I've run 25,000 miles for fitness, drunk about the same number of beers, and lived 75 years (so far...still kickin'). I love football and good sports.

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I think Vegas knows that Florida actually lost to Kentucky, until Stoops blew it.
One team has a 100% chance of winning, and the other team has 0% chance of winning. Nobody knows which is which until the game has been played. But the die is already cast. What happens is always what had to happen.
I welcome the unwelcome mat in the SEC, and glad to be in the SEC to enjoy upsetting some overhyped apple carts here. "Not belonging" in the SEC is actually very flattering, in more ways than one.
The principal parts of the verb "to sneak" are sneak, sneaked, sneaked
...and You managed 26 yards rushing vs. Mizzou. Were Dowdle and Feaster also injured? There -- how was that?
"Woulda, coulda, shoulda" = L. It was a simple case of cocka-doodle-didn't.
He threw for a mere 140 yards vs. Kentucky, and only 116 vs. Georgia. He's a real world-beater, eh.
Here that's called "whining". He didn't look injured. He looked like he just woke up from his nap.
Winning the SEC East is winning the East. It's all done in front of millions of people and a great many cameras. Nothing "sneaky" about it. What's "snarky" is another question here.
@Danoh I heard a rumor that it was going to be Tennessee.
LSU still has something to prove: that they can play defense.
That the spread is only 21 vs. Vandy is the oddsmakers' statement about the post-Garrett Mizzou D. It's a no-confidence vote.
No need to "search for the path": the schedule was published long ago. Searching for Ws is another matter (and no short cuts).
What course is that part of? Sensationalism 101?
I like Kelly Bryant. He was a really great pick-up for Mizzou, and hats off to the coaches for snagging him out of the jaws of some other SEC teams. But he's not an NFL QB. He is a very good college QB and can still get better as this season progresses, but he needs to get NFL out of his mind, listen to the coaches, and (here we go) "play within himself".
Bryant was not great vs. Ole Miss. He not only threw the costly pick, but also sailed a number of passes, and neglected a wide-open Albert O. We stalled too many times and had to kick field goals.
People around here like to say, "You only won 'cause we were down." Ha! A W is a W, and an L is an L.* Full stop. * But a 5th-and-goal is a crime against football humanity.
Get the ball often to Rountree and Albert O in the first half. Do the same with Dawson and Parker in the second half.
Q. Why are football games played? A. Because nobody knows what will happen, which creates suspense (and wild guesses). Footnote: Some games are more suspenseful than others, and this is one of them. My wild guess? Dunno.
I'm always up for game time, but it has nothing to do with the "hype videos". I guess it's a matter of "everybody does them, so we have to do them". (Herd mentality.)
To heck with the spread. Mizzou needs to (1) get the defense settled down and sorted out after a bad night vs. Ole Miss without Garrett; (2) tell KB to find Albert O, who has been wide open a number of times on the perimeter but not targeted; (3) tell KB not to throw late over the middle; (4) inform the kicker that extra points are actually easier than field goals.
I have nothing against Develians. I don't even know who the hell they are.
Those numbers mean nothing at game time. My opinion is based on watching every play of several games. I'm just being honest and frank. I hope Mizzou wins the SEC East, the SEC Championship, and the National Championship, but I would not bet $5 on that the last two. I might bet $5 on the first one, if I get 100:1 odds.
Q. Polly want a cracker? A. Polly IS a cracker!
"Heading into this matchup, Missouri is playing the best football in the SEC East." I'm afraid that's not true. Yes, we have no SEC losses so far, but the quality of play that I've seen is not quite top-drawer in the SEC East. I hope we can do better.
"With last weekend’s results in Michael improves his season total to 26-26-1 ATS with Chris climbing back closer to .500 overall at 23-28-2 ATS." Then it's a virtual three-way tie for the lead in prognostication, although my quarter (which I flip), at 25-27-1 is slightly ahead of Chris.