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Burks is and has shown that he is the best reviver in the country.
Come on man that's not the whole story. That was because of y'alls swarming defense KJ didn't have any time to throw. Burks had three catches in that game, but he was also targeted three times. So whenever they thew the ball to him he caught it.
LSU please go win next week. Send coach o off on a high
Great season Dogs. Go win the egg bowl next week and Finish strong. F*** ole miss
Miss State won yesterday, how do you justify dropping them out
Agreed, we played well last night hell of a game. I think we showed that we are better then a few teams ahead of us.
Great job SC it was a up and down year but y'all grew together. Go get Clemson next week. I'm a hogs fan and I wish we played y'all for our cross divisional game every year. I miss that game.
You're also not talking about the four no calls where burks inside arm was being down.
As a Hog fan I am stoked for the SC game. I loved playing them every year. It was always a good game. I hated when they changed it to Mizzou
1.UGA 2.Bama 3.FLA 4-6. Ar/ Tam/ ole miss (how ever you want to arrange them) But you can not give credit to tam for beating a terrible program in NM who is at the bottom of the conference almost every year. Then take away from a great performance that FLA came up with. If they played that bana Florida game again next week Florida would win it. UGA has the best D in the nation right now and they only need to score about 17 to win most games.
Mizzou fans please stop trying to force this rivalry. We do not care. I would rather play South Carolina very year then y'all(not because y'all have won the last few years). That was a fun cross divisional. The only reason this game is cool is if we get to play it at ArrowHead
ok mizzou fan here it is - -Arkansas has won the west 3 times -were co west champs 1 time -had the hisman runner up 2 years in a row -made a BCS game -the only team to go in to death valley and beat LSU at #1 -finished the season as the AP #3 -first school to have 2 Mackey award winners -76 players drafted to your 48
They don't play defense and they haven't played a team that does. slow your roll
Thank you ESPN for watching this year football and not letting the past dictate your reporting. SDS you can lean something here. GO HOGS!
Why are they calling Birmingham on replays. If they cant get it right with a officiating member sitting behind a screen, and replaying every play. To me it felt like the officials on the field didn't know what really happened and what the correct call was. so they just said that they didn't have the ability to review the play.
Ok this is enough where is Arkansas? They have been one of the most impressive team these first few weeks. As they get better every week like they have they have the ability to beat every team left on the schedule.