I've run 25,000 miles for fitness, drunk about the same number of beers, and lived 75 years (so far...still kickin'). I love football and good sports.

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Welcome to the team. Play hard, play smart, and stay loyal.
Welcome to the team. Play hard, play smart, and stay loyal.
Welcome to the team. Play hard, play smart, and stay loyal.
Thanks for being loyal to the team.
Award them kudos, 5 stars, and a happy face for staying loyal! Two players with principles!
I'm organizing crowdfunding to arrange for pitfalls with poisoned bamboo stakes at every transfer "portal".
Good point. All of y'all should have noticed that.
Thanks for staying loyal to the team. Have a great bowl game and a super year in 2023.
Not many made football as interesting as he did. He is missed.
"A chicken participates in bacon and eggs, but the pig is COMMITTED." Air-raid Coach Mike is a committed kind of guy. Good luck, Coach.
We are of a generation that reads books of substance by excellent writers well versed in the English language. Now we live in an age of semi-literate thumb-texting morons who never read a book that wasn't forced on them by schools who will give a passing grade to anyone who sits in a seat. I notice many grammatical gaffes even in online articles at BBC World News, who ostensibly write The King's English. Mass consumption means dumbing-down to the lowest common denominator.
All of these musical chairs moves in the all-about-me new world of college football has ruined what was once a noble team sport with the virtue of loyalty. I hate it!
Kansas, the zeroscape that is nobody's travel destination. (They cut off the phone at the state tourism office years and years ago.)
Start Joe Horn in the bowl game? Bulls**t! Brady Cook earned his bowl game. If Mizzou manages to build a big lead (not likely), then give Horn some snaps. Otherwise, let them compete for the job next season (or rotate them???). Here's to LBIII, Tauskie Dove, Mookie Cooper, and Bear Bannister piling up the yards and 1st downs in the air, and Brady Cook running for 150 or so. LBIII will also run the ball in unexpected ways.
If someone is not being played, then I don't blame him for transferring. Good luck to him.
Here's to every bail-out and opt-out b*****d breaking his leg and never playing another down anywhere.
You lost 6 of your last 7 games and gave up an average of 40 pts per game in those 7 games. That's sadass, not badass. Now tell us why the State of Kansas disconnected the phone in the tourism office (years ago).
They, along with Lovett, are f-ing TRAITORS to their teammates and Mizzou! I hope they all break their f-ing legs !!!
Make that an avg. of 428 ypg allowed by WF. Big day for LBIII and Cook.
Something else to know: The WF QB was sacked 32 times during the season and fumbled 7 times. WF surrendered an average of 384 yds/game. Mizzou D will live in their backfield. On offense, Cook will be running, LBIII will be catching passes and running all kinds of surprise plays, Bear Bannister will, I hope, be back healthy and moving the chains as needed. Kick some ACC butt! M-I-Z...Z-O-U !!!
A jayhawk is just a dodo in a clown suit. Use birdshot and send the feathers flyin'!
Thanks. Here's to the Gamecocks torching Our Lady of Bowl Shenanigans.