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Negan, depth is a part of the game. Injuries are a part of the game. You have to be ready to go, regardless of who you throw out there. Just was not our year..we team was not complete.
Last year was just a bizarre year for LSU. Never would have thought an LSU defense would be that out of sync. It was a transition year from one of the all time great teams in CFB. I see 9 wins or more for LSU this year.
Underachieving UGA? LOL! We played with a former 4th string walk on QB for most the season and finished TOP 7 with a New Year 6 victory. Our 4th New Years 6 bowl game in a row of which we are 3-1. Injuries, transfers, etc. happen and you play with the roster you have which in one way or another impacts your team. If anything we see over and over, the QB position is key. Our 4th string former walk on was good enough to beat the Auburn's and Tennessee's of the world - but not so against Bama and Florida. Kudos to FL and Bama. So 2021 is a new year...and if we stay healthy, UGA should have another double digit win regular season and be in position for another New Years 6 (which would make 5 in a row). I'll take where we are as compared to what our friends at Tennessee, USCe and Auburn are dealing with right now. I remember the Goff days and Donnan coming in to try to improve UGA when FL and TN were both top 10 if not top 5. Believe me, the struggle is real and UGA is in great shape. Look for another double digit win season, a SEC East title and potential playoff birth if not a New Years 6 bowl in 2021.
Yep, I remember that very well. I also remember that beat down LSU put on UGA in the SEC title game. What an amazing team LSU had that year...just phenomenal and fun to watch.
Coach O had a transfer that won the Heisman (and National Title), so I guess technically he coached him!
Riley is knocking on that playoff victory door. Oklahoma is a very dangerous team. The UGA/OK Rose Bowl was an incredible game. if anything, Oklahoma is very consistent.
Timing was wrong, but Herman to Tennessee (IMO) would have been a step in the right direction. Thoughts?
@ gwhite713 - IF I'm TN, I'd tell the NCAA to pound sand. Add UNC to that list...they showed the all colleges how it's done.
gwhite713 - That horrid SC team was horrid the day UGA decided to be horrid as well. It was contagious as neither team acted like they wanted to win. However, Kirby getting his nose bloodied early in his HC is not a bad thing. Kirby has shown the ability to learn, adapt, and improve. Look at some of Dabo's losses his first 5 years at Clemson...or Saban's years at MI State...or his first year at Bama getting beat by Louisiana - Monroe. Inexpainable losses and wins happen all the time.
Booches94 - Parity - UCF was a good team, losing to some pretty good teams. There league was better than the ACC.
Brenton Cox - arrested for drug possession andhad academic issues at UGA. Transferred to FL . Kid needed to do some growing up and appears to be doing so at FL.
...Brendon Cox had academic issues at UGA...but got into FL.
Ctoolidge - sadly, that game was predictable. Auburn was unbeatable and I believe the best team in the country while peaking at the end of that November stomping both UGA and Bama. But they sustained a few injuries and looked mentally fatigued losing to UGA in the SEC title game. Playing UCF was a let down bowl and Auburn did not want to be there. UCF had everything to prove and wanted to be there. Very similar to UTAH beating Bama in that Sugar Bowl.
LoL, i4bama - we stated we were lucky not to be on the list. Ga Southern and Nichols State both deserved wins against us. Lady luck, as Munson used to say, smiled upon us. No harm and foul in our losses against those great Tide teams ...both teams left it on the field and the victory was up for grabs. All programs can lay eggs ...even Bama.
Just don't see Miami as a #7. Maybe #17
Agree - let the players have a week off to heal.
@ Aubie108 ...will be rooting for you but see Penn State winning this one. Not a fan of Franklin and hope Im wrong.
Bojangles and Footballs (LOL...excellent). I agree and expect the Tide to ROLL! I don't see anything in Miami that suggests top 15 at this time. However, media has to hype the game. Will be keeping an eye on this game before we kickoff against Clemson that night. A lot of people will be rooting for you new HC, but not against our team.
yep @ fuzzyvol. Pretty wide open - as always, some team or teams will gel and catch fire. OK has a lot of good things in place. They are capable to win it all.
Tidefan8x5 - True, you play with what you got and Florida was punished.
Auburn has a few games to prepare the offense before the big Penn State game. Bigsby is a big time talent. Bobo will set up the pass with the run and utilizes the TE position well. Transition year for Auburn with the new staff. Penn State coming off a not so stellar year. Interesting match-up and good to see Auburn take on this challenge.
@ DieselNova - If he were to leave the SEC, then Texas and Clemson would be ideal - still southern football. Arch needs to find his own path and would love to see the Manning name on the back of an SEC jersey. Would not count out Bama and UGA. Not sure how well the Mannings and Kiffens get along and LSU is too close to home. If Vols have a spirited season and get some momentum, not a stretch to see him look at Heupel's offense.