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Probably so, but we'll cross that bridge when Egg Bowl 2020 gets here.
Good luck with that because the SEC doesn't care as long as MSU is at home.
Also, I'm not bothered by the bowl itself, just wish MSU had a different opponent. Maybe a team we never played before.
Auburn vs Minnesota may be pretty interesting. I may try watching that one if I have time.
Fair point but the thing is, Louisville wasn't even going to be our opponent until Tennessee started crying about not wanting to be in an instate bowl game.
Miss St vs Louisville is starting to get more annoying than Florida vs Michigan. Getting tired of playing them. Played them in women's basketball, men's basketball, and football a couple of years ago and now we're getting matched with them in another football bowl game
It actually has only been 7 years since he retired from in ring competition. He retired in December 2012
All jokes, memes, and the rivalry aside I can't help but to feel bad for the decent Ole Miss fans at least because yall fault back in the end. I almost though yall was going to pull what we did in 2013, made a huge comeback in regulation and win in OT, only for it to get pissed away (no pun intended) because one of your players thought about himself instead of the team. That was a penality that never should've happened if he didn't do what he did and cost his team the game because a taunt. Matt Luke needs to get behind his players and tell them things like this can't happen if they want to win football games. It was a great game up until the last 4 seconds.
Nah you're looking at the wrong their. "If their were short of bowl teams" It should've been there*
Not only that Ole Miss would've had a chance at a bowl game had they won because of their high APR scores. If their were short of bowl teams, they could've been one of the 5-7 teams picked. Their scores won't matter now tho. lol
What a stupid decision for Elijah Moore choking the game away with that unecessary penality. I'll take the win of course but what a dumb decision to do with the game on the line like that. If I was a Ole Miss fan, I would be furious.
I'm pretty certain neither Michigan or Ohio State have existed long enough to play 1115 times. That would suggest both schools would've existed in the year 904 and would be over 4x as old as the United States itself.
I find it hilarious that people actually try to stick up for Myles Garrett and say Mason tried to rip his helmet off first but him ripping Mason helmet off wasn't the main reason Garrett got in trouble. It was because he then used the helmet as an active weapon which could've let to an injury.
I don't see Mike Leach coming to the SEC unless Arkansas come out of pocket with enough money where Washington State can't counter.
That's IF Alabama scores with enough clock for LSU to score again.
To be fair, garbage time or not, LSU still was supposed to defend and they didn't and allowed a score. A few more minutes on the clock and this could've as easily went the other way, no matter what happened earlier in the game.
The weird part about this, at least Bielema gave Arkansas 2 winning seasons. Chad Morris can't even win against teams SJSU and WKU. You might not agree with it but Arkansas probably should've bit the bullet and kept Bielema. Maybe things wouldn't have gotten THIS bad.
Honestly, I questioned why they hired him when they did. He went 14–22 (8–16 vs conference opponents) at SMU and his best season was a 7-5 season before getting hired at Arky. Only people that seem to benefitted from this was SMU because they're currently undefeated and ranked 14th in the country. Arkansas especially didn't benefit hiring him. They should've just stuck with Bret Bielema. At least he actually gave them a winning season.
I feel it's extremely disrespectful for this to happen while in the middle of the season and the head coach is still working there. This can only work as a distraction. Not to mention Southern Cal isn't even doing all that bad. Sure, they aren't the juggernaut they used to be in the 2000s but they are currently 5-3 and leading their division all things considered.
I didn't even know Minnesota was playing Penn State that weekend. That tells you how big that game is to anyone outside Minnesota and Penn State fans. People who aren't even Bama fans and LSU fans are talking about Alabama vs LSU, not to mention it will mostly be a #1 vs #2 matchup in the regular season, the first time that happened since the 2011 matchup between these two schools. No way Minnesota vs Penn State tops that.
I forgot the LSU game. Florida been involved in 3 College Gamedays: vs Miami, at LSU, and hosted against Auburn.
I'm assuming they are passing up Georgia vs Florida because they already did both schools when UF played Miami and Auburn and UGA played Notre Dame. Outside of that reason, it's kinda weird that they would pick Memphis vs SMU over a huge SEC rivalry game.
At this point, I'm not too confident of MSU making a bowl. It's not impossible but if we keep playing like this and losing to teams we shouldn't lose to, then we won't make it.
Don't you mean the FPI? I doubt the FBI cares about college football