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Notre Dame will be stuck with the ACC at least until the mid or late 2030s so them joining the Big 10 will have to wait. If they give up their independent status, they will have to join the ACC in football on a permanent basis, or at least until their current deal ends in 15 or 16 years
You mean the games against FCS teams? FBS schools aren't allowed to schedule Division 2 schools and the FCS games aren't going away because if I remember, someone suggested it and FCS ADs said no because that's how they make their money and the NCAA and SEC won't do anything about it because if so, they would've done so by now.
The issue with expansion beyond 16 teams is there not nearly enough games in the regular season and the NCAA will have to expand beyond the current 12 games a year format. Like let's say the SEC adds Texas and OU and put them in the West and somehow manage to take Clemson and one of the Florida brothers in FSU or Miami and put them in the East. That would put the conference at 18 teams. Off the bat, that's 8 divisional games + if the SEC decides to keep the permanent cross divisional matchups and the rotating one, that's 11 games before you even start adding the non conference and post season games.
Well, conference game or non conference game, I look forward to playing them either way in baseball.
It's because at the time, the on campus stadiums in Oxford and Starkville weren't big enough to accommodate large crowds back then vs Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium, who can fit over 60k fans, so, they would always play their big home games in Jackson, especially the Egg bowl and the games against Alabama.
So what you're saying, kick two teams out, who have two good baseball teams for OU and OSU? Sure Oklahoma State is good at baseball but you're basically trading 2 baseball programs for one. That doesn't sound like an even trade off.
Pretty sure Notre Dame is stuck with the ACC for a while so don't get your hopes up
The pods would mess up a lot of traditional SEC rivalries. I don't see UGA and Auburn fans agreeing to anything that would not allow them to play every year. Alabama vs LSU is one of the biggest rivalries on the SEC West side of things so idk if breaking them up is a good idea. Texas A&M vs Arkansas, while it is an old rivalry, it's pretty new when it comes to the SEC and I don't see them agreeing to being in different pods and not playing every year. This will also potentially ruin Florida vs Tennessee, Tennessee vs Kentucky, Alabama vs Texas A&M, which isn't really a rivalry but Saban vs Fisher will always be a thing when they match up for obvious reasons. No matter how these pods are set up, traditional rivalries will suffer and neither Texas or Oklahoma is worth it.
They probably would try to veto, but what would be the point? South Carolina has to play Clemson regardless of conference. I can actually understand Texas A&M as they don't play Texas anymore and from what I've seen, have no interest in playing Texas. But what's the difference in SC and Clemson playing every year as conference opponents or non conference opponents?
I know their arrogance thanks to the 4 games we played against them in during the baseball season. We won 3 out of the 4 games they were still treating us like they were up 3-0
That's the thing about the SEC, we don't care. They can get mad all they won't and the horns down would still happen.
Considering FBS schools aren't allowed to schedule Division 2 and 3 schools, that argument is pretty much moot.
I could literally name a million other things I rather care about than some eating contest.
Do you actually think people are going to read all of this. Especially since it's you? Even your own fanbase don't even like you Megan.
I wouldn't pay $1 to hang out with someone, why would I pay someone $10,000? Even if I had it like that, that's a complete waste of money.
Honestly, Texas fans are so annoying, I wouldn't be surprised if Tennessee fans rooted for Vandy just to spite Texas. They were unbearable during the Texas-MSU games. Good game btw. I'm glad we won our first national championship but like I said before the series, even if y'all beat us, I would've been fine just off the fact that either way, the title was coming back to the SEC.
I knew we had the momentum after winning it by 11 runs yesterday but I didn't expect a 9-0 win today but I love it.
I wonder that as well. You would think a game like that would've been talked about on here but nothing at all.
Yeah, at least in Game 2, they didn't just beat Vandy by 8, they won by 11 It will be a good Game 3 tho Hopefully we take the momentum over from Game 2
Yeah that first inning ruined the game for State. Not sure why Coach decided to start him, considering he hasn't played well lately. But oh well, hopefully next game has a better result.
Probably won't. The UT faithful is so full of themselves, they'll brush it off as a fluke despite going 1-3 against State.
Finally sent Texas home. Wish we did it yesterday to avoid taunting from Texas fans but I'll take a walk off W in the CWS any day
At this point, I'm more worried about NC State than Vanderbilt. At least when it comes to State at least, NCSU is the unknown. Not to mention, they're the reason why Arkansas isn't still around. We have proven we can hang with Vandy, even though we still ended up going 1-2 against them.
With that being said, I hope we do win. A championshp in a team sport at Mississippi State is long, long overdue
I like that people think we can go all the way. I'm sure all State fans feel the same way but I can also understand why some State fans are concerned because history says MSU don't preform well as favorites. 2014 when we became number 1 and people started to believe it was the year, only to fall to Alabama, Ole Miss, and Georgia Tech. Baseball when we actually went to the finals only to get lose and not win a game. I'm not sure if we were the majority favorite but I remember seeing a lot of people believe we could win, only to lose. Hopefully it won't be the case this time and we should have more confident but it's different when you come so close in different sports it's football, men's and women's basketball, baseball, etc and not win and not have anything to show for it besides a record.
GG Vandy. Hoping for a Vanderbilt vs MSU final so regardless who wins, the Championship comes back to the SEC where it belongs. Good luck with NC State.
Exactly. I kinda hated it took until the 8th before they woke up but hey, a win in the CWS is a win and I'll take it how we can get it. It just makes you nervous after going 7 straight innings without a hit, let alone a score lol