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Hughes leaving Miss St for 130K less money shows that there are numerous other influences besides $$$. I can see why MIss St is having trouble bringing in and keeping a coaching staff. Didn't know that Mullin was so hot to take another head coaching gig. Didn't know about the new assistant family not wanting to live in Startville. Imagine when recruits come in on their visits. They look around and see what?
Losing Hughes impacted MSU Bulldogs this recruiting cycle (38th) and he will be hard to replace going forward. He had contacts throughout the state. MSU Bulldog football will be under a lot of pressure this new season. You can see the stress building with all the obsessiveness they are showing towards the Mississippi rebels . Two programs headed in different directions
So much for #CLANGA Dan Mullen to close the deal. He is and always has been solid Bama commit . People like rosebowl need to quit the pressure tactics and leave the recruiting to the pros.
Did you even read the article or know where your man comes from? He is coming from USC. !!! Not UCLA. Yeah, I'll admit this is a surprise, but big? Hardly.
Good luck with your search for Def Coordinator, I will be watching this one.
you think that Mullen is there to train other coaches ? And by the way it is " C O M P L I M E N T " not CONPLEMENT whatever word that is. If you ask me , the reason Mullin cant keep a DC in STARKVILLE might have something to do with the word STARK !!! If you want to see a beautiful community come to Athens or even Oxford. I went there for a game once and WOW ! very nice game day experience. So, lets see this big "shock and awe" defensive coordinator that Mullin has lined up.
wouldnt call him fat guy... maybe humongous !!! Looks like extra lean
John Jancek might be a good fit for Miss St vacancy. the timing is curious
Dak Prescott will play on Sunday , just don't when and where. He can be a serviceable backup
I dont know if this has been addressed, but I want to put something out there for the City of Starkville ... Have we ever thought about changing the name of our town ? It might help with recruiting, to change the image we project. I've come up with a few to mull over..... Pleasantville Niceville .... I'm sure if we all put our heads together , we could come up with more, maybe better. I bet Dan would sign my petetion to change the name of the town. We need to think of this as a marketing opportunity.
Chad Kelly has exceeded expectations as a first year QB for the Rebels leading the team to 9 win and appearance in the Sugar Bowl. The rebel fans will turn out in droves. Chad Kelly has played a key role in accelerating the momentum of the program. Chad Kelly played a dominant role in beating ALABAMA , LSU, AUBURN , Tex A&M , Miss St. 6-2 in SEC I hope he comes back next year. Dak Prescott played well with the bulldogs in his final year- Even though MissSt finished 4-4 in SEC - (losing to ALABAMA , LSU, Tx A & M and OLE MISS ) They will play in another bowl game against a feisty NC State.
If Dak had come out last year, he would have been 3 round , possibly 2nd round pick. It now appears that he will be 5th -6th round pick . Is that because of his performance this year or is the QB field more developed. either way, looks like he left money on the table from last year.
You are right ,,, Swag Kelly is the real deal.. He whooped the bulldogs pretty good. Kelly had a 94 QBR and Dak had 34 QBR .
I agree. For $80 million we ought to put up 2 statues.
I am pretty close to the program thru some friends and we all have a lot of respect for Dan and the job he does with the team. How can we complain with 8-4 season. Thats winning more than losing. sure, Ole Miss won the egg bowl this year but every year, its up for grabs. I think it was just fiery rhetoric when he claimed he would never lose to Ole Miss.
It will be interesting to see where Dak Prescott gets drafted. I hope it is to a team who will utilize his running skills. Seems more dangerous as a runner than a passer.
"Expectations aren’t so high in Starkville." ouch !
Great offensive performance by Ole Miss ! Obvious, Ole Miss' super landshark defense got beat all day, especially in the secondary. seemingly every completed pass was wide open. I have never seen such a lack of pass defense. A lot has been made on the pass/fumble 4th and 25 - To me it's similar to all the laterals on desperation kick returns. so, I score it a legal play. but its interesting how the official box score is scored : 4th and 25 at MISS 40 (OT) Brandon Allen pass complete to Hunter Henry for 14 yds to the Miss 26, fumble by Hunter Henry recovered by Alex Collins at the Miss 42 for 31 yds to the Miss 11 for a 1ST down, fumble by Alex Collins recovered by Dominique Reed
What a great Treadwell catch !!! While the defender was draped over him, I think it was legal , pretty good coverage, Just even greater play for Quon to get behind him. The 'confirmed' non -fumble is a mystery . that looked to easily be a fumble, maybe the refs didnt have that one angle we had on TV. But , great win by the Rebs.
Good answer ,,, LSU cancelling the game was Miss St only chance and it almost happened, But they lost to TAMU and squeaked by a mediocre Auburn. I think Dak has proven to be a excellent running QB- good on busted plays and that sort of thing. I think it is silly to say 'what if ' in college sports. Dak prescot would have gone high in the draft if he had come out last year when Miss St had its best year. They should have their hands full with Mizzou but the rest of the season doesnt look pretty.
I must have missed where Ohio State loses all their games.
In the end , its all lit up on the scoreboard . Ya lose when your dont score enough ponts
This opportunity for Kelly and the rebels is huge. I am hoping to see R Nkemdiche on fire !!!
Chad Kelly has a unique opportunity this weekend to propel himself and Ole Miss rebels to mega celebrity status if he and the team can beat Bama. The stars have lined up for him in this game. Kelly will be throwing to probably the best receivers in college football. Rebels have a strong and solid defense. When and if that celebrity status comes this weekend, I hope Freeze can keep things balanced for all