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Snapshot - if you are toward the bottom of the conference, your schedule will always be harder. With that said, Vols do have a tough row to hoe and could easily finish 4-6 or 7-3 if lady luck is on their side. Probably 5-5.
BlackandGarnet, after which game will Bobo be named interim coach? If no improvement this year, USCe is looking at a 1-6 loss.
Snapshot - if you are toward the bottom of the conference, your schedule will always be harder. With that said, Vols do have a tough row to hoe and could easily finish 4-6 or 7-3 if lady luck is on their side. Probably 5-5.
I like both uniforms. The spikes are growing on me. Too bad we have Tennessee at home! Maybe we can wear the black jerseys when they visit.
LOL, good thing it's a road game! Holy smokes, such a brutal first half...Bama just could do no wrong.
Yep, agree with you 17Tide. Clemson and Ohio State both should be beasts! But Bama is always balanced and so consistently elite. Good news is all the pundit talk is basically bird cage liner and speculation. Everything will be decided on the field. My bird cage liner take is Bama and OK would be my preseason favorites to make a 4 team playoff. In the SEC, UGA will push Bama but until we actually hold a lead against the Crimson Tide, can't pick the Dawgs. Healthy respect for the Gators as well...they are right there to challenge UGA. LSU? They lost sooo much and have issues with personnel, but they are talented and could surprise. Auburn losing those great DL players might be a set back but they could go on a good run as well as they tend to do at times. TAMU improved as well, but just not feeling it yet...but certainly could do some damage.
From won an SEC title, Rose Bowl title, Sugar Bowl Title, appeared in 3 SEC title games, and played in the National Title game.
Pittman leaving is only an excuse. I think the real issue is that when it was apparent the younger brother was not getting the offer at UGA, it turned nasty as it hurt the parents. PinkyGate was merely a vehicle to create an issue to drive a narrative to get the result. Cade had a great career at UGA, playes early developed, playes several positions, was a leader and media spokesperson. Agree that he should sit out a year and be eligible next season. He should enjoy what's left of his college experience in Knoxville with his brother as he prepares for the NFL!
Agree. UGA had a TE that transferred to an Illinois school to be closer to his ailing mom. Denied immediate eligibility and had to sit out last year. That was an out of conference transfer. Mays is transferring within n the the same division of a conference. Both the NCAA and SEC state you have to sit out a year on intra-conference transfers. So, I don't have a problem with Mays transferring if that is what he wants to do...or sitting out a year. Noting wrong with appealing or asking for immediate eligibility. Even sitting out a year, Cade will have access to train, get coaching, free food,academic support...and will get to play with his little brother next season.
Lol, no one can figure out the transfer craziness of the NCAA. We had a TE transfer to a school in Illinois to be closer to family, mother was sick...transfer denied at the same time Justin Fields was approved at Ohio State. As for Cade Mays...inter conference has to be approved by the SEC and the NCAA. Mays should sit a year. If the NCAA were to follow two basic guidelines, it would eliminate all the gray area: 1. Grad transfers should enjoy immediate eligibility. 2. All others sit a year WITHOUT losing a year of eligibility. Keep it clean.
Mason and Muschamp for sure. Gus? Not so sure but I see the argument...not sure who you would get that would raise the program. Jimbo, laughable.
No doubt that Auburn is a thoroughbredin a crowded field of thoroughbreds. Bama and UGA going from very successful under Richt to elite (top 5) under Kirby makes for an incredible challenge. As a UGA fan, would love to see Auburn join the SEC East and have a 3- way battle between Auburn, FL and UGA for the East. Throw in TN for a 4 way if they can ever get over that hump.
Yep, could happen. I doubt it but nothing surprises me anymore ... After all, it is 2020! So, tailwhip99, cocktail party should be phenomenal this year. As it stands right now, that is the game of the year if everything plays out. Being biased, think the Dawgs pull it out due to our defense.
Agree, AFan. Dabo built the culture, has buy in from the school and fans in terms of investment, and plays in a conference that is forgiving. Not only that, that part of the country is a great place to live. He has plenty of challenges to continue keeping Clemson a national powerhouse as the landscape is always fluid. Unless he wants a totally new challenge...
Florida should have no problem with Ole Miss. The Lane Train will need a few years to get on track.
Hate it for the kid. IMHO, every transfer player should sit a year and be granted a year of eligibility for the year the player sat out. This does NOT apply to grad transfers. You graduate, you should be able to transfer carrying all remaining eligibility with you without sitting out a year. This is black and white. No lawyering needed.
As a Dawg fan, not in a position to argue. Maybe we will take it to overtime!
Got to overcome obstacles in every game....including bad calls. Great game by both teams....move on.
Best loyalty there is....family. Dawgs have very good young talent at O-Line. Will be fun to watch them develop.
Makes sense. He's a solid and versatile player. If he stayed one more year at UGA, I'm sure he could have entered the draft...but going back to Knoxvegas to be closer to family and have the opportunity to play with his brother in 2021...great opportunity! Wish him the best.
Good comments, every year is unique...but a bad SEC year is a good year for most other conferences. The SEC generally has 6 and sometime 7 teams that could compete to make TOP in other conferences. With that said, our bottom teams can be as bad as other conferences bottom dwellers as well. How would TAMU faired in the P12 or B12 this year? Not sure, but probably better than in the SEC. The SEC is a few good teams deeper in a time of scholarship limitations as football is very cultural in the south. Like the ACC is typically deep in basketball.
Yep, MN was a great story, their confidence and coming together as a cohesive unit was a great thing to watch. The better team that day won that bowl game.
Seriously, Dirty South? Speak for yourself. MIZ is SEC, and has won the EAST twice. Columbia is a fantastic college town. With that said and IMHO, the powers need to figure out if the SEC will still have an East & West or go with the 3 permanent opponents and rotate. If the keep an East & West, then they need to figure out how to realign MIZ to the west.
Good questions and at this point, what difference does it make (hey, that sounds familiar). Btw, good luck to LSU. Hope Coach O brings it home!
Ruh-Row! Just watched the interview. Kid is apologizing to his college coaches so it sounds as if they pulled the scholarship. Don't care what he did, none of our business. With his talent, he will have opportunity to play for a great school and better himself. Wish it works out for him.