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I figured and thanks. Congrats on your win as well. It feels good to have SEC football back.
Okay you don't have to spam your hatred of Orgeron and pretending to be an LSU fan. You're probably the same person who trolled UGA the last few seasons.
This is a brand new season. Yes we don't have the history like Alabama, LSU, or Georgia sure but the outcome of this game is exactly why the games are played on the field and not who everyone think is going to win.
True. Those mistakes made me cringe but hey, I have to give them the benefit of a doubt because of how these last few months happened, last spring, we didn't even know we would have football
I would've spoken but while everyone else was saying LSU had it easy and saying we wasn't much of a threat, I wanted to wait, when the game actually happen. This is the SEC. You can't judge a game on paper in our conference, especially in a season like this. No disrespect to LSU because I actually like LSU. I wish them well in their remaining games.
Exactly, this could've easily been 28-0 in the second quarter with 10 minutes left in the half but offensive shooting themselves in the foot after LSU gifted up 4 drives and kept the score at 3-0
I find it hilarious how many people counted us out of this game only for it to blow back in their face. I'm not one for trash talk but it's honestly annoying how we have to constantly be doubted every off season and have to shut people up on the field. All offseason, we had to listen to people saying how MSU aren't going to do anything or how the Air Raid won't work in the SEC. All I gotta say is: 623 yards and 5 touchdown. Seems like it's working well to me.
There's people outside of the SEC complaining about it so your comment isn't really holding up. Regardless how you feel, UK vs AU is far the better match up. ANY match up is far better than this one. Miami is probably going to blow out FSU because FSU is terrible. Even FSU's fans question why ESPN even bother with this game.
Considering they already played 2 paycheck games already, they probably won't need to play another until next fall
I feel they need to all start unranked and work their way back in the poll when their season starts. It seems ridiculous to the throw them back in there, take a spot from a team who work hard for their spot since the beginning of football season, just to lose it to a Big 10 school who wasn't ready to play when football kicked off.
Exactly. I don't see MSU losing to Arkansas. I see us losing to UK since y'all had us the last 2 trips to Lexington. But Arkansas? Unless they improved more than they have been since 2011, then no. These expert writers always predict the worse when it comes to MSU. Surprised they don't have us going 0-10 as a prediction.
Exactly. I don't remember seeing the SEC predicting who they were going to add until they finally made the schedules. People just assumed Alabama was going to play Florida for some reason and tried to make it seem like that was the SEC original intention when I didn't see the SEC even mentioning that.
I rather played Vandy in Nashville and Georgia at home, considering how we played at UGA the last time, I'm not really too trilled with that but whatever I guess. Could've been worse. It could've been worse ig.
Right. I get AJ not wanting to be too close to home, and I respect that but there was no excuse for Mullen to not go all in for him. Him being rated that high and losing him to MSU's biggest rival was inexcusable. Any other coach, whether they got him or not, would've at least attempt to recruit the guy to come to the hometown team but Mullen seemed like he didn't even care.
NCAA scheduling rules prohibites D1 FBS teams from scheduling Division II and Division III teams. They can only schedule DI teams from FBS and FCS levels.
The flag should've been changed a long time ago and that war never would've been around to begin with. The Civil War and the fall of the Confederacy happened 155 years ago. It was ridiculous and embarrassing that this state has kept that design for this long.
Idk. Most years Vandy have a decent defense, it's just their offense that sucks so bad and Army lost to North Texas not too long ago. Unless Arkansas improved from that, I think Vandy will win at least 1 more game against Bacon Bits.
Trudawg, you didn't have to out yourself like that. We all already know you're missing a lot of IQ points.
All fanbases have fans like that, not just Alabama. Most of the Alabama fans I've met, were pretty cool people. If I were you, I wouldn't be on here spewing random hatred unprovoked because all you're doing is making yourself look bad.
He probably was for a while but after time passed, he probably forgot dude ever existed