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Agree - as a walk-on, he played the role of Baker Mayfield and all our starters literally bragged on how Stet would scramble and make plays. Kirby gave him some publicity on that as well ... they all said kid was a baller and that's why Kirby wanted him back.
TideNation88 - Holy smokes, Negan actually posted a comment under 5000 words. Who cares that he misspelled a last name! Banner day!
Spoken like a true clempsun rival, FamHot&Cocky! Well done! For me, I'd like to see UNC, Miami, Clemson and GT. I know ...I know..GT? Yes! GT/AUB, GT/TN, GT/ USCe, GT/Clemson ...all at one time good rivals.
LOL! Love and respect what Saban has done at Bama. The goat for sure. TAMU probably did "buy" it's class via NIL deals ... but so what. It's today's recruiting reality and give TAMU credit for playing the game better than any other school out there. Also, Saban talking about parity? LOL!!! He was the one that figured out how to hire all the analysis. I wonder how he would feel to cap coaching salaries ... you know, to help less financially viable athletic departments afford the best coaches.
Lol. My thumb gets tired scrolling past Negan. Does anyone actually read his books?
Agree ... that Bama not having a #1 is so irrelevant. What is relevant is that Bama is still Bama and Saban is still Saban. Bama is pick to win it all next year. Recruiting classes are incredible and player development and production is always impressive. UGA will be a beast next year. The defense should be rock solid and the offense will be explosive. Hope that the Dawgs and Bama meet for another Natty. That should piss off the entire college football world outside the SEC.
Agree ... the only change to our base I'd like to see is wearing the black jersey against GT each year. GT usually wear white at home.
LOL, Gator Phil - awesome! Maybe Service Merchandise and Kmart want in on that action!
Hey Buckeye World, Would love to see Ohio State shock the world and join the SEC. What schools would you bring?
Obviously a very frustrated man. It does need to be pointed out that none of those players are owned or forced to make millions by playing a sport. So, is Mr. FLORES a modern day uncle Tom. A plantation manager keeping the slaves in line. Isn't that what he is saying a head coach is?
Both defenses were extremely hard to score on. That was a heavy weight battle. UGA mentally pushes themselves to win the game after the 4Q Stetson fumble and Bama TD. And it was a fumble. UGA dominated at that point. Tide will be hard to stop in 2022 season and should be a favorite to win it all. I hope UGA is there with them. These two programs are incredible. Go Dawgs!
Sweep the Leg - I have to agree. Only a few coaches have truly dominated. I could see 4 or 5 teams trading blowsbthatvare on par with each other. BTW, congrats to the Vols for a somewhat surprising season. Most had the vols winning 4 to 5 games. Got hosed with that call in the bowl game.
AFan - I posted this earlier and it needs to be repeated. We were glad that Bama was the opponent. Not out of spite or revenge. But out of a deeper reverence for Saban and Alabama. To be the best, you got to beat the best. I hope our teams continue to dominate. Congratulations on new graduation SEC champions this year. Well earned. Let's do it again next year. Go Dawgs!
Incredible. Many tears of joy across bulldog nation. To Bama fans -we were glad it was Bama on the opposite side of the field ... Not for revenge ... Not out of spite... BUT out of deep reverence for Saban and Alabama. To be the best, you have to beat the best. Having Bama as the opponent was special. Go Dawgs!
Love the all SEC final for the NT. Would rather face Saban and Bama than any other team. To be the best, got to beat the best. Go Dawgs!
Played well tonight. Gutsy kid that is a baller. Glad we get a chance to play Bama. To be the best, got to beat the best. Bama is the best ... there is little doubt.
Obvious targeting. Smoke is all athletic ability and zero football IQ. Dumbass can't help himself. I've seen him ejected out of 2 UGA games. Smoke cost Auburn dearly today. Auburn should be happy to see players like this leave. As a UGA fan, too bad he is gone. Dumbass.
Ultimately, it can come down to QB mistakes, and that's why I think Mighigan will win. As phenomenal a story that Stetson is - unfortunately against very top competition,we need an elite qb to be a difference maker. Bama and FL last year. Bama this year. No margin for error. Even against FL this year ... 2 picks. Hope I'm wrong, but gut feeling is Michigan will pull it out at the end due to QB commanding a late drive. Stet will throw a pick 6 or turn the ball over.
Peak Saban? Did you read the article? None of the players are being disrespectful or running mouths on winning. The stated that Bama was a wakeup call. Bama outplayed them. Go back and train and trust the system. It was respectful.
Good to see he is okay and wish him the best. Gators embarrassed again in post season. Wow, did not see a collapse coming for them this season. Time will tell if Napier is a good hire, but Gator nation should like this hire.
Hard to get the People Republic to pay when they deny all culpability and want release any statistics related to their own situation.
...and then was run out of coaching by Mark Richt. Wonder how Fat Phil's relationship was with Johnny Majors? We will miss Phil as an AD at Tennessee. LOL!
Is UGA lucky to be in the final 4? That was a total beat down and embarrassing loss. The narrative between Bama and UGA has changed dramatically. These programs are light-years apart when it comes to the moment of truth with titles on the line.
After Saban and Bama carved up the Dawgs and was by far the better team...looks like Michigan is not the overrated team in this match-up. The narrative has changed quickly.
As Kennelly has stated before when talking about FSU, each season is unique. Maybe he should apply that to this game. All I know is both teams have great players, great coaches, and something to prove and UGA has been much more impressive and a complete team this year..which is more telling than games played years ago.
Neither did Kirby Smart. First year will be a transition, then things should kick in.
@ 17Tide - agree. game is not played on paper or in chat rooms. Bama schemes and adapts better than any team out there. I like UGA's chances, but it will not surprise me if Saban wins yet another SEC title. Glad Bama beat Auburn - really set's up this Saturday. If UGA wants to be the best - we have to beat the best.