I've run 25,000 miles for fitness, drunk about the same number of beers, and lived 75 years (so far...still kickin'). I love football and good sports.

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A finish in the top 10? That is indeed optimism. One Saturday at a time, chum.
Right you are, Fuzzy! Football predictions are...well...FUZZY!
But, it's all good! In elementary school, we were taught that three things are necessary to human life: food, clothing, and shelter. Nothing was said about what make life WORTHWHILE. It was left to us perceptive types to discover independently that it's foodball that makes life worthwhile.
Ahh, lighten up, guys! Just funnin' ya! Compared with Jayhawkers and Okies, SEC fans are perfect gentlemen.
Hey, Cocky! I too can't wait to see what Bentley can do vs. Missouri. He'll have to do it in about 20 minutes, because Mizzou will run at will over your toothless defense.
If you look up "skewed reasoning" in Roget's Thesaurus, you'll find "football chat" among the synonyms.
I was recruited to match the obnoxiousness of posters from other schools.
There are no "demons", just opposing football players.
The proof is in the pudding. Let the games begin!
"...only a couple of games that appear tough on paper." I never played anything but sandlot football, but I do know that all football games are tough on the field of play, and more than "a couple" of Mizzou's forthcoming games are going to be double-tough. Those guys on the other side of the ball are not statues.
How many Hurricanes does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one, but he gets 3 hours of academic credit. Did you hear about the Hurricane who was asked by his professor what would happen if we didn't have electricity? He said we would probably be watching TV by candlelight. A Hurricane ordered a pizza and the clerk asked if he should cut it into 6 or 12 pieces. "Six, please. I could never eat 12 pieces."
Traffic cop pulls over M.R., walks up to the driver's window and says, "You got any I.D.?" M.R. says, "'Bout what?"
So much for the "power ranking".
I am old and grouchy 24/7/365...but especially so when waiting, waiting, waiting for these last days of August to get the hell by the board!
"Missouri’s offense is as daunting as any in the SEC...." They are not to be taken lightly, that's for sure. However, I wonder just who checked the "Daunting" box for Mizzou in your conference-wide(?) poll.
The clock will put a ceiling on the South Carolina offense, because the defense can't stop the run. The opponents and the clock will run, run, run.
Teams win games and teams lose games. It's a team game, folks.
"Highly doubt" is just the flip side of "the hype". Neither one means squat at game time.
I'll be darned! I didn't know that actuaries watch football.
He gets in the news three times that way, instead of once. Equivalent of more selfies....
I used to work with a Vandy grad. He once told me he was going to the "guff". I asked, "Where?" He said, "The 'guff'." "Huh? Where?" I asked again. He got angry and said loudly, with a frown, "The 'guff'! The 'guff' o'Mexico!" Ohhhh -- THAT guff!
They need tight ends who can stay healthy, and they need a pass defense...for once. Until they stop doing it, I'm confident that they'll p*** me off a couple of times this season.
Let them form a conference of two glorified has-beens, and we'll just ignore them.
Random capitalization, random selection of a team. Call it a "quantum commitment" -- committing and not committing at the same time. Very advanced stuff.
Mizzou has a very strong ground game, inside and outside, and should be able to run, run, run all over South Carolina. My guess is, more than 250 yards rushing, and dominance of the clock.