done soon, imagine how many there will be by December 2018.
People will cry over anything. Why does it even matter how much they are getting paid?
At least Bama won a conference game. What did Tennessee do this past season?
You won the NC because your defense got healthier with the time off and because of the QB change. Hurts is a good QB imo but UGA game planned to stop him and couldn't adjust to the QB change. Clemson just simply isn't the Clemson of 2016 and even smart Clemson fans knew that and honestly, I don't even think OU could have beaten Bama either.
Honestly, we would've been better and probably could've beaten Bama had it not been for the injuries to our best receivers at the beginning of last season. Even without a great passing game, we still managed to win 9 games. I get Fitzgerald is not a great passer but it wasn't all on him. We had a lot of WRs who dropped passes that would've put a lot more points on the board. I just hope everyone we have left gets healthy, including Fitzgerald so we can see how we do in 2018.