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Got to overcome obstacles in every game....including bad calls. Great game by both teams....move on.
Best loyalty there is....family. Dawgs have very good young talent at O-Line. Will be fun to watch them develop.
Makes sense. He's a solid and versatile player. If he stayed one more year at UGA, I'm sure he could have entered the draft...but going back to Knoxvegas to be closer to family and have the opportunity to play with his brother in 2021...great opportunity! Wish him the best.
Good comments, every year is unique...but a bad SEC year is a good year for most other conferences. The SEC generally has 6 and sometime 7 teams that could compete to make TOP in other conferences. With that said, our bottom teams can be as bad as other conferences bottom dwellers as well. How would TAMU faired in the P12 or B12 this year? Not sure, but probably better than in the SEC. The SEC is a few good teams deeper in a time of scholarship limitations as football is very cultural in the south. Like the ACC is typically deep in basketball.
Yep, MN was a great story, their confidence and coming together as a cohesive unit was a great thing to watch. The better team that day won that bowl game.
Seriously, Dirty South? Speak for yourself. MIZ is SEC, and has won the EAST twice. Columbia is a fantastic college town. With that said and IMHO, the powers need to figure out if the SEC will still have an East & West or go with the 3 permanent opponents and rotate. If the keep an East & West, then they need to figure out how to realign MIZ to the west.
Good questions and at this point, what difference does it make (hey, that sounds familiar). Btw, good luck to LSU. Hope Coach O brings it home!
Ruh-Row! Just watched the interview. Kid is apologizing to his college coaches so it sounds as if they pulled the scholarship. Don't care what he did, none of our business. With his talent, he will have opportunity to play for a great school and better himself. Wish it works out for him.
GO DAWGS! Beat wishes to Baylor's QB. Baylor had a great season - 11 wins and had Oklahoma beat. Good win for the Dawgs.
Well spoken by the a Vol fan that forgot they lost to GA State and BYU. Tennessee would be #4 ....in the state of Georgia this year.
How did Florida play today? They didn't, just remember that UGA won the East and Beat the gayturds yet again.
As a Dawg fan, can't wait to compete in this game...although I think LSU will win. Our offense just does not at an elite level to match our defense...a great year for UGA, a great team. LSU is Elite...and that's the difference. Hope the winner wins it all. Go Dawgs!
Insane! Only one coach will bring home the trophy. Under that thinking, Gus, Kirby, Mullet and a host of others all have let down their programs.
Ha! Hope you're wrong. TAMU is improving and very capable. Expect two proud programs to go at it....and hoping no let down after that hard fought Auburn win. About time these two teams meet in conference play!
No doubt, should rest against Arkansas in prep for LSU.
Wisconsin loses to Illinois, Dawgs lethargic and get beat by resilient Gamecocks. Clemson survives UNC on an end of game bad 2 point play call. Easy to overlook teams...happens all the time. Bama loss to ULM a few years ago.
Who is MIZ going to hire after the end of the season? Wyoming and Vandy? Lol.
@ jtw1984...Vols are in trouble as Dawgs are better that GA State! However, I expect the Vols to put up a good fight...these coaching staffs are very close. I could easily see a 28- 17 score line.
@volzdeep22...very true, Neyland holds 100,000 plus and Sanford holds just under 93,000. Although at the end of Butch Jones era, a lot of empty seats. Vol nation is very proud and will show up when called upon. Expect Big Orange to show out Programs go through cycles and amazed at how the Vols are still caught in serious down cycle. Love it! Go Dawgs.