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Can we mandate a “No Gary Danielson Article” policy on SDS?
I can’t bring myself to dislike Saban and things like this are the reason why. I love that an Saban interview can go like this “coach, y’all really blew them out of the water 49-14” “yeah, well, we muffed that one punt and then gave up that 3rd and 8 for a first down so we can’t get off the field and we have to get better.”
You’re right. It was by rule targeting. So they got it right. You’re also right in that the problem lies in the rule itself. It was a tough break but probably not a game changer. The bottom line is that State made adjustments at the half and Auburn didn’t. We rushed three all day. It became apparent that we couldn’t defend the pass in the field so I would think I’d at least try and start making State force passes. Idk. I’m not a coach.
Nix is a middle of the road QB at best. We all know that and he had one of his worst showings of the season. But it can’t all be laid at his feet. A) Texas A&M’s defense had him running for his life. B) If Bo Nix is middle of the road, Auburn’s OL is bringing up the rear. Credit A&M’s defense, but good grief. Auburn’s defense showed up and kept them in the game, but it wasn’t reciprocated.
Nix looked awful, but in his defense A&M had him running for his life. Auburn’s D played well enough to win the game. Unfortunately A&M’s played better. Hats off to them. Auburn has to address problems on the offensive front.
Can we ban these Gary Danielson posts? Nobody cares for him, but weekly posts about him “getting ripped on social media” are as a tired as hearing the same knock knock joke over again from my 4 year old.
That’s actually not a bad idea at all. Steele’s defenses made Gus look more competent than he ever was.