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So just to give you a little knowledge, most teams do not have a kicker on scholarship. They are usually walk on players.
After reading your comment I have to say it is probably the most well thought out reply’s I have read. And I agree with you to let another mans words effect you is to relinqish control. And even though you couldn’t edit it I’m sure most everyone could understand what you meant.
Ok while I get that the call was missed and it would have given Missouri a change to win the game, the whole fixed thing for winning a bet is a little bit of a stretch. The game had Kentucky favored by 8.5 so if you bet on Missouri you won the bet anyways. If Missouri scores and wins the game they still win the bet so there was nothing gained betting wise for missing that call. Just throwing that out there.
No matter what team some of these kids play for they are gonna get in trouble. Some of them after they transfer straighten out because they have already been kicked off of one team they don't wanna be kicked off another team.