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JoeF - It is what it is. Kirby was not going to risk JT until he was absolutely ready and healthy. JT's father was interviewed and states his son was not ready and looked off in a scrimmage right before the season started. He did not have accuracy and his velocity was way off. He's just now rounding up.
Bingo Matt. Daniels father watched a late August scrimmage and stated his son was off. He praised Kirby for not playing JT until he was fully ready.
Playing at Vandy in an empty stadium with no atmosphere...no energy...winless opponent. Gators slept walked.
35-68 SEC record including Fulmer's last year when the coaching carousel started.
35-68 SEC record including Fulmer's last year when the coaching carousel started.
33-68 SEC record (33.98 win %) including Fulmer's last year when the coaching carousel started.
Yep, Congrats to the Gators for this year's win. Well deserved.
Yep .... Both TN and UGA have QB issues. UGA's O-Line has been pretty good. Defenses key on our running game as they know our QBs are not accurate. Vols have O-Line talent...they are not clicking as a unit. Takes time and good coaching.
LOL, consider the source of that statement (Corch) ...sigh. Every fan base has idiots. I can see the vertically challenged Stetson Bennett being much better than Kyle Trask .... in a limbo contest!
1. Definitely a late hit that should have been flagged...15 yards and play another down. 2. Mullen upset and was clearly yelling at MIZ players, coaches and refs. CLEARLY. 3. He should have got in the refs faces only...and expect to be levied a Kiffen tax. Mullins actions sparked the silliness...great entertainment and glad no helmets were hurt receiving this blows.
Thanks, AlltheSEC. So glad to see KY hammer the Vols. Beat of luck the rest of the season.
Dawgs obviously like what they see. I'm sure he'll get a chance to compete where ever he decides to attend.
Geez, why did you have to bring up "Corch". I'm sure he will have something to say.
Congrats to MIZ on the win. KY has earned the leagues respect over the last few seasons and are not a push over team. MIZ showed incredible fight and resolve. After KY embarrassed the Vols, I thought the Cats would get the win against MIZ.
True...add a much improved Gators as well. Vols, in a way, are in a similar but worse position as UGA was when Jim Donnan took over. Gators and Vols were annually Top 10 if not Top 5. Donnan went 5-6, 10-2, 9-3, 8-4, and 8-4. His recruiting built a great foundation and depth...but would lose an unexplainable game or two every year....was very close hitting it big. His roster and depthpaid big dividends for Richt.
Good luck to this young man. I enjoyed watching him play and contribute. Life is short...hope he enjoys his time in Knoxville.
Give it time. New OC and system install during Covid with limited practice, rebuilding an O-Line are contributers to Nix running for his life. Growing pains!
RAT POISON! Dawgs have an elite defense that is potentially national title worthy but the improving offense needs to play mistake free and take a major step if UGA can pull off an upset. Bama in Tuscaloosa is a tough out. Until we finally win one of these games, I think the Tide will win. Who is Mac Jones back-up?
Don't count your chickens. Even if UGA were to somehow win this game, the cocktail party will determine the winner of the SEC East if both the Gators and Dawgs take care of their remaining games.
Vol1 - If UGA is so mediocre where does that say about the Vols? Pickens embarrassed himself, the team, UGA and Dawgnation. Kirby is/was not pleased. Pickens was hearing it from a lot of our players as well. Hope he grows up...stupid as hell. Regarding the chop block, it happens and all teams screw up. Cleveland rotated over to double team coming off his initial block and nailed your player. Its happened to our players as well. Glad the Vols have NEVER been called for chop block. Lastly, Vols and Pruitt remind me of the Jim Donnan era at UGA. Great improvements made, but FL and TN were elite and it was incredibly difficult to break the top 10.
LOL! Corch is a major troll. I'd love to see the Vols where black. Need to do that end of October.
Agree AFan. My inner Larry Munson has red flags for UGA's on this game. I think our defense can slow the Bama offense down, but can our offense take advantage? Being a realist, I think this is Bama's game to lose. With that said, Go Dawgs!
LSUSMC - I get it. For UGA, win or lose, we still have to beat FL in Jax if both teams win out. I can't see the playoff taking 2 SEC teams. At this point on time, not sure our offense is National Title worthy.
Wareagle1087 - agree. Auburn in more of a rebuild year than we thought. So WHO knows how this crazy year will play out. On the surface, SC, Ole Miss, LSU, MS State, and TN are winnable..but also losable. Have to say 3-7 to 7-3 is about right...but leaning toward 4-6 to 5-5.