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Negan, stay away from those drugs. They aren't good for you.
That Ole Miss fan is just throwing insults simply because they're an Ole Miss fan. Mississippi State's program isn't "trash" and imo it isn't realy worth paying attention to. As far as Herbstreit is concerned, him calling out Leach is justified but as I've said on a different article, I don't understand his and most other reasoning as to why majority of the blame seem to be targeting MSU when Tulsa is just as guilty. I'm not even just saying this because I'm a MSU fan because other fans have agreed. Sure, the fight was stupid and the heat our team is getting because of it is justified but Tulsa isn't innocent either.
My only issue with this is the fact that it almost seems he putting most of the blame on MSU when both teams is equally at fault. I wish we knew more on what happened and who actually started this whole thing but both coaches should be ashamed of what ended up happening after the game, not just Coach Leach, because Tulsa's coach didn't do much to help the situation either.
I actually wanted to watch the game but missed it. Glad MSU ended this horrible season with 2 straight wins. The fight was dumb and a bad look for both schools involved.
No, Army was SUPPOSED to be playing a PAC 12 team but they quit on them. That's not MSU's fault.
It's not anyone in the SEC fault the PAC 12 forced Army out of a bowl game by quiting. Plus, this year, there isn't a win requirements so your line "have no business going bowling" doesn't hold weight. I hope they do get to play someone but no one who wasn't involved in them getting left out is obligated to give them anything.
I respect Dan but he really need to figure out why he keeps screwing up late in the game against Alabama. This seems to happen too often.
That is if he's even an option. Any SEC school who wants to hire Hugh Freeze will have to get by the SEC front office first. They won't be so quick to let him walk back into the league without saying something, or flat out blocking him from being hired again.
The SEC would've stopped it anyway. Saban wanted to hire Freeze and the SEC said no. I don't see Freeze coming back to the SEC for a while longer, if ever.
I doubt the SEC will let any school hire him after what he did at Ole Miss. We all saw the lengths they went to keep him away from Alabama
Considering Miss St went to the NIT in 2017-2018, NCAA tournment in 2018-2019, and had a good enough record to go back last year or at least a high seed in the NITs if it wasn't for Covid, putting MSU in shelf 5 isn't accurate.
Bethune-Cookman UNIVERSITY BCU has had University status since 2007. For someone who is a Florida fan, you would think you would've known that
As much as I enjoy seeing Ole Miss lose, Kiffin does have a point, Ole Miss should've had that touchdown.
Because they are free to click on them and state their criticism and they are correct. This constant talking about Gary is getting old. It was funny the first article and even the second one but after that, it got old. We don't need to hear about the same article rewritten in different words every week. "Gary Danielson gets criticized during the Alabama/Georgia vs 'insert team name here'" The same article get recycled every week.
Coach Hopson resigned after that game, he wasn't fired by USM. They had no intention on firing him. If you're going to make articles, get your facts right first.
It's funny because from what I've seen most Bama fans hate them just as much as the rest of us
Pretty sure they know. The joke is the fact they aren't used to seeing Alabama because for the longest, Alabama kickers miss kicks you expect them to hit
Academic subjects such as literature, philosophy, mathematics, and social and physical sciences as distinct from professional and technical subjects. Google is your friend. Use it next time.
Exactly. I don't understand why people keep holding the fact that he never beat Washington against him. Leach did amazing things at Washington State with the talent he had there but come on. Washington's recruiting classes were 100 times better than all of his Washington State classes COMBINED. The fact that he even did what he did at WSU to begin with is a victory in itself. Holding him to the fact that he never beat UW is like asking why Derek Mason never beat Alabama. Too much of a recruiting gap between those two schools. Now if they had similar talent, then that's an entirely different thing but obviously WSU doesn't have the talent and resources to compete with UW every year like Alabama and Auburn for example.
It would if he doesn't make it one dimensional. You have to mix running and passing in the SEC, even if you're using a pass heavy play book. You can get away with it in the Big 12 and Pac-12 because they don't put a lot of time in on defense, especially the Big 12 but not in the SEC or you will have more games like Arkansas where we should've won but lost. You're not going to have success passing the ball if everyone knows that's you're going to do so they drop 7-8 or more guys into coverage.
The Air Raid would work if you don't make the offense 1 dimensional and keep trying to throw when the passing game aint working. When it's working, like it did vs LSU, that's all good and fine but the passing game won't work every game and you need to dial it back and find something that does work. It makes no sense to keep chucking it up when there was already 3 intceptions in the game and Leach seems too stubborn to move away from the passing game to find something else that works. Good teams find balence between passing and rushing and that's how they win games and keep winning.
Honestly, this outcome doesn't even shock me. No matter who the coach is, we always manage to win a game we were expected to lose and lose a game we were expected to win. Still sucks to lose but it is what it is. Congrats Arkansas.
Exactly what I'm saying. With 5 minutes left on the clock, they should've been trying everything they can to score so they can try to get the ball back so they could attempt to score again. Milking the clock like that just put what was already a difficult outcome to overcome to pretty much impossible because even if they had scored, unless they got the ball back off a special team turnover or an onside kick then Hail Mary'd it and hope a SC player caught it in the endzone, they would've lost no matter what. I don't see Muschamp surviving after this season.