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This is the NFL Draft silly season. IMO it would be quite dumb for an NFL team to pass on drafting Toney because he raps. I'm with Ledyard, the scouts are being ridiculous here.
Rivals ranks him No. 5 nationally. Their rankings are factored into the 247 Composite, which is considered the industry go-to for non-affiliated outlets. Composite combines 247's own rankings, Rivals rankings and others.
Oops. The fine folks at the 24-hour Diner are not amused I made that typo... Thanks for pointing it out.
Jim Nagy tweeted "Georgia’s D.J. Daniel was named top CB on the American team in a vote from the WR group at practice player-of-the-week awards ceremony tonight at 2021 Reese’s Senior Bowl. #TheDraftStartsInMobile" Daniel is listed on the American Team roster linked in the article as well.
I was not aware of your comment, just saw the tweets from ESPN and the SEC Network about 20 vs 19 here on the news desk.
JT Daniels made a commitment to USC and the NCAA ruled he can immediately play as a transfer at Georgia. Joey Gatewood made a commitment to Auburn and the NCAA ruled he is eligible at Kentucky. It doesn't look like "commitment" to a school factors in the NCAA's waiver decisions. Also, nobody has said or written that his grandfather was a Clemson fan. His grandfather lived in Atlanta, which is much closer to Clemson than UF. The opportunity for his grandfather to easily see his games at Clemson was apparently the deciding factor in his college decision, in Bowman's words.
Thanks for reading and sharing your input, but he counts as a former SEC player. He signed with Mississippi State. He was on the MSU roster. By transferring, he's a former Bulldog.
It has been updated. The USA Today image library (via license) is the primary source for SDS feature images. It looks like the USAT photographer made a mistake tagging images from the Oregon game and now Truesdale is in our media library incorrectly tagged as Coe when it was imported. Adding insult to injury, it comes up as one of the first available (most recent) images for Coe in the SDS library. I'll see if it can be deleted from the library.
Highest-ranked non-CFP SEC team to the Sugar Bowl, per SEC spokesperson. The rankings don't stop the bowls from honoring their tie-in agreements, though. The Orange will have an ACC team even though one may not be ranked if Clemson beats Virginia.
NCAA's postseason ban resolution... kidding - typo on my part
UMass head coach Walt Bell answered Tool. Guess I'm a fan of the Fighting Walt Bells now.
Yeah, the hat seems like a stretch for a "unform" list. Presumably, Spurrier's visor was eligible as well.
PF said later in the show that he was expecting a more firm/hard denial from Moorhead. Those, of course, can backfire, Nick Saban being the most cited example.
In the video above, SVP talks about taking LSU (favorite) over Florida last week and takes Oklahoma as a big favorite over West Virginia.
FWIW - at the time Finebaum Show had not tweeted video (I transcribed off of rewinding DVR). The show tweeted video a few minutes after this published. The interview becomes notably less smooth when Finebaum pushes follow-ups. Extremely strange are Paul's words from the later segment. It did seem somewhat uncomfortable/awkward when PF pressed with follow-ups. Video of the interview is here:
A lower-ranked home underdog winning is considered an upset. The AP voters had Auburn higher entering the game. More money was bet in Las Vegas on Auburn as the favorite.
Sadly, I've never met Mike Gundy or his awesome mullet. ACC refs say there should have been a second. It was a controversial call to end the game.
It's a controversial call when the refs admit a mistake and say there should have been 1 second. I recommend hydrating before making a foolish comment.
Covering what SEC players are saying about their teammates is a pretty common August camp story for all 14 conference teams.
And Dansby Swanson could have made four. Quite a season he's having in Atlanta.
You're right. I copied from the list itself, but should have double checked. Thanks!
The GoFundMe donations are to support the site's investigation (records requests, legal counsel). It is true that investigative journalism usually needs financial backing. Usually that comes from a publication. Knight News is trying crowdfunding, a different approach.
Right. Corrected. Thanks. That's usually former Texas A&M/Mizzou players that cause the slip in language.
Awaiting decisions/announcements from RB Lamical Perine, WR Van Jefferson and edge rusher Jabari Zuniga.
Must have been a late surge of Crystal Balls. Looks like LSU closed at 62%. "Word" tends to get out right before or everyone follows a couple experts.
Right. The ex-girlfriend calls him a repeat sexual abuser in her statement, but I haven't seen anything about a rape accusation.
State Attorney chose not to charge based on the reports I looked at from Ball's dismissal. Title IX investigations, however, have a lower threshold to determine whether someone is "responsible" for wrongdoing (word used in Title IX decisions, as opposed to guilty/not guilty).