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It could've been worse. The Ole Miss women basketball team got beat by MSU by the score of 80-39. Now obviously Ole Miss is no UConn, but 52 points being scored in college basketball isn't the worse I've seen.
The fact that they got blew by the same team that only beat MSU by 2 points makes me feel better about the loss we took. Good game SC.
That's not going to happen and you know it. The XFL would die before the NFL will.
Moorehead started Stevens over KT because Stevens won the QB battle and KT isn't accurate of a passer to be the starter of a team in the SEC West. Look at his states. His passing percentages are terrible. 46.2% for 2017 and 48.5% for 2018. He has yet to complete a season with above 50% passing and that's not good at all. And people wanna know why he wasn't the starter for 2019. Because he's a horrible passer. We only won the games we did because of his running, just like Fitzgerald and while we got away with it with Fitzgerald because of Mullen's system, Moorehead's and now Leach's systems require QBs to be able to pass and pass accurately, and Keyteon isn't the right player for that. He would be way better off switching to running back or wide receiver. Don't even try playing the race card because he didn't get overlooked because of his race. He had a fair chance just like everyone else to win the starting job and he failed.
The best part about this is that on Twitter, AJ Brown said he was going to say HailState if Rufus Harvey signed with MSU and Rufus did just that. Now I'm just waiting to see if AJ going to follow through.
Not really. I didn't once say that I wish he stayed here in Mississippi. When he left, I wished him well with taking on UGA in the East.
Fair point. I feel in a way, it works in the end because most coaches who are more lenient with their players when they mess up, usually don't have the success he's had and he's had this type of success at both LSU and Alabama so he has to be doing something right.
I don't blame him. Why walk-on and work for a scholorship offer which may never comes at Florida when you have one waiting on you at ASU. If I was him, I would've do the same thing.
I mean, he shouldn't congratulate a player who took a 16 yard sack. I mean, sure they won, whatever but they could've easily lost because of that sack. It was so happen Georgia forgot to defend the pass and Alabama won. Nick Saban has every right to be upset and just because they won't doesn't take away from the fact that Tua took a unnecessarry sack that could've cost them the game. I'm pretty sure he did say something to the O line as well but Tua deserved some of the heat as well.
I'm not believing that until he beats UGA, win a division, and win the conference. Maybe after all of that and only then, I'll believe this article.
Just because two schools don't meet up annually doesn't really matter here. Yes, Alabama and Kentucky don't meet up every year but if they beat them 31 times when they do meet up, it's stil 31 connsecutive wins as it would be uninterrupted unless UK somehow upsets Bama at some point. It'll just take way longer since they don't play yearly.
I don't remember Joe Burrow throwing a ton of interceptions getting benched in favor of a first year QB but okay Colin.
Egg Bowl week is going to be really entertaining with Kiffin vs Leach and I'm ready for all of it.
Probably so, but we'll cross that bridge when Egg Bowl 2020 gets here.
Good luck with that because the SEC doesn't care as long as MSU is at home.
Also, I'm not bothered by the bowl itself, just wish MSU had a different opponent. Maybe a team we never played before.
Auburn vs Minnesota may be pretty interesting. I may try watching that one if I have time.
Fair point but the thing is, Louisville wasn't even going to be our opponent until Tennessee started crying about not wanting to be in an instate bowl game.
Miss St vs Louisville is starting to get more annoying than Florida vs Michigan. Getting tired of playing them. Played them in women's basketball, men's basketball, and football a couple of years ago and now we're getting matched with them in another football bowl game
It actually has only been 7 years since he retired from in ring competition. He retired in December 2012
All jokes, memes, and the rivalry aside I can't help but to feel bad for the decent Ole Miss fans at least because yall fault back in the end. I almost though yall was going to pull what we did in 2013, made a huge comeback in regulation and win in OT, only for it to get pissed away (no pun intended) because one of your players thought about himself instead of the team. That was a penality that never should've happened if he didn't do what he did and cost his team the game because a taunt. Matt Luke needs to get behind his players and tell them things like this can't happen if they want to win football games. It was a great game up until the last 4 seconds.