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I'm sure the two best teams played last night. Alabama was a top 10 maybe even top 5 with a healthy Tua…
Congrats LSU! Loved watching your team play this year (except in the SECCG of course!)
What kind of ignorant bad spelling conspiracy crap is this????
This has to be the most salty comment ever! LMAO!
It's pretty easy how to rank the's called a win loss record.
You do know that multiple means......more than one right?
Those threats sound about as credible as McElwain's "death threats"....
Just stop. UGA lost and no one was "robbed". It was a great game and UGA didn't have a plan for Tua. Great adjustment made by Bama and it still took more than 4 quarters to beat UGA.
Please don't associate this tool with other UGA fans. He might be one but every team has their idiot fans right?
Beat the #1 ranked team. Win the championship game. Who do you think should have been in besides them? UCF?
So what does it say about TN that Dormady is leaving? He's tired of being on a train wreck of a team?
At least we had the chance to have reactions. Vols were too busy being champions of life with their 5 star hearts.....
Don't know about the Bama side but that's pretty much how I was throughout the game.
Waiting for Voltrain to copy and paste his sinking ship comment.....
Very bold to put in a freshman who only had played a little mop up duty. Call it bold desperation. Bottom line is it worked.
Bama earned it. You make a lot of dumb comments here.
No salt here. Was a great game. Crap happens. At least we are winning SEC championships and a chance to win a NC. Beat us two years and still couldn't win the East! Too busy being champions of life right?
Agree they didn't utilize Nauta. I can understand some of the Chubb runs. Try to keep them honest in the middle maybe?
Well seeing how he is a senior and not going to be playing for UGA next year... Hope TN is enjoying being champions of life!
So UGA was arrogant by telling Mayfield to humble himself? They just won the game. The can say whatever they want. When LSU wins something of substance then you can tell UGA to humble themselves.
1. You are so salty 2. You wish TN could have the seasons we have 3. Let the hate flow 4. Vanderbilt will make the playoff before TN will 5. Jealous much?
Wouldn't call an overtime loss "gettin' rolled". At least we had a shot. Have fun with the Citrus bowl being the goal for y'all every year!
Google consensus and stop trying to put politics into everything...makes a sad Vol fan look worse.
Google consensus opinion and stop trying to put politics into everything.
What does that have to do with this article?
At least we are being defeated in CHAMPIONSHIP games. Good luck trying to get to a bowl game next year!
Nothing better than getting hate from fans of teams who wish their team was as good as ours. Keep it salty kid!