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I'm all ears. Why else wouldn't he release it?
Haha. Quotes are like that. I think he's saying everyone needs to be on the same page, but you're right about 11 blockers being too many.
Callaway's attorney has more or less declared war on UF over the way the case was handled and the fact he was suspended from the team while the accusation was being investigation. Fun stuff.
Stoops was incorrectly included. Article has been updated. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
I advise drafting Henry as well in the mid-to-late rounds. At the very end, I like the roll the dice aspect of Howard as a bench/flex option.
My bad. Got it from The Clarion-Ledger, which appears to have updated its article.
There's obviously a ways to go before fall camp, but if Zaire does transfer here, I would be shocked if he's not No. 1 or 2 on the depth chart when healthy. Trask throws a pretty ball, but he's not a quick decision-maker and doesn't handle pressure well. In the last few practices before the spring game, it was becoming quite clear that Franks was distancing himself.
Size of an athletic department (number of teams) and Title IX are factors in numbers of scholarships. USA Today's article is kind of a big-picture, national take on the payouts. They have a section talking about basketball schools without football programs voicing frustration. Football is obviously 85 scholarships.
Funny thing, in my head I was thinking Chubb might have been a 4-star, but I checked 247Sports Composite and he's shown as a 5-star. That 2014 running back class was one for the ages.
LSUMC, that's an oversight. Looking at list of invitees and snubs, I didn't notice Neal not being there and that's my bad. Since there was a huge discrepancy, I looked back over the links I had saved. That was an older projection that had Neal potentially round 1. More recent projections have him going later. Though I would still expect to see him in the NFL and do think he belongs with the combine snubs. Both stories will have edits.
Trask had the better spring, but any time Del Rio was hurt this fall, Franks became Appleby's backup. What we see at practice is limited, but all indications are he has made strides since spring.
I goofed. Don't know why. My bad.
Corrected. Thanks. That would be big if it was as I had originally typed it.
You're right. I did the math wrong when calculating the streak.
The stalemate is in reference to post-Thursday negotiations, after the SEC announced the game was postponed. I didn't see the pre-Thursday offers as relevant to the McElwain item of Travis' report.
My bad. I wasn't covering the game last year, but I'm going to edit to reflect what you've pointed out. Appreciate the heads up. You're right, most recaps have it as an icing. When you search for it specifically, there are references to a penalty.
The embracing line was not meant to contradict any of what you referenced. The news angle here was Clemson fans' reaction/amusement. FWIW, I think the surprise to many outsiders is that Auburn wouldn't try to promote contrast on Sept. 3. Florida fans, for instance, often make a point of wearing blue against Tennessee and orange against Kentucky.
Taylor certainly wasn't a top SEC back last year, but 1,000-yard rushers are relatively rare at Florida this century. For better or worse, the Gators at least knew what they had in Taylor, a veteran, a year ago. The same cannot be said - yet - about Cronkrite, Thompson and Scarlett. I have previously written, however, that the 2016 trio has the potential to provide more production than Taylor and the Jordans in 2015.
For the record, I'm not there in Hoover – transcripts are provided by the SEC. You're right though, I should have checked for any errors in the source material before publishing on SDS.
You two are right, my apologies. I misread one of the source articles when it mentioned the Hokies played for a national championship.
I think you're probably right on the beer, but that tweet, which is not mine, was one of the first results on Twitter in search of a photo showing off the man's physique in all its glory.
You are correct, my apologies. I had done the Martell news post in May, and I had it in my memory that there was another decommit after Netherly, but I can't find any source that lists another name. Article will be edited.
FWIW, the CBS writer gives Meyer the nod because of the age difference. But, we know you can't really count on Urban for the long haul.
LB was a typo, thanks for the heads up. He's listed as both OG/DT, but most commonly referred to as OG or OL.
Edited for clarity – No. 3 predated No. 27 for a short period.
That's a fair assessment. Popularity was based on number of bets, not amount of dollars and there very well could be some people hoping a smaller bet pays big. I personally think the five most popular is a more about fans confidence. Biggest discrepancy IMO is Nugget putting OSU at 8.5 wins, and William Hill giving Buckeyes best odds to win CFP.
D'oh! My bad – thanks for heads up
He just wants to see every college football player wear a good suit!
Agree, he's definitely one of the most memorable. Always tough for both backs in a tandem to get the recognition they deserve.
I would rank Gurley before Moreno, too, but Ed's a knowledgable guy. Lots of great backs to narrow down to just five.