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BrokebackVol - How 'bout them Vols? Massive blow out wins against USCe and MIZ. I know, USCe is horrible and we thoughtMIZ would be much better; however, a great sign for the Vols as they go into the meat of the schedule. Beat Ole Miss and KY - 8 wins are staring at you. How many people realistically saw the Vols in this position?
Kannell - LOL!!! Stetson is a DGD and has played his role magnificently! Can't understate how important it is to have good depth at QB. JT raises the offense to another level of which we will need to have a chance to win the SEC and any playoff games.
PjatHome - All respect to KY. KY's strength plays into UGA's strength against the run. If KY is forced to open it up - understand that KY is not a dynamic passing team and the QB is only marginally mobile. Wan'Dale Robinson is very impressive. IF everything stays true to form - expect KY to fight the good fight, but will struggle to find enough points to win.
2019 LSU was no fluke - they were legit and one of the best college football teams in history. 2020 LSU was a different team due to losing a ton of players and critical staff and leadership. Daniels is noting that UGA appears to have the same focus and hunger as that 2019 LSU team.
If Oregon and Ohio State both win their conference titles and have 1 loss - then the P12 has an argument. A lot of football left to be played.
Seeing the Vols go 0-8 in SEC play in 2017 was something most long time SEC fans never thought they'd see. A once proud program, the Vols just could not get our of their own way. Danny White appears to be a great hire. Heupel might get the Vols 7 or even 8 wins depending on the outcomes of the Ole Miss and KY games - which would be an incredible first year.
Heupel could get the Vols to 7 or 8 wins. WOW!!! Give some credit to Heupel. With S. Alabama and Vandy on the schedule - need to somehow beat Ole Miss and/or KY. Heupel walked into a complete dumpster fire - and is injecting some life back into this once proud program. Question: Will Heupel leave for Oklahoma after Lincoln Riley decides to go to the NFL?
I see this as a close one as well. Coin toss but leaning toward Arkansas based on home field. Auburn showed well in a close loss to Penn State and fought hard against UGA. Pittman has made Arkansas very competitive.
Auburn and Ole Miss are the only real threats left on the schedule. MIZ and USCe are not very good at this point. LSU is in disarray and would be surprised if Coach O is still with the team when TAMU plays them.
The Mailman delivered. Performance against Auburn was due to the OC understanding how to call a game with Stetson at QB ... and Stetson played within himself. There is NO QB controversy. JT Daniel's brings much more to the aerial attack and can open up more of the playbook.
Until we beat Bama, we are chasing. As we saw in College Station, anything can happen in college football and UGA has work to do against upset minded foes. One game at a time - all focus on Kentucky, please.
Too much football in front of us. As far as who should be ranked #1, go with Bama. They are the defending National Champs and undefeated this year...and look fantastic. To be the best, you got to beat the best. Until UGA beats Bama, Bama #1. I think the vast majority of Dawg fans would agree.
We also picked mercilessly on UT when they got beat by Georgia State! You said it, Pitt got beat by Western Michigan... then beat New Hampshire and Georgia Tech. So hard to say what Pitt has but they did hammer GT pretty bad. Tennessee might be on their way to a bowl game. If Heupel get's 7 wins, serious candidate for SEC coach of the year with what he had to do in dealing with the massive transfer situation and the mess Pruitt left UT with.
Schools like Louisville, Penn State, and Ole Miss would hire him. I'm sure Urban could chat with Bobby Petrino for some pointers.
Bama and UGA are just on a different level at this moment. However, Every team is beatable. I think that when Arkansas was put back on their heels early, they pressed and just couldn't get anything going. They helped UGA with penalties and then UGA's defense feasted. Good luck to Arkansas. Would love to see you guys run the table.
As much as I've enjoyed the dumpster fire in Knoxville. I will have to say that if the Vols win 7 games or more. Heupel would deserve coach of the year.
Bama #1 until we can beat them. No doubt. Great article; however, there is a long way to go and teams will ebb and flow or peak early. Let's win the SEC first and hope both teams stay injury free and keep improving for a monster SEC clash in Atlanta and for a National Title.
I don't get "lays and egg every year" on rep on Kirby. The insinuation is he chokes or maybe the job is a little bigger than he can handle. His first head coach gig where as Saban and others got head coaching experience under less scrutiny. Losses happen but you can say that about every coach. Yep, losing to unranked USCe - or #13 LSU in Baton Rouge and #15 Texas in the Sugar bowl when you are the favorite in all three hurts - but it happens! Even Saban lost to LA-Monroe his first year at Bama. Here is what a loser and choke artist Kirby is: Overall - 57-14 Top 25 - 18-11 Top 10 - 11-5 4 losses were against 3 national title winners and 1 nt runner-up 3 of those losses were to Alabama 2 losses to LSU Out of Conference Wins against nationally ranked opponents include: UNC, Notre Dame (twice), Oklahoma, Baylor, Cincinnati & Clemson. Take away the first season - in the last 4 seasons plus: Kirby is 49-9 / 31-5. 3 SEC East Titles 1 SEC Title 4 New Year 6 appearances (3-1) 1 National Title appearance (0-1) Wow, what a loser.
FLAWDABOY ... agree. Don't pay attention to that score and you'd have thought the Gators were the better team. KY is resilient and gritty and stood tall. That was a hard loss. We've all been there.
Auburn and UGA have a history of screwing each other when least expected. Expect a hard hitting game that will go deep.
FuzzyVol01 - Jimbo's contract got extended back out to 10 years and came with a hefty pay raise. I agree that TAMU expectations by the media and those only looking at the surface were way off base. The OL has 4 new starters.
Gritty performance by KY. If anything, ky will bring a lot of fight and resilience to a football game.
Florida peaked and Bama lost interested a little too early after blowing them out.
TDOWThhGreat - agree that the ACC is in trouble - but there is SEC anti-sentiment out there due to OK and TX expansion.
LSUSMC ... Way too much football ahead to worry about playoffs and anything can happen.
Not a fan of the ESPN poll as it's nonsensical to the naked eye. Clemson was still ranked at 2-2 after getting beat by NC State. With that said: 1. Bama should be #1 in all polls until someone beats them. 2. UGA is in great position and deserving of #2. 3. Good to see Kentucky get well deserved recognition. They play gritty and ugly...but man, these guys battle.
@tpatten - I'd still take UGA on the road in this game. Upsets can happen and there is a lot to like about this Arkansas team.