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At this point, I'm not too confident of MSU making a bowl. It's not impossible but if we keep playing like this and losing to teams we shouldn't lose to, then we won't make it.
Don't you mean the FPI? I doubt the FBI cares about college football
Mississippi State doesn't play Tennessee until next week. Don't think too hard or you'll hurt yourself.
So you're saying Auburn is cheating on Alabama with Florida? Okay.
It would be stupid for him to leave the SEC and go to a Big 10 doormat program like Rutgers, regardless of how he's performing at MSU.
That's if they beat the teams before they get to UGA, LSU, and Alabama.
It won't matter which QB they go with. UM's defense won't stop Bama's offense.
And UGA, who just beat a top 10 Notre Dame.
Why is Kansas State ranked in his top 10? lol I get it they beat us but they haven't played a ranked team yet until October 26, which they won't win
When I saw the headline, I thought it was going to be Texas Tech or Baylor or someone, but Sam Houston State? Meh.
With the stuff he's dealing with at Michigan, he should've stayed with Ole Miss.
You hired someone who had a 14-22 losing record at SMU, did you really think he would have success in the SEC, much less the SEC West? It seems like SMU is doing better without him because they just upset a ranked TCU.
PAC 12 officials working this game sums up exactly why what happened at the end happened. Ole Miss definitely should've gotten that touchdown.
Ric Flair is from North Carolina. Not really sure how inviting him would be any different from Jeezy. At least Jeezy is from Georgia and seem to be a UGA fan.
I meant you HailzBully. All you have done since I've been seeing you is made trollish comments about MSU to the point, no one, regardless of the team they root for, can't take you seriously.
Exactly. I had a weird nervous feeling at the start of the game and I saw why. I wish Moorehead never started Stevens if he was still hurt. Shrader played better in my opinion we could've even won the game if it wasn't for the dropped passes.
It's like you didn't watch the game. The defense gave up too many wide open passes, too many long runs that resulted in first downs, all of which led to too many easy scores and allowed 24 of the KSU's 31 points. Sure they didn't allow a lot of yards but they didn't play great when it mattered.
The first quarter offense, the defense, and the 4th quarter playcalling disgusted me. Not to mention Stevens turning the ball over 3 times that never should've happened, especially that fumble. MSU need to start playing better than this otherwise SEC play is going to be hard to watch.
To be fair, the Big 12 isn't known for their defenses and is historically bad at defending.Texas allowed La Tech's QB to throw for over 300 years on them so obviously Joe would rack up on yards. I can't buy into him until he proves he's just as good this year as advertised when he start playing SEC defenses who are way better than the Big 12 defenses. If he does the same against Alabama, Auburn, Florida, etc, then I'll take back what I said, until then, I'm not impressed.
Maybe it's because Saban isn't the one who is doing the scheduling. Alabama athletic department is the ones who are doing it. Besides, outside of Texas, who by the way, weren't even doing well when LSU scheduled them, LSU non conference schedule isn't any better so don't be a hypocrite.
Lol Utah State is not better than Southern Miss
True. I guess I can't really say too much because most SEC teams including MSU stated off slow today but South Carolina, Tennessee, and even Ole Miss had no business losing.
Yeah, they shocked me, especially after what happened last year. Their coach got them on the right path to beating a lot of teams for years.
Now we gonna have to hear the haters talk about how overrated the SEC is because of this. Thanks Tennessee.
She's lucky it was Florida's band and not JSU or any HBCU band she was doing that too. The whole band would've gotten after her.