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Very difficult to find the right coach. The bigger names get job after job as they are seen as safe by the AD. Running a big time CFB team is more than X&O. Many assistants are not yet ready for that.
I like Georgia, in fact sitting on the porch looking at it right now. As to the UG football team, I like them too. I have seen all their games and been pulling for them. As I am a much better analyst than the coaches making million$, here is my thinking. The "D" seems soild. I expected the "O" to be more dominate than it has so far. The "D" is winning games. No one has yet scored even 20 points on them. UG has talent over flow. The first team is 5star and the back ups backing up the back ups are 5 star. The most famous players are RB Swift and QB Fromm. Both have played well. Most times it is the "O" players who folks outside the fan base know. Like last year with my Tigers, the UG "D" has been the real star. As to Swift, he is the equal of any RB. Other backs across the nation may have a better stat as to this or that as all situations and needs are different. Swift is excellent. UG wants to run the ball as do most successful teams. If needed Swift can do 30 carries, and guys other than him are there. As to Fromm, the media cannot decide if he is great or average. Let me clear that up, he is exceptional. It does seem to me he has so far not been called on to be exceptional. As the season heats up, I expect him to be called on for more. He is more than up to the challenge, any challenge. The UG "O" has not put up lots of points and UG has won due to the great "D". Against LSU and teams in the CFF, my guess is more points will be required. UG needs to take the risk and let Fromm go down field. He is certainly capable.
From my seat, the difference in this game was Burrow making critical runs.
I am a proud "RedNeck Son of the South". I don't recall any of my peers shooting each other over a a game.
There is no logical way Alabama is in over Georgia or most one loss teams. Georgia has wins over 2 Top 15 teams and Alabama has none. What Alabama still has is the infamous "eye test" awarded to them by some for excellent history. I am an Alabama fan. Alabama will need lots of chaos to get into the Final Four. That is due to at the end of season, the best win they might have (if they win) will be over a 3 loss Auburn. It seems likely that many other one loss teams will have a better resume. If Georgia wins out, Alabama has almost no chance. I believe Georgia can beat LSU due to the defense, but that is another fun debate. Like it or not, the FF Committee has placed total wins as the top criteria. If your schedule turns out to be weaker like Alabama or Clemson this year, there is no room for error. More likely there will again be one loss teams to decide on. Conference Champs come into play then. Going forward, Oklahoma and Oregon would be in ahead of Alabama due to schedule if they do not loose again. A one loss Penn or Minn or OHS would be. A one loss LSU would be and a one loss Georgia would be. A one loss Alabama or Clemson is most likely out. Many teams would have to pick up loss #2 for Alabama to get in.
Ga has wins over Florida and ND. Alabama has no wins like that and the best they hope for is a win over maybe a 3 or 4 loss Auburn.
I thought that maybe due to his $10mil buy out he might hang another year. I have Arkansas friends and became a fan of the team decades back. Ark has rabid fans. In the past they have hired ex-Clemson coaches in Hatfield and Ford. Chad Morris is the ex Clemson "O" coordinator. Dabo got him one year removed from a high school, and he did great here! At the end of 2011, Morris became tied with Gus Malzahn as the highest paid assistant in college football with a six-year contract worth $1.3 million annually. That aint bad at lil ole Clemson. He left for SMU after the 2014 season, and we really hated to see him go as he was a class act. I remain a fan as do all Tiger fans. I hope he lands well. I hope Arkansas gets a coach who can make them winners again.
It seems the committee and many of us use the eye test. To that end, Dabo takes out the real players early as he is not in to style points. Maybe wining by larger margins would impress? It is not a way to build depth or a good team. The 2019 Clemson Tigers are very similiar to the 2018 Tigers, mostly the same players. I would say after a few weeks for the new "D" to jell, they are now at least as good as last year's team. They pass my eye test as they are weak in no position. If some believe the QB is a problem, they are not watching.
Feaster leaving Clemson really hurt the Tigers. I hope he recovers quickly. He is a real talent.
Florida State is a top job. A coach can win a Natty there much easier than from most schools. Florida State alum are paying a ton to oust Taggert. They should also oust who ever gave him that contract. They now want a big time coach who is a CEO type. They will not be interested in assistants. Finding that guy is a tough job as few are available. Some who might want the job have a very high buyout. A short time hire of a professional like UNC did with Brown would be a good way to go.
Not yet discovered how to change the avatar from Alabama to Clemson
I am a long time reader of this site as I am a fan of most SEC teams. I am of course unhappy with the Committee's picks yesterday. As a homer, want my team to be at the top regardless of anything, even if they have lost every game. The main job of the committee is to discover the National Champion. I believe they have accomplished that every year. This is much better than the BCS system. On this first week, I believe LSU should be over OHS, it is a "no-brainier". The committee contradicts itself with 3-4-5. PS should either be ahead of both Alabama and Clemson or behind both.