I've run 25,000 miles for fitness, drunk about the same number of beers, and lived 75 years (so far...still kickin'). I love football and good sports.

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I hope the ghost of Al Onofrio comes to the game to intercede in the proceedings.
"Under moderation" means not posted and just ignored. The automated "naughty words" discriminator is very poorly programmed.
Good job, Wildcats! You chomped harder, evidently.
Whistle Stop U. earns another L. What a pity.
Dawgs over Hawgs. The best team won. May Georgia go all the way.
To arkansas_vol: Do your mom and your sis earn enough on the street to support your drug habit?
That's putting it mildly. I wonder if Drinkwitz will panic now? (It's too late.)
Why feel bad? The Hawgs are playing with house money. Blow on your fist and roll the dice! Let 'er rip!
The brass ring for either team is nothing more than a 6-6 season, but still a bone that will be fought over savagely by two three-legged dogs.
Just going by the "official" line. It is a toss-up, at least for now.
As Yogi Berra said, "It's 90% mental, and the other half is physical."
But we want to know which coed will be giving the players Gatorade!
Advice to Boise State. Stay where you are and beat the big boys in bowl games, as you have in the post.
Correction #1: Not only idiots want to live in Las Vegas. So do morons. Correction #2: "Criteria" is plural. "Criterion" is the singular. And, a question is not a criterion.
Another failed attempt at videographic drama.
Rutgers -- another place where you mustn't drop the soap.
I think Heupel is past the legal limit for man-boobs.
Yeah, he was targeted many times.
Now give us the 5 reasons why you didn't bet a red cent on Ole Miss.
People get paid fantastic salaries to do just that. Out of a hat...or somewhere darker.
aTm is a demoralized team. They no longer believe in themselves (for good reason).